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It's Like Preschool In Real Life

Dear Noah,

This is what you looked like on your first day of school.


I had a different outfit picked out for you, but our dryer mysteriously broke in the night. So you wore this. Your school required closed-toe shoes, but I forgot to make sure your sneakers still fit. So they were a little tight. I'm sorry.


I combed your hair. You thought we were going to visit Nana and Pop Pop, probably because that's the only time I ever comb your hair.

You liked your Thomas the Tank Engine backpack but would not wear it. You asked to stay home. I wanted to let you stay home. I wanted to ask when you got so big, so smart, so preschooler. Then you asked to get in the green car and go to school. So we did.


You were a little nervous, but you did not cry. You left Pinky Dinky Doo and Baby Brother's Piano in the car -- they're in there now, waiting for you. You asked Daddy to carry you in, and he did. We forgot to bring the camera. There was a pretty little girl named Paige in your classroom when we got there, and when we said goodbye you were both exploring a little toy kitchen, preparing to make breakfast. You did not cry, but Mama did, a little.

It's different now. And it will be different all over again, once Baby Brother is born. I'm glad you'll have school and friends and things to do. But for now, as silly as it may be -- three hours! it's just three hours! -- I miss you, little man. I'll miss our days and mornings of Just Us, Just Doing Whatever We Want. It's been you and me, all day, every day, and it's hard to give that up. It's been a delight and a privilege to spend this time with you, Noah, and I'm proud of the boy I sent off to school this morning.


Your Ridiculous Mother Who Will Pick You Up In 20 Damn Minutes

PS. This is what you looked like when you came home from your first day of school.



Tootsie Farklepants

That last picture is precious!

I wish I could do this part over again. My youngest just started kindergarten and my oldest...junior high. Hold me?


Hello, Amalah:
I just discovered your blog and wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying it. I "linked" to it somehow and ended up reading a random post. I liked it so much, I decided to read them ALL... from the beginning. So, you haven't had Noah yet, in my little world, but you are EFFING hilarious. Back then, in my world of reading, you had very few responses to your posts, and seemed to want them a lot, so I wanted to oblige. I will continue reading... please know that you are bringing a bright spot to my already-pretty-bright-life!



Today I found out my baby boy (now a Marine) is going to be deployed in a few months. These transisitions don't get any better when they are older let me tell you.
P.S. His first day of kindergarten I had to take the WHOLE day off, I was that upset.


very touching post.

manager mom

that was so cute. My youngest is starting kindergarten on Friday. two kids in the system! I can't believe it.


Oh my, he looks so grown up yet so young at the same time.

My William (3) is off to preschool in a couple weeks. We're set with the Thomas backpack and I think he'll run in with little more than a wave over his shoulder. We've visited the class and each morning he wakes up asking if today is his "school day".

He's my last and I'm really really struggling with this milestone.


Well, if the goal of preschool is to wear them out, you've succeeded! If it makes you feel better, I'm about to do the same for the 4th time (littlest is going to preschool); and it doesn't get any easier. He looks ready for a great year!


Well, if the goal of preschool is to wear them out, you've succeeded! If it makes you feel better, I'm about to do the same for the 4th time (littlest is going to preschool); and it doesn't get any easier. He looks ready for a great year!


I just sent my youngest to Kindergarten!! Boohoo!! I was so excited to be alone and then when I was, it was too quiet and a little sad. Now I have to figure out what else I am good at if I can't be a stay at home Mom with young kids to take care of during the day!

Amy Evangeline

Do you have some sort of deal with Kleenex? I am a great big pile of bawl!


Ugh, there are tears. Just call me an emotional iwantababy basketcase.


@christina: holy snarks-a-lot! It must be nice being a perfect parent and also that someone gave you permission to throw stones. Anyone's kids would be lucky to have Amalah as a Mom. Not sure why but feeling very protective today.


are you kidding me? how did i JUST find your blog. consider me your next new regular. i'm already excited for tomorrow so i can check your blog all over again.


My little one just turned 1 on Saturday and this whole growing up and going to school thing and then graduating and then getting married, etc. seems right around the corner. thanks for always putting into words what I'm thinking!

Jenny, Bloggess

Hailey started pre-k yesterday.

Makes me want to sing "Sunrise, Sunset".


First day of preschool -- I remember those days.

My oldest went off to her first day of her last year in high school this morning. Guess who cried.


Sob! That was sooooooooo sweet (saccharine). I loved it. This 33 wk pg blob just dissolved into tears reading it. I loved how you made it a 'letter' to Noah. Perfect. :)


That's just about the sweetest thing I've read in a long time. It made me teary, natch, but then part of me can't wait until I face that day with my son.


Ok. Sobbing here. 30 weeks pregnant and sending my 2 1/2 year old off to preschool next week. Oh geez.


Oh jeez. This made me cry. I sent my two-year-old to his first day of school today. Three hour morning thing. It felt like forever, and my mom picked him up since I'm in the office on his school days.

He's having a baby brother in November--which has GOT to be adding to my insane woobiness.

Noah is adorable.

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