Let's See...There Was Something I Was Supposed To Tell You...Hmm...
Say My Name, Bitch


...the baby formerly known as "Quasimobryo" and more recently and creatively known as "the baby" shall now be known by the name given to him by his big brother, who decreed last night that baby brother's name is "Tivo."



does that mean you'll be able to pause him?


Quasimobryo will always be my favorite name. I do have to say that this blog is making me want babies right now instead of the two years I initially wanted.


ooh, I don't know. that's trademarked. might have to go with DRV instead, just to be safe.

pesky lawyers...


i mean DVR.

Suzy Q



Can you fastforward through the tantrums?


...or pause when you need to pee...or shower?


My boys: Noah and Tivo


Sounds pretty hip, if you ask me. Seems Noah's got good taste and quite a feel for technology.


makes sense to me!


I think its an apt name -- 'cause you are about to go through the reruns!

Miss Britt

Now we need a middle name.

It's too bad TiVo iPhone doesn't roll off the tongue very well.


That's an interesting idea. For all of the joy that my TiVo gives me, I should probably name my firstborn after it :)

I am impressed that Noah knows TiVo.....a kid after my own heart.


If you name him Tivo, you'll probably get free service for life. Noah is a smart kid and knows what he's talking about here.


That is pretty awesome. I really wanted my little sister to be named Fred Flinstone, and I was PISSED when she wasn't... even after my mom explained that she was a girl.


I think Haon is a better name.
Because it's super cool these days to read backwards to find new names (hi, Nevaeh, welcome to the Top Baby Names list!).


When I was preg with my daughter, we called her "eBaby" because our eBay sales were going to pay for the hospital bill.

Now we just call her, "Be Quiet! Sit Down! Quit Licking Your Brother!"


My son named his little brother Butter when he was in the womb. After his favorite food item of course! After long and careful consideration, we decided to go with Jacob instead. Go figure!


yeah, little DVR or VCR just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Nothing But Bonfires

Oooh, sounds vaguely European, no? Come to think of it, I'm fairly sure I actually DID used to know a boy named Tivo once.


That Noah, he's a genius! He just saved you and Jason all the frustration that comes with trying to find the PERFECT baby name.


what was the now defucnt girl's name???


And here I've been complaining all these years that kids don't come with pause buttons. Yours will. Lucky.


Giving birth to a baby is a miracle, sure, but giving birth to a TiVO...a magical, amazing, "knows everything I want and never fails" TiVO..well that is about as good as it can get.


Pause button?!? People.

Mute button!!!!


Awesome!! Hello baby Tivo!


This may be an insight into Noah's attitude towards his baby brother. Does he hear you cursing the TiVo frequently? Not good. Do you speak of it with affection? Excellent sign!


When a friend was pregnant her son decided the baby's name should be Spongebob Squarepants. Tivo sounds like an excellent name to me.


Well, it does have a nice international sounding flair. And I agree with one of the other posters... free Tivo for life!


Sorry Amy, but Tivo is actually copyrighted. They may sue you if you name the baby that.

I know, why invited the lawyer?


LMAO TiVo, that rocks! We're pregnant with our second as well, and Firstborn decided he wanted to name his little brother Victory. Not nearly as cute, but hey he's almost 7 so the cuteness has worn off and he's showing that adolescent color underneath.


Tivolah it is, then!


My son named his unborn brother "NuNu".


I kid you not, Vlasic pickles was JUST running a contest that was picking the pickle baby of the year. The winner would get a 20K savings bond, that would be bumped up to 25K if the parents gave the baby the middle name "Crunch." I wish I was making that up.


lol, my Little Button recently named her soon-to-be baby brother "Tofu."


I have to say Tivo is better than what my 5 and 3 year old boys have named their baby-brother-or-sister-to-be: NEMO. I keep telling them that is a fish name, but they're convinced it's perfect! Man, I better have a girl :)


Well, TiVo has truly changed my life. (Along with the Tassimo, because Oh. My. God.) Anyway, I think to do the TiVo proper justice, he (because he is too phenomenal to be an "it") deserves to have a child named after him. I call my husband Steve-o the TiVo Man, but I don't think it means as much.


TiVo Lee would actually be cute.lol.

Undomestic Diva

Watch it, you might start a trend.

At least he didn't name the poor kid Donkey or Shrek. Because those were among the many suggestions I got from my younger two boys while pregnant with the third.


Congratulations on finding out it's a BOY! If he's Tivo, does that mean you'll always be able to play back your favorite moments, but delete the less pleasant ones? Sounds good to me...


My son and husband affectionately refer to our baby girl as "number 2".

Shamelessly Sassy



Congrats for your new baby boy!, now you can call him Steven so Noah can call him Tivo ;) (just kidding! :*)


My daughter would have been called Boston Market if her brother had anything to do with it.


My daughter was DETERMINED to name her brother "Pumpkin Daily"



Don't be skeptical- it's a good solid name. Besides Tivo gives me a warm fuzzy feeling of joy!

Kimberly C

I have nothing to contribute, just laughing my *ss off.


My daughter wanted to name her baby sister Wally Paws (after Wally the Green Monster, Red Sox mascot, and Paws, Detroit Tigers mascot). Think Daddy watches too much baseball?


too cute!

Greg S

At first glance, I thought Noah had suggested "two." I thought that was funny too, but perhaps not so much.


Brilliant! Sell the naming rights for the baby and the Storch boys college education is funded - well played Noah!!


Tivo. Ha!

And yeah for another boy! I have 3 boys & a girl. She's 13... I love her but oh the hormones!!

I also wanted to say thank you. Because of you sharing your story of Noah & his speech delay, we had our son (also Noah) tested. He scored 6-8 months behind & qualified for twice weekly therapy. I've gone into this with no fear & only positive thoughts because of you. I'm not afraid, I'm only excited to see the progress he will make just like your Noah. Also... Fish Oil... amazing! I don't know if it was a coincidence or what, but within a week he was actually trying new words. We hadn't heard anything new in months. So thank you... you're my hero. :)


Ah. I love a good classic name.


When we asked my son what we should name his new baby brother, he thought for a moment and said "Sister." So Tivo is at least kind of masculine...


Ha! I thought it said "two" at first, also.

My daughter wanted to name her brother "Baby Kate"...and years later he (Kate, that is) suggested "Pepperoni" for baby number three.


When my parents asked me what I wanted to name my little sibling if he was a boy, I said "Beeps." And if she was a girl? "Beeps." She turned out to be an Ellen, but I still call her Beeps sometimes.

Meanwhile, I am nowhere near having children, but I still have two daughters' names picked out. (Neither name has ever been in the top 100, thank goodness. A few of my other faves are annoyingly popular.) If I have a son, I'm going to be completely stumped.

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