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Seven Days

Eight Days

So hey! Let's tear the shit out of the house.


And tomorrow a plumber is coming to tell me how much it will cost to completely fuck up the guest bathroom. Impeccable timing! We has it!

(We also has a LOT of holes in the ceiling, suddenly. That's at least two more than I bargained for right there.)

But! Properly centered light fixtures, new wall outlets, a motion-sensing lamp for the backyard and a ceiling fan that you can actually control using the WALL SWITCH instead of the SWITCH THAT IS BEHIND THE INSULATION UPSTAIRS IN THE ATTIC AND I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING ABOUT THAT are all essential things that you MUST have before they let you bring a baby home. Which we will be doing. Next week. At some point. After he is born. In eight days. Oh my God.

He has a name, finally, at least. I SUPPOSE that's almost as important as wall outlets. MAYBE.


She Likes Purple

Seriously can't wait to see the little guy. Also, can't WAIT to hear the name.


Wow. You take 'nesting' to a whole other level, girl.


That's so exciting!! OMG!! 8 days!! AAAAACCCCKKKKKK


wordnerd - Would you believe this is ALL my husband this time? He's probably nesting even worse than I am, AH SWEAR.

(Well, sort of. The new wall outlet is in the basement hallway, where I plan to relocate all the office furniture that we never use so I can go to Ikea this weekend and turn the tiny existing office into the walk-in closet of my organizational wet dreams.)


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

But you NEED the outlets so you can plug in the laptop while constantly feeding the baby with the name.


So excited. So, so excited!


So, wait, what's his name going to be?


Ikea?? At this time?? Wow, you got some giant balls, girl.


Sit down, Amy. Eat ice cream.


That seems(pregnant) to be a perfectly (pregnant) rational (pregnant)thing to do at this (pregnant) stage of your pregnancy. Why not?

Hot Bride

I know that announcing the baby name before the baby is actually named is like, taboo or something, but I'm dying to know what it is!


that's SO EXCITING!! :)


8 days will go by quickly.
sleep as much as you can!


Can we has name hints? Pleeeeze

Jerri Ann

Hey, you think since you aren't doing anything else tomorrow (snicker snicker), you could play along with de-lurking day. I have codes and everything with pretty buttons on my blog if you and your readers are interested. Please, please please!


Yeah, I'd say giving the baby a name ranks up there. Poor Jason has his work cut out for him..


I mean seriously, cut out for him.
Holes in the ceiling?
I should not be allowed to comment.


Hilarious. What was it before you had Noah? The kitchen, right?


So, is it the name you had planned for so long, or something else? (because you totally have to tell of both names once he's born, you know) Baby name game is so much fun! (especially when it isn't your very own baby).


Not that this is earth-shattering or comparitive to Baby Tivo coming in EIGHT DAYS, but I loved your hair in the last picture and am trying to gauge how long your bangs are. Can we get some bangs photos or a really good description of them? I am thinking maybe possible perhaps cutting some bangs and need a reference point.


He has a name! That's the best news! (Just don't steal ours, okay?)


And this is why I love you, you make my neuroses seem perfectly normal. I am due this Thurs, as in two days. But that's plenty of time to re-organize all the closets in the house, right? And re-organize my pre-pregnancy clothes that I have lived without for too long now. I am so coveting your walk-in closet. Best wishes over the next 8 days.


Amy, Amy, Amy. Shouldn't you be lying on the couch with a bag of chips and a bowl of ice cream within reach, watching TV or something? Aren't your hips killing you? I could barely move 8 days before my delivery dates. You're like SuperMomma! 8 days! YAY!


ROFL...and I thought I was bad painting the kids' rooms less than a week before Gabe was born.


Did Jason come around to the name you liked?


name wall outlets....hmm close call!

ohhhhhh So can't WAIT to hear the name you have picked out. You are going to make us wait aren't you??? so mean soo soo mean.


is it the name you've been using in your head this whole time?

Jen L.

Holy crap. You DO take nesting to a whole new level. I wish I could go to Ikea with you. IN YOUR DEFENSE: I went to Ikea 2 days before my baby was born. I had to sit down like 8 times, but I was there. We bought a stuffed ferret. Every home needs one.
Can't wait to hear his name and see his sweet face! I"m kind of living for the inevitable picture of Noah kissing his new brother on the forehead. Ok, have to stop or will cry...

Heather B.

I am busting at the seams waiting for this guy. Oh my God. I've never been so excited in my life.


Ceiling cat sees what yous dun to ceiling and ceiling cat iz pleezed.


Yes! Tell us at least if it was the name you've secretly been calling him all along. We're a needy public.


When do we get to see the nursery?!! Good luck with the last minute renos. :)


Ooooh, I can't wait to hear the name. You are the Master Nester btw.


Na na na na na na na na nesting! :)

Leaf, probably...

I am absolutely dying to know what you've decided on!! 8 days to go!


Am so totally going to mail baby gift by Thursday. Am having minor panic attack because in 8 days the outfit probably won't fit him anymore!!

Alos, you're having a baby in EIGHT DYAS?!?!?! Must go find paper bag to breathe into...


See? Panic. Can't even spell properly anymore!


"The nesting urge can also be seen as a sign of the onset of labor when it occurs close to 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Nesting brings about some unique and seemingly irrational behaviors in pregnant women and all of them experience it differently." (Parenting Weekly)

There you go then. I think they need to add an adendum about going to IKEA.

8 days to go. Didn't you just announce you were pregnant? Best of luck to you in your renovations. You are a stronger woman than I was. When I was at that stage of my pregnancy I only got up off the couch when I had to pee (which was approximately every half hour).


I admire your bravery. EIGHT DAYS! It would take me that long to like, call a plumber, let along accomplish everything you're about to do.

Can't wait to meet your precious little boy Amy. I'm more of the quiet follower type, and I know I don't comment much, but I am so incredibly thrilled for you and your family.


I'm so excited for you guys! Nest away...soon you'll be too tired to do more than sniff yummy baby head anyway :)


Holy crap! That's soon.

We don't have a name yet. YIKES, I say.


Nesting is seriously the greatest thing ever, isn't it? Without nesting, probably most of the houses in my neighborhood would have green-tiled kitchens and pink bathrooms.


Yikes! Good luck! Finishing our kitchen before the baby came was just like this, heheh. Wow, eight days?! I am holding my breath, along with the rest of the internets ;).


Awesome. You totally need these things! I'm 33 weeks along with a house that is completely under destruction - I mean construction. Like we aren't even living in it, the kitchen is gutted, boxes stacked to the ceiling in the "baby's room," dust everywhere, and our lovely baby furniture in a warehouse at BabiesRUs, who keep calling and wonder when we want it delivered. But I'm with you (in denial?)- THERE IS PLENTY OF TIME.


Awesome site! Excellent Blogs! Best wishes and god bless, i hope things are calming down for you!


I feel like a five year old child right before Christmas - that's how eager I am to hear his name! (And of course, to see his picture and hear what I can only assume will be a hilarious and tear-provoking story....)


You are either a very brave woman, or an insane person. Ii can't decide which. Maybe both. :)

I can't imagine doing home improvement work while that pregnant. But the nesting thing didn't happen for me this time. I was nesting deficient.

Lamont Cranston

So when did you move into a Batman villian lair?


Amy M.

This is going to sound weird, but I heard on the news this morning that chances of SIDS go down 72% if you have a fan in the baby's room, just circulating the air and not blowing ON the baby. Check it out? You are one of the only people I "know" having a baby right now and I figured I should pass the information along. Feel free to treat it like an unwanted forward, though!

Also, nesting, yay! I cannot wait to see the face of this little guy and hear his name! Much love to you and your family.


I tend to start all of my big projects the week before we are expecting out of town company or are hosting a party.

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