Babies Babies Buzz Buzz Buzz!

Let's See...There Was Something I Was Supposed To Tell You...Hmm...

Yesterday, while walking back to my car, I was so busy angrily composing a post in my head about how much I despise our area Toys 'R Us -- and yet I love their store-brand diapers! fie! -- that I managed to open my car door directly into my face, smashing my sunglasses across the bridge of my nose, and I still have the faint imprint of a metal frame across my nose and forehead.


Oh! RIGHT. The ultrasound! I plum forgot.

Remember how I said I was so sure I was having a boy? With the dreams and the feelings and all? And then I thought it looked like a boy at 12 weeks but the Internet promptly smacked me down and said no, that there's a girl?

And so then I started to think maybe it was a girl, and we picked out a girl name, and I stressed about the color of our carseat and Jason and I eyed our niece's wardrobe over the weekend, like, SCORE, and then my ultrasound appointment was delayed forever and an hour this morning and two minutes before the doctor walked in I told Jason that I was returning to my earlier position of BOY.

Well, it had to be one of those two options, right?

We are indeed having ourselves another little boy. Which feels...intensely just right, to me. My boy, my boys, my whole pack of little guys.



He is measuring "slightly bigger than average," which is no shock to me and my 9 pound, 15 ounce track record, although this could simply be a due date malfunction, since I have always believed I'm about a week ahead of what the early ultrasounds indicated, and 21w1d lines up perfectly with my calculations.

He is breech, which is also no shock to me and my poor kicked-to-hell lower pelvic region. There's plenty of time for him to turn, I know (although his big brother remained solidly in the head-down sunnyside-up position from 18 weeks on), but...uh...well, we're just gonna keep an eye on those growth percentiles before we get too yappy about birth plans and all that.

He is perfect, though, in every way. Perfectly healthy, perfectly just right.



Congratulations! I'm so thrilled for you. Boys are such a treat! Mud is good...


Congratulations to the Amalah family!!! I also thought it would be a girl but I'm so happy for you! I absolutely cannot wait to hear more about Noah's little brother and see pictures of them together!


Congratulations to the Amalah family!!! I also thought it would be a girl but I'm so happy for you! I absolutely cannot wait to hear more about Noah's little brother and see pictures of them together!


I'm so excited that Noah is going to have a little brother! Even though I was convinced you were having a girl. :) Boys are great! I have 3 of them, and it is so incredibly sweet watching them play rough together.


Congratulations on all the penises! Well, that sounds weird. I mean the penises in your household, there's just the one for this guy - right?

My second baby was breech and it was SUCH a relief not to have to agonize over the VBAC question. It was much easier to plan for the birth in a way that was best for the big brother.

Now relax and enjoy - I want to see FAT photos, enough with this straw who swallowed a cantaloupe nonsense.


Sweet! I have 2 boys (3.5 and 1.5). Your in for some fun and hair pulling.


Congratulations Amalah Mother of Men!


CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you all!

Erika Jurney

Fantastic news, boys are great :)


WOOT! Hell yeah! You do make perfect boys, so why change a great formula?

Now. I'm off to bitch-slap Sweetney.

Congrats! HE is beautiful!

Hairy Farmer Family

What lovely news. Congrats!


Yeah!!! Congrats! I have two little girls and already they are such friends. You'll love it!! Congrats again!


Good for you! Got 2 little boys of my own and it's just the best. Congratulations!


PS - My first son was breech at the big reveal ultrasound and he never got into head-down position, thus ensuring a c-section for us. It was actually kind of a relief knowing when I could stop being pregnant already.


This mom of 3 boys says....

You are SO lucky. I wouldn't trade my boys for anything in the world.



Congratulations! Now you have to get all of those hand me downs back! And I noticed that you blacked out a bit of your personal info, but you should black it all out, in my opinion. Doctors are easy to trace. And your last name is on there.

Did I mention that I'm paranoid?


As the mom of two boys myself...congrats. Infinity. Bruh-thaz are pure awesome.

little miss mel

Got two boys over here. 2nd one is 7 weeks old.

It's great, I think. Too tired to tell at this point.

Leaf, probably...

Eee! a boy! Congrats! Also, how the heck to you open a door into your own face? Because it sounds like it took some intense concentration...


Yay!!! Almost-welcome to the world, next little Mr. Storch!


Congatulations, that's great news. Lovely!


HOoray for happy, healthy boys!


citystreams -- I've always shared my last name with the Internet, not really a mystery there, and I'm pretty sure most people know the general whereabouts of where I live, at very least the state. I suppose I should up my own personal paranoia, My social security number, however...THAT I'll get off my ass and blur out.





Yay! I have two boys (three if you count husband) and it's a blast. A very noisy blast, admittedly, but great fun. Congratulations


This is excellent news, for all the smushy reasons listed above, and also because I (selfishly) hope I have boys, lest I be cursed with a little girl who behaves as I did...sorry mom.


Congratulations! We have two boys, and it is awesome. You'll have a housefull of boys telling you you're gorgeous, you can't beat it!


From another mum of two boys, a toddler & a baby, congrats and welcome to the club - I think it's a great thing too.


Congrats, Amy! Is it selfish to say I was hoping for a boy so I could have someone to relate to my soon-to-be-mom-of-two-boys state? Well, I'm selfish then. Glad everything's looking good!


I am de-lurking (after lurking forever and EVER) to say congratulations! It is so cool that you just 'knew'.


Yay! congrats, Amy!! I just found out my cousin is due with a boy on October 31st!! Actually... I *just* finished watching the ultrasound video. I'm very happy for you guys. =)


it shocked me that i was so thrilled with every bit of news about know, since i don't really know you and all.
i remember checking the computer CONSTANTLY after you posted and said that you were off to the hospital. hell, i even called my roommate and had her check for me while i was at work...embarrassing? maybe, but let's just lay it all out there anyway.

i remember crying when i checked for the millionth time and finally saw jason's post, which was all full of noah and his impossibly huge feet and chubby adorable self.

the point is, i don't know why i'm so surprised that i just started crying a little bit when i read that you're having another boy...but, i did.

congratulations, little family that i've never actually met.

i'm so happy that all your dreams are coming true.

p.s. could he BE more beautiful?
(you have to read that in a chandler-voice)
i think not.


Yeah! I have 2 boys, 3 years apart and it the sweetest thing evah! They finally adore each other at 9 months and 3yrs 9months old. Plus I love seeing my old favorite clothes again. I thought it was going to be a drag not being able to buy new stuff, but it isn't!


Oh, man, having two boys is a riot. Add to that the "big boy" of the house, and let me tell you, it's a penis fest around here. But it's loads of fun. Congrats!


Amy - thanks for responding back. I hope I don't look like a pervert furiously searching the pictures for boy parts! I just assumed that's what I was supposed to be looking for. Like a Where's Waldo type of thing. See what happens when you assume?

The fact that I could identify his leg is shocking. I'm obviously not a mother yet!


i am so not happy with your OB for choosing boy just to make me look bad.


PS - btw..when i announced the aultrasound results to my 4 yo (at the time) daughter that we were having a boy she was PISSED. i had heard enough of her bemoaning how she wished she was having a SISTER and i was sick of hearing it and finally snapped, "I KNOW! I KNOW! BUT WE DON'T GET TO CHOOSE!"


Not two minutes before I read this post*, I slammed the phone down in anger after being on hold for ten blasted minutes with the second freaking Toys R Us that I had called in order to check if they had one tiny, frathing mini trampoline in stock.
I've decided to buy from Target instead, even though it's more expensive and further away from my house. Ha! That'll show 'em.

*Eeeeep!!! Another boy! Yay and congratulations and all that stuff.



Did you pick out a boys name?


Awww. Those pics bring back memories. My daughter's only 4, but it's gone so fast.





It's a baby!

A BOY baby!!

So excited for you all - how precious. :-)

(and I know, it's reaallly painful, but I just can't resist..

Lisa M

Awww! I have 2 boys too. It makes for a very loud, but fun household!

Mary O

Yay! I am so happy for you. I have two little boys too and it has been just great. I wouldn't trade them for all of the girl clothes in the world! =)


Congrats!! Is there a boy name picked out yet?? And, I'm dying to know - what was the girl name you guys chose???!!!!!!!!

Jen in 29

Congratulations !! That's fantastic news.


Congratulations Amalahs! Stoked for you all.


You will be the queen in a house full of boys. :)

Now, let the baby naming begin!!


oh congratulations!
i have two little boys and just love it, really. they are so much fun! they are now (nearly 1) and 2.5 and just starting to really play together. how precious is two brothers crawling around the house with wee cars saying "vrooom vrooom beeeeeep beeeeep"?

so precious, you shall see :)


How awesome! I have loved having two boys - it is amazing how similar yet so very different they are. You will enjoy them so.


As a mother of 2 boys, I can tell you their bond is awesome.

Congratulations!! You get to do the boy stuff again!! You are SO incredibly lucky.

Now, get ready for the assvice of "So, are you gonna try for a girl?"

Trust me. It'll come.


brothers. perfect. automatic best man at the wedding.


Congratulations! He's so cute!


Just as Noah is 6 months younger than my son, your #2 will be six months younger than my 2nd son... and I can't wait to read your interpretation of dealing with two, just as I have so enjoyed all of your writings about Noah. Speaking as a mom of two boys, I really love it - and you get to use all the stuff in your bins again! And justify using Baby Gap gift cards for stuff for yourself since he will have everything!



Hooray for another boy! I can't wait to find out his name :) Congratulations!


Awww!! Sweet! Hey, since you're not using it, can I have your girl name? My husband and I are deadlocked in choosing our girl's name...


Congrats, Amy. :) Everyone says "boys are the best." I have no idea what that means. But as a mom of a 4 month old boy, I'm madly in love. As I'm sure you are with BOTH of your boys.

Congrats again to you and your family.


Since it's a boy and you were calling your -trying to conceive- trials Baby Chase 2.0 I think you should name him Chase.

But, who am I to tell you what to do! haha



WHOOOOO!!! Congrats on boy #2!!


Woot! As one of the folks who said "YES THAT'S A GIRL!", I bow my head in shame. But another boy! Holy cow, congratulations! Sure, baby girls are all pink and frills and barrettes taped to their little bald heads, but boys rock and are awesome and heartbreaking, too. It's you and the penis posse from now on, how cool is that?




YAY! I love boys! Could just be because I have one :)


My parents had four daughters and one boy, and my mother was forever bitching about the fact that she couldn't keep anything just for herself. Hair products, make-up, body wash, even her damn socks.... All girls borrowed it all and rarely returned in good condition. Hooray for keeping all of your girly things all for yourself.

(Unless your sons are into that sort of thing. Which, that's OK, too, no judging from me.)

Apparently I have gotten myself knocked up again before Kara has even turned six months old. I am already dying to know baby number two's gender!


Yay :)

Amy H

Great to hear! You knew it all along.

So are you going to share baby names with us or are you afraid of the dreaded stink eye when you mention a name? (I hated the stink eye we got when we told people our baby names but we did it anyway)

YIPEE! Noah is going to have a little brother to teach all about the beauty of Thomas the Train!

midlife mommy

Perfectly healthy. That's all that matters, after all. And you get to keep your queen status, being the only girl in the house! Bonus all around.


yay! two boys!

I saw this Phil&ted's stroller on the dc craigslist and thought of you


Aw yeah, you KNOW I'm excited for you. BOYS!


congratulations!!! how wonderful, i am so thrilled for you!!


I love my daughter, but boys are so much easier. I was talking to a friend who has only boys and she was all "it's easier having boys because when girls get to 14..." I had to stop her there because whoa! My daughter has been Emo since age two (that's Emo, not Elmo!) and I've been told the fun never stops. Boys? Just cuddly and fun!

Jozet at Halushki


Congratulations you!

Being the new owner of a little boy myself, they are you already know.




Abra Leah

Congratulations!!! As you know, there is just something amazing about the way a little boy loves his mama. :) I can't wait to see the family pictures!!!

Abra Leah

Congratulations!!! As you know, there is just something amazing about the way a little boy loves his mama. :) I can't wait to see the family pictures!!!


Boy or girl, I know either would feel "just right" .... but I'm happy for you that things are well and that *YOU* are happy, and that the boy feel just right-er. :)


Awesome! Either would have been but having that gut feeling come true is great.
Noah is going to be so good at showing his little brother the ropes. Wait until you hand him a dirty diaper to take to the pail and he tells you hes not paid enough! ha.


The news doesn't get any better than that. Congratulations!


Well the mom generally seems to know. So it looks like you were right. It'll be great having 2 boys they'll be close enough in age to play together. I was kinda rooting for a girl since you already have a boy, but I think two boys will be just about perfect for you. Congratulations.



Lori McKee


In the Trenches of Mommyhood

As the mommy to 3 boyz, I wholeheartedly welcome you to the weiner club. A club where when your boys are potty-trained and you're out to dinner with your family, your husband has bathroom duty!


Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

Being mom to two boys absolutely rocks!

And healthy, healhty is great!!!


Yay! I had dinner with two moms who both have two boys last night. They were a riot. One wouldn't take off his cowboy boots all night and the other peed in three different pairs of shorts. It was hilarious.
I'm very excited for you Amy!

Mom Quixote

Woo hoo! Everytime I think having a girl would be sweet I think of the joy in having a bevy of boys. Your Mother's Days are going to rock!


Congrats! I have one daughter right now and am pregnant again.. I find out next week what the sex is. As much as I want a boy, I totally wouldn't mind if it was another girl. I think having two of the same is a great thing. So, since you aren't having a girl, can you tell us what you were going to name it if it was a girl? :)


Shoot, I had changed my vote to turtle. Oh well.

Congrats! Hope you wrest your boy clothes back...


I am so excited for you guys! They will be so close in age, and will able to be friends for life. Brothers are a special thing. Congratulations!

Jenny H.

Congratulations! I am a mama of two boys myself and I love it! There is just something about all that little boy sweetness that just makes me melt...

We are trying for number three right now. And while I would love to have a little girl, I am kinda wanting another boy. I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Congratulations, Amy! How exciting. A friend of mine just had a baby boy and oh, OH. He is so snuggly and sweet. It makes me want to have another baby boy.

Sugared Harpy

As another mama of two boys, I love love love having two boys. They are both the best, most cuddly, great things to be around.

Heather B.

I cannot wait to meet him. HIM!


We're also due in october...and because it's our first we decided to have a little contest...Guess our babies SEX!
IT's amazing the feeling of expecting with someone you love...
congrats again!

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