Family 4.0

Please give me a sec to catch my breath


Oh, this boy.

So many things to write to about, but I can't keep my hands off of him long enough to type a single one. Suffice to say: we're all fine, though stuck at the hospital for a couple more days, Ezra is perfect and perfectly healthy (and surprisingly patient about his lack of a middle name), although his size (HIS SIZE!) makes him an entirely different species of newborn than what we're used to. We've probably said, "He's SO SMALL!" about four bazillion times already, and are hoarding the hospital newborn-sized diapers like nobody's business, because ha haaaa! Weren't we so smart to not buy anything newborn-sized this time? Oh, but we are such experts. Which is also why I needed to be reminded after 12 hours or so that I'm supposed to burp the baby after feeding. Right! That!

So far Ezra loves 1) boobs and 2) sleeping. I'm...in a good amount of pain. It's like I had major abdominal surgery yesterday, or something.

Noah was initially unimpressed, but seems to be coming around.


In summary, we're good. So really very much just tons of good.



Those boys are completely, 100% edible!

samantha jo campen

He is just all kinds of perfect and looks so much like Noah! So glad all is well. And that picture of your two boys together made me melt.


I can't believe you haven't eaten him yet! He is so cute! Congratulations!


Ok, you made me cry a little.

And man - this one looks EVEN MORE LIKE YOU than the last time around!

Congrats again!


Bliss. Total Bliss.


AWHHH!! So very cute. Love that picture of Ezra and Noah. *sniffle*


The picture of Noah and Ezra together is killing me with sweetness. Congratulations to all of you!


Oh what a beautiful baby! And the picture of Noah and Ezra, well, that just about broke my heart!


Those pictures are so sweet they brought tears to my eyes. Ezra is gorgeous and Noah! Oh, he is such a big boy now - and still so adorable. If they are anything like my boys, Noah will adore Ezra right up to the minute Ezra first wants to control the TV remote during cartoon time.
Congratulations on BOTH your wonderful, beautiful boys.

Jen B.

So beautiful! So tiny! And looks so much like Noah. He totally has your mouth too. Congrats!


Awe! He is amazing! And that pic of him and Noah is just way too cute!

Get better soon!


Congratulations (again)! So so cute. It's nice to get updates...but I hope you can just take a week off to just be with your family. He definitely looks like you!


Beautiful baby! Love the name!
Hope you are able to relax, heal and love ....


Congratulations Amy! Your boys are both beautiful. I can't wait for more updates!


Your new baby is such a doll! Love the name.

That last pic is SO precious! :)


I just noticed Ezra is giving the finger! Whose personality is THAT??


He's beautiful! I'm so happy for you guya! And just trying not to stalk your page at this point for updates:). Have a great weekend!


Whata beautiful family! Congratulations and best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Ezra is so beautiful!!! I hope your recovery goes smoothly

Nancy R

He resembles Noah so much; I can't wait to see if he has delicious dimples too!

He's totally flipping us bitches off in that first shot.


What a beautiful family you have! Congratulations again!


Congratulations and welcome Ezra. I've enjoyed reading your journey to get him here. :o) He's a sweetie and Noah will be a great big brother. Congratulations to the entire family.


Oh! Beautiful! Congratulations to all of you.


Congratulations!! He is beautiful! I'm so glad everything went well and he is here safe and sound.


He is beautiful! He looks like his brother. Congratulations to you all.

not supergirl

He's so, so lovely. And that picture with Noah, oh!

Congratulations to your family.


AWWWWWWWWWWW! so cute. take care and heal quickly.


OH man is he adorable!! He doesn't even look all alieny like so many newborns! He just looks so.....perfect!!! Congrats!


Those pictures are beautiful. Your sons are so precious, Amy!!

And dude, Ezra is TOTALLY flipping us off.


Aww! Congrats! What a beautiful boy.
When my son was born we had newborn stuff, but he was preemie sized (6.02 and 21 1/2). What a pain in the neck to find.

hugs to all!

****kicking bloglines, it didn't update and I just found out.*****


He's gorgeous! Looks just like his big brother. That pic with the two of them is so precious!

Already taught him to flip the bird, I see. Good job Mama!


That picture of Noah and Ezra?


I can't take it - it's too adorable for words.

What beautiful, beautiful boys they are!

Amy in StL

Aww, glad to hear he's healthy and that Noah seems to like him. My brother and I are 12 years apart, so my poor mom had a whole different issue to deal with. He kept bringing all his friends from school in to see - and HOLD - his new sister. Mom said when she found out she put the kibosh on a bunch of grubby 12 year old boys holding the baby without adult supervision.


Aww, So Lovely!


it might be my pregnancy hormones, but I really i think it's just because it's one of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen...but the picture of Noah and Ezra just made me cry...at work...in a public office... :)


Ack. My uterus just went all 'splodey at that second picture-too precious. Hope you heal up quick!


Holy cow he looks exactly like you! He is lovely!


Congratulations! He is so lovely and precious. The perfect addition to an adorable family.


I had to laugh at the first picture as it reminded me of my first born and the photo that we took as well. Why? Because if you closely look (and I'll preface this by saying I mean absolutely no disrespect) he's shootin' the bird [which by the way has more significance for me since my oldest is now a teenager]!!
Congratulations on your newest addition! Best wishes always for a happy and healthy family. :)

Renée aka Mekhismom

Congratulations! He is absolutely adorable.


Oh.my.word. He is so beautiful I just want to eat him up. He has your eyes for sure. And, how adorable is Noah with him???? Two gorgeous, healthy, amazing, blessings.


aw such an adorable picture of the boys. so cute!


OMG.That picture of your boys together is so so so so so (there are not enough modifiers in existence) beautiful.


OMG Amalah! He already looks like you!! The eyes!!! omg, congratulations!!


He does--look exactly like you. Isn't that clever of him...


Beautiful boys!!!

Wishing you a quick recovery.


Ezra is sooooo cute! You have 2 gorgeous, gorgeous little boys.

Well done.

Jozet at Halushki


Welcome, welcome, Sweet Ezra!

And well done you!

omg...the sweetness of it all....


O.H.EM.GEE He is just a bazillion times as precious as I imagined he would be and tons more!! I love the photo of Noah with him - that is just too sweet for words!! Middle name suggestions: Maximus or Leonidas!! Just kidding - something sweet and sophisticated or just plain cute like him would suffice. :)


I can't get over how perfect he looks! Don't feel bad about the wrong clothing thing. My daughter barely tipped the scales at 6lbs so all the 0-3 stuff just hung off her like she was a gangsta. I measured small with my second (a boy) so I thought I was all super smart and shit by buying a bunch of preimie crap. Wrong!! He was only 7#6oz but WAY too big for what we got him. His going home outfit looked like a muscle shirt because you could count his ribs through it. Tricksy infants.
Also when my daughter came to meet her brother she was all "You're really gonna interrupt my game of hide and seek with the big, expensive medical equipment for this? Really?!" but she warmed up quick enough.
Whatever, you're not even gonna read this because why the hell would you when you've got that munchable little being to distract you from the internets!
Give yourself some time to heal and enjoy every sniff of his perfect head, you deserve a good baby high!!!

Sugared Harpy

Oh, he's beautiful. And Noah is beautiful. You make good babies.



Congratulations! He is such a cutie. I love that he's totally giving everyone the finger, too. haha!! :)


Awww, he is so cute. He looks just like, well, Ezra.

And, yeah, I think he has seen that picture of you...you know...where you are saluting too?


Congrats congrats! That last picture is all sorts of awesome. :)




Awww Amy, he's precious! And to see Ezra and Noah together? You are one lucky lady. Congratulations again!


oh my god if these are not the most precious pictures!!

The Usual Suspect

Babies like all the things I like....wait a minute....that's not good is it?


Wow! That boy so totally looks like you!


He looks exactly like his big brother in that first picture.. such beautiful boys!


Uhmm...is the kid giving us a finger?

Congrat... Handsome one!!


Oh my word your boys are gorgeous together. They also have the best names ever. This now means you can never listen to Better Than Ezra in your house though (you might not have listened to them anyway, but still).

Congrats to you and Jason xx

Ashley Fitting

Congratulations!! I can't tell you how completely I am addicted to your blog (I read it so much I feel like a stalker.. but I'm not, promise:-)) Ezra is so gorgeous and my goodness does he look like his big bro. Good luck in the next few days/months!! Can't wait to hear how things are going!

PS: Don't break the dog.


He's beautiful! I'm sorta new around here, but I think he has the same gorgeous eyes as Noah.

Congrats to you all!


He is adorable. Congratulations! Also, the shopping bag you packed? Stuff it full of those diapers and anything else you can get your hands on. :)


Congrats again! Handsome Boys!


Congratulations to your beautiful family of four. Ezra (love! the name) is a tiny peice of heaven.


Congratulations (obviously I am one post late on that). He is beautiful, and looks a lot like brother already, no? Soak him up!


ezra looks so much like you!


He is so beautiful. My uterus just skipped a beat.



Yes, gorgeous and all that. And I haven't read all 270 comments but please tell me at least one other person noticed that your absolutely beautiful, perfect, sacred little son is flipping us off in that picture?


What a perfect little face! Enjoy Ezra and I'm sure Noah will be a great big brother. Congratulations to you and your family!

elle kasey

Yippee! Congratulations to all!


He's amazing! Congratulations!!

effective nancy

Oh. Since my own kid was born 10 months ago, I don't think I've gotten quite the visceral ooomph out of looking at a newborn like I just did gawping at Ezra. Ver' nice.


Congratulations, Storch family! I love how Ezra is flipping everyone off. Heh.


First of all, Ezra is a gorgeous baby. I'm a labor and delivery nurse and I've seen some babies that weren't so cute. Ezra is adorable. Second, how did you come up with the name Ezra? It totally fits with Noah and I think I might steal it if you don't mind. That name totally suits him. You sure do make beautiful babies together. heehee


I have been a lurker on your site for over 2 yrs now. I happened upon it while I was pregnant w/my 2 yr old. So very happy for you. My boys are 2 & 8 months. It is truly the most precious thing in the world. Enjoy every single wonderful, scary, joyous, painful, deliriously happy & fleeting moments of it.

I am shocked at how much Ezra looks like you in you "Amalah" photo from childhood. How sweet is that. What a perfect & precious boy.

Congrats. :) Sigh......


He looks so much like Noah!


From one c-section mommy to another, hang in there with the healing. Congratulations, again, on your beautiful boy.




That picture of the two of them is just BEAUTIFUL. My uterus is doing backflips here!


I have to say it one more time. OMG Noah is a big brother! Teensy Mctiny is gorgeous. (my two were 10lb13oz and 9lb13oz respectively so I have no idea how to handle a "normal sized baby) also I don't know if its appropriate to ask, but is the wee cutie shooting the internets the bird? :)


I almost missed the entire Ezra story because my feedreader shot craps on me and I didn't realize it until a feed came up for the advice smackdown that said Amy had a baby....

OMG squooshiness of that child! And when I saw his picture from this post and the last, I thought TURTLE and how much he looks like Noah. I am so tickled for all of you... congrats Mz Amy!


Holy craptastic, Karla, you're right. Teensy McTiny is flipping us off !!! LOL A rebel from day one!

Donna P

Oh, they are going to grow up having so much FUN!


he's gorgeous!


He's munchable!! (Oh, yeah, beautiful, too!!) Congrats!

I love that he's already flipped the world off. Just like his momma. ;)

die Frau

Many, many congratulations. Big brother Noah and tiny Ezra look so great together.

Thanks for taking the time to post so soon for all of us eager readers! Wish I could hug all of you.

Wacky Mommy

I can't believe you're even posting. Oh, wait, yes I can. Go take a nap, girl.

And it's funny, cuz he doesn't even look pointy at all.


Things to do today:
1. Wash car.
2. Catch up on email.
3. Check out a picture of a cute baby flipping me the bird.

Well, at least I've checked off one of the three. Time for a beer.

Congrats again - very cute shots!

Stop Okay Go

Another lookalike! Congrats!


Holy Smokes!
You've made a set of bookends!
The boys are BOTH beautiful.
Perfect little gentlemens.
Enjoy every minute of being a mom of 2 boys. I sure do!


So very, very happy for you and your beautiful family! Speedy recovery!


Delicious, delicious boys. Congrats! Be well!


Ezra is so squishably beautiful!! Congratulations!!!


My word, what a gorgeous little dude! Hearty congratulations!!


oh amy, he's beautiful and perfect. congratulations, speedy recovery to you and lots of love and happiness to the four of you!!

Suburban Turmoil

Eeeeeee! He's out! Congratulations! I already see your resemblance in his eyes. :)


OMG, he looks like Noah. What lucky, lucky parents you guys are.

Don't worry about writing anything just now. Just keep posting pictures.

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