Family 4.0

Please give me a sec to catch my breath


Oh, this boy.

So many things to write to about, but I can't keep my hands off of him long enough to type a single one. Suffice to say: we're all fine, though stuck at the hospital for a couple more days, Ezra is perfect and perfectly healthy (and surprisingly patient about his lack of a middle name), although his size (HIS SIZE!) makes him an entirely different species of newborn than what we're used to. We've probably said, "He's SO SMALL!" about four bazillion times already, and are hoarding the hospital newborn-sized diapers like nobody's business, because ha haaaa! Weren't we so smart to not buy anything newborn-sized this time? Oh, but we are such experts. Which is also why I needed to be reminded after 12 hours or so that I'm supposed to burp the baby after feeding. Right! That!

So far Ezra loves 1) boobs and 2) sleeping. I'm...in a good amount of pain. It's like I had major abdominal surgery yesterday, or something.

Noah was initially unimpressed, but seems to be coming around.


In summary, we're good. So really very much just tons of good.



They are both just adorable! Congrats, you cook up some adorable babies.


Oh my gosh, what a beautiful baby! Congratulations, and best wishes to all of you.


BubTar was over 8 pounds and KayTar was just over 6 pounds, so we had the same kind of surprising reaction! My mom had to buy her a preemie outfit to come home in, because everything else swallowed her!


Congrats! Both your boys are beautiful. This makes me even more eager for my second girl to get here--only five more weeks!




First of all, he is so totally flipping us off in that first photo and it makes me LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

Second of all, I never, ever thought I'd experience Newborn Baby Fever when my own personal baby is still a wee pork-choplet, but ohmigod, Ezra is . . . . well, magically delicious. Good job, Storches. You all make some ridiculously cute children.


He is so, so beautiful...makes me miss my boys being that small.


Tell that beautiful boy to stop flipping me off.


It's almost painful, the cuteness. He is absolute perfection Amy, congrats to you all.


Yep, he's totally flipping us off.

We'll have to fix him up with our little Peeper when she arrives.


Oh, he is so beautiful! Congratulations to all of you!!

Heidi T

He totally looks so much like Noah. I love that he is flipping the bird at 1 day old.

Tootsie Farklepants

oh. my. gosh.

Congratulations to you and your family!


Gorgeous! He looks just like you! And Noah, I think.
Have fun!


Congratulations!! He is beautiful! Noah's going to make a great big brother.

Robin @ Party of Five

What a cutie patootie! Lots of kisses to him and Noah. Congrats!

ps. Glad to see you've already taught him to express himself through the magic of the 'bird'.


I just had my first by unscheduled c-section (a giant ten-pounds-two ounces! sunny-side-up! what a trip!) two and a half weeks ago. And that photo at the bottom there? It makes me want to do it all over again.


Long-time lurker popping in to say: CONGRATULATIONS! You need to frame that pic of Noah with Ezra. They are both so beautiful. I wish all of you much happiness.


OMYGOODNESS. The congratulations! The cuteness!

I miss reading your blog for two seconds and you go and give birth! Oh my, Ezra is gorgeous and looks SO much like you, my gosh! And the picture of Noah and Ezra? ACK! too much.

Anne L.

MAN! That pic of Noah and Ezra is SO. GREAT. Ovaries: overdrive.

Laurie Peacock

What beautiful boys you have, Miss.



Congrats to all of you!

Welcome to the world of being a Mommy of two boys! It's a joy! I promise, after the first couple of weeks, all will be calmer and stabilized for all 4 of you!

Ezra is definitely a mini-Noah! Adorable!


Aww, tons of good. Excellent to hear, and hope it continues for all of you!


Awwww... I'm sure you all just want to squish and eat him all up.


Between Ezra and my new cousin Yuniko Lily, it's like super-cute baby week!

Is it weird that I think his nose is adorable?


I'm making those annoying baby noises at the screen. It sounds something like this: "a bada bada bada boo a woo woo woo!!!" all annoying..but I LOVE babies and just can't help it. Noah's going to be an excellent big brother.


Quick de-lurk to say congrats on baby Tivo, I mean, Ezra. Love that you are using my cousin's name. cheers love.


Congratulations, all of you.

Take care of yourself ~ you did just have surgery, ya know! ;)

Sending wishes for a speedy recovery for you, and lots of pictures for us! :D


Yep, he's flipping the bird.

So gorgeous. And little!


What a beautiful boy! Seriously, aren't newborn's supposed to be like, red and squishy? He looks gorgeous! Way to go Storch Family! PS OMGOMG to the Noah and Ezra pic!


Jason, man. He looks like Jason. Congratulations, you guys! Squee!!


OMG You have a Mini Jason and an Mini Amalah. It makes me want to have my baby NOW. (But apparently that would be 26 weeks too soon. Dammit.)

Congratulations again, hope to god you have a full speedy recovery, and well done to you champion trooper breastfeeder!! (because it's a two way thing, and people often forget the mom has to do some of the work too.)

Miss Kate

He is beautiful. I think he looks like his beautiful mama. Congratulations to you and Jason - what a fantastical amazing blessing.


I just can't look at the picture without commenting on how absolutely gorgeous he is!


Congrats! He is adorable especially when flipping all us interwebby people the bird.


Aww.. A true blogger baby - He's already giving the internet the finger in that first picture!

Adorable :) Congratulations!



He is absolutely gorgeous. Welcome to the world little Ezra, and congratulations to the whole family.

kim at allconsuming

Why I do believe he's flipping us the bird.


Bloomin' Bloglines, not telling me the moment Ezra came into the world! Congratulations to everybody, he's another beautiful addition to an already pretty darn good- looking household.


I'm sitting here (yes, 5:30 CST) with my Ezra, 7 months old. He's a triplet, and was the 2nd to be named, so trust me when I say we had trouble in the middle name department, too. We went with "Wilder", which is the student union where we went to college. The building was central to our school and dating lives. I have a list somewhere of a million names that could go with Ezra, if you're curious :)


He is absolutely gorgeous (spelling??)!! So alert.

Thanks for the pic of Noah and Ezra - talk about a kodak moment.
Amy - congrats to you and your family, and enjoy this special time.


beautiful. just beautiful. *sigh*


So cute!!! He looks just like Noah!

Forever Amber

The picture of the two of them together? So totally cute. Can't wait to see more :)

Hope your recovery is fast and the excess of cute around you helps you feel better!


I think that his middle name should be Stephen so you can actually call him TiVo.

That or something with a J, Jacob or James or similar. EJ is a great set of initials.

Also, lordy lordy, are your boys cute.


Aww, they look so sweet together! And Ezra looks just like you, which makes me kind of happy because I swear all of my friends' babies look just like their dads and I was starting to think that was the only possible outcome! Congrats!


He's beautiful... even though he is totally flipping us off.


He's so precious! I see a lot of Noah in him! Also, you had a NEWBORN this time! ;) That does seem so tiny after how big Noah was! COngrats again! Can't wait to watch him grow, too!


My personal post-C combo of choice was 1/2 percocet + 3 advil every four hours. And avoiding my toddler's rambunctiousness (sadly) for fear of getting slammed in the midsection.

Love of boobs and sleep will get you FAR. For the next few weeks, anyway. Yay!


Now you have TWO adorable boys! That picture of the two of them is just wonderful :)

Ezra is simply precious and is obviously smart- likes food and sleeping in! My kind of boy :)

I hope you heal quickly and feel better soon! :)

Congrats again, to all of you!


That last pictureeeeee I'm going to eat the both of them they are so cute. Glad to hear that everyone's doing well, and congratulations again!


Looking at the first photo of him, looking at that profile photo of you- yep, he's your boy all right! :) So completely adorable, too. I love love LOVE the photo of the two boys together!


Oh, Erza looks so little in that picture with Noah!


My heart is in such a puddle at that last picture. I always thought I would just want one or two children, but when I look at my daughter and how fast she is growing up, all I can think about is having more. Like 10 more.

Pictures of Noah and Ezra aren't helping that desire. What beautiful boys.


Congratulations! Ezra is GORGEOUS, enjoy him! <3


Eeh! The look on Naoh's face if spectacular. And Ezra? Precious. Congratulations on your adorable boys!

Caffeinated Chum

Hey! Why is your latest offspring flipping me off?!

Kids these days, I swear.

(He's adorable, congrats.)


Preshush!! Love the one of big and baby brother! Ya'll are going to make one beatiful family!!

Jen L.

GAAAAAAAAAAH, he's so beautiful! That picture of him and Noah is amazing. You are so blessed.

Take care of yourself! Geez, why does it hurt so damn much when they hack open your belly to pull out a person? You'd think they'd come up with a way to make it more comfortable for us. Get some rest and enjoy your sweet boys!


Pure sweetness!


Oh, your boys are beautiful. Congratulations on the arrival of Mr. Ezra!

We went through the same thing with my 7-week-old. Everyone told us he would be a BIG BABY, but he arrived 3 weeks early at one Oreo cookie short of 7 pounds. I dressed him in Carter's pajamas for the better part of the first month of his life.


Could I PLEASE kiss those baby lips? MMM, he looks like he smells good too.

Doesn't your little Noah look like a friggin' giant now? That was the weirdest part to me...


Now THERE'S a lovely baby if I've ever seen one! I don't know what Noah looked like as a newborn, but I think Ezra's face bears a striking resemblance to his big brother. Bravo mama!


He's so beautiful! I'm glad everything went well and hope you get to go home soon.



(And I hope you feel better as quickly as possible....)


Ezra is totally flipping you off - maybe he's not so patient about that middle name thing. And the pic of your boys...so sweet. Brought tears to my eyes. Ezra is just so beautiful.


Ohhhhhh what a cutie. You make some studly babies, lady!

Also I've never seen a hospital with wood floors before- swank! Hope you feel better today.


And that just made my morning!


he's beautiful!! and i love that he's giving the camera the finger :)

congratulations to you and your beautiful family!!


He looks even cuter now he's looking at the camera. I think I'm going to melt.

Katie Kat

OH MY! What a cutie pie... I think he resembles Noah, but maybe looks a little more like Jason? I'm sure Jason would love that... :)

I know this sounds stupid, but get up and walk as much as possible, especially if you start getting pain in your shoulders. It's GAS, and it will hurt more than having your mf'ing stomach cut open if you don't LET IT OUT!


Just. GORGEOUS! Amy, he's wonderful, so much so that I want to come cuddle and chomp on him - and I have an infant here at home!

Give him some snuggles for all of us who lurk, and extra hugs to Noah.


Amy he looks Just. Like. You. I'm sure this opinion will waiver over the next, I don't know, 18 years or so. But the final verdict for 2-day-old Ezra "Nom-Cheeks"(there's your stand-in middle name) Storch: Momma's baby, all the way.
PS: Noah & Nom-Cheeks = cutest siblings ever.


SO CUTE! Ezra looks so much like Noah. Congrats again, and rest up now, because the adventure begins again!


That is one gorgeous kid. I am so happy for you, Jason, and Noah.


Oh! Just precious. He is so beautiful!!

And I imagine he does seem quite tiny after Noah. Both of my babies were so big I wouldn't know what to do with one under nine pounds!


That is such a precious picture of your 2 boys. Give them both big hugs and hold them close. Take lots of pictures and treasure this.

:-) Wow! :-)


What an adorable face! You're so lucky to have a great open-eyed newborn picture of Ezra. Of course, you're so lucky to have Ezra! Congratulations! (Also, great name.)


He is gorgeous! And he looks just like Noah! I second what another poster said about getting up and walking around (which you are probably already doing). It helps with all the gas from surgery that you accumulate, which can be a killer! After both of my c-sections, it was day four that I really started to feel a lot better all of the sudden. I am so happy for you, congrats and best wishes for a speedy recovery!!


He looks like Noah!!!

Gorgeous children you have there. And now Im going to join the group "I want me another one!"


Congratulations! They are just gorgeous. Take a nibble for me.

Ms. Myg



OMG. He looks SO MUCH like Noah. Wow. Congratulations, again.


Congratulations. He is sooooooooooooo cute and I love the name Ezra.
I just found your blog through sundry and then realized that you had your baby on my birthday. :)
Take Care!


I can't believe how much they look alike!


He's perfect. Absolutely perfect. Many warm fuzzies coming your way from me :)


I know everyone is saying he looks like you or Noah (who is your mini-me) but, I think Ezra looks like Jason. Something about the eyes...

Regardless, your family is beautiful. Congrats to you!


OMG, he's cute! And he looks JUST LIKE Noah! You called it at the 3d ultrasound.


Oh, he has your eyes! I've seen that exact expression on a picture of you here. xoxo


If I were you, I would not be able to put that squooshy baby down for a minute to type either. But I so appreciate you taking the time to share the sweet pictures with us. Congratulations again.


Wow, Amy...it's like looking at a little you :) He's gorgeous and perfect and that picture of him and Noah is enough to make me cry :)


Oh, he is beautiful! You and Jason make some pretty babies. Congrats!


Oh my heart! I can't take the adorable cuteness that is the last picture. Actually, both the pictures are killing me today with their cuteness! AAAAAAAAA!

Melissa from Pittsburgh

Ezra is beautiful - absolutely beautiful.

Congratulation Amy.

Try to get some rest ... hahahahahaha, easier said then done. I remember those days of not sleeping only to watch them sleep and checking on them every hour on the hour, then the feedings ... yeah, no sleep, no rest for Mommies. But its oh so much worth it!

I can smell that beautiful baby from here - and it's wonderful.


I will now proceed to scour your site for indications to where you live so I can come have an Ezra sandwich... Nom nom nom! He is so cute! I can't stand it.


darn you! They picture of Noah and Ezra made me tear up. And I don't even like kids! grrrr.


Oh man, that made me cry.



There were so many comments on Ezra's arrival post that I didn't get to say congratulations right away - but I am so happy for you and your family.

And that baby is YOUR CLONE, holy God. He is lovely.


He's beautiful!! Congrats!! What about Zacharia for a middle name???


No middle name? What about TiVo?
These pictures are killing me. Why do I have to wait 3 more months to see my little boy?!? Congrats again-you have 2 beautiful sons now!

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