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Eight Days

38 Weeks & Change, No Comment



Okay, maybe just one comment: False labor all damn weekend. One "oh shit, did my water just break?" moment (NO, BUT EW), countless motherfucking bend-over-and-yelp level contractions, still no actual -- you know -- BABY.

I'm actually closer to 39 weeks now, but I forgot to post photos on Friday because I was busy taking a nap. Well, I TRIED to take a nap but the baby woke up and was kicking too hard for me to take a nap. He's really very pointy. I just lay on the couch and moaned instead, then ate an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt, and dude. It's low fat and delicious but that is just not a good idea when your stomach has been displaced to a small area somewhere under your left boob. After that there was some more moaning.

Anyway. I am in no mood for life right now, and my irritation at everything is irritating me even more than my very sore hip joints.

Nine days to go. I know I'll miss his jabby elbows and the feel of his toes under my skin. I know I will. But right now the idea of holding him in my arms is freaking delicious, so forgive the crazy back-and-forth between "OMFG BABY IN NINE DAYS HALP" and "OMFG NINE DAYS UNTIL BABY ARE YOU KIDDING ME." I don't even know anymore either. Perhaps I should get back to work on that nap, or refold the burp cloths, or make sure that all the lightbulbs are still screwed in securely.



Yowsa! Hope you can make it. :-)


That last little bit is awful. I feel your pain!


Hey, at least we're all there with you. "Oh crap! No more belly photos! Oh! But then there'll be a BABY! Bring on the baby!"


Your hair looks FABULOUS!!

Hey You

I sometimes miss still feeling those little kicks, now I get big temper tantrum kicks from the outside. One time when I was about eight months pregnant he kicked so hard (and I was so bra-less) that my boob moved. That...I do not miss.


He is very pointy -- I like that description. And I'm sorry that his pointy-ness is making you so uncomfortable. I definitely suggest trying for the nap.

And -- your hair is SO CUTE!!!


I have been reading for awhile, but this is my first comment. Just wanted to let you know that I look forward to reading every word that you post here. I think you are fabulous and wanted to say, "happy nine days!" Hope they are not too jabby. I love the "I don't actually own a scrapbook." Never noticed it before, guess because I've never left a comment! (I don't own one either and I'm kinda intimidated of people who do.)


Holy Belly Batman!

You look adorable (as usual)!

Heather B.

But no he's like super pointy and easily excited by new people. I love him already.


Awesome belly. Sending good vibes!

little dutch girl

Amalah, I feel your pain. I am so freaking grumpy. I am 40+4 days pregnant now, and had contractions all day yesterday every 30 minutes apart, so I was happy that she was finally arriving. Now, not a single contraction.It almost makes me wish for a C-section, so I would know for sure she would come out...


Hmmmmm, since I have a 5-month old I'm definitely voting for the nap option. When I dream, I dream of naps. Maybe in another couple of years, I'll get to take one.


First off, LOVE the hair.

Second ... would it make you feel any better if a random internet stranger said your belly looks a lot lower than it did last week? To me, and my completely untrained eye, anyway.

Now, pass the frozen yogurt. I'm 31 weeks, I have to eat while my stomach still has space!


Wow! You are really in the home stretch now! It's hard to believe how fast the time went by (well, for me anyways). Hope the pointy edges get a bit more rounded and you can get comfortable.


mmmmm ben and jerry's. you look fabulous! hang in there :)


mmmmm ben and jerry's. you look fabulous! hang in there :)


mmmmm ben and jerry's. you look fabulous! hang in there :)


nice. i posted that 3x. sorry, am not nearly caffeinated enough.


It's a fine line between - baby get here now and I need another month to get everything done.

It was nice meeting you at the book signing and I hope you like the treats.

My son saw Noah on the computer and was like "Hey that's the boy I met with the lady having the baby."


Oh yikes. I am not looking forward to this phase. Also if anyone else tells me that second time moms always deliver at 38-39 weeks I will pee on their shoes.


I'm so with you...I have 11 days until the infamous due date. I spent the weekend washing slip covers and ironing pillow cases. Oh my gosh I just want to hold my little guy instead of watch him roll and punch my ribs and pelvis.


with all those burittos and ice cream how can your butt still be so small? I'm totally jealous!


you look great!
i was all pointy like that just a few months ago when i was pregnant. sorry you're so uncomfortable, though.

here's hoping you get everything done and go early.


I honestly think the last month seems as long as the first 8 months together. You can make it!


well if it makes you feel better your belly is full of baby but the rest of you is lookin thin-how do you do it with the ben and jerry's/burritos!?

anne nahm

Dude. You need to be wearing a baby T that has "ready to pop" stenciled across it.


I actually went to the hospital because I thought my water broke. As in, called family, etc. and oh how fun it was to tell everyone, uh, not really. My sister had much fun saying things like "how did you think your water broke" while snorting at my stupidness, but it was unfortunately VERY possible for me to have believed it. It's one of the more embarassing parts of my son's birth story that I like to casually omit.


Just hurry up and quit hogging the baby already!


It didn't really hit me until you said 9 more days till baby. This is really happening isn't it! How did it get to be just 9 days away already! Wow - congrats to you and your family, I am so excited for you!


Just empathizing...First time, I am 39 weeks, 4 days and so ready. Bring on the babies!


Hey, how did the book signing on the 27th go? I couldn't make it but was hoping to read something about it in the days after.
(Who wasn't mean or judgemental about it and thought it was an awesome idea, btw.)


Both mine were 5 days late. I know the misery of which you speak!


Is it me, or does it seem lik Tivo has dropped at least a bit?

Maybe that's why he's become so pointy and jabby?

Happy 9 nine days (and counting!)!!


I'll be damned. Black really IS slimming.


hmm does not sound fun right now! soon you will be eating those delicious baby thighs! 9 days :)


But your hair -- it is fabulous! The bangs are new, no? LOVE them.


I was still working at this point with my last pregnancy, which was probably for the best. I could be irritated and vile with everyone, and not just my little household.

Good luck!!


Whoa, that's some baby bump! Hang in there sister!


So, yeah, CONGRATS!!! I can't wait for TIVO! I'm sure me saying that makes you want to kill me.

Also, like everyone else, I am digging your hair. Would you please do us the grand favor of showing it to us more so we can all get the same cut? I'm being serious. Please post some photos so I can show my stylist.



I just wanted to comment and be in the club too. I'm 39 wks 5 days. I feel the same way as all of you other pregnant ladies. I gave my baby a lecture this weekend about how it's time to come out already, but he obviously did not care to hear what I had to say. :(

Jen L.

Oh, bless your heart! I never made it this far in my pregnancy (delivered at 36 wks) but was miserable the entire last month, so I can't even begin to think what you must feel like. You'll have him in your arms soon, though! (And his feet in those CUTE socks!! Yummy.)


I can't figure out how someone so tiny has such ginormous babies. Regardless, you're beautiful. Hopefully the new guy will get here soon!


I'm overdue and just wanted to say you can make it! I go in tomorrow to get my water broken since I'm trying to NOT do a c-section again. Either way baby will be here soon. So I know how you feel!


You look GREAT!! It won't be long and you'll be sharing photos of a handsome baby with us!


Holy god! That's quite a baby mountain, baby should come walking out! You look great & the hair (as a previous commenter noted) does look very fab!

Sprite's Keeper

Amy, I was going to think of something encouraging to say, but my toddler came over, saw these pictures on my laptop, and said, "Balloon!", pointing right at your bump. I think that means she's hoping everything goes smooth for you. Or she wants a balloon. She's 23 months, who knows what the hell she means?


If it makes you feel any better, I am fairly certain your belly is smaller this time around than it was at the end with Noah. But congrats for making it to the home stretch, and I can't wait to meet Version 2.0.


Ah yes, the last few weeks with a large, pointy, jabby baby inside. I remember them well.

You and your hair do look quite fantastic, by the way!


Franklin5 is making me comment.

LOVE LOVE LOVE that we are "due" at the exact same time.

Your posts are SO CLOSE to what I'm feelign...the OMG what the EFF are we DOING??? followed by OOH! Sweet snuggly Baby Girl!!!

Except I soothe these moments with margs instead of B&J ;)

9 days and counting!



Look at that cute little butt!! OMG! I'm only 13 weeks and I look like my butt swallowed two halves of a watermelon. I am jealous. And don't even get me started on my saddlebags...*low growl*. Good luck for an easy and painless delivery.

MeL - Stay At Aum Mom

Milo is officially one week old today. OH MAH GAWD.

The next nine days will feel like an eternity, but then it will suddenly be over and you'll be all "wait, how am I supposed to get THAT kid a cookie while I'm sitting here nursing the baby and holy crap do I have to pee!" And you will have one of THESE:
and pay particular attention to the cheeks. CHOMP!

Channah @ Get a Grip, Mom!

You're almost there! Heck, at 39 weeks, I was in a car accident, and my little bugger still wouldn't vacate the womb for another 3 days!


Ouch. Wow. That looks impossibly uncomfortable because you are so tiny...except for the actual pregnancy. You deserve an award, seriously.


By the time I finish this comment, you'll be down-ish to 8 days! Safe thoughts and good vibes.


You're almost there! Sending well wishes to you all!

Jerri Ann

I'm sure this is the last thing you want to hear but damn, you are so cute!


Whoa only 9 more days to go! You look fabulous! I hope you have a great rest of the week! (Can you tell I like exclamation points?!).


I totally understand how you feel. My c-section is scheduled for October 14th. I can't wait! I've got feet kicking me in the ribs and OMG does it freaking hurt! I'm absolutely huge and miserable and ready for him to come. Good luck...hang in there, it's almost overwith. I have officially outgrown my maternity clothes and feel like a big fat marshmallow with all the water retention. I can't wait to see pictures of your little guy once he's here! Today at the doctor I had an ultrasound and mine weighs...according to the ultrasound of course, 8 lbs 6 oz. That's already bigger than my first that weighed 7 lbs 12 oz. He's gained 1 lb 6 oz in 2 weeks...definitely having a big baby this time! I'm anxious to see how big yours is!


Wow, it seems like you were just jumping around in your room with the positive pee stick! Cannot wait to meet baby Tivo.

Mrs. Flinger

"My Water Broke!" "No, wait, it was THE CHAIR."

Oh, hon. I know. I KNOW.

Cordy @ Super Hopeless Romance

Holy crow. May the force be with you. Seriously - you look amazing. Uncomfortable, but amazing.


Just found your blog and, OMG, you are funny! What a witty and entertaining writer you are. I'm loving reading your previous entries, and now eagerly await October 15th to welcome your new little one. Can't wait till you're ready to blog about the birth. Good luck to you and baby!


You look great sweetie...hope your baby comes soon! My hubby tells me I'm nearly that big...I'm 30 weeks with twins..hope the 9 days speeds by...


Hey, you're almost there. And I can totally relate. While I couldn't wait ot give birth so that I could finally hold and see this new little human - it also felt so cool to know that there was a new life growing inside you (yes, kicking you & squeezing all your innards... but at the same time the best feeling ever).

Can't wait to see little TiVo...


Oh dear one, hang on, you are almost there! I went way over every time, and the doctor assigned us daily sex, which my DH referred to as "booty duty." The LAST thing I felt like doing, I can assure you! But these long days do end, and you get to meet that wonderful little being's gonna be so great!


Ah, I remember the last two's like God's little cosmic joke on women - to make one so miserably uncomfortable and unable to sleep that they actually look forward to labor and even worse sleep deprivation than they currently have, because they are laboring (little pun, there!) under the misconception that they'll actually be getting their body back! Oh, the irony of it all! That being said, I have to say that this has seemed to me, like, the QUICKEST pregnancy on record....seriously, dude - I think you should call the Guiness Book of World Records people or something. Looking forward to formal introduction of new spawn with bated breath (truly!!)........

Erin from Graco

I will definietly be contacting you in a year or two to find out your secret. How the H do you look so cute and skinny? Your belly is adorable!

Try and stay comfy!


I have never been so excited about a stranger's baby. I wasn't this excited over my sister's. But I was younger than and never wanted any of my own..


I love your site and your posts i hope everything is going well for you!


One day at a time, Bonnie Franklin. One day at a time.

Shannon M.

How do you manage to look so adorable at (nearly) nine months pregnant? I looked like a large ball rolling around with a smaller ball on my face posing as a nose.

Thinking of you and can't wait to see the new baby boy.


Oh my goodness Amy! I've been sitting her, in the sidelines, totally a bad non-commenting whore - because that's just who I am, but seeing this photo of you makes me a) jealous of how skinny you are and b)totally beyond excited to meet this new baby.

Excited from Canada!

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