Four, Three, Two Days

One Day More

Or, I Feel the Urge To Wave a Big Flag Around a Rotating Stage In Front of a Barricade While Singing a Seven-Part Musical Montage


Today marks the second of my five or so hypothetical due dates, and the one I secretly thought was the right one. We have no mucus plug or water breakage or contractions worth even talking about. So. That's probably that.

My in-laws are coming today, I will head to the hospital for pre-op bloodwork, I will play Legos with Noah, Jason and I will go out for one last dinner together and I will try very hard to not freak out about the fact that by tomorrow afternoon I will be the mother of TWO CHILDREN. TWO BOYS. A few years ago I assumed I would maybe have one child. A girl, of course, because boys are ew.

Noah seems to understand that tomorrow is Baby Brother Day, but then again, he also seems to understand that yes, We Wear Pants And Pants Are Good, but that doesn't stop him from collapsing in a pile of misery when it's time to actually wear pants. Not pants! Nooo! Oh, woe. I think he'll be okay. I hope so. God, I can't even really think about it right now. I can only chew on his face and tell him how much I love him, because he's been so great, so funny, so amazing, coming home from school singing the alphabet song and reciting the days of the week and talking talking talking talking talking. Tomorrow night I'm going to see him hold his baby brother and...and...I can't even imagine what that's going to feel like, or how profoundly my words will fail to describe it.


(Not ew in the slightest, although maybe the stained ratty tank top I've been wearing for three straight days is a little ew.)

(I got a pedicure this morning [THANK YOU HILLARIE FOR THE GIFT CERTIFICATE OMG], by the way. I assume it looks pretty nice. I'm looking forward to actually seeing my feet again at some point this week, maybe.)



I have the same problem re: pants. hmmmm....


It's been a lot of fun reading about your pregnancy and whatnot during these past months. It seemed so long until October when you let us know.

I remember when my eldest saw her brother for the first time. She was only 17 and a half months old and ran quickly for the door shouting NO! NO! NO!.

They like each other now -- nearly 16 years later.



Tomorrow! Squee!

Sending safe wishes your way!


Best wishes, Amy, Jason and Noah.
Anna Quindlen said it so well: when you have one child, you are two people with a baby. The second baby makes a family.
And that is not to denigrate all the one-child families out there. OF COURSE YOU ARE FAMILIES! YOU ROCK! BUT WITH LESS LAUNDRY!
Sending warm, positive thoughts your way and hoping for a safe, speedy, spectacular delivery.


Two boys are great. Take it from someone who knows :-) Congratulations on your impending big day!


Wishing all of you the happiest, safest and SHORTEST of C-sections ever, and can't wait to meet the pointy little guy!


Good luck good luck good luck!! Oh, I am SO EXCITED for you. Words cannot describe the joy of seeing your "old" baby see the new one for the first time!!

jive turkey

Wow...I'm so nervous/excited/freaked on your behalf! Best of luck. Can't wait to hear the happy news.


OMG, good luck. Can't wait to see pics and read all about it!!!!!!


Yippee!! I will be constantly refreshing tomorrow to see an update. Wishing you all the best of luck.


Good luck tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new cutie pie.


All the best for tomorrow!


Wow, I thought you were kidding about the tank top, and then I saw yesterday's photos. Eh, I'm only 31 weeks and wearing yesterday's pj bottoms.

Good luck tomorrow. I hope everything goes smoothly and joyfully!


Best of luck to you! Enjoy dinner tonight!


I've been reading for a few months, silently (though I often laugh out loud here on my end). Love your blog, and just wanted to de-lurk and say good luck tomorrow! I hope all goes well and you don't have too much fodder for interesting blog posts :-).


good luck! can we get a hint on the name- it's tomorrow we have been waiting 9 whole months!!!

ps am i the only one checking up every few ours to see if tivo is early?


I was in labor with my son for over two days, so the idea that you can be pregnant today and a parent tomorrow boggles my mind. At any rate, best of luck!


Best wishes and welcome to the world, Baby TiVo!


You just made me flash back to the night I went into labor with Genoa. I tucked Alex in bed knowing I would be heading off to the hospital after he was asleep. I swear, it was like saying goodbye FOREVER.


Good luck tomorrow! I join everyone else in looking forward to meeting baby Tivo.


Wishing you lots of luck tomorrow! Can't wait to see little Tivo ;)


I have philosophical issues with pants, too.
Good luck with the baby thing!


Ohhh... Noah and Baby Tivo together... there go the tears... best of luck tomorrow!!!


Reading about seeing Noah hold Baby Tivo brought a tear to my eye and I am really not that emotional. I remember when Jack came to the hospital room to meet Emmie the day after she was born and it was so awesome. To see my son hold my daughter was something I will never forget. So was seeing him whallop her within an hour of her being home for the first time, so there's that to look forward to as well...

Anyway. Get as good a night's rest as possible, enjoy your dinner and finish that nesting. Because with a preschooler and a newborn, you won't have a free minute to even adjust a crooked picture for the next three months.


Ok, so a totally selfish request -- you MUST find someone to videotape Noah holding baby TIVO for the first time!! We must see it!! lol
Good luck to you tomorrow on a smooth delivery!!
Happy Birthday Tomorrow TIVO!!!!


So exciting! Best of luck tomorrow. I'm dying to know how you could find a better name than Tivo.


Best wishes to you, Amy, and to the rest of the family as you all welcome Baby TiVo!! I'm sure Noah will be a great big brother, and that you will all wonder within a few days time how you could possibly have thought you were happy BEFORE you were the parents to two awesome little boys.


Well,well it's been 9 months already. Good Luck tomorrow! I am so excited baby TiVo is being born on my birthday. I just wanted to say thank you for being such amazing mother. You inspire me through your writing. I am seeing an RE and she thinks I am on the right track w/ meds she gave me so one day I hope to be as good of a mom as you are! Good luck again.


Good luck tomorrow!
I went into labor 3 hours after my last dinner alone with my husband and about 6 hours before they were supposed to induce me!
Can't wait to meet baby Tivo.


Good luck tomorrow!! I can't wait to see pictures of baby Tivo!


Best of luck to you! I can't wait to see your new wee boy.


Aww, your post really brings back so many memories!

Since my son will probably be a little older than Noah when we start trying for a second child, it's probably going to feel VERY strange!

Peanut Butter

If you shake it does snow fall on a village?

all things BD

Best of luck tomorrow. Can't wait to see the little guy!

And that belly? IMPRESSIVE.


I remember the night before my scheduled c-section with my second baby, feeling so much of what you are. I sobbed for about an hour at the thought that I was going to be a mother again when I wasn't sure I had really figured out how to be a mother after 32 months with our son. You will be great, Jason and Noah will be great and you will soon never remember a time without baby TiVo in your lives. We're all out here thinking of you, sending positive thoughts, and dying with anticipation about the name and all the wonderful details. Take care.

J from Ireland

The very best of luck to you. Thoughts and prayers go to you.


You are already the mother of 2. :) (And I don't mean Ceiba or Jason, I mean that little guy that you're going to meet tomorrow.)

Judy Ward

Amy - all the best tomorrow! Planned csections are great. I could not believe the difference in healing, breastfeeding and bonding with my 2 year old. My 8 year old was also delivered by csection, but only after a grueling 27 hour labour. Enjoy your yummy baby!!


It's been a long time since I've commented, but I just want to say that I'm STILL laughing about "blobtorpt."

Thinking of you tomorrow. My second child is now 18 months, (maybe that explains why I had to quit you for a while there).

For me, the key to managing two children has been nothing more than a profound reduction in standards.

I still remember the first moment I saw my little boy. OMG! You're a real baby! Who I TOTALLY love as much as your sister! Enjoy, Amalah!


Does it make me a horrible person if I thought that was an arm of a couch Noah was hanging off of?

The truth is your one day to baby day body is unfreakingbelievable. Best of luck tomorrow to you all! I can't wait to hear the name.


Good Luck tomorrow, try to sleep if at all possible. I wonder if you will think Noah's head looks gargantuan after seeing your newborn son. I know I couldn't get over it! Plus, him trying to touch his sister's soft spot repeatedly! Have fun!



I can't wait to meet the new Babalah.

Shannon M.

Hugs and Kisses, Amy! Can't wait to see the new babe!


I am SO excited for you! I will be thinking of you all day tomorrow. Best of luck!


weighing in on well wishing - can't wait to see pictures and hear the name and all that good stuff. great big internet ((hugs))

sensibly Sassy

enjoy tonight! I can't wait to see pictures of your second born son!

Angie Elliott

Lots of love from Canada!


I'll be thinking about you tomorrow on Baby Brother Day! Just wait until you see Noah kissing his new brother's head, you won't believe the feeling. Best of luck!!


"Tomorrow we'll discover
what our God in Heaven has in store...
One more dawn,
One more day,
One day more!"
Yeah, I love Les Miz too! All my best to you and your family!


will think about you tomorrow and send as many good vibes your way as I can. Enjoy. And remember, send the baby to the nursery at night, because it is the last free babysitting you will get! (except grandparents)


I will be sending good thoughts across town for you tomorrow!! We can't wait to meet him.


I love that picture! Aayyiii! Can't wait to see the next pictures! Good luck with everything Wednesday. You know will you have tons of people thinking about you. :)


Lots of luck to you tomorrow! I can't wait to see pics and hear the stories. Hope all goes well!

Dawn B

Awesome belly shot there!! Does prove that YES pregnant women can NOT see there feet.
I wish you the absolute best tomorrow. So cliche I know..but it's all over in the blink of an eye and then you get to squeeze and coo over your gorgeous baby at home soon. Ahh the pics..I can't wait for the pics!! Good luck!!!


I was writing tomorrow's date on a form at work today, I said, "Oh! Amy's having Tivo tomorrow!" When my TA asked who Amy and Tivo were, I had to admit that I really didn't l
know you...
Sending you good thoughts.


Tomorrow you'll be worlds away....

especially from me who is just trying to conceive my first.
good luck, god bless, and have fun!!!

Marmite Breath

Amy, are you busy tomorrow? Because I'm coming to D.C tomorrow to bring my friend Sue who's visiting from England, and I want to come by and say hello. Anything on your plate for tomorrow? If not, we'll just go and see The White House or some other boring stuff. But Amalah! was top on my list of stuff to do in that area.
Oh? You're having a baby?! WHA!? Please tell me you're naming Baby Tivo "Edwaaaaaard".

Love ya, Amy, and good luck tomorrow. If you want to run off to Norfolk next week, let me know. I'll be here :) xo


Best of luck with a smooth delivery - yay for Babalah Two! What an amazing moment it will be for you watching Noah meet his baby brother! :)

Mrs. Flinger

OHSTOPIT. :: sniff :: (I blame the new birth control pills I'm on for making me cry watching the TLS "Baby story" and for getting all gooey reading this entry)

So, Um. Like what do you say the Day Before? Kickass? Go Birth Canal? C-Sections ROCK MY WORLD?

Whatever the right thing to say is, picture me saying it.

I can't wait to meet the new mister. I know I'm not alone.



Hey- it's tomorrow now! Happy new baby day!! I still remember when both of my baby brothers (now ages 24 and 31) joined the family and I hope Noah has a great day today. Thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us in internet land... Good luck and have fun!


I know you've heard it 158 times today but... GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! And I'll be thinking of you & the fam (Since we don't actually know each other, I mean this in the most non-creepy way possible!) Take care!

The Usual Suspect

Yeah I know you did that. Okay so when you want to wire cable you can thread it through the carpet or if you do not have carpet then you line it where the ceiling meets the walls and then thread it down under the door crack. Yes it is ugly but presumably when you have cable installed you choose the outlet locations for convenience. Anyways I guess that did not happen so you have stainless steel poking through your roof which could mean mold and a leak. So here is my suggestion before calling a roofer guy who is going to scratch his head and want to charge you out the ass. Get a good block of wood that is at least 3 inches thick and a few inches long and wide. Get a rubber mallet. Rubber sealant for holes in car tires too. Place the block of wood on top of where the drill bit comes through the roof and gently tap it with the rubber mallet on top of the bit. Gently is the key because you could damage the roof more. Okay if the drill bit does not budge then get a wrench and a thick rag and rap the bit with the rag and clamp it with the wrench. Turn the wrench counter clockwise gently and steadily as straight as you can and it should loosen it up. After it is loose go at it again with the block of wood and the mallet. Alright so after that thing comes out then you are going to put like a temporary band aid on the hole with the tire rubber sealant. So that rubber stuff should goop out of the tube and if you have a latex glove or you can take a plastic baggy and put around your hand to keep it from getting stuck then take the rubber mallet and press it down to make a seal. You got to use a rubber mallet because it absorbs shock and a hammer will bust up your roof even more. You got to use rubber sealant so you do not leak water into your roof and get mold. Okay good luck.


Amy, again...BEST OF LUCK from yet another lurker. Seems like we're all coming out of the woodwork for this one.

You're a brave woman and a great mommy (and pet mom)! We'll all be watching for updates!


Um. Hey. 'Usual Suspect'?

This woman is having a baby within hours. Just a reminder.


I posted it on twitter, too, but those disappear too quick!

Tomorrow, you'll wonder how in the world Noah got SO FREAKIN BIG in a few hours!

I hope Tivo's entry into the world is quick and easy (and that they give you good drugs!)

You're probably awake right now, reading these because you're so excited that you can't sleep! :)

Suzy Q

Happy Birthday, TiVo!


Happy birthday TiVo! Welcome to the world and to an amazing and wonderful family.



Mommy Attorney

Thinking of you and Noah and Jason today.

Are you going to be live-blogging C-section?


We're all here wishing you well! Can't wait to see TIVO!


Congratulations Amy!!

Madame Queen

When my daughter was born, we had "Big Brother Day" for my son who was 2.5, with cupcakes and everthing (supplied by Publix, natch). The new baby even gave my son a present, which I think helped ease the transition.


Is he here yet?!!

Patti B.

ALL THE BEST! Can't wait to hear that "he" has arrived! With a new name! Or maybe still Tivo?? Can't wait :)


Oh I can't wait!! I'm so excited for you all! It will be wonderful, I promise! I have 4!


Love the initial Les Miserables reference and totally understand the sentiment...though I'm wondering if perhaps there is a bit of double meaning in the choice of that particular TITLE? ;)

My best wishes to you & your fam for a smooth and joyous delivery of little Tivo.

(and to your ribs & bladder & nether-regions for imminent relief of Miserable-ness!)

stephanie parnell

Thinking about you today!!!
[first time commenter]


Good luck today!!!
I did the same thing you are doing one year ago today :)Happy birthday to both of our boys.


Oh, shit. It's D-Day. Best of luck! And Jason better be ready with a camera and a laptop to update us!!!!


Noah will be an awesome big brother! Best of luck today!


Wishing you super good luck today... You're going to have a beautiful little boy in your arms in no time.


Thinking of you today, and can't wait to see that nommular child. So much congratulations!!!

Oh, and thanks for the earworm. :P


Yay, and best of luck! So exciting! Knock 'em dead down at that there hospital.

Donna P

Your internet family is waiting....

Best of luck and Congratulations!


Dear Amy, Best of luck tomorrow...I (and I'm sure all of your other cyber-friends/admirers/readers) will be thinking of you and your family tomorrow and wishing you all nothing but the best...and health and happiness always!


Thinking about you and your growing family today! Can't wait to see a pic of Noah holding his new little brother.


Amy, I am so happy for you. I even shared my excitement with the DH. Looking forward to meeting your second son.


I can't wait to hear how it went! And I hope they let you keep your nail polish. When I went for my scheduled c-section prep appointment they told me NO nail polish. Like you, I had just gotten a pedicure, so I solved it by not removing my socks. ;) Second children are much easier (at least in this house!). :)


OMG! You're having a BAYBEE today! I hope all is going well.


Happy baby day! I hope everything goes beautifully for your family of four (4!YAY!).


its today its today! can't wait!


Commented yesterday but wanted to come back and wish you a happy day. Thinking of you guys today!!


Have a wonderful and happy day tomorrow!!


can't wait! can't wait! best to you and the family....will be refreshing waiting for that first photo of Tivo and Big Brother!!


Good luck!!
I hope all goes well and you are all quickly enjoying celebrating the arrival of the newest family member!


I'm wearing out the REFRESH button over here, woman!!
I think in fact that tonight is pizza night. What? I didnt defrost anything for dinner? Umm Ive been buuuusy- internet person having baby. Must check every five minutes for update.Jeesh!! Men!!!


Best of luck sweet thing!


Happy birthday to TiVo, you, and the whole family! I'm yet another lurker thinking good thoughts for you all today and in the days to come. You're doing an amazing, beautiful thing today. A Big Deal. Remember to take care of yourself and please know we're all sending warmth and comfort and peace. Xoxo.


i'm with everyone else - so ready to see baby TiVo and sending good vibes your way today. congratulations!


Hi Amy, Thank heavens today is finally here! I hope everything is going well and I am thinking about you all day. I can't wait to hear all about it and see pics.


Thinking about all four of you today. Congratulations!

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