30 Weeks, Thereabouts

Preparation Stages


Stage One: The Welcome-to-the-Suck Practicalist


Stage Two: The Low-Supply Dreamer


Stage Three: The I-Can-Accessorize-ANYTHING Conspicuous Consumer


Stage Four: The Ain't-No-Fool Realist



Oh how baby hungry basby gear makes me. I even miss nursing. I must be insane.

Side note: Ikea Sultan mattress is incredibly comfy and only about 500.00

Mama Podkayne

Don't worry. It will all work out. Maybe you can use the nursing cover for discreet bottle feeding? ;)


Super cute cover.


Amy, where's the bottle of vodka you'll be able to drink from once the babe is born? I believe that is an essential tool in the parenting of a newborn.


See you are so prepared! Who needs 9 more weeks right?? hee hee

I love the cover too! so chic mom


I just sent this link to my sister in law and new mother who had to give up nursing after a couple of weeks of it. She needs a good laugh. Thanks!


ready for anything!! and if you don't use them for the indended purpose, you can put the soothies on your eyes and pretend you're at the spa....


Good luck this time! I mean that both in a "I hope it works for you this time!" and also "I hope you're okay even if it doesn't work again this time!"

If it makes you feel any better, from a not-a-mom prespective, even thinking about nursing a baby makes my nipples HURT!*

*and don't tell anyone, but mine have been pierced, and I still cringe at the thought of nursing!


OMG SERIOUSLY? Is that how many bottles I'm gonna need?
AACK! ::runs to the store::


I nursed my first for 2 months. I'm nursing my second and she is 2 months now, I plan to keep going till she is about 10 months. I have that nursing cover and LOVE IT! I still have a ton of milk in the freezer and the bottles ready, just in case. HA!

Crystal D

Oh how my plan looks so very similar. I am still holding out for the 3rd time's a charm thing, but also not holding my breath.
Those BPA free Gerbers, are those glass or plastic? I bought a ton of glass, but figure I better get a healthy supply of BPA free plastic backups for trips out of the house.


Good luck- I remember the stress you wrote about with Noah- I hope it is much easier this time :)


Prepared for everything! May your cups runneth over!


As the "I ain't no fool realist" I'm not buying shit this time around. None of my kids took a paci. No, we pacified on the boob. If my doctor had any sense he would also just send me home with a lifetime supply for antibiotics for the chronic mastitis I seem to suffer while nursing.

Amy H

Oh! Please, if you love yourself at all, use the lanolin starting NOW to get your poor nipples ready to be tortured. Even if your supply is low, I am sure you are going to give it a try again and the best thing you can do for yourself is prepare your boobs. Dang I wish someone had told me that....


GAH. Up until now (and despite a January 6 due date) I had forgotten about how miserable and time-consuming the first six months of the All Liquid Diet can be. BLAH. Well, at least you've covered all the bases.


Well at least you are prepared either way :)

On a side note: We got our king mattress at a hardware store (Menards). It sounds kind of weird, but it is a Serta Perfect Sleeper with a Eurotop. We got the mattress and the 2 twin boxsprings for around $700. We still love it a year and a half later. It also came with Serta's warranty. I'm pretty sure that Menards stores are mostly in the midwest but maybe you check around your hardware stores to see if they offer anything. I wouldn't ever go back to a smaller mattress!!


I went through three tubes of Lansinoh with my first, so I made sure to get some when I was pregnant with my second. It still hasn't been opened, and my little guy is already five months old.

I say this to remind you, every pregnancy, every baby, and every feeding experience is different.

(I'm not being judgey or insisting you try nursing again, I'm just saying, keep the receipt on all of these items)


Good luck! Enjoy it! I know how worried you were with Noah. Hopefully this time, no matter how it all shakes out, you can just enjoy feeding BabyV2.0, whether from breast, bottle, or some combination thereof. Keeping my fingers crossed that you can avoid the uber-sore nipples this time around!

yet another from the legions of Amys

But Georgia, nursing makes your nipples able to withstand anything! After 27 months of nursing, I don't even feel it when the little monkey grabs them, tugs, and demands "squirt!"

And Amy, I'll second the "do not open anything yet and save receipts" advice. Did you use disposable nursing pads last time? They suck. They always got all bunchy and crumply on me and I hated them. Cotton ones were WAY more comfortable (although plain cotton can be soaked through, which can be a bummer.)


I got the nursing cover this time around and it is SO awesome. It could be the second-best purchase I made with the second kid. The first was two new Bravado nursing bras to supplement the stash I had from Baby 1 -- they're a new style that hooks in the back and has tons of lift and support with no underwire and are possibly the most comfy nursing bra EVAH.

Also, bottles are awesome to have even if you are nursing. You have to go out to dinner and drink wine with Jason sometime, right?


Your nursing cover is so pretty! I'm jealous now.


I had a very similar stock-up before baby number 2 arrived. And I was glad I was prepared for everything. And I loved my similar, but not identical, nursing cover (didn't use one with baby number 1 at all - it was a splurge for number 2).


Bwahahahaha! Oh I remember those days ; )

Where is the tequila??


Okay, I would find a way to incorporate that beautiful nursing cover into my wardrobe right now...except I'm not nursing any baby. Nor have I ever. It's just so very pretty!

mojavi at Simple Things

crap! Now I have to totally rethink my whole peg perego decision. I wish the baby r us had them in to test here but they don't AARRGGGG!!!

I also can't believe you have already bought all the nursing stuff... I am so behind.

My section has just been scheduled and i am freaked and happy at the same time... sooo the 9th it is!



oh goodness my nipples twinge at the site!


Crystal D -- They're plastic. I love love LOVE Dr. Browns bottles, but can't find non-glass BPA-free small ones ANYWHERE. And since I've already spent a fortune on bottles, the small Gerber ones seem like a nice cheap on-the-go option. I found them at Target.

yet another in the legion of Amy's - I didn't need nursing pads last time, although I was prepared with a box of like, 500 of them. I stuck them in my bra a few times before realizing that I really, really didn't need them at all. Which is why I put them solidly in the "HA HA DREAMER" category and bought the smallest package possible justincase. If I DO need them this time, I'll remember that about the cotton ones.

Stephanie A.

You are very wise to get the nursing pads, even considering previous experience. With my son Hugo I never leaked a drop. With my Ivy, though, I did leak. Too bad the first time it happened was when I took Hugo to preschool. Seeing all of those kids at once seriously overwhelmed my breasts! Talk about embarrassing!

Good luck!


When I had Tripp the lactation nurse gave me these new things to try on my boobs. We called them my Barbie Boobs. They were hard plastic cups and fit over the nipple and half the boob. They were rounded out to keep clothing off the nipple and they had air holes for circulation. The side next to the breast had a silicon lid with a hole for the nipple area to go in. I can't quite explain it the way it was. Maybe you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, they were great and helped my nipples a lot.

Use caution if when you're in public. The cup thingy will fill with breastmilk and when you bend down to get the groceries off the bottom shelf all the built up milk will spill out and overflow the super-extra-absorbent nursing pads you put on to keep you clothes dry. =)



Dude, you have to get the Lily Pad breast pad thingys. They rocks--they are silicone, so they get reused, and they COMPLETELY stop leaking. Srsly.

It took us over eight weeks to get nursing down with my daughter. Then she nursed until she was 22 months old. I miss it. Sigh. But, you know, not really.


Dude, you have to get the Lily Pad breast pad thingys. They rocks--they are silicone, so they get reused, and they COMPLETELY stop leaking. Srsly.

It took us over eight weeks to get nursing down with my daughter. Then she nursed until she was 22 months old. I miss it. Sigh. But, you know, not really.


I have started looking into that sort of stuff even though I am not very far along. It's super exciting!


Don't forget the fenugreek and the breast pump . . . they make them "hands free" now, you know.

Channah @ Get a Grip, Mom!

I have to admit, I love my nursing cover. It's come in really handy. Heck, Monday I was nursing Kicker at the Angels game.

misguided mommy

i have the same hooter hider. i like to tell people all about it. probably just because i like to say HOOTER HIDER


misguided mommy

and i just turned into a high school teenager

Marmite Breath

Jumpin' Jesus on a Pogo Stick!

Just saying the word Lansinoh has made my milk let down. And my youngest is six years old!

Oh, wait, my bad! That's not my milk letting down, it's my nipples hanging onto my belly button. Easy mistake.

(Can you tell I have been affected deeply by the nursing) :)


Very smart! I actually know of a woman who just had twins and she REFUSED, REEEEEFFFFUUUUSSSEEEDDD to even entertain the idea of having bottles in her house, 'cause, come hell or high water, she's nursing these babies.

How much do you want to bet her hubby runs to the store in the middle of the night at some point and buys bottles at a premium?????

Looks like you're ready to rumble. Or roll. Or nurse. Or something...


Oh... I so remember stocking up similarly. The only thing that was different for my stash was the essential Medela PIS. And I LOVE the Lansinoh pads... no bunching here. But my boobs are massive, so hey... maybe I just can't SEE the bunching, right?

Amy, I hope that whatever happens will be wonderful for you. When I was going through my first really tough weeks of BF'ing I read your archives over.and.over.

I'm rooting for you and BabyV2.0, whatever the outcome!


This is really a comment on the previous post; sorry. We put one of those side rails intended for toddlers on our (double!) bed and stuffed the gap with blankets, and our son slept between me and the rail. It seemed safer than having him between us in the bed, because it was easier to make sure there were no pillows or blankets near him, and it also helped with the space issue.

Good luck!


I am also of the pathetically low supply club. Things worked a lot better the second time around, like my body "got it". Granted, still had major supply issues, but not as bad as with the first kid.
Also, the silicone nursing pads weren't that comfortable to me in the summer, but I sweat like a whore in church even when I'm NOT post-partum. But I found the Dr. Brown's cotton/re-useable nursing pads and they were plenty absorbent for me, helped absorb boob sweat, and since there wasn't plastic in them, didn't trap moisture.


oh...as for your 30-week pics? How cute is your tummy? I looked overdue at 30-weeks; at 35 weeks I was consistently asked if I was carrying twins. Good for you for looking so good this far along. :)

The Princess

With my first, nursing was a failure...as you know (but probably don't remember) b/c you sent me a very supportive email.

With my second, I was given that same exact nursing cover. I refused to open to it until after she was born. I also refused to buy any nursing bras or anything else that even hinted at nursing.

#2 nursed perfectly from the get-go and 6 months later we're still going strong. The day I got home from the hospital I high tailed it over to Target and bought a supply of nursing bras/tanks/pads/creams and happily opened my nursing cover which I LOVE. That nursing cover is a life savor!!

Good luck!!


Whether breastfeeding Baby Tivo is easier or harder or the same compared to breastfeeding Noah, I'm sure you'll raise an equally awesome little boy!


Hey... I'm nursing, but we totally have a stash of the Dr. Brown's bottles and they ROCK. We have the glass in 7.5 and 3.5 sizes, and the BPA free plastic in 8.5. The reason you can't find small Dr. Brown's BPA free bottles is because they don't make them... yet. The last I heard, they had only done the large size - so it sounds like you're totally set.


A very important note: The Lansinoh and the Soothies should NOT be used at the SAME time. It is an Either/Or sorta thing. Personally, I had better luck with the Soothies (tip: when not in use, keep them in Ziploc baggies stuck on each side. It keeps them moist. I got them to last easily 4-5 days that way, cheapskate that I am.) Yes, I did use the Lansinoh a bit in the beginning (I would apply a bit before each nursing.)

I did have the best luck with the Medela nursing pads and holy crap, I did try ALL OF THEM. However, I think nursing pads fall directly in line with maxi pads (just for your boobs, right? Only difference) and it ends up being a personal preference.

Amy, I hope nursing works out better for you this go around. However, if it does not, I hope the angst surrounding it does not come out. Truly, you gave it an honest go the last time. No use beating yourself up about it. That time would best be spent snuggling your boys. Right? Right.


I used the lanolin so much the first 3 or so months I always had a tube nearby. I would use it all the time. It did wonders for my poor boobs. And I have a sling in that same fabric-love it. Good luck with the breastfeeding! Hope it works out for you. Either way you know it will.

midlife mommy

"Low supply dreamer" - very cute! Everyone told me that I just had to get those too, and I never, ever needed them. I did use my Lanisoh though.


Just delurking to give you some assvice re: the low supply thing. I wasn't a reader when you tried nursing Noah, so not sure if you've been given this advice before or not but... Fenugreek. My pediatrician suggested it, and I did a bunch of research, and decided to try it. I take 6 pills a day, and it totally helped increase my supply. The only side effect is that your sweat smells like maple syrup, so you feel like Aunt Jemima. I felt it was a small price to pay for the cleavage my engorgement gave me, however.

I also went through a very difficult time nursing - my daughter was about 4 months old before she figured out how to properly latch on. We used nipple shields (which are somewhat controversial, but enabled me to continue nursing, so I'm an advocate) for the first several months. She is now 7 months old, and nurses like a champ. It was definitely a long, slow, difficult start, though.


Good luck with everything. And even if the nursing doesn't work out. It's OK. And, like Wendy said, the fenugreek really works, even though literally your whole body will smell like maple.

But, I hope that you never have sore cracked nipples, never have to deal with low supply, and the baby nurses like a champ the second that he comes out.


Being the total realist I am, my entry in that last category would have included a huge bucket of Isomil. Because every single one of my kids was born with severe tongue tie, making all my efforts to feed them from my boobs heartbreakingly futile.

PSA--have the lactation consultant check the baby for tongue tie ASAP. If baby has it, sooner it gets corrected, the better off you'll be.


Bebe au Lait! I'm so ordering that the next time I go for coffee.

little miss mel

Currently using the Dr. Brown PBA Free bottles on 3 month old.


So easy to clean, etc.

Was an Avent user on last kid. Gave them away due to the PBA thing. Dang, that was a lot of money down the drain!!!

little miss mel

Oh, I have the same nursing cover. Didn't end up nursing, only pumping for 6 weeks (agh).

Used the nursing cover to cover baby up while in my sling on walks. Great shade!!


Good luck with the nursing, I hope it works out one way or another!

Amanda Brown

I am with you! My second is due in 3 weeks and in the hospital bag I'm taking I have:
1. nursing pillow
2. nipple shield
3. breast pump
4. bottles and formula

See, the passage of deteriorating hope? We'll try nursing, the baby won't latch, I'll use the shield, the baby still won't care, then I'll pump, and after I go crazy from that for a while we'll crack out the bottle and Good Start.

Fun times, no?


Just wanted to throw this out there...I too had relatively low supply last time, and my doctor put me on Reglan, which is a prescription gastro-intestinal drug that just happens to have the side effect of increasing milk supply. It worked WONDERS! I know that not everyone would be comfortable with this approach (and you've probably already heard of it/considered it), but just wanted to post anyway. However, one side effect of Reglan is a possible increase in depression if you take it for long periods. Thus, my doc had me take it for 10 day courses only. But still, even after I would finish a course of the drug, the results were amazing. I truly believe it was the only way I was able to nurse for as long as I did (7 months). I'm hoping this time will be easier, but if it isn't, I'll know to ask for the good drugs. (Fenugreek did NOTHING for me except make me want to gag from the constant maple smell.)


Hey Amy...here's hoping breastfeeding is a better experience for you this go 'round. Can I just say that I'm jealous of your TWO boxes of Soothies? Them things is expennnnsive, shoo! I didn't get into them until after I had purchased a nipple shield (which I am still using to avoid the toe-curling nipple pain of doom) but they were really nice the couple of times I slapped 'em on.


Amy, you're are the most prepared mom I've ever seen...you'll do great no matter what! I do wish you a smooth nursing experience though. Since it's the ONLY thing I've ever taken to easily, I hope you get to sail through it.


Someone may have already suggested this, but using a nipple shield has saved my nursing life. I could only get Norah to latch on with the shield and even now at 4 months she prefers using it. As do I for it protects my tender nipples. There are certainly mixed feelings about using them, and I've heard it can cut back on your milk supply (may not be good for you) but it may also be very helpful to you.

Jessica (from It's my life...)

Speaking as a low supply sistah... Breast feeding went MUCH better the second time around. Dunno why. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Also? Chuck that icky lansinoh and get thee some neosporin. It works better and isn't as disgusting and sticky. Wipes right off, isn't toxic for the bebe, and oh, I don't know, actually HEALS cracked nipples. Brilliant, really.


So with you low supply woman - I ambitiously bought a box of nursing pads while pregnant. TOTAL waste of money ... didn't even use one! Still using gobs of lansinoh 7.5 months in, but after reading Jessica's comment I'm definitely going to try neosporin.
Also, the prescription I had for low supply was called "domperidone" - also for GI issues and greatly improved my supply. Seems to only work if you take it early on though. Good luck!

Auds at Barking Mad

I LOVED my Bebe au Lait hooter hider!

Looks like you're pretty much ready to go!

Oh and Sadie is right about the nipple shields. I used them whilst the little imp was in the NICU and they were a life saver, as was root beer and fenugreek (both of which increased my supply).


I hope this isn't causing you too much stress ... but hey, if preparation is the key ... you WIN!


Check out overstock dot com. we got a king size memory foam mattress for under $700 and shipping was under $3! WE LOVE IT!!!

just beth

Oh, good luck! I love nursing, but mostly because I'm way to lazy and disorganized to do formula. :-D



Oh, crap, I forgot... do you have a Boppy? It was CRUCIAL for my daughter, now two. Anyway, good luck!


It's amazing how different it is each time, except of course for the sucking...the sucking they do and the sucking hard it is for the first, oh, 42 days. The pain stopped sooner with my 3rd, here's hoping!


I wanted to nurse my kids soooo badly. Seriously, I tried everything to get my supply up (read: I was nutsy loo-loo). I'm thinking maybe it had something to do with the c-sections I had. Anyway, I wish you better luck this time! But if not, there's always Grey Goose to console you. (Look for it in a freezer near you!)

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