Say My Name, Bitch

The first thing I said when those bulgy boy parts showed up on the ultrasound screen was something romantic and maternal, along the lines of "oh crap, we don't have any boy names."

We finally decided on Noah's name probably less than a week before he was born -- we'd considered Noah early on but rejected it because of its presence in the top-50 name list, but once things got dire and we agreed on NOTHING ELSE because GODDAMMIT, GEEK HUSBAND, I am not naming my child after anything from the Joss Whedonverse, okay?...we circled back to Noah and went with it, reasoning that it was at least in the LOW end of the top 50.

Noah shot straight on up to number fucking FIVE the following year, of course.

But obviously, with names like "Amy" and "Jason" (both the number-two names from the years we were born), we know that possibly being one of multiple Noahs or Noeahs or Noyahs or Noeyiyahs (the N is silent) in the classroom is far from a horrific, traumatizing experience. I always found it kind of amusing, actually, especially since every Amy I've ever known has the middle name of either Beth or Elizabeth for just that extra dose of unoriginality. Our only complaint about Noah's name is that it makes saying "NO" to him awfully confusing, so we've adopted a "NO THANK YOU" reflex instead. Which is also fine, except that people laugh at me when I'm outside shouting "NO THANK YOU" at my dog, because I can't help it. We're just trying to not crush Ceiba's preshus self-esteem, you know?

We had a back-up name -- Elijah, chosen long before I even got pregnant -- but for some reason it never quite clicked as the right name. "He doesn't look like an Elijah," I frowned after our 3D ultrasound, tilting the photos this way and that. We kept the name mentally in play until Noah's birthday, right up until I saw him for the very first time and blearily announced that "he's SUCH a Noah!" from the operating table.

(We went with the middle name of "Corbin" OSTENSIBLY because of its ties to my maiden name. I wanted to just use Corbett, straight up, but was too cranky to argue about it at the hospital and figured I better just fill out the damn birth certificate before Jason got on IMDB and tried to convince me that my family's name had actually once been spelled with K.)

Jason originally refused to talk names this time until the ultrasound, but got himself so good and convinced we were having a girl that I was not only able to get him involved in multiple conversations about it, but also to tentatively commit to my top pick. (Which...sorry....a couple people have asked for it in the comments but considering the baby DID have his legs together during the ultrasound we are kind of operating on a "hmmm, yeah, MOST LIKELY that's a boy" basis here, so I suppose we should keep our girl name handy in case of a Big Swimsuit Parts Upset down the line. It's a lovely old-fashioned name with a nickname straight out of a futuristic and violent graphic novel series. Because...of course it is. We're fucking nerds.)

So beyond any dreams or hunches or mother's intuition, this fact right here was my primary reason for thinking we'd have another boy. We already had a girl's name. Too easy. No way.

But at the same time I was kind of relishing going back to the drawing board, names wise. The lists! The winnowing down! The absurd wild card suggestions! The endless scanning of movie credits for the perfect name, which I have compulsively done FOR YEARS, even though it has never really yielded anything except for the factoid that a LOT of film gaffers are named Gary.

Any name we'd seriously considered for Noah didn't even make our short list this time, because I maintain that it would be weird to give our second son a name we'd rejected as not quite right for our first.  Or maybe I just really enjoy being that difficult. (Or maybe we were just REALLY entranced with old Biblical -ah names, like Micah and Jonah and Elijah and Judah and if we went with any of those now, people would think we named our kids to be a matchy-matching set.)

ANYWAY, OH MY GOD. Wednesday afternoon I emailed Jason my top three boy names. He emailed back and said he liked <Choice A>. In fact, he liked it a lot. "There. Done." he typed.



We can't be DONE at 21 weeks! I came up with that one using the INTERNET. I still have to look at BOOKS. I have to pester family members about our ancestors in case someone's turned up a decently-named great-uncle we didn't know about when I was pregnant with Noah and found that our family trees are littered with some god-awfully bad names! I know I was all happy with our girl name but that was only because deep down I knew it was irrelevant! We can't be DONE. What the fuck am I supposed to fixate on NOW? I'm recycling the crib bedding, for christ's sake! By committing to a name this early on you're leaving me with NOTHING! Nothiiiiiiing!

I didn't say any of this to Jason, of course. I just quietly went to the secondhand bookstore and picked up a battered copy of 35,000 Baby Names for two bucks and have been frantically searching for other names that I can thoroughly cloud and muck up the issue with. So far I haven't come up with any.

I think we have his name. Oh my God. It just makes him seem so real.


(Edited: No! Not a hint! His name is not Carter! Was just intertwining the idea of baby being real and having both a name and actual boy clothing and thinking I was all poetic and shit. Ye gods, you people are too quick.)



Fantastic! It's both a relief and a worry to have something picked out that early. We had our newborn's name (Catherine) picked out since we first said the "B-word", but now that she's here and named, and has the only name with usable nicknames, I've hit another barrier - thou shalt not call my child anything with a long "K" sound. Between the Caitlyns, Kaylees, Katies, Cates, Kailyns, Kaybees, and God only knows what else, I'm not letting them butcher her beautiful not-top-100 name with something that generic.

Yeah, I've got name issues.


Dude, we had a girl's name picked out before the ultrasound and wouldn't you know, it's another girl! (I figured it would HAVE to be boy given the ease with which we settled on another girl's name. It was like torture with the first one) So, we were done BEFORE 20 weeks! gack!


Does this mean Tivo is out?
You know what I find funny? How boy/girl names change with each pregnancy. For nearly everyone I know, their "If it's a boy, then..." and "If it's a girl, then..." changes each time.


The Name Thing! Oh, I feel you, sister. My husband and I couldn't agree on anything for either kid for quite a while during the pregs, then after we did? What a letdown! What can we argue about now? Huh?

With my son, we chose Zachary because NOBODY had that name, except the kid on Home Improvement. (yes, am old, shut up.) After we chose it and started calling my belly Zachary? We met about eleventythousand Zacharys before labor.

With my daughter, I had always thought I would use the girl name we had picked for Z, which is Rachel. When we finally found out for sure we were having a girl, um...no. Rachel didn't feel right. We finally chose Alison, which suits her perfectly. (one day she will thank me that I vetoed Daddy's suggestions of Bernice and Charlene.)


Can Tivo be the middle name?


Wow great! A name! I love the onesies too, so cute.


I swore this one was a girl because I heard Ben Folds' "Gracie" on the radio and thought "Now wouldn't that be a nice song for a 1 year old little girl's video?" But now we need a boy name. We are at the point where we ignore eachother's suggestions. I'm sure Ryan has a secret name picked out just like I do.


Michael got named on the way to the hospital. Because we couldn't pick anything. And we didn't know what we were having, and since we had a girls name, I also knew we were having a boy.

I still don't like the name, but he is such a Michael.


Oh, and also? I'm totally an Amy Elizabeth :)


Are the onesies a hint? I say this because the hubby and I (ok, well just me) were considering "Carter" for a boy. So, again, are the onesies a hint? I say this, all the while understanding if you want to keep us in suspense for your own sick torturous reasons or for the sheer fact that dangit, you want something to be a secret...Is the baby's name "Carter"?

Hairy Farmer Family

We struggled for ages to find a middle name for our son Harry. Even got a nasty letter from the registrars office saying Hurry Up, Dammit! Commit! Even now, Hubby is still lukewarm on Edward. If we ever have another boy, we're screwed.


Ar you trying to tell us Baby Boy Storch is Carter? ;-)


I had names picked out long before we had a positive pee stick - they were names I had loved before I had even met my husband. I just lucked out that he agreed as well. Arun's name took some discussion, but Anjali's name we agreed on straight away after the ultrasound.

I remember feeling a little like "oh." that the suspense of the name was over. Then, I drew out the process of the middle name to make up for it.


From a Jennifer Lynn (amid thousands of others in the tri-county area), I feel your pain.
I still vote for "Tivo" and if it's a girl, you can easily make it "Tiva".
You're welcome. :-)

Mrs. CPA

I on the other hand, will be waiting until the very last minute to bestow a name on my child becuase of my dummy husband who "forgets" to think about it. And all I can say is WHAT ABOUT THE MONOGRAMMING?? It hurts my heart to not have somethign monogrammed.
I did get a box of tiny pink clothes from babies r us yesterday courtesy of all the BPA bottles I returned for a full refund two years after the fact.


Wait up a minute. Your husband keeps trying to name your little boy Jayne Cobb, too?


I'm noticing that you have NB size onesies. Your last child was almost 10 lbs. No way do you need anything in newborn size!

Or, now I'm reading other comments. Is the name Carter? I didn't think you would possibly be spilling it.


No! The onesies are not a hint. Our child's (probable, maybe) name is not retail-related in the slightest. Unless we really ARE naming him Tivo, and I'm just faking y'all out.


Wonderful name! I love it (as if that matters two bits) and think it is a good choice.

From another my goodness top name for 16 years running starting the year I was born : Jennifer L (I have found most Jennifers to be either Lynns or Lee/Leighs


It took us WEEKS to find two names we could both agree on for our first daughter (I'm British, D is French - oh, the cultural differences! oh, the disagreements! oh the "you have GOT to be kidding"-type remarks!), but we finally came up with Carla Noémie and were both satisfied.
Trouble was we then had a second daughter and HAD USED THE ONLY TWO NAMES WE BOTH LIKED. Gah!
As a result, number 2 didn't get her name till she was 3 days old (legal limit in France) and even then, it was a bit of a snap decision - we'd sort of whittled it down to one of two versions of essentially the same name. And D ended up choosing the one I didn't prefer (because it's the name of an ex-girlfriend of his). So I chose the second name - in 2 seconds flat, when he called to say in a panic that the city hall was demanding a middle name. And Lydie Rebecca she is. And I really like it (the ex-girlfriend was more than 20 years ago).
But thank God we're not planning any more kids - it would of course be a girl and I suspect she'd end up just being "Number 3"...
Oh, and of course we had a list of about 10 boy's names we both liked.


Boy names are the worst! I have a list of about two dozen girl names and only five for boys (and three of those are iffy). I have many more weeks to decide, though, so I'm trying not to think about it too hard. I'd hate to use up all the energy it takes to pin down a boy name if it turns out we're having a girl (and vice versa). I am invested but also lazy.


Wait, but I didn't...his name isn't in the post...but...

Okay. Editing to include a definitive NOT CARTER statement. Even when I'm not trying to fool you guys, I can't fool you guys.


With my first, we had the first name early (George). Changed the middle name fairly late in the pregnancy but forgot to tell the in-laws who monogrammed all sorts of silver and pewter shit with the wrong initials.

And with my twins, I still have the email from my husband with his comments on a list of names. His thoughts on the two names we ultimately chose (Charles/Charlie and Harrison/Harry)? "Okay" and "Not really" - I guess he came around. But it's funny to see it in writing now that they're 18 months old. And so very Charlie and Harry...


Okay, other people are just waaaay quicker than me, because I just looked at the pics and saw onesies...not a secret decoder baby name thingie.

Upon second glance, I thought you were maybe naming him "bodysuits", which would be cool and certainly a chick-magnet name.


(It just occurred to me that if we DID name him Carter, we'd have Noah and Carter, as in, Noah Wyle played Dr. Carter on ER. HA!)


Oh, come on, it totally is Carter, you're just trying to throw us off! Yeah, I'm Aimee Elizabeth. Just like every other Amy/Ami/Aimee I know.

Must Be Motherhood

My husband thinks we're DONE with choosing our son's name too. And I'm like...wait a sec, hon. DONE? Finito? Plus, the name is our back-up from son #1. Seems so recycled. But we can't agree on anything else. Gah.

And if we go with one of the names my husband really likes, we've got 2 characters from "Lost." So I've nixed that one.

common mom

Good call on hangin' on to that girl name. A good friend had 3 ultrasounds and it was a girl. All pink all the time. Until the birth and the girl had boy parts. Surprise!!! They hadn't even considered boy names . . . picked one right then and there :-)


You've crushed my spirit. I thought I was the only one who looked at movie credits for baby names. (And I'm not even pregnant. Yet.)

For some reason, the other day I came to the realization that our future baby's name had to end in an "N" sound because of the hard sounding first letter of our last name. Um, I think I'm overthinking this hypothetical babyname.

Anyway, congrats on the naming so early. I guess. I don't know, is this something to congrats you on?

jive turkey

OMG! His name is Onesie!


Dear GOD it's nice to hear that someone else's husband is trying to name their baby Malcolm (or something else Whedon-esque). He's also tried Spider (Robinson), Bishop (from Alien), and several others that don't come to me off hand. A good half of his suggestions have secret sci fi references.

(Of course, I shouldn't really talk, because he doesn't realize that several of my favorite names are from fantasy novels. Though I maintain that the novels just gave me the idea. I am not trying to name them AFTER the characters.)

As for your girl's name...hm. Evey/Evelyn, from V for Vendetta?


Wait, yesterday you told us his name was Tivo?!


Now there's a hint! You are naming him Clooney!


Sorry Amy, didn't mean to start any Carter confusion...I was just hoping that you were being extra clever as you are good at that. I was going to be proud of myself for being the first to guess and hope there was some sort of prize =) But, alas, your blog is prize enough!!


My children are Paige and Evan. Not common when they were born but so common now. How does that happen?


My next door neighbor play friend growing up had the most beautiful name of Amy Claudia. For some reason, I've always loved it. Bitch also had long, dark, naturally curly hair that wasn't kinky, but large and lustrious curls, and was one of the nicest people in the world, even today at about age 30. Hmm, issues much?


For what it's worth (which ain't a fat lot), my son got named Noah Franklyn. The same names as the kid genious on My Wife and Kids. We didn't know until a week after he was registered... *tsk*

I think Tivo is a GREAT name. Individuality in can. But I think Tivo Onsie Storch is a little cruel...please don't name your kid that, ok?



Boys names are the worst! You want something original - but if you stray too far off the beaten path they just sound silly. When I was in the hospital with my son, the lady next to me named her boy "Lyric". Every time a new nurse came in the room she would ask his name, and then say, "Oh, 'Eric', that is such a strong name." The mother would say, "no, it's Lyric." And the nurse would just say "oh."


Ah. And one day I'll learn how to spell "onesie". What can I say? I'm British.

Though I guess Tivo Onsie is more individual than Tivo Onesie.

...time to stop now.


My husband would only be drawn on names enough to say " I don't care as long as they aren't biblical, no biblical names, no." So, Seth, Isaac and Elijah it is then!


You are so f'ing funny. But I've been searching through your blog and have 2 questions. 1.) What does "Amalah" mean? and 2.) What happened to Wednesday Advice Smackdown!?


Oh, boy names are HARD. I was so glad to discover I was having a girl the second time just because of the name factor!! I don't know what it is but my husband and I couldn't agree on ANY boy names the second time around. We used the one we agreed on with my first kid!!


WOw good job on the name choosing so early! Maybe if you start calling him by his name (say on your blog) you might become more comfy with the decision.

Nothing But Bonfires

I'm so screwed. I already used my favorite boy name and my favorite girl name ON MY CATS.


A) If our second child is a boy, we are going to (nick)name him something from the Joss Whedonverse. His name will be Alexander, and we will call him Xander. I... wasn't ashamed of this 'til now.

B) If our second child is a girl, we will name her Amanthis Elizabeth, and call her Amy. Amy Elizabeth. I had no idea that this was original... until now. (And as I'm sure you know, Amy is also a name from the Joss Whedonverse! Yes, yes it is!)

C) Why, yes, we have already chosen names EVEN THOUGH we can't even START TRYING for a second kid for probably another year. We went through HELL picking out our son's name (my husband wanted to name him LORCAN VICTOR), so we decided to get names out of the way immediately for the second.

D) I hate lists with only three items. Um. Congratulations again, and I'm sure you picked a super awesome name!


On that second item, I meant that I didn't know it was UNoriginal, of course. Sigh.


my husband tried the "oh good. done." with the name, too, which of course we didn't end up with in the end.

Until you leave the hospital, it's name on, I say.


I was super excited to see the name Jonah in your post!!! I had my little boy in january. While pregnant, I kept going back to the name Jonah, but EVERYONE, family and friends and coworkers etc, said they didn't like it, it reminded them of the whale story, it sounded feminine...everyone had a reason to turn up their nose when I said I was considering and really LOVED the name Jonah. So I had really convinced myself I wouldn't use that name since NOONE liked it. But then I gave birth to him, and could not force myself to think of him as anyone other than a Jonah. I just love it. And I didn't name him because I was embarassed to tell everyone. So two hours before we were discharged, the nurse asked for the birth certificate form. I took a deep breath, wrote Jonah William on the name line and turned it in. I told my family and friends, "You are going to be really disappointed in me, but I went ahead and named him Jonah." Everyone said, Ugh. But 4 1/2 months later, he is Jonah, and I still love it and that is all that matters. Right??


In our neck of the woods, the permutations of "Aidan" are astronomical: Braydon, Cayden, Jayden, Shaydon and all the variant spellings. And sweet tapdancing Christ, there are just thousands of female members of the Class of 2024 named a variant of Kayleigh.
There was a woman in our town agonizing over what to name her son (she has five daughters, all with hippie-chick names with cretin spellings) and wanted something "different."
I just beg every expectant couple I know to give their daughters names that might be appropriate for the president of the Federal Reserve. Or Yale. Get frisky with the middle name or a nickname, but don't condemn a daughter to a lifetime of stripper jokes.
I love Noah's name, by the way, and I am sure you have come up with something equally wonderful and crowd pleasing for his sibling.

Someone Being Me

I had my son's first and middle name picked out at 14 weeks. I still love it and he's 16 months old.


Okay, so - you're, like, gonna pull a "Sex and the City" on us, right??!! All those years of faithful viewing and wondering and agonizing over Mr. Big's real name, and - at the very end of the very last episode in the sixth season, we get {{{drumroll, pleeze}}} JOHN?????!!!!!! If you do that do us, I'm going to be really pissed off!!!!

Jen A

Joss Whedenverse....yeah...that would be why my daughter has the middle name of River. Also a hospital, late-night concession.


My dad's name is Gary and he's a gaffer. Well, carpenter mostly. You can find him on imdb. Years ago my little sister figured out how to edit his biography and wrote something about him being married to a french whore and having 6 toes (not that she was dissing our mom, but Austin Powers is funny, right?). Eventually he found it & made her change it, but it was another few years before she figured out how to delete that particular section.


too bad about the no-whedonverse call... a boy named Jayne, that'd be something!


So wait, it's a secret? That's just not nice.


I just wanted to say: YES, THE MOVIE CREDITS. I thought I was the only person in the world capable of such mind-numbing dedication to Finding The Perfect Name.



Our girl was 'baby girl' for 3 and a half days. We had Brynn picked out - then she didn't look like a Brynn. So we stewed and couldn't come up with anything. Eventually landed on Josie which didn't seem at all popular, and which I was hesitant about becuase my hubby's family has a history of everyone having "J" names and our son is Jake - wanted to buck the trend. Anyway - Josie she is and now I see Josies everywhere. Attempts at originality are futile unless you want to give the kid a complex - Like a boy named Jayne.


This is so hilariously close to home for me. We are also pregnant with our second boy, due in early September. I will also be having a c-section in late August and I also didn't have a big crisis about a repeat c-section because meh, I am going to have a baby. Who cares how he gets here.

We came up with our boys name in week 22 when I went through 8,000 boys names and picked my top 5. I couldn't believe it when my husband picked one of them and we agreed we had "the one".

It is weird to refer to my son by name when speaking with my oldest about his brother. It is definitely making it into a much different pregnancy experience then the first time around. I guess that is a good thing though.

So we are having a Joel as a brother to our son Jamie.


I thought for SURE it was going to be Malcolm. Oh well.

... how about Jayne? Or ... SIMON?



Our daughter was "Rachel" until the day I went into labour. Being our first baby, we were dumb and told EVERYONE the name, and even blogged it! Then when we changed it to Megan at the last minute because we were just so sick of Rachel, we actually got flak from some relatives who'd had things embroidered with Rachel. Oh well.

I still love the name Noah. Also Jacob and Joshua even though they're super duper popular. But half the baby boys I've met this year are named Caden/Calen/Bradon/Landon/Aiden/Kayden/Khadon etc. Steer clear. These names are just annoying.


I thought we had our names picked out until my husband told me the other day that he was no longer sure about the girl name, the one that if the last u/s tech was right we'll actually need to use. I have a great back-up but I used it on my cat 5 years ago. Thinking about changing the cats name rather than try to pick yet another name.


I just went and pulled out the Baby Name Wizard book and names that go with Noah are Hanna, Maya, Chloe, Ivy, Abigail, Jonah, Ethan, Caleb, Owen and Eli.


Really? Not Carter? I like that! Well, actually - if you were taking suggestions, I was honestly going to suggest something very close to Carter: Carver! But, hmmpphh... I guess you don't need any suggestions. :)



"I am not naming my child after anything from the Joss Whedonverse, okay?..."

I think this exact same sentance was said to me by my husband when I told him I wanted to name our first girl Willow. I also wanted to name our son Xander but he looked so much like a Seth we went with that, and because of Seth Greeen there is still that Buffy connection. Yes, I'm a huge dork. Our daughter who is now one was named Rose. It's generally used more as a middle name and not very popular as a first. Except of course now that Charlotte had a baby Rose in the SATC movie it'll probably be in the top 10 next year. Damn you Michael Patrick King!


Oh, Sorry for the double post but I forgot I wanted to tell you that when I was a kid I desperately wished my name was Amy. My name was and is still always mispronounced and I loved the beautiful simplicity of Amy. If strangers asked my name I would tell them that because it was so much easier than having a 10 minute conversation about the origin of my name. Which mostly comes down to my mom watching a lot of Ryan's Hope when she was pregnant. And now you know where my dorkiness comes from.


The naming part is. so. freaking. stressful! I am due in September and still havent really settled on a name.

p.s. I bought the same set of Carters onsies for my soon-to-be-here son!

Amy Evangeline

I am an Amy Evangeline, which makes me boring and unique at the same time. This is a good thing since I tend to be indecisive. In high school, my band had 24 members and 4 of us were named Amy. I named my daughter Evangeline. I live in fear that because of such things as "Lost", Evangeline will become less unique, thus robbing my daughter of her moment in the sun. Oh well, if she has 4 Evangelines in band with her, what a story that will be.


No Malcom? But then the girls in high school can't call him Captain Tightpants!

And the girl name you hinted at... all I can think of is Violet.


I am thrilled to see so many Whedonverse references! Geeks unite!

I don't see how anyone picks just 1 or 2 names for their child. I have a hard enough time naming my pets.

Mrs. Who

Our grandson is named Wesley but it's completely a coincidence - they didn't even watch "Buffy". But we secretly find it sorta cool.


I, too, was on the cusp of popularity with BOTH of my boys' names. The day they were born, the names were known, but not overly used. The next year...top 50, if not top 10. Damn it to hell. They start with Z and E, if that tells you anything. So far, Z has been the only one in his class. But I fear my E will be known by his first name and last initial forevermore.


Yep - I'm going with Alexander ... and calling him Xander. Huge Buffy fan ... Huge.

Though I may become tired of it and go with Miles. Who knows at this point ....


When I made a list of my favorite names a couple years ago (a bit before we started trying again), it took my wife to point out that I had a "Firefly" theme, what with Zoe and Simon being on there. Not at all intentional.


Well I'm sure you have made the perfect choice as Noah is SUCH a Noah. My cousin just had a little boy and named him Noah James. Although it took nearly a week and every member of my family sending her long lists of possible names for her to choose the first name she had picked out. One thing about naming a kid is that you certainly find out some things about your family (I am shocked we all have decent names after hearing their suggestions). Even if you go with your original choice you can still have fun coming up with fantasy names for the next few months, just pretend you haven't decided. And whatever you do, don't ask my family for advice!


It's a good thing I kept reading through your comments because I was totally going to make the Noah Wyle - John Carter reference that you did later on...

Which would still be totally cool. Because I am all about the awesomeness that is John Carter... *drool*


You could just combine both of your names and call him Jamie. Or, more likely, you can pretend I never said that.


I'm an Amy Catherine.

I've met more than a few of Amy Catherines, Beths and Elizabeths myself. One Amy Jo. I presume her mom loved Little Women.


I'd like to cast my vote for the name Giles!

Miss Britt

I've called my son "Devin Lee" since I was about 18-20 weeks pregnant. It really did make it very real. I felt like I *knew* him.


I have a son named Carter. lol. It's a great name!!

We're due 10/17 with a little girl, and after weeks of fighting, we've only been able to settle on one name. The same name we would have used had Carter been a girl.

So technically we've been done since... four years ago... lol.

Amy (Elizabeth!)

You can use our little boy's name - Avery. I have a boy Avery in a world of girl Avery's right now. Poor kid!


Ha-I thought it was Carter. Which is way cute, BTW.


I love that you aren't sharing the name. My husband and I didn't share either because we knew if we shared our name then all of a sudden everyone's babies and dogs and birds and pet rocks would have that name.


*laugh* I'm only 8 1/2 weeks pregnant, and we already have our names picked out. Well, I should say *I* have the names picked out. My husband is determined we're going to have a boy, and has only grudgingly settled on a girls name, "As a backup, damnit!"


After we had Gavin, we considering "Mason" for our second son. But because we had nephews named Holden, Alden, Brendan, and Kaiden, we opted for a very not-ending-in-'en'-sound of Cooper. And it works because with having a husband named Justin and a son named Gavin, I don't think I could handle another name that sounds the same and hollering all three names just to get ahold of one of them. So maybe consider a name that sounds different than Noah, if nothing else than to keep some very very tiny of your sanity once those two are running amuck. :)

(p.s. I was all "really? she's going to tell us she's naming the baby Carter this soon? Isn't she afraid of name-swappers?...glad to hear/see that you're still keeping it to yourself for the next 18-19 weeks).

Jessica (aka Rose)

We were in the complete opposite boat.... had a perfect boy name picked out (middle and all) and lo and behold it was another girl.
At 38 weeks (c-section scheduled for 38.5 weeks) we came up with elaborate rules with vetos and no take backsies to whittle down the list. We went with the name that was on both our lists after vetos.
It took the notary standing there waiting with the papers so she could go home for the weekend for us to decide on the spelling... Gah. Next time I'm having a son.

Melissa H

oh well, I like the name carter ;) You could always ask for advice over at swistlebabynames.blogspot.com just for fun to make SURE you've got the name nailed down. that should take 19 weeks or so and it's super fun.


Oh, this made me laugh. For our first, my husband was determined that if it was a baby boy he should be named "Oz".
He insisted it had nothing to do with Buffy. Mmm hmmm. Thank goodness she was a girl.
(the next one was a boy, named Owen. I shut down any Oz talk as soon as the stick turned blue.)


Dude. You should TOTALLY name this child Joss Whedon. Joss Whedon Storch. It's PERFECT. :)


I am thrilled for you all! I just had my second son about two weeks ago- first time I have a chance to catch up on your site. Our first son is named Sommers after my husbands grandfather. (We are jewish- and I like naming after family). So when we found out we were having a second boy I was in the same position- we had a girls name but no boy. Ok well we did have a boy's name but some people said it was used too much for girls now. But we through caution to the wind and named our beautiful boy after my grandfather (who I adored). We are now the proud parents of Sommers Leo and his new baby brother- Sidney Maxwell.

Go with what you like and feels right.

kim at allconsuming

Hey Amz,
Firstly, huge congrats on the second boy. As a mother to four of them (Oscar,10; Felix, 8; Jasper, 2.5; Grover, 11months) boys.totally.rock.

And that name scenario? Of knowing by 21 weeks? Hearing you loud and clear.


do you go to nymbler or baby name genie? even if you know the name you can waste hours obsessing about names there....


There are some pretty cool names from the Whedonverse, like Simon, or Shepard (Book, from Firefly), or Liam (Angel's real name).

We picked Ryan out of the baby names book, picked Nathan after being totally stumped and the I.T. guy's name at work was Nathan and one day he said to me "ha ha you could name him Nathan" and I went HMMMMM...(no, seriously!). I SWEAR, when I picked Kaitlyn for my daughter, I thought I was being original. Mother's middle name was Kay, SIL's middle name is Lynn, put them together, played with the spelling, added a T. There are freaking TONS of Kaitlyns!

I know whatever you name him will be PERFECT for him, just like Noah is SUCH a Noah :)


I, too, have a penchant for scanning movie credits for good names! How funny.

I also love going to this birth announcement company's website to get good name ideas!



Ah, yes, the name thing..I didn't get to name my son, but had I it would have been, Levi. simple, yet strong, masculine.

but yes, it is hard to pick a name because you wanna be unique. My son name is not unique, but he sure die grow into it, and now it just seems as though nothing else would fit him.


forgive me, I meant to say..

my sons name IS UNIQUE.. and he DID grow into it..

its late, Im tired.



That's funny! We know a couple who named their kid after a movie credit name, and another couple who named their kid after a movie character. :)


I, for lack of anything else to think about the other day, that actually included my life and not a perfect strangers, was thinking about boy names for you. I came up with nicolas,because noah and nicky sounded so darn cute together. Yeah,maybe a little matchy, matchy with the "n" thing and then you feel the pressure to name a third with an "n" because they may feel like "one of things doesn't belong here, one of these things just isn't the same..... ". Yeah,maybe not a good idea. But, fo real, it sounded so cute...


Congratulations on picking a name! I really like Noah, it is simple and classic. I chose my own son's name for the classic quality. It's not likely that anybody will ever say "EGADS, what were HIS parents thinking?"

Can't wait to see what you name this little boy!

Gi in SC

ok, so me me me.

when i called my 89 y.o. grandma to tell her about the ultrasound and told her it was a boy, she asked, "well, what are you thinking of naming him?" and we said "brett avery". she was all " i like blake better! " blake? huh? all bossy and shit.

we decided on blake. such a strong, skateboarder-y, long haired skilled swimmer, B student name. lol. so what about blake? then you could tell the world, that this girl online called her grandma... blah blah.. what a good story, right?? ROFL.


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