Say My Name, Bitch

I just got a call from my mom and it wasn't a detailed description of the 27 little blue outfits she bought over the weekend, oh no, it was about my dad, who fell outside their house last night and is now in the ICU with a brain bleed and broken occipital bones and they think it's his heart but they don't know yet and anyway, I'm putting Noah in the car and driving up to PA just as soon as I can find my keys and maybe some clean underwear. PA is fancy like that, you know.

In other news, Noah is willing to keep his pants dry in exchange for spare buttons from my sewing kit. If that doesn't cheer you up a tiny bit even after the words "ICU" and "brain bleed" then I suggest you just start hitting the hooch right now.


The Princess

Just joining in to wish your family well.


Just joining the group to send good thoughts your way.


Sending good thoughts, Amy. I hope they can get him all fixed up.

Fraulein N

Hope your dad's okay!


God, I hope your dad gets well ASAP.

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