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Last Hurrah

35 Weeks, 35 Days To Go

So...moving on.


How's October 15th sound for having a baby?

Thanks to some big new initiative to bring down c-section rates, my hospital refused to let my doctor schedule the surgery/birth/gutting/whatever on the date we'd originally planned for (October 10th). All scheduled sections must be LESS than a week before your due date, and apparently they'll even fight you on anything more than a couple DAYS ahead of time. This means I've been scheduled a mere three days before a due date that I do not even agree with (October 18th). (My wildly wonky cycle and wildly inconsistent early ultrasounds gave us dates spanning over a week apart, my doctor picked one from somewhere in the middle.)

My math puts my due date somewhere around the 13th or the 14th. Which means...

I may very well end up going into labor anyway.

*tosses up hands and laughs, panics at the realization that oh fuck, I have not done nearly enough kegels*

I don't think this baby is as big as Noah. I really don't. I have no real reason to think this, other than a vague sort of smallish vibe-feeling. I think he's head down. I THINK he's face down, or close to it. But I know second babies are more likely to be bigger, not smaller, and that my problems at Noah's birth had a lot to do with my pelvic shape (you know, IN ADDITION to the macrosomic and posterior baby who pooped in utero and had the cord wrapped around his neck), so it could all just be wishful thinking on my part.

The next few weeks will include a lot of monitoring of the baby's size and position, which is of course wildly inaccurate, but I'm hoping it will tell us enough to know whether I could safely roll with labor for a little while or if I should proceed immediately to surgery. My doctor's only concern is the physical limitations of our hospital, which gets insanely crowded (I know, since I had to labor in the triage area for HOURS last time before an actual room opened up), and there's no guarantee that an operating room will even be available if I were to run into trouble. Which, yeah, could technically be pretty bloody well likely, given my previous history of BIRTHING CLUSTERFUCK!!!1!!1

But regardless, he's up for the checking and letting me see what happens, particularly if I go into labor early, when there's a better chance for a reasonably sized baby. I doubt that will happen -- my guess is I'll start having contractions the morning of the 15th, leading to a big whole hassle as my surgery time approaches as we go back and forth and eh? Should we try? Yes, no? Maybe? Eh?

Jason seems a little wigged out all of a sudden, since he's always been in favor of keeping things as calm and controlled as possible, and now wants me to indulge in every old wives' tale out there for inducing labor to get this kid out before he qualifies for the next NFL draft.


I'm feeling very DONE, either way. My skin is stretched beyond insanity, my ribs feel bruised, the heartburn is unbearable (I get it from EVERYTHING, including WATER THAT IS TOO COLD), and I've started throwing up again. My clothes don't fit, I've graduated to the uber-sexy nursing bras, and I'm already not sleeping. Bring it, baby. Let's get the real party started.

I'll provide the footwear.









I so remember this stage, especially when I look at your belly. Thinking happy thoughts for a smooth birth, no matter when or how it happens.


I had a baby on Oct 15th, she'll be 21. She's beautiful and smart and happy. I wish the same for your baby.


I went 2 weeks post due with my first-born. (I was scheduled to be induced the next morning.) I ate chocolate every single day, often several times a day, for the entire last month of my pregnancy in order to be able to do this:

I noticed a correlation between eating chocolate and going into labor. This clearly means that eating chocolate causes not only labor, but an easy labor with a healthy baby (my outcome). You should definitely eat chocolate to induce labor.

You're welcome.


Oh! Cute little baby socks! Onsies!! With tags still on!!

*poke* *poke* Come out baby. Your internet aunties need some baby cheeks to pinch...


You're belly doesn't really look all that big to me?? I was much larger than that, and my son weighed seven even. You must be a tiny little spit of a person if he's really that big of a baby.

Anyway, good luck with whatever happens. xoxo



I have been reading your blog for awhile but this is my time commenting. I know you will get TONS of comments from readers reassuring you about the pregnancy and delivery, but I wanted to chime in early. My first pregnancy resulted in a c-section (planned) because my son was macrosomic (10 pounds, 8 oz.) I was SO WORRIED that my second baby would be just as huge (and truth be told, all signs pointed in that direction, including an amnio the day before I delivered her) that I scheduled her to be a repeat C-section. Imagine my relief (and my OB's shock) when she was a full 2 pounds, 3 ounces LESS than her brother! So petite at only 8 pounds, 5 ounces!

Anyway, the point of all these parentheses and exclamation marks is that sometimes the second baby is smaller, and despite your extreme anxiety and discomfort, you just have to roll with the punches and wait. I know that TiVo will be so loved by you and Jason and Noah--what a lucky boy! Best of luck in the next 5 weeks and I can't wait for more entries.


Ha! I just bought those same owls footie pjs from Old Navy over the weekend. They're great.


Oh man, those argyle socks would kill me with cuteness if they were on a baby's foot.

meleah rebeccah

October babies are the best. I should know. I am one.


Yay for October 15th! My daughter was born on Oct. 15th and she will be six this year. She just started kindergarten. Oh to be back in the newborn days......


kalisah - I don't knoooow! I don't feel very big either, which is why I think this one is more in the realm of "normal" birth weight.

But then I look at photos from my first pregnancy and I didn't look THAT much different. (And the difference is more that *I* was bigger last time, by about 10 pounds pre-pregnancy and another 10 pounds during the pregnancy.) (I'm only up about 16 pounds this time; was closer to 30 by this point last time.)

I think Noah gained most of the extra weight in the last two weeks alone, so...we'll see what happens.


Sweeeet! I mean the baby being out in the world part of it, you know, nomming him? It sounds like it's all a bit of an unknown right now... I have no assvice other than read, watch movies, play with Noah, play, play, and *try* to get *some* sleep. Yay, baby!


well well well, october 15th is MY birthday so i feel super special maybe sharing that with your little guy!

lots of luck & a hopefully REALLY easy last few weeks!


Omg Amalah. You know what? (I'm gonna tell ya anyway). My baby was freaking 11 lbs when he was born. They all said no way should I have laboured with him and pushed him out, I shoulda split in two (quote). And I'm sure I heard someone say freak of nature. That's ok, I can handle that.

But what's mad is I'm expecting number 2, and they're already like "Yeah we'll probably induce you at 38 weeks so you don't give birth to a giant". And they want you to go as close to due date as poss after Noah? Beautiful, gorgeous, on-the-larger-side-of-newborns Noah? You need to go kick some ass. Or I would. Or maybe, follow Brenda's advice above, she seems like she's talking perfectly good sense to me.

And crap, I'm not even 12 weeks along and seeing those onesies and socksies makes me wanna shop already.

Whatever happens, we know you'll be totally cool. You're like that.


Seriously? Just now you are into the seriously unsexy nursing bras? I'm only 11 weeks along and I had to break down and buy some this week. I'm already a cup size bigger which officially makes me a 36E. In other words guargantuan.
I'm so jealous you've made it this long!

Wishing you happy no labor until your appointed time thoughts.
And the socks? So freaking adorable. When do I get to go buy that stuff again????

Jill (CDJ)

I have a horrific picture of myself pregnant that will make you feel much better about your size if you're interested in a little ego boost. Also... those socks? Killing me with their cuteness!!! Do they make them in almost one-year-old baby sizes??


Seriously. You swallowed a bowling ball. You are so skinny, girl, with a beautiful baby-belly! Jealous! My butt, legs and my face got pregnant, too.
I really hope you don't get a clusterfuck this time, no matter how it rolls.


My birthday is October 14th and it's the best ever

Ever. ever.

Plus, 2 weeks old is totally old enough for a little pumpkin onesie for Halloween. :)


It still just seems to wild to me that there is a actual BABY in that belly. I mean, I get it. I had one last year. But, wow! So amazing! And minus the puking you look awesome !
Also, socks? NOM NOM. We had those too and they are SO cute.


Here's to a beautiful birth on October 15th, which is my anniversary with my husband

Tootsie Farklepants

Look at all those clothes! You won't have to do your first load of laundry for a week!

Also, my first born was my biggest (almost 10 pounds) and the next two were much smaller (just under 8). I hope that eases your mind a bit.


Crossing fingers that you have a similar experience to my second baby:

First baby - similar clusterfuck (macrosomic, posterior FORCEPS DELIVERY after 4 hours pushing)

Second baby - pushed her out in 8 minutes w/out drugs (also macrosomic but in the right position and I was apparently already ruined down there so she kinda fell out).

Aw, I miss all that. Good times.


Love love love those socks. I have a 3 month old, and I NOM her every day. And she LIKES it.


Love love love those socks. I have a 3 month old, and I NOM her every day. And she LIKES it.

New Age Bitch

Why is it that spelling it "labour" suddenly makes the whole idea so much more palatable?


OMG, THE SOCKS. I loooove them. I want some, and not just for the baby. Think they come in bigger sizes?

And whoa, at 4 weeks-ish behind you, am I ever feeling unprepared (and unfashionable) in the baby clothing department. I have uh, some blankets and socks that a friend gave me, and uh, some onesies on my registry. Yeah. I should get on that.


Seriously, you're making my husband nervous. The farther you get, the more I hassle him about giving me another baby. The bastard.
Anyway, push him out, cut him out (way out!), I hope it all goes smooth for you and that Baby Tivo is just as handsome as his big brother. (We all know he is, but still he has much to look up to.)


Hmmm... DO NOT TRY CASTOR OIL... trust me... no fun... do what I did - have a huge argument with your husband on the way to your regular check up at the hospital. High blood pressure, "oh my god I'm going to die... and I want a divorce". They induced me an hour later. Had my daughter the following morning... (on Dec. 28th... yay for tax babies)...


Oh, that adorable and wee little closet it killing me.


You look great. You know, although I quit blogging several months ago, I took belly shots of myself this past weekend because I've found yours to be fascinating with both pregnancies. I am 4 weeks (and four days) along with my first, and besides my husband NO ONE knows. It's freaking killing me. So, I thought I'd tell the Internet. Hey Internet! I'm pregnant! Woot!


OH!! NOM NOM NOM for sure. Cute!!

Good luck however it goes. Wishing you guys all the best!! Also, can't wait to "meet" the little guy. :)


I'm rooting for the 14th since that's my daughter's birthday.

And oh my gosh, I remember the awful heartburn. I wanted to die. I am so sorry for you!


Awww! So cute! Not the belly, the clothes :). I'm sure your husband has suggested sex as a way to induce labor, right?? Just make sure he does all the work :)

Jen L.

OH, my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, baby socks!!!!! Dean always pulls them off, but I still put them on him every day. :)
You look great. I know you feel miserable, but you look great. I am totally jealous that you're just now in nursing bras. I had to start wearing them at 6 1/2 months because I literally busted out of my regular bra. Seriously. I busted out. The clasps broke and boobs came forth.
Hang in there--almost time to chomp tiny baby boy feet! EEK!

Jen L.

OH, my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, baby socks!!!!! Dean always pulls them off, but I still put them on him every day. :)
You look great. I know you feel miserable, but you look great. I am totally jealous that you're just now in nursing bras. I had to start wearing them at 6 1/2 months because I literally busted out of my regular bra. Seriously. I busted out. The clasps broke and boobs came forth.
Hang in there--almost time to chomp tiny baby boy feet! EEK!

Amy Evangeline

The same horrible standards got me. I was initially scheduled for a C on April 1st - pushed back to April 18th - delivered April 9th, Yup, I didn't it, but it worked out just fine. My first child was icky - scary and then a C. This time, my water broke at work (fun), I strolled into the hospital and had a baby an hour and a half later. Way better C experience, even though it was not my scheduled time. Whatever happens, just use this mantra - *cute socks, cute socks*.

jive turkey

My husband is an October 13 baby, and he's the absolute best.

Also, I am SO SAD to learn that the heartburn/digestive issues come back. What?! I declare shenanigans on pregnancy.


I would like those socks to add to my collection.

Here is hoping everything goes smoothly for you.


Oct 15th is a good date! My DH was born on the 16th!!

Sorry about all the hospital, schdeuling c-section confusion! I am sure it will sort itself out and you will be with baby in no time, and then the nibbling of the thighs can comense!

by the way, looking so fab with that belly!


I can haz yer baby for nomming? Mah beebeez too old for nomming. KTHXBAI.


OMG all the Carter's stuff is killing me with cuteness (HUGE fan of te Carter's). And they obviously have new Trumpette socks for boys since my September baby last them!! Oh, and best of luck with the baby also :)


Baby born in Columbia - 13 lbs, 2 oz....
Don't you want to win the Birth to Largest Baby Olympics?? lol


Another second-baby-was-smaller story! The doctor told us the first one was going to be "well over ten pounds." We had a scheduled c-sec 10 days early and he was 9lb 4oz at that point, so the doc was probably on the right track.

The second one was a scheduled c-sec too because we heard "she's definitely much bigger" (as was I, but who really wants to talk about that?). During the section, there was a hilarious (well, sort of, I WAS in surgery) furious back-pedal as the doctor got the actual close up view: "Maybe closer to ten lbs even ... 9 and 1/2 ... hmm, looks like about 8lb 10oz to me ... guess she's a little smaller then..." She was a quite petite 7lb 15oz.

Wishing you a reasonable-sized peanut, and a happy and restful last few weeks with Noah and Jason. (Am I the only one who caught the reference to Jason wanting to induce labor the old-fashioned way???)


Dear Amy,

You suck!

My uterus wants a baby and I blame yoooouuu. I want to have teh babiez to eat too. Yumyums on babys tumtums equals goodtimes. I want to gestate! I want to labour and swear! I want to be slave to little yumyumbaby.

In other words, I would like to have the oppurtunity to nom me some baby aswell.


Dear Amy,

You suck!

My uterus wants a baby and I blame yoooouuu. I want to have teh babiez to eat too. Yumyums on babys tumtums equals goodtimes. I want to gestate! I want to labour and swear! I want to be slave to little yumyumbaby.

In other words, I would like to have the oppurtunity to nom me some baby aswell.


Thank you so much for the socky photos. I can almost smell that baby smell!! My second was significantly smaller than my first and came 19 minutes after I knew I was in labo(u)r without all of the oxygen mask, machine beeping, life-threatening thrills. I wish that for you - only I'll up it to 38 minutes in case you don't live 3.1 miles from the hospital.


I hope Tivo is smaller. First son: 9lbs, 11oz Second son: 7lbs 13 oz

That's because younger son was delivered a week early and older they made me wait.

Hang in there. Castor Oil? Fish tacos? Bean burritos? All three?

andrea C

those cute clothes almost make me want to have a child ;)

i'm sure all will go well c-section or not. not sure if you are concerned or not about getting an OR but i can tell you. That my dad is a surgical PA worked at many area hopsitals. never has he told a story about not being able to get someone into the OR when it's important. Some doctors egos are a little big and if they can't get an OR the second they call of it it's all drama

Rebecca (Bearca)

Personally, I think October 15 is a fantastic day. Why? Because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY. :)

But regardless, I wish you an easy and safe delivery!

Forever Amber

Baby socks! So very nom-able, indeed!

I can't imagine anything more freaking than having a date in the diary for bringing a whole new person into the world. Everything is crossed here that it all goes as smoothly as possible for you...


You're a very cute pregnant person! If that were me in the mirror, my ass would be the same size as the belly, making me resemble a gourd and my face would be seen on the outside rims of the camera.


Dude! Your baby isn't even born yet and he's already far better dressed than I am! I'm jealous of the socks.....


My second baby was smaller than the first. And then the third was giant. Naturally this information is of absolutely no use to you, but there you go.


Pretty sure you will be tired of the "Me too"s by the time you get all the way down here, but here goes...

First baby, we had all the end of term ultrasounds predicting, at the end, an 11 1/2 lb baby. He ended up c-section, but not because of size - he was 9 lbs 11 oz. Not small, but not DOOM AND GLOOM YOU ARE GONNA DIIIIEEEE. And all was fine.

Second kid - planned section. Went into labor early, made it vaginal. Kid was 9 lbs even. And all was fine.

Moral? Your baby will get here, and be beautiful, and it will all be fine.

Also? Birthin hips help. Also? I'm not trying to patronize, or tell you not to freak out. By all means, revel in the freak out - I know I did (and do). I only wish to be a voice of reassurance. Everything's gonna be alright.


Those baby socks and leg warmers are so freaking adorable!!

And now my own baby stories -- my first was 9lb, 3 oz. However, my second was only 7lb. 14oz. And she was 16 days past due according to my Dr. though I am not convinced. My 3rd was an even 8lb. So Baby TiVo very well could surprise you.

And I think you look fabulous!


Hi Amy, my name is Kimberly and I've been silently lurking because that's how I roll. I meant to comment on your last post but I'm lazy and, well just lazy.
Anyways, I first want to say congratulations on your new baby, and Noah is absolutely the most adorable little boy I've ever seen!
Second, I think you are such an awesome blogger (and therefore, by default, a totally awesome person :)).
Third, I can somewhat, but totally, relate to your last post. While I'm not pregnant, nor have I had a child, my Dad was... is, the most important person in the world to me. My Dad was much older than most parents and I always knew he wouldn't be around as long as others. He died the day before my 21st birthday and I am completely saddened that my children will never know my Father. He was a great man and it truly hurts that they won't know him. And yes, I know that I, or you for that matter, could have it much worse, but at times, that just really doesn't matter. What matters is what you are experiencing and your pain. So go ahead and have your "pity party", you may see me there with you :). But just know, everything eventually turns out the way it was meant to, even if it wasn't your way.
I apologize for SUCH A LONG COMMENT, but I had to get it out there. Congratulations again and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


OH dear me. Those socks and clothes are SO cute! I personally think you look smaller this time, but you do have a few weeks left. You are just so ALL belly, and adorable as can be. I hope you can find a little comfort in the next few weeks:)


Hang in there. I went into labor the night before my scheduled C section. With a sunny side up big baby. OUCH. My C-section was scheduled a week before my due date, but the hospital would not let me come in because apparently everyone in Oakland was having a baby that night as well. I hope you don't have to experience labor if you have a scheduled c-section. Good luck!

Anna Marie

Waaah, belly pictures and baby clothes make my uterus ache! The same uterus that evicted its last two occupants 5 weeks early and then 8 weeks early...

Hang in there - my last "scheduled" c-section followed 4 hours of "unscheduled labor" and it sucked, but in the end I was sort of glad I got to experience labor, even just a little bit. My wish for you is a safe, easy and painfree delivery.


Keep those positive feelings alive! My brother was born first, and he was average size. Two years later, I came along and weighed only 5lbs...and I was LATE.

Just wanted to give you a little extra hope that everything will go smoothly and more easily than last time!!


I encountered the same problem with the hospital with a scheduled induction, until I "remembered" that I had written down the date of my last period wrong. I also may have cried a little. It was my fourth baby and I wanted him out before he was 20 pounds. The L&D nurse who was checking me in gave me the stink-eye, but hooked me up to that sweet pitocin anyway.

Best wishes on a delightfully drama-free delivery. I managed to have three of those and they are just as memorable as the more exciting ones.

And, oh, could you be cuter?! I don't think so!

Anonymous New York

Whee! Baby socks!

My mom swears by pizza to start labor (did the trick for all 4 kids). But, that's a heckuva lot of heartburn if you eat it for 5 weeks and don't deliver until the 15th.


you are insanely cute! And you don't look like you are having a big baby at all. My first was over 10 pounds but my second was 2 pounds LIGHTER than that so you just never know.


Oh for real, do they not get that THIS is not the time to start messing with a woman? I hope you have that baby sooner than later, and as easily as possible. Sending you wonderful, peaceful, restful, non-heartburn-inducing vibes.


cutest. socks. ever. that is all :]


My first baby was 10 lbs 11oz, my second was 8 lbs 5oz, so there's that. Second baby smaller. Yay! And the ultrasound from four days before birth was even pretty accurate. So there's that, too. Of course, there's that for me. I had two c-sections. There's no slowing them down in Scottsdale, AZ I guess. I called my OB on a Monday and was like, "I'm done." And they responded, "Does tomorrow work?" And the I responded, "What have I done? Where has all my solo time gone with my preshus first child?" Sob, sob.


That's my daddy's and my uncle's birthday! As well as a good friend from college. It has always been a good birthday for the three of them, so if you make it to that day, I'm sure it will serve your new baby very well, too!


That is an insane policy regarding scheduled c-sections. I hope, despite the crazy policy, you have a smooth, uncomplicated delivery.


I am DONE too! MY due date is October 22nd, but I have my repeat c-section on October 14th. I'm ready any day though! Whenever he wants to come out is just fine with me. I haven't been sleeping well for quite a while. My first was born on October 10th 2005. This baby is measuring 2 weeks bigger though. I'm just hoping I make it to the c-section date without going into labor! Good luck...I know how you are feeling that's for sure!


come on new baby, let the interweb love you!!

maybe it's me and i know you said you feel 'done' but you look so tiny from here. sorry, some of the nasty symptoms have come back. feel better soon! hopefully in less than 35 days!

The Benevolent Dictator

To make you feel better...I had a 9lb 6oz baby the first time. Being up for further adventure, I gave birth two more times...and the subsequent babies have been smaller both by 1 1/2 pounds.

Good luck!

bethany actually

Whatever happens, however that baby comes into the world, I hope and pray that it's SMOOTHLY and EASILY and PEACEFULLY with everyone being happy and calm. :-)


Hey there! Ok, I know I'm annoying, but I have to just chime in to say that I believe the reason why they are not allowing c-sections to be scheduled so far ahead of the due (guess) dates is because too many babies were being born in respiratory distress. They weren't ready to be born yet, because their lungs weren't fully developed yet. Anyway, maybe that makes it a little more tolerable, to know that the decision was actually made for a medical reason rather than just to reduce some statistic. Another thought - see if there's a birth doula who'd be willing to be on-call if you did go into labor. That way, if you did decide that you wanted to try, you'd have some additional support. Yes, I'm doula-happy. I am one. :) And I know plenty of doulas who have attended planned c-sections, too. I'm sure that everything will be great. I'm excited for you!!


Hi Amy,
At just over 37 weeks...I feel your pain right now! I'm nauseous, awake all night, dealing with contractions that can't seem to get their shit together and be REGULAR instead of just painful, etc. etc. etc. Anyway, thanks for putting all of this out there. I wish you the best with whatever outcome. Baby Tivo will be beautiful.

Salome Ellen

Much as going into labor would make YOU not happy, it would be great for "little deliciouness." Even if you go straight in for a C-section the minute you hit the hospital, starting labor guarantees that your full term cutie is mature and ready to come out.


Baayyybeee socks. Nom.

Babies are confusing little turds. My first two weighed exactly the same. Even though they were born nearly five years apart.

I remember that "done" feeling. I usually got it right about where you are. I woke up every morning and said to my stomach, "This is your eviction notice!"


Dude. I...I want those socks in my size!!!

Also, I think you look pretty awesome and healthy. I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable and hope that everything goes well next month with as little stress as possible. *mwah*


Oh gawd these last weeks are excruciating. FWIW, I had worked out my due date based on my knowledge of my wonky cycle and had come up with a date one week earlier than my doc. Personally I thought I deserved a gold star for knowing my body better than the medical community.. but alas, I still wait for my gold star even though I went into labour one week earlier than my "official due date". So my daughter was tagged as coming early, at 39 weeks. I'm still waiting for my gold star three years later. Damn docs. ANYHOW, I just wanted to join in on the nom, nom, nom of those trumpette socks. They are droolicious.

Barbara B

Seeing that rack of clothes makes me twitch. The only real nesting obsession I had was making sure that every single tag was removed from the clothing, all of the plastic attachy thingies properly disposed of, and of course - everything HAD to be washed in a dye free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, softener free gentle cycle.

Of course, I was laid up in the hospital for 4 weeks prior to birth so my obsession took the form of nagging my husband, mother and mother-in-law to make sure that it had happened. But that picture above, that was my nightmare. That they were patronizing me and that really all of those icky, scratchy clothes were waiting there to scratch my child. And the little plastic attachy thingies were strewn strategically around the nursery for proper distribution of dangerous, dangerous choking hazards.

God it's weird what you fixate on when preggers.


Ohhhhhh, the sweet pastels.

Must Be Motherhood

mmmm. I need to get some of those babylegz too.

Our stats: First son born at nearly 42 weeks, 8.4.
Second son born at 39 weeks, 7.6.
So, second was smaller, but...also earlier. You could get lucky there, especially if you go into labor on your own, "earlier" than your scheduled due date.


I am so glad to know that I wasn't the only one who got heart burn from cold water. Seriously. Drink the cold water from the fridge, count down on and bang my throat felt like a volcano. On a completely different note, I just had my third baby millions of miles from any of my family. It sucked. But, we made it through. Good luck, God Bless on your delivery.


motherbumper - I'm still waiting on my gold star from accurately predicting Noah's due date too. According to my doctor, he was three or four days overdue. I knew I'd gone into labor precisely on time, 38 weeks to the minute after conception. (Like, seriously. I factored in the time it usually takes AFTER having sex for sperm to meet egg and my contractions started right on time. Eerie.)

Barbara B - That was my fixation too last time! Everything was washed and arranged by size and then I may have washed some of it again because I washed it too early and it may have gotten dusty. This'm scared to take tags off because I'm worried if I do that the doctor will be all, "Congratulations! It's a GIRL!" and then I can't return anything. Why I seem to believe this won't happen as long as I don't commit to washing anything, I have no idea.

It's going to be a long, crazy month, I think.


OMG baby clothes just do crazy things to me. Soooooo cute. Here's hoping everything goes smoothly one way or the other. And for a small baby!


Ohh, I love the socks!

I guess it's too late to start smoking for the smaller baby bit?


Ooooooh! I'd be so mad about the pushed back date. Here's something helpful to think about: I too was scared to death of having a giant baby the second time (first: 9 pounds 10 oz and 23 inches long.) but every woman I talked to with more than one kid said her second was smaller. And you know what? My little man was almost a pound smaller (8 pounds 12 oz and 22.5 inches). So I'm thinking your vibe is right on. Mostly because you don't deserve another traumatic birthing experience!


Lord, I was praying and praying that I would have some kind of distress and they would make that baby come earlier. We had disagreements about my due date too, with #2, and she ended up being born 1/15 with a due date of 1/24. I never went into labor until the day that I was scheduled and then I just showed contractions on the monitor, I didn't even really feel them. For two weeks before my scheduled date, I was going in for non-stress tests and hoping there would be a reason for me to go earlier! But I had to wait and then she was only 9 pounds, 6 oz., just four more oz. than her brother, AND I had gestational diabetes with her and not with the 9 lbs., 2 oz one. ANYWAY my point is, I know how you feel and I hope it goes so fast until he's here. But I hope he doesn't come til you get the tags off those clothes. NOM.


I am jealous of your baby socks. And of your organized-looking baby closet. And of your cute little pregnant butt. Seriously. Your butt still looks cute and you're 35 weeks pregnant. I had my baby eight weeks ago, and I'd trade you asses in an instant.


I'm due Oct. 18th with #3, so I have enjoyed following along with you. When I (finally) delivered baby #2 at 41w4d I was expecting her to be 10 lbs - her older sister was 9, and born within a day of her due date. But #2 was instead 1.5 lbs lighter and 2 inches shorter than my first. And I gained more weight the 2nd time around. This time, I am just hoping for a baby by November! Best wishes on your little one - I too have all sorts of cute little things that I am dying to use!


Baby #1 was 8lbs 11oz (10 days early). Baby #2 was only 7lbs 7oz (6 days early). So, second babies aren't always bigger- both were girls btw so the difference has nothing to do with their gender.

Best of luck!


That is THE day we are flying to china!! That sucks!! Wish I could around for it! Text me anyway.


Delurking to offer a little support. Yesterday's post hit home with me. I have a totally different story, but can identify with the unfairness of your situation. What I can't understand is the pissing contest that invariably arises in cases like this. ("You want your mom? Well, mine died when I was pregnant. So there!") That person in turn needs to be reminded of the children who lose their moms when they are only small children desparately in need of a mother. Maybe SHE needs to be thankful that she had her mom into adulthood. Pain is pain, people. We are all entitled to express the feelings that come along with it (especially on our OWN blogs) without being judged or having our feelings being invalidated. Could it be worse? Of course! It usually can. Does that make the situation any easier? Not at all.

Shamelessly Sassy

If I looked as good as you do as a pregnant gal, I would take on Michelle Duggar from the Duggar family and start cranking babies out like that it was my job. Seriously.


I had a c-section scheduled for my second baby, but went into labor early. Silly, kid. If this happens to you, though, don't fret. Just get to the hospital and you can have the c-section then, just like I did. :) Good luck!


NOM NOM NOM indeed. I have baybee feets to nom, and even I want TiVo to come out so I may virtually nom him too!


My birthday on the 15th so bring it on little man!


You look great! Good luck with the birth, it seems things never go as planned. Hopefully the 15th will arrive contraction fee and you will not have that decision to make.




Yeah, for what it's worth, my second was significantly smaller than the first. Probably because he was two weeks earlier than his hypothetical due date instead of 4 days after it like the first one. There's just no telling. Neither was "huge" mind you, and there were no c-sections involved. But still...


You still look completely adorable! I had a planned c-section with my second baby, but went into labor two and a half weeks early, much to everyone's surprise.

And also? Baby Feets!!! Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom! Baby necks, too :)

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