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Okay, okay. I've read the comments and while ya'll are just fascinated with the non-stop pregnancy talk, a bunch of you really want me to talk about my hair.


OH MY GOD! Bangs! Revolutionary, life-changing bangs!

I went back to a former stylist this weekend -- one who moved away and raised her prices and left me adrift in a sea of mediocre stylists who would examine my hair and listen to my requests and then proceed to cut yet another variation on Suburban Mom Does The Rachel -- and after examining my cut ("Eh.") and color ("Ew."), patted my head and promised to fix everything. And indeed, I can now put it up in an unwashed, stringy ponytail and have it not look like complete ass. I'm gonna look so totally awesome in my hospital photos! The bangs are sure to distract from the pothole-sized bags under my eyes! My body will look like a loaf of bread that got bagged under the milk and four cans of SpaghettiO's but hot damn, my highlights are RADIANT. 

Anyway. I think I have some furniture to rearrange, or something. Plus I'm hoping to talk Jason into taking me Ikea tonight for some Storage Solutions. I really, really need some Storage Solutions. And it's been entirely too long since I broke down into hysterical hex-key-related sobbing.


If I were a Swedish piece of furniture I think I'd call myself the Blobtörpt.



Love the hair - you look mah-velous!
And Blobtörpt? I'd buy it.


You're going to have hawt hospital photos with that fab hair. :)

Suzy Q

The Blobtorpt. Ha!

Have fun at Ikea. That store scares me and I've never even been in one. It's all I can do to get throught The Container Store without spending my life savings on Crap I Totally Do Not Need.


Um, that's some pooch you got there...have you seen that old movie "Alien"?

Seriously, no one should look that damn cute this close to delivery.


Your hair does look great. The belly looks terribly uncomfortable. I feel for you.


your hair looks great! and please give IKEA a kiss for me! (and tell it I'm still mad at it for not warning me in advance that it was COLLEGE MOVE-IN WEEKEND before I drove 4 hours from North Carolina that one time to give it love and kisses in person). :|


I like the bangs! I tried to get some at my last hair appt but they cut them all long and stupid like gown-out bangs which no one wants. Also, you are amazingly pregnant. Huzzah!


It's amazing how far the human tummy can stretch, isn't it?!


Are you sure that's a baby in there and not a stability ball under your shirt?


Holy moly, you look like Noah in that shot.


OMG your tummy is HUGE....oops, sorry about that....but, ummm, yeah, WOW!
are you seriously thinking of a trip to ikea with that in tow? i'm not even pregnant & my feet hurt after that stroll!

the hair does look nice though, lucky you.


That might be the best belly picture ever taken. Wow!


Blobtorpt. Love it. Thanks for the giggle. :)


The bangs are hot. The belly is AWESOME.

Laura in LA

Holy hell the belly!


Definitely hawt hair.
And you know that your son is your identical twin, right? At least in that photo.


Wow. On many levels.
The hair.
The holy shit Noah looks like you. Never noticed quite how much before. Must be the higlights!


You have the BEST belly, Amy. It just gets so HUGE and then shrinks back down AMAZINGLY well. I mean I met you AFTER you had Noah and your tummy was flatter than mine has ever been in the history of my life. It's your superpower!


Your highlights ARE radiant.

And your belly amazes me a little.


I LUUUURVE Ikea!!! And I luuurve storage solutions - not that I'm any good at them. I do have, however, about a dozen shoe boxes (unmarked, of course) full of receipts, which I use as proof that I truly am well organized. At any rate, the next time I drive the 20 miles or so north to the only IKEA in all of Washington State, I will definately suggest that someone there invent a blobtorpt, in your honor!!!!!!


Best belly photo ever! You really do look great and I hope to have nearly as good hair the week before giving birth. (3 months from today WHOOT!)

Average Girl

I love the hair and the bangs!

However, that belly pic...looks so fake, like a oversized football is in there. You have to be miserable, but you look beautiful!

BTW - I have been reading you blog, but I HAD to comment today.

Best wishes for you and the baby.


That's how my bangs are supposed to look. But don't.


You look so pretty in that picture! I love it. Also, belly = OMG.


It's weird. I've seen so many pictures of Noah that I see a picture of you up close and my first though is: "She looks like Noah!"

Um, or the other way around.

Also, my birthday is October 14th. And it's the best day ever. So if your baby wants to come that day and be birthday buddies with a perfect internet stranger, I'd LOVE IT. :)


Oh, wow. That last picture? Scary. I'm guessing 7 days feels like a really long time right about now.

morgan s.

Tee hee.....I love the second photo and Ikea name!


wow...he, uh...looks a lot bigger when you're sitting down.

Your makeup looks pretty, too.

Mrs. Priss

Your hair looks adorable! I'm saving my trip to the salon for a week before my due date too... hey, there's no shame in not wanting to look like a greaseball in those pictures EVERYONE will be looking at!


Um...you have the identical adorable wee nose that Noah has. That's sort of my whole point. I never noticed, and it's cute, because it's like you look like Noah, instead of the reverse.


That belly...looks like it hurts.

Jen L.

Really cute hair! And WOW. At this point in pregnancy, it really is a wonder we don't just pop, you know? You look so great! Almost there...


Ok, I am so busted for reading this at work...the Blobtörpt thing is the straw that broke the camel's back and made me laugh out loud!


I luv, luv, luv your blog...u r so funny...you look amazing...Can't wait for new baby pics and a NAME!!


That belly is amazing! Also, good bangs. The kind that frizzy-haired types (ahem, me) just can't ever hope to pull off. You will definitely rock those hospital pics.


love the hair

and wow what a baby belly!! You do look great for having to be so uncomfortable at this point.

The 14th would be a good day if baby wants to come a day early. Thats my twins birthday.

And have fun at Ikea


Bangs = great

Highlights = Even better

Belly = Ow. Just Ow.


That is some belly. I love it! Pat pat pat. Hello little guy!

You look terrific!


Wow to your awesome hair.

WOW. To your belly. WOW.


Oh my god! You look like Noah but with more hair of course! Good luck at IKEA; I get lost in that maze everytime I venture there.


Your hair looks great. And, Blobtörpt, bwahahahaha...I love it.


If you go into labour in IKEA do you get free flat pack furniture for life? :-)


Is it just me that thinks this or is Baby Tivo standing up in there?
Your hair looks wonderful and you do not look like ass. Sending major Internet support your way!


I feel your belly pain but at least the end is near for you!

Love the hair and holy crap today is the first time I realized how much your son looks like you!


You look fab from head to toe, but I have to tell you that my Storage Solutions are Zip-loc bags.


aren't bangs awesome!! I love mine too, but they grow fast, hate that.

ohh ikea fun, soo in love with ikea, need to go now.

have fun tonight!


Your belly is like a balloon!!! Sorry - it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw you photo today!! LOL It is so cute and I want one, mommy - I was good taday!!! :)

cordy @ mysuperhopelessromance

My roommate is a hair person and she cuts my hair and it drives her UP A WALL when I put my hair in a ponytail. Which is pretty much every day. Sometimes I do it just to bug her. :>

You have the prettiest eyes.


OMG, you need adoring staff to help you carry that belly. I wish I lived closer so I could bring you homemade mac & cheese, ice cream and cookies. You should totally be the official gestating QUEEN at this point.


A) I thought that first photo was of Noah. WHAT THE FUCK, GENETICS. That was weird.

B) Holy christ. That belly. My eyes! The burning!

C) I mean that in a good way. What.


I thought I'd be all original and groundbreaking by telling you that Noah is a clone of you based on that photo with the radiant highlights and whatnot...but there's like 50 people who beat me to it...


Judging by that last photo, I'm going to have to say that your baby is going to be ginormous.

Wacky Mommy

Oh my gosh you do look so much like your cute little son in that picture.

I've never seen a belly like that in my life. I mean, damn.


What kind of furniture would Blogtorpt be? Haha, sweet bangs but that photo of the belly is the blue ribbon winner!


Your belly is unreal!!! I love it!!!

And hurray for gorgeous hair!! I am still in search of...


Holy crap, that one's out there! Your hair looks mahvelous.


Oh, wow... that belly looks super uncomfortable. Cute, but uncomfortable. The hair... fab.


Yay to the 7 days! Also, you are brave for going to IKEA. What does Noah think of having a baby brother so soon?


Ummmm, I don't think you are making it to your scheduled d-date. Sooner, I think.


Love your new hairdo.

Blobtörpt! Too funny.


Totally lurve the hair.

But you do look a tad uncomfortable...


That second picture makes you look pregnant. Maybe it's the angle.

Love the hair. Doesn't make you look pregnant at all.


HA ha ha ha! "Blobtorpt". Hee hee.

And, you know, your hair DOES look lovely! Just don't hurt yourself when assembling your Storage Solutions, okay? :)

Katie Kat

Ha! It looks like the baby is literally trying to force himself out of your belly. I can almost see him pressing his face against the side of it saying "Um guys? Is it time to come out yet? Guys? *knock knock* Guys?"

You. are. adorable. As always!


Okay, I live in Chicago and am completely unable to find someone who doesn't SUCKIFY my hair. And I have nice hair. Where do you loverly people find these goddesses stylists??


By the way, you're just lovely.


Wow. I love your hair and lipgloss. That baby is ready for the world!


I never for one minute thought your hair looked like the Rachel.

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