Four, Three, Two Days

One Day More

Or, I Feel the Urge To Wave a Big Flag Around a Rotating Stage In Front of a Barricade While Singing a Seven-Part Musical Montage


Today marks the second of my five or so hypothetical due dates, and the one I secretly thought was the right one. We have no mucus plug or water breakage or contractions worth even talking about. So. That's probably that.

My in-laws are coming today, I will head to the hospital for pre-op bloodwork, I will play Legos with Noah, Jason and I will go out for one last dinner together and I will try very hard to not freak out about the fact that by tomorrow afternoon I will be the mother of TWO CHILDREN. TWO BOYS. A few years ago I assumed I would maybe have one child. A girl, of course, because boys are ew.

Noah seems to understand that tomorrow is Baby Brother Day, but then again, he also seems to understand that yes, We Wear Pants And Pants Are Good, but that doesn't stop him from collapsing in a pile of misery when it's time to actually wear pants. Not pants! Nooo! Oh, woe. I think he'll be okay. I hope so. God, I can't even really think about it right now. I can only chew on his face and tell him how much I love him, because he's been so great, so funny, so amazing, coming home from school singing the alphabet song and reciting the days of the week and talking talking talking talking talking. Tomorrow night I'm going to see him hold his baby brother and...and...I can't even imagine what that's going to feel like, or how profoundly my words will fail to describe it.


(Not ew in the slightest, although maybe the stained ratty tank top I've been wearing for three straight days is a little ew.)

(I got a pedicure this morning [THANK YOU HILLARIE FOR THE GIFT CERTIFICATE OMG], by the way. I assume it looks pretty nice. I'm looking forward to actually seeing my feet again at some point this week, maybe.)



Thinking of your family today. Good luck! I <3 your blog btw :)

Emily Jones

Happy Birthday Baby TIVO!!!

Can't wait to see his preshus little face!!!!

Congrats Storch Family!


I'm refreshing the shit out of your page today! Just so you know. ;-) Can't wait to see the new addition. Congratulations in advance!


Thinking of the Storch crew today. Good luck and Congratulations!

Kat C

Good luck! For what it's worth, some stranger up here in Vancouver, BC (that's me.) will be thinking about you and your (expanding!) family all day!


Eeeee, you're totally giving birth right now! Or earlier or maybe later - I don't know, I'm from one of those countries that isn't America.


(Another lurker here.)


So if everything has gone right, you should be holding Tivo in your arms by now, yes?

I cannot believe that you are not catering to all of us here by posting pictures *RIGHT NOW*. I mean, we have needs.


Or possibly not. Apparently my clock is 15 minutes fast.


By now, I think a CONGRATULATIONS is in order! Happy Birthday, Baby Tivo!


Have checked your page, like, a MILLION times already today waiting for news of Baby TiVo. I hope everything went well and that you're cuddling your precious baby boy right now. Happy birthday, little man!!!!


OMG, this is so exciting, the suspense is killing me!
Congratulations, and thanks for bringing us all along for the journey, it's been fun (and it's only just begun):)


Like the other gazillion readers, am waiting anxiously for news of baby TiVo and Noah's official status as big brother! :)




Know you're a little busy, but, hey, we have NEEDS here!

Hope all is well. Congrats and happy birthday, baby Tivo!


Happy Birthday Noah's Baby Brother! Looking forward to the story!


I've keep checking for an update

Can't wait to hear baby is here and all is well.

Congratulations Storch family!


Tivo? Baby Tivo? Are you here yet? Hope it all went well!


WHAT? You haven't posted a detailed birth story YET?
Just plain selfish.

Praying all is well with you and yours.


I jsut keep checkign in, hopeing for a Baby Tivo update. Hope you're all feeling well and loving being a famiyl of FOUR now!


[Knock, knock, knock, blows air into microphone] Is this thing on?

Hello, Storches! Heartiest congratulations and here's hoping it all went splendidly. We can't wait to see pictures.


Thinking good thoughts for the healthy happy arrival of baby Tivo!!


I've been reading Amy's writing for almost 4 years now, and holy crap, it still amazes me that I care so much about someone who I have only ready about! So, having said that, whats going on?!? I'm refreshing like mad over here. Good luck Amy!


I am not sure if I've commented before, but I almost hope you don't have the baby until tomorrow (October 16) because that is my birthday!!

Hope everything goes well for you. :)


De-lurking to say CONGRATS and hope everything went brilliantly today. Post pictures of the babalah and Noah sooooon!!!


Is it too weird that I keep checking here all day hoping for Jason to post an update?...
I can haz baby pics?


They had the baby. Jason posted it an hour ago on Twitter.


I've reading for a few years now and I'm finally de-lurking to say CONGRATULATIONS and Happy Birthday to Baby Tivo! I hope everything went smoothly (Hai! You can has good meds). Can't wait to see pics...

Katrisha M

love the picture.
have a great few days off. ;)


6:16 EDST and STILL no update?? Comeon Jason, surely there is WiFi in the Cafeteria!
Best wishes to Amy, Jason and Noah from Philly. GO PHILLIES!!!


I'm sure Tivo is here by now, so CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait to have an update and see pictures of the new Babalah! Best wishes from Toronto!


update! geez, you act like you just gave birth today or something!


Congrats! I'm sure he's beautiful!

The Queen of Hyperbole

Hope the birthin' went well. Can't wait to see him.


Thanks EL!

Jason's Tweets:

"it's a boy! 7 lbs 7 oz. born 4:32 PM"

"Amy will post more details when she can sit up enough to write a post on Amalah. She's recovering fine. Baby had his first bath and we're in her room"

Hope they don't mind me re-posting those here! Congrats Amy, Jason, and Noah. I'm relieved to hear everything went well.


WOOO!!!!! Congrats, family!!! Cuddle the new one for me!


Thank you for re-posting - it was a relief to hear they are well. It brought happy tears. Bless You Storch Family!


Thanks for posting Diane. We need a NAME!

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