Say My Name, Bitch

I just got a call from my mom and it wasn't a detailed description of the 27 little blue outfits she bought over the weekend, oh no, it was about my dad, who fell outside their house last night and is now in the ICU with a brain bleed and broken occipital bones and they think it's his heart but they don't know yet and anyway, I'm putting Noah in the car and driving up to PA just as soon as I can find my keys and maybe some clean underwear. PA is fancy like that, you know.

In other news, Noah is willing to keep his pants dry in exchange for spare buttons from my sewing kit. If that doesn't cheer you up a tiny bit even after the words "ICU" and "brain bleed" then I suggest you just start hitting the hooch right now.



I'm so sorry to hear about your dad; I can't imagine how scary this must be. I'm keeping you all in my prayers, and hoping he has a very speedy and uneventful recovery.


So sorry to hear about your Dad

Totally charmed by Noah and the buttons.

Thinking of you and your family -- travel safe and be well.


Who needs underwear at a time like this? Have a safe drive, take care, and know that everyone is rooting for your dad.

Mary Jo

You all are in my thoughts. I hope everything turns out good. Safe driving.


Oh my... take care Amy. Sending positive healing thoughts to your dad.


Thinking positive thoughts for your Dad and your family. Hope he has a speedy recovery.


So, so sorry, and if you need anything let me know.

When you get back in town can you potty train Michael? He won't stay dry for anything.


Your father is in my prayers and I hope all goes well. Have a safe trip.

Kimberly C

Wow, That is some suckitude- I am sending positive thoughts your way- do you want my mason jar of buttons? I will fed-ex it to you. And what does he do with them?


your dad is in my prayers. So sorry.

But great news about the buttons! anything that works right!


Good grief! Sending tons of well wishes to your Dad.

Please drive safely and take care of yourself!


Sending up prayers right now for your Dad and the rest of you as well!!


Oh, please don't worry. Let us do it for you! Just drive safely and get you, Noah, and Tivo there to see your dad!




Hoping for your dad's speedy recovery.

imagine community

Drive safe. Best wishes.


thinking of you and your family. don't worry if you didn't pack enough clean undies; moms will always give you money and send you to walmart if you need some. :)

am i the only one here who had to look up what "occipital" means? just curious.


I hope your dad is OK! I'm sure he will be. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!


Praying for you and your family.


Oh, Amy, I'm so sorry. Have a safe trip, and I hope your father makes a very quick recovery to full health. Will be thinking of you and your family.

*cheesy internet hugs*


I understand completely,since my dad is in surgery as I'm writing this (complications about a quadruple bypass). I'm sending good thoughts out to you and your family.


Amy, I'm so sorry. You and your family will be in my prayers.


Your family will be in my prayers.


Wishing you a safe drive; your Dad, a quick recovery; and your family, much strength!


i'm going to play the optimist here, and say that i've been reading you for a long time, and lots of crazy crap has happened to your dad, and he's always come through with gusto.

i mean, the odds have to be on his side, right?

at any rate, i'll be thinking of you and your (currently) growing family. i hope it's a comfort to read all of these comments from people who love you. we can't fix your dad, but we can send all sorts of positive thinking his (and your) way.
sometimes i think the love that you can get from 200 people you've never actually met is more beneficial than anything a doctor with a scalpel could do...
in this case let's hope that this is true.
love to you, and to corbetts* everywhere.

*if that's not your maiden name, i apologize.


Oh, Amy, from reading your past posts, I know that your dad has already been through so much. Here's hoping that he comes through this too.


No, no, no! I had to read this twice just because it's so unbelievable. I hope he is okay, Amy.


I'm sending up lots of prayers for your dad's recovery and your safe trip up to PA. Best wishes from this de-lurker!


Drive safely and know that along with 2000 other strangers you are in my thoughts. And I'm thinking positive.


Sending lots of good thoughts to you, your dad and your whole family. Hope that everything turns out okay xxx


Wow, how scary. Your family's in my prayers.

(And... buttons? Too cute.)

(Also--you have a sewing kit? I *knew* I was a failure at this mom thing, *knew* it.)


Im so sorry. You are in my prayers.


my prayers are with your family.


Oh, gosh. Hope everything turns out okay. Thinking of you and your family.....


I'm so sorry to hear about your dad - you're in my thoughts. I hope everything turns out ok!

Walking With Scissors

I've just had a chill go up and down my spine. This is what every adult child fears. I sincerely hope that your dad makes a quick and full recovery. How scary. :(


oh god my heart stopped when i read that...count me among the hundreds that will have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers today.


I know what a horrible thing you are going through. I'm happy that you are able to go there immediately because the unknown is the hardest part. Last year, my father (who is 80 and lives thousands of miles away) fell in the middle of the night and was put in the ICU as well. After fears that it was his heart and many tests, it turned out a new medication had caused his blood pressure to drop too far and his pacemaker did not do its job, but the bottom line is, he was OK within a couple of days, besides a nasty looking headwound. I pray you all get the same simple but nerve-wracking conclusion.


I am really sorry to hear about that Amy. I hope he gets better quickly!

Kris H

Oh Amy! I am SO SORRY!!! I am sending all my good vibes your father's way!!! Have a safe trip...


Sending thoughts & prayers to you and your family. Please take care.


So sorry an emergency brings you back to PA. We are glad you're here but sad for why. :( Please update when you can but don't feel pressure to get to the computer any time soon. Your parents need you more than we do. Prayers to everyone.


Hitting the hooch now.


I'm so sorry! Thinking of all of you.

Amy Evangeline

You and your family are in my prayers.


Just wanted to chime in and say I'm so sorry about your dad's accident.
Best of luck to him and the rest of your family.


You must not be traveling to the Pittsburgh end of the state cause clean undies aren't required here!

In all seriousness, please drive safely and let us know that you and Noah made it there ok and keep us updated! Your entire family is in my prayers!


I'm so sorry - we will be praying for your family. Stay safe!


Thinking of you & your family. Hugs!


sending good thoughts and prayers for your dad.

Safe travels to you.

and just a FYI, the clean underwear police are only on the turnpike and interstates. Once you hit the back roads here in PA you're safe



Drive safe, Amy. Know that lots of us are sending good thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for your father. HUGS!


delurking to say you're in my thoughts. good luck.

Erika Jurney

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your dad!


Only the bestest thoughts to you and your fam.


I just wanted to send good thoughts your way. I'm just getting over a broken neck (ok it was only fractured, but still!) I too, had a brain bleed and turned out not to be a big deal, so I'm hoping the same for your father.

ALSO, tell him some random girl on the internet totally knows what he is going through! IT SUCKS! Get well soon Amy's Dad!

reader friend

Sending out thoughts and prayers in your (and your father's) general direction. Hope everything is OK.

Amy H

ugh. we've gone so long without a medical update about your parents. I'm sorry to hear that there is a need for another one. Best wishes.


Praying for you and your dad.


Wishing you a safe trip, Noah a bag full of buttons and a full recovery for your father.


Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I'll be keeping him (and your whole family) in my thoughts. I hope he has a speedy recovery.


Prayers and good thoughts coming for you, your Dad and your whole family.

Vaguely Urban

All my best for good news and a quick and complete recovery for Papalah.


Your Dad is in my prayers. Hang in there and have a safe trip.


I'm so sorry to hear this. Good luck to you and your family.


Hoping your dad is ok. Take care.


I'm adding my best wishes to the swarm.


I'm so sorry. My heart just sank when I read your post. I'll keep all of you in my prayers.


I'm so sorry to hear about your dad! Please be safe and I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your dear dad!


Praying for you and yours.


I just said a prayer for your dad.


Oh no, I'm so sorry. sending you big virtual hugs and extra buttons as rewards for Noah. (go Noah!)


praying. and hoping you don't run out of buttons.


Drive safely and know that we're thinking of your family and your dad lots!

And yes, the button thing is absolutely perfect!


Oh no! Please be safe driving and I hope your dad gets better soon.


Oh no! be careful going up there...your dad will be in our prayers!

(and if you run outa buttons, I can steal a bunch from my mom and send 'em to you...I looooved playing with them when I was little)


Hugs and love being sent your way.


you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!!! I am so sorry!!!


Thinking of you and your family. Hope your dad feels better very soon. (p.s. Drive safely!)

Fairly Odd Mother

I'm so sorry. He will be in my thoughts---hope the news gets better by tomorrow.


I am so sorry and my thoughts are with your family right now.


Saying a prayer for you and your family. Hope things improve.


Sending well wishes...


So sorry to hear about your dad. Sending all the positive, healthy thoughts I have his way. Godspeed.


Sending positive thoughts your way!

I know PA is a big state, but if you are any where near Doylestown or Abington and I can do anything to help, please let me know.

Promise I'm not some crazy, internet stalker, just a mom of another Noah.


Many prayers for your dad and your family at this time.


Best of luck and love, Grrlfriend.


Sorry to hear things are difficult right now. You're in the collective thoughts of the interweb.

Abra Leah


Wacky Mommy





So sorry.


You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Horrible Warning

Had to delurk to send you my good thoughts. Those calls are awful to get...I got a similar one about my mom and thankfully it turned out to be not her heart but gallstones. I hope for as good an outcome for you and your dad, and that your trip was safe.

Tell dad the interwebs send hugs!


I'm so sorry! Thinking about your family during this time! I hope & pray everything turns out well! :)


Drive safely! I hope your father recovers quickly and completely.

You should take Noah on a field trip to a fabric store as a treat for behaving on the ride up. :)


My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

Drive safely!


What awful news. Sending prayers your way. I really hope the best for you and your family.


Amy - your whole family is in my thoughts. Best wishes to your darling Dad for a speedy recovery.


Sending good thoughts to you and your family. I hope your dad's okay and gets well soon!

the bee

Lots of prayers coming your way.Be careful on the drive.
You r boy likes buttons because he is as cute as a button.
the bee


I'm so sorry, Amy. *hugs* Your dad is in my thoughts.

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