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The 1,000th Post Spectacular!

So my weblog stats inform me that this is my 1,000th post. Or more accurately, the 1,000th post as the archives stand today, not counting the many entries I've gone back and bahbleeted out of 1) shame, 2) post-chill-pill-calming-the-fuck-down, and 3) omg, I was like, sooo totally drunk.

Kind of a shame that the 1,000th post now falls on Halloween, when I am obligated to post nothing more substantial than CUTE WIDDLE BAYBEES IN COSTUMES NOM NOM.

Number Two on your Halloween Threatdown:




Number One on the Halloween Threatdown remains, as ever, BEARS.




NOT FEATURED in this year's Threatdown: mothers who only give enough of a shit to pull an orange-ish sweater from the bottom of the laundry hamper before attending their son's school party, trying to hide the fact that she outsourced her ONE JOB of providing enough paper plates and utensils for 15 three-year-olds to her husband, who originally came home with 60 plates, no utensils and one package of giant black Solo "no officer, we're just drinking grape juice over here"-style cups.



Oh, Noah.

I originally ordered him a Dash-from-Da-Increbulls costume. I was quite pleased with myself. The Incredibles! He's going to be SO EXCITED! Mama, you are SO AWESOME.

Of course, when the cheap, hideous polyester-ish thing actually arrived, Noah took one look at it and simply said, "No." Any attempts to get the costume on, even over regular clothes, resulted in a sensory freak-out over the feel of the fabric. I can't say that I blame him.

Our next attempt put him in charge -- we led him to a costume display and told him to pick one out. He chose a plush blue monster suit. He wouldn't actually put it ON, but he seemed to at least be open to the IDEA of wearing it at a later date, so we went with it.

We talked about Halloween. We showed him pictures of last year's monkey suit. We tried WEARING last year's monkey suit. We practiced trick-or-treating and dear God, we've watched "Blue's Big Costume Party" over and over and over, trying to get him comfortable with the idea of putting a costume -- any damn costume at all -- on.

"NO," he said, every time. "No costume. I just Noah."

How do you argue with that?

You don't. You just resort to TRICKERY.

A little searching led me here and then here, and voila. Steve from Blue's Clues it is.


Of course, he opted not to carry Blue during his school's costume parade, so in the end he still pretty much looked like the kid who refused to wear a costume. But hey, in a sea of costumes where a good 65% of the wearers were crying their eyes out, MY KID was having a damn good time being Just Noah.




Me too

Wow, I get to be 1st? Been there with the fabric - wish I'd thought of that!

Sprite's Keeper

I was going to go sneak another Halloween cookie from the breakroom, but seeing these pictures? I'm good now. Thanks for the sweets!


at the first sight of Noah, I totally said to myself, "Steve. From Blue's Clues". And my kids are old, so if I got it, others will get it, too. Can you get him to carry a notebook? Or put one around his neck on a ribbon? Aww, heck. Just Noah is Just Fine.


Before I read all the way I thought about Noah being Steve or Joe. Ha! Whatever works. In a couple of years he'll probably wear anything, as long as he gets candy & lots of it.

Great photos of the kids!


Happy 1000th! I just posted by 998th entry today, so I am right behind ya!

I love Ezra's "I want my Mummy" shirt -- freakin' adorable. And at least Noah had a great time at the party. Who needs those stinkin' polyester things when he can be "Just Noah."


Most harmless, innocent bear ever. So cute!


How adorable! Very clever of you to come up with that idea... and impressive that you actually found a site to buy these things. I'll definitely have to remember that when my little guy gets older, if he should choose to reject a less 'traditional' costume.

De in D.C.

When my son was 5, he wanted to be Darth Vader. No problem; we had that insidious voice-changing full-head-devouring mask thanks to Pop-Pop. So, we dressed him in all black w/ a cape, had him wear the mask, and spray-painted a wrapping paper tube blue & black for a light saber. Come time to trick or treat, he refused to wear the mask or carry the light saber, so he was just a kid dressed in black with a cape (a wizard perhaps?). Oh, and then he only went trick or treating to 4 houses anyway. 4!!! How the hell am I supposed to steal some of his candy if he only has 4 pieces of it?


Well who can blame the little guy? He likes being himself. That's pretty rare in an individual, never mind a kid. Whee for Halloween!

Also, bear baby = deliciousness.


good thinking on the steve costume! i expect mine will be in the bat suit for all of three minutes :-/


Aww! So cute.

I feel you on the no costume thing. My little guy is 2.5 and was the cutest Winnie the Pooh ever last year. He wore the costume cheerfully and had a blast. This year my stepson is Darth Vader and wanted his littler brother to be Yoda. So cute right? A smallish little Yoda dude? Yeah, I got "I not Yoda, I David." He was wearing the robe portion of the costume when I dropped him off at daycare but I have my doubts about whether the very adorable hat with Yoda ears will join the ensemble. Eh, both he and Noah are plenty cute enough to get candy without a costume. :-)


The "Just Noah" costume? Probably one of the cutest I've ever seen. :) Rock on, Noah!

And Ezra? Oh, those tiny feet. I would love to munch those little skulls & crossbones!


Amy....EZRA = NOM NOM>...Love the pirate pants!! My son Oliver is actually wearing the exact same "I want my mummy" onesie today AND has the Gap bear snow suit. SO CUTE!!!! Have fun!


Happy 1,000th post!

Your little dudes look just adorable in their costumes (and I want Ezra's socks!). They also just adorable as Just Noah and Just Ezra :)

P.S. I'm so glad your dad is out of the hospital! I just LOVE that picture of the two of you in your Phillies hats :)


And this is why you are Noah's Mom. Smart lady. I just love the bear "costume". I just want to say nom nom nom.


Happy 1000! The rate I'm going, thanks to NaBloMoHos, Holidailies and Blog 365, I'll hit 1000 in early January. Wheeeee!

I wore the Mrs. Incredibles costume to WDW 4 years ago. Hot and itchy doesn't begin to describe it-and I don't have sensory issues! Smart kid you've got there!


That is so ridiculously cute.



You definitely can't argue with that. And Steve rocks so Noah's costume is awesome.

As for the bear, I'm not scared of him -- it's the mama bears you have to really watch out for! (He is the cutest bear my eyes ever did see)


Ezra- sooo cute!!! And aren't you clever with Noah!! What a great idea!


Sounds like Noah is pretty comfortable being himself. I know a few adults who could learn a thing or two from him.


I *heart* Just Noah. Go Noah!


Awesome. I love the Steve costume. (and the mummy/pirate/bear, too, of course).

xoxoxoxoxox and happy halloween!


Yay for 1,000 posts!
I think Noah's costume is inspired. He is so handsome now!
And what a delicious little bear!
(PIRATE!) Soooo cute!



I know that I'm a mom, and I'm going to have to potty train my kid, and I KNOW that peeing and pooping shouldn't be funny when I'm almost 31 years old, but whenever I see Joe singing that pee and poo on the potty song on Noggin, I almost DIE. And I giggle through the whole thing, because SINGING ABOUT PEE IS WRONG, SOMEHOW. (I know, tell me to grow up already.)

Noah gets an A for creativity, if you ask me.


The photos are killing me because Nathan (now 4) was a newborn in a bear costume.



Wow. "I just Noah."
Love. Him.


Be comforted by the idea that in a few years, Noah will be choosing an obscure comic book character for his costume. Then you will sew, without benefit of a pattern instead relying on multiple pictures from a comic book that you are NOT TO DAMAGE, for hours to make the perfect costume. You will buy a fake bald head and carefully draw the character's tattoo perfectly on the bald head, causing you to cackle in delight at this perfect costume that you have wrought.

Then, you will attend Trunk or Treat at school where your son will opt not to wear the bald head and everyone asks you, "Hey, what the heck is that kid supposed to be?" And you will quite possibly shriek the answer and pull a comic book out of your back pocket to illustrate.

Black Hockey Jesus

I miss Steve. He was an intgral part of the early years of my parenthood. Come back, Steve.


OMG the bear costume is just beyond adorable!!


With the current state of tantrums in your house, it sounds like you did the right thing by Noah.

Quite frankly, he prolly was the cutest kid in the parade.


I could NOM NOM Just Noah as easily as I could Ezra if Just Noah would let me.

Those kids exhibit Toxic Levels of Cuteness, is all I'm sayin.


Noah, you rock, man!! There's nothing more attractive than a man that knows both WHO he is and what he wants (or doesn't want!!). When my son was around 9, I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween that year. The answer I got?? "NOTHING!! I'm not going! Begging for candy is embarassing!". Can't imagine where he got it........


I recognized Noah as Steve right away too.

Ok, don't take offense, but don't you snap the onesie first and then pull the pants up? just wonderin'. maybe it's the new look in babyland and I've been out of the loop. Even so, Ez is very cute all sleeping like that...


Oh to be able to say something more creative than "OY! THE CUTE!" on your 1000th post...oh well. You post cute kid pix, you get, "SO CUTE!" in your comments box. I have to say, I admire Noah's self-esteem. You done good there, Amy :)


And he's SMILING!!!!! Yay!

That bear outfit is delicious. I would use that as his winter outerwear for as long as it fit. Of course, that may be why I have a cat and not a baby. (A cat that I dressed as a lobster for Halloween last year.)


You have just earned mother of the year award! You let him be happy and that's the most fun part! I knew he was Steve from Blues Clues the minute I saw the picture! Good Job!


Ezra seems less than impressed by the entire procedure, while remaining adorable and edible. Noah - having a great time and happy to be himself. It can't get any better than that.


Noah's costume is awesome because you can wear that shirt? Year round. You are a smart momma. My oldest went as Indiana Jones, which only required the hat he already had, a toy whip (ditto) and a brown shirt and tan pants, plus a shoulder bag. ALL REUSABLE.

We had the crying fit over costumes with the oldest, too, when he was little. He picked out a Winnie the Pooh outfit, and cried and cried and cried when it was put on him. Bah. Now we brainstorm with the clothes we have + accessories.

Your kids are A-freaking-DORABLE.

the sassy kathy

Yay Noah! Love the "Just Noah" costume. Good for him. Though I'll probably get boo-ed and splattered with rotten fruit, Halloween is silly anyway :)


Agreed. Just Noah is JUST fine :) He's adorable.


"I just Noah" How cute is he? I love him!

And Ezra as a bear? I died from the cuteness.

Jen L.

Want to eat Ezra in pirate garb.

Want to high-five Noah for being "Just Noah."


Even Stephen Colbert couldn't possibly be afraid of delicious bear-baby! And that pirate mummy costume, so adorable!!

Yay for being Just Noah.

Sensibly Sassy

Well if it makes you feel better I knew what he was when I looked at the first pic of him running.


Again, I feel like we're leading parallel lives. My 3 1/2 year old refused to choose any kind of costume (again) and so I had to resort to making something-anything- out of a sweatsuit. (again) My almost 13 year old was Steve 10 years ago (holy crap) and there were so many people that had no idea what/who he was. Rock on with your bad self, Noah!


Steve?! GENIUS!

Very cute kiddos. Very, very cute.


congrats on 1000 and your boys are amazingly adorable!!


My oldest went as Steve from Blue's Clues for his first real Halloween and it was a smashing success because it was so easy to wear and everybody knew who he was! His candy bag was in the shape and design of Blue, so it was extra easy too. I loved the look so much that I dragged our mini thinking chair, costume, and stuffed Blue to the portrait studio and had professional pictures taken. Seven years later, that is the only picture of my kid (and I have two now) in my wallet. Um, I forgot my point while reminiscing. Oh yea, Happy Halloween!


Both boys are adorable. I am so happy that oour son is not th only one who would not put on a costume. Well he would put it on, however, he totally melts down in a screaming puddle on the floor. He happily handed out candy to the neighborhood kids.


Last year at 18mo my little guy was the same monkey. He loved Halloween. This year he's 2.5 and talked about being an elephant for over a month. Tonight -- total melt down. No costume, wouldn't even go outside in his regular clothes, he was completely petrified. Wanted to go up for "a nice bath" instead. And I feel like the worst mom on the planet for trying to force the costume on his screaming body before we all just gave up and let him enjoy the night inside. And we ran out of candy....


Oh, I so feel your pain. We had to resort to big time bribery. "If you don't put your costume on then you don't get any candy." I know we're awful parents, but at least he looked cute. As did Noah, as Steve of coarse. And that baby of yours, my gosh, I totally need to have another one of those. :)


Looks like someone sat in their thinking chair! That's so smart, and cute!


GOOD FOR YOU. Good for you for letting him be comfortable. My 10-year-old wasn't in love with any of the costumes at Wal-Mart, so we went to the thrift shop and found an old vending company jacket and a trucker hat and he went as 'vending guy.' He wasn't uncomfortable and he didn't have to breathe through air holes and he had a lot of fun because he was comfortable. Comfortable is good and good for you for recognizing that.

Plano Mom

Hey it beats my 10-year old's costume - a barrel of toxic waste.


wow, smart, with going with the Steve from Blues clues!!

and Ezra, very very cute.


Your boys are just too cute for words.

Noah's lack of costume enthusiasm reminded me of the cutest ever bumblebee costume I made for my daughter with my own two hands and sewing machine (and I am so NOT one of those talented people -- so it was tough is what I'm saying) and she refused. to. wear. the. damn. costume.

So she trick or teated as herself and I carried her bee-utiful costume and showed to every house she visited. Oh yes I did.

Jessica (from It's my life...)

First of all - Brilliant costume idea.
Second of all - Nom nom baby deliciousness
Third of all - Just Noah rocks just the way he is. Love that little boy and all his complexities.

Mad Woman

I totally knew he was Steve...although Just Noah is just as cute :) You have the most beautiful children....Happy Halloween


I totally knew he was Steve just from the picture! Great costume!


Ha! I IMMEDIATELY recognized the first picture of Noah as Steve from Blue's Clues. And Jackson has those BabyLegs cute!!!!


Honestly, I was looking at the pictures as I was reading and felt like an ass because as soon as I saw Noah, I thought, "He looks like Steve in that stripped shirt", and sure enought, he was.
Great costume. He was happy. You were spared the screaming. As far as I am concerned, that makes a win-win! Yay!


Steve! Great idea. At least could say "He's Steve from Blue's Clues" and the other parents would actually know who it is. My older boy could wear a costume to elementary school on Friday. Only problem is that they are all one piece and that causes stress at bathroom time (he's 6). So, he was a DC United player. My husband saved the day! Remember these things if his sensory issues are still around in the future. It's all about the FUN!!


OMG CUTENESS. Also, Steve from Blue's Clues? Best. Idea. EVAR.

My husband spent a week creating this awesome Thomas costume for our two year old. We did trial runs and he was SO EXCITED to be Thomas and go trick or treating and "knock on doors". He even tried to go outside and trick or treat on Thursday during a trial run. We were golden, right?

We had him all suited up and were about to walk out the door when he just melted down. Absolutely would not walk, would not move, HAD TO TAKE THOMAS OFF NOW NOW NOW. My poor husband.

We ended up sticking him in his dragon cape from last year, and he was adorable and had a blast but man, that Thomas costume was amazing and we are SAD to see it wasted.

The plan now is to store it for next year, in the hopes that he'll tolerate Thomas then. However, your story about Noah does not give me promise. :-/

Props again for the adorable childrens and phenomenal pinch costume idea. :)


They are sooo cute!! I love the costumes...even Noah's.

I also wanted to let you know that I started my blog. Come by and see if you might want to read it.


being Noah is the best and so cute. Good job on the self esteem Amy!! And baby bear you are killing me, want to go make baby!!

Doll Clothes Gal

WOw 1000 - well done. Great pics - my daughter dressed as Hermione from Harry Potter and dressed her American Girl Doll the same.


My child throws a full blown screaming, raging shit fit whenever he has to put on a costume as well. Just so you know that your kid isn't the only one.


I love the bear outfit. Before I read what you wrote about noah and what he was supposed to be I saw the first picture and thought the guy from blues clues. Those pictures are all super adorable.


Aww.. how cute! Great idea for a not-a-costume.


It is funny, because I first thought, "Kids don't like costumes?" (Obviously, I am not yet a mom) However, I thought back to when I was little, and ALL of my costumes were made out of normal clothes that my mom revamped. My personal favorite: the year my sister and I went as fruit. I was a strawberry (red sweat suit with big black beads for seeds and a green felt "hat") and my sister was a bunch of grapes. Seriously. A purple sweat suit with big purple balloons blown up and pinned to her.

When we went to our preschool/elementary school's halloween carnival, everyone tried to pop her. :)


They are both gorgeous. Noah would have gotten along fabulously with Gabe. Up until the last second, Gabe refused even a semblance of a costume.


In this election season, it's quite a relief to see someone who wants to go out in public and just pose as themselves. Write in "Noah" on Tuesday!

And OMG, BEAR! So sweet!


My little guy (22 months) refuses to wear anything on his head but I managed to get him to wear the cape that came with the Vampire costume I ordered for him. But he really, really didn't like it so I only forced it upon him for actually trick or treating.

For the party he went to yesterday and the one we will be attending today he is Steve! It is a much more comfortable choice. Of course, the green dye that I used to color the white stripes on the green and white striped onsie that I found turns him ever so slightly green. Oh well!

Seems Great minds Think Alike.



First off, good for Noah in wanting to be himself for Halloween.

Secondly, this is not spam, we are a team of eight students from BU's School of Management who are in a product development class. The product that we are creating is a doll that teaches sun safety to young girls by having its skin on the arms and legs turn red when exposed to UV light (sunlight). We need assistance in getting feedback from mothers about our product.

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The link to our survey is:

Thank you very much. We appreciate your help.


The little bear suit is adorable and the Steve idea was a brilliant solution.


Great improvisation! I once dressed my 4 or 5 year old as a vampire at his request, complete with makeup. He looked in the mirror, scared himself and cried until we took everything off and found some jeans, flannel shirt and cowboy boots. He was happy being a cowboy. again.


1. Noah is adorable, in costume or out, but I give you *major* props for that costume idea, what a creative solution.
2. Baby + costumes + pirate socks = awwwwwwwwwwwww
3. God help my future kids because when they're too little to choose their costumes for themselves? IT'S ON with the cuteness. Starting with a pumpkin. I can already see the cuteness.
4. I want a camel colored peacoat. Seriously loving yours right now. Gorgeous.


"No costume. Just Noah"??? He is sooo adorable! Very nom nom nom.

And Ezra looks way cute in the piratey outfit.

Mary E

I'm delurking...I loved that Noah wanted to be "just Noah" and that last picture of him is my favorite of all time, I think.


no costume here either. and my kid looked about the same as yours - striped shirt and pants. He also had a blast regardless. maybe next year, right? Oh, I dressed up as a duck and said trick or treat so he could get the candy.


I LOVE the Steve from SC'c costume... I mean who doesn't like Steve? It sure beats the pants off 'Purple Pajama Girl,uh now I'mm totally not going anywhere dressed like this girl". But hey that's 12 yrs old for ya... It only gets worse as time goes by... Yea for you, you have boys, you Lucky Girl!!


Oh, that's so sweet. Noah is just Noah. I run princess/pirate parties for children, and it always seems that at least two or three children just don't want to put costumes on. None of the other children really notice, and it is always just fine.


Both boys looked wonderful in their costumes. Who knew I would like Noah more than Steve or Joe?

Erin Gardner

Your family is precious! Congratulations on little Ezra!! I have loved reading your blog over the past year. I also enjoy zero to forty. It has helped me a lot since I am due to have my first daughter, Bailey Grace at the beginning of March!

Thanks Amy and Congrats!

Miss Grace

Oh my goodness Gabriel totally has those Baby Legs. Still. As an almost 3-year-old. When he refuses to wear pants to school and it's COLD, he wears shorts and legwarmers. I'm not setting him up for failure AT ALL.

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