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We've outlasted the marriages of people who predicted the demise of ours. We've ended up a million years from where we started, and from where we probably expected to be. I tumble into tired clichés every time I try to come up with words worthy of this anniversary, this milestone, this day like any other day, really. We'll wake up on 08/09/08 and...keep at it, for another 10, 20, 60 years. If I get to be that lucky.

10 years, in two-and-a-half minutes. It feels like that, sometimes.

10 Years (Take Two) from amalah on Vimeo.

Music: Together Forever in Love by Go Sailor.

(EDIT: Sorry for the video glitch. I uploaded in the middle of major site maintenance at Vimeo and lo, there were Issues. I've reuploaded it and I think everything is working now.)




Congrats on the anniversary!

(Mmm, the video that you posted only 7 minutes ago "no longer exists"...well, at least it's not working.)

Abra Leah

We have our 10-year anniversary on the 29th. It's awesome. I'm really happy for both of you. :)

jeanette P in the Az

Oh come on it's not working punk. J/K

But I did really want to see it DANG


congrats. and i wish that your video worked! :(


Yay!'s my birthday on 8-8-08, too, and they say that number (8) is the number of new beginnings (or so I've heard) so I hope this is a year of all beautiful new beginnings for you! Happy 10th!

Snarky Amber

Congratulations. This made me well up!

mojavi at Simple Things

ok i was all geared up for a 2 min video and like everyone else said it is gone!

We have just had our 14 year and i have to say I am excited about the 15!!




Dood. I just walked all the way across the room and shut off the music cause I was all pumped for the vid (I have seen your Noah vids and the preciousness is off the charts). Now my ass has to walk allllll the way back over to the music box. Might as well refill my wine while I am at it. Way to go on ten yrs, video or not.


Happy Anniversary!


on second thought I should lay off the wine. It is your ten yr anniversary and I am sending complaints about a video not working at one of many sources of free entertainment. Just leave the vid for next yr and make it an 11 yr thing if it suits you. CONGRATS! I love how the internet celebrates marriage like no one else.


Congratulations! You two are such a great couple!

(Do wish the video were working, though!)

the ex

Happy anniversary, kids!

(But I really wanted to watch that video!)

bethany actually

Happy anniversary!


Congratulations on 10 years!

From one who's also celebrating our 10th on 8/8/08 - yes, it's just a day like any other, but it's nice to reflect and see how far your partnership has taken you. Especially if there's a nice restaurant with a yummy chocolate dessert involved :) I love your description "We've ended up a million years from where we started, and from where we probably expected to be." That's definitely us, too, but we're happy with the path we've chosen and where we are now.

Cheers, to many more decades together!!


Congratulations! Here's to many more years together!


Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, HAPPY anniversary!"

Today is my dh's 40th birthday! He always's asks for the same present for his birthday, LOL. He'll be "getting" it at 8:08 p.m. on 8/08/08! He better REALLY appreciate it!


Damn...I should have really written, "it better not take more then 8 minutes" HA!


Congrats! We celebrated our 10th on the 2nd!


Happy Anniversary!


Congratulations on the milestone!!!!!!

Wishing you many more sets of ten year anniversarys!

(i also cant see the video)


Video didn't work for me but 10 years is lovely. Enjoy many more!


Happy Anniversary!


Video no longer exists??
Happy Anniversary!




Happy anniversary! I'm a fan, just not a commenter. I'm coming out of my lurking cloud to let you know, though, that you got married on my 19th birthday. I know all that I've been through since then, and I truly envy and commend you on being with one person through it all and being stronger than ever.


Happy happy happy happy happy Anniversary!!
Congratulations and many more years to your and Jason :) :)


(YOU and Jason, I mean! :)


Happy anniversary! I'm a fan, just not a commenter. I'm coming out of my lurking cloud to let you know, though, that you got married on my 19th birthday. I know all that I've been through since then, and I truly envy and commend you on being with one person through it all and being stronger than ever.


Rawr. Sorry for the double post.


Congratulations on 10 years! (Our 10th is next year.) Looking forward to the video.


10 years--whoa. I'm feeling all successful about our FIVE year anniversary coming up. Heh.

Congratulations, and may you celebrate many more decades together.



Reuploading now. NO idea how that happened, since everything was working FINE last night when I scheduled this to post.

(10 years of marriage and this is the first glitch ever! HA HA HA.)


Happy Anniversary.

I can't get the video to work for me. When I click on it I'm told it doesn't exist.


Congrats on a decade.


Wow! 10 years is a serious accomplishment; it's no easy task to hold a relationship together for that long (especially considering how young you both were when you got married). That takes a huge amount of love and dedication. You should both be very proud. Congratulations!!


You have a beautiful family. The video is priceless it amazes me when I think of all of the things me and my hubby have experienced in the 13 years together.
Happy Anniversary and heres to a lifetime of future memories


So totally sweet! Congrats and happy anniversary!


Happy Anniversary! Great video, great song. May you have many more to come.


aww, lovely video! happy anniversary :)


That's really sweet!


Awwwww, congratulations on 10 years! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together. :)


Many wishes for a happy anniversary! I hope Noah and Baby Tivo know how much their parents love each other!


Congratulations. What a sweet tribute. I hope you're lucky enough to spend the next 60 together, too.


Congratulations on 10 beautiful years and wishing you a lifetime of greatness in your years to come!


I don't even really know you and that video made me tear up :) Happy Anniversary!


Very sweet! Happy anniversary. Congrats on your 10 years, thanks for sharing it with us. Would you possibly be giving a class on how to make cool videos like that (Vimeo for Dummies?)I'll sign up.


I never get tired of hearing about you and Jason. Your success at marriage gives me hope when practically everyone else is divorcing.


happy anniversary! what a great video :)


Delurking to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! And wow! That got me all choked up! Here's to 60 more!!!


Happy anniversary!

My husband and I will have our first anniversary August 11th, and it fills my heart with happiness to imagine he and I celebrating 10 years like you and your husband.

Congratulations on persevering- you two have been through a lot together (much more than the interwebs is aware of, I'm sure), and I wish you and Jason many more years of love together.


Congratulations! I loved the pictures- particularly the ones from way back, you guys look like you're in high school :) Enjoy your anniversary!


That was so great!!! Thanks for giving us lurkers a glimpse into your life.

p.s. that was the BEST looking newborn I have ever seen. My poor kid had a cone head like you wouldn't believe.


Happy Anniversary! Wishing you 80 more!
I am such a pregnant sap, sitting here bawling now, just like I did in the store yesterday while picking out a card for my own anniversary in (gasp) 4 days!


Happy anniversary!
I watched your video and cried like a little girl with a skinned knee.

Jill (CDJ)

Congratulations on getting married on my birthday!!! What an honor for you! :-)


Happy anniversary!

I'm so jealous. I have, like, two pictures of my husband and me together, and we've been married almost six years!

I'm going to correct that. Seeing your video was just what I needed! Hubby hates having his picture taken, but too bad! *Whimper* I want pictures like that, too!

Seriously, congratulations you guys.

Katie Kat


I hope your good mojo rubs off on everyone else!

P.S. Man, you guys look SO YOUNG in those first pics! :)


What a beautiful bride.


Awww - Beautiful! Congrats on 10 years!


Hey Amy
It's been a long time. I can't believe it's already been 10 years since you and Jason got married. Remember me?- I'm the one who "caught the bouquet". We were prisoners at Sesame together. Hope to talk to you soon.


Lovely! How do you get the time to make all these awesome videos and stuff? I hardly have time to take a shower some days. Congratulations by the way!


Happy Anniversary, Amy and Jason! Your photo montage was really inspirational.

Amy H

awesome. Happy Anniversary.


The video isn't working for me, but I am still excited for you guys!



Awww! I love it! Happy Anniversary you crazy kids!


What an awesome video -- Happy 10 to you & Jason. Something tells me there'll be plenty more!


Congrats! We hit 11 this year (also married young, although not quite as young as you guys :) ).

Sweet video.


Wow... congratulations on 10 years. Truly inspirational to me - I was also a young (21) bride, still going strong after 3 years married. You guys are great together... here's wishing for many more decades of happiness for both of you and your beautiful boys!

She Likes Purple

Deep congrats to you both.


ok that was so cute and sweet that i cried! happy anniversary!


Congrats! Enjoy the dinner and night in a hotel :)


CONGRATS! The video is so sweet, and you look so young in the wedding pics ;) Hope ya'll have many many more!


Congrats! Yay!

Y'all sure do go to a lot of beaches. :)


What wonderful memories - you both look so happy. Happy 10th Anniversary!


Congratulations! 10 years, wow. I know what you mean, though, we had our 7th in June and it just doesn't seem possible...

Kimberly C

I almost cried at that picture of you both holding Noah in the hospital, because I am apparently a great big soft hearted goob.

Congrats on the 10 year mark, wishing you many more, and sweet pics of baby Tivo.


What a lovely tribute to your marriage. Happy anniversary!


So, I watched your (fabulous and very touching) video, and I got a little teary. So I clicked right over to FailBlog, where the headline is "Woman Shoots Herself While Trying To Kill Mice".


That was ADORABLE!
Congratulations on 10 years. Here's wishing you many, many more -


Happy Anniversary! Today my hubs and I celebrate number 21.


Ten years is a gift.

My stepfather passed away early this morning after a ten year battle with leukemia. He and my mother had just celebrated their 10 year anniversary. He first got sick shortly after their marriage, and was in and out of remission since then.

I'm so sad for my mother. But I'm so happy she had ten happy years after two failed marriages.

I recently discovered your blog, and I don't want my first comment to be a complete downer.

Thank you for reminding me this morning that there is lots of good still waiting around the bend.

I wish you many more years with Jason, Noah, and your baby.


and here i thought this was going to be a post about the olympics...

you guys are ridiculously adorable. happy anniversary.


Beautiful video, beautiful feeling to it all. Congratulations to you both!


Congratulations to you and Jason. You've built something beautiful.


Happy Anniversary! 10 years is a big deal nowadays. :)

The hormonal pregnant side of me was really touched by that video, apparently. Tears? SERIOUSLY!? Very cute. :)

ballerina toes

that was beautiful. made me smile and cry at the same time. congratulations.


Just beautiful.

The video, the love, the life.

Congrats, Storchalahs.


that video warmed my cold black heart :) i hope one day to find something as special as what you guys have! happy anniversary!!


Awwwww! That was beautiful. Happy anniversary!


Congrats on the anniversary! The video was awesome.

You never mentioned that 10 years ago your husband was a dead ringer for Jordan of New Kids on the Block! Or maybe that's just me.


Awww! That's so sweet. I actually got tears in my eyes and I don't even know you two.

Rick Bucich

Wow, how can I concentrate at work for the rest of the day? That was extremely moving, especially since we just had our 9th last month.

Pass the Kleenex please

Shannon M.

Thanks for making me cry, Ames! What a precious tribute. My own love and I hit #8 this year and I am more in love with him now than ever. Thanks for helping me remember. Congrats on your anniversary!


Congratulations on 10 years! What a special family and wonderful video.


You and your damn videos always making me cry.


Happy Anniversary!

The only thing else I can think to say is that you guys are too freakin' cute, and that in those first pics, you look about 14. (Which you could have been, for all I know.)



I am going to seriously turn on the creep, but you are so beautiful and so is Jason. Congrats!! and I gotta learn how to do these videos...


Congratulations! Love the "young" pics - you'll have to do a totally self-indulgent post of pics of Young Amy and Young Jason sometime so we can all coo over the cute:)


Congrats on ten years. That video brought me to tears. Awesome.

(and I know what you mean about outlasting the naysayers. We had predictions we'd last 2 months, max - we hit 15 years in October, and we were married almost as young as you guys. The juvenile part of me wants to say nannynannybooboo)

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