Possibly the Most Foul-Mouthed Entry I've Ever Published & That's Fucking Saying Something
38 Weeks & Change, No Comment

Um. Never Mind.

They just called.

I'm scheduled for October 15th at 2 pm, with my regular doctor, all is set and well. They still did not apologize, but hey, I wrote a bazillion angry paragraphs about them on the Internet. So...I win. I think.


And yet the anxiety-related cookie consumption continues unabated. Hmm.


Mel W.

Hey Amy, I hope this doesn't seem odd (it probably does) but I just saw your tweet about looking for a glider/ottoman on Craig's List. I've been meaning to post mine but just haven't gotten to it yet. This is the one I have - let me know if you're at all interested:


It's in great condition and I'd ask less than 1/2 the retail price - email me if you're interested and we can discuss (I'm in Centreville, VA btw) :)

Susan too

Not to one up you because hey, you deserve to be a little excited about this... I was planning a home birth with a midwife I had been seeing from week 8 of my pregnancy- at 34 weeks she informed me that she would be OUT OF THE COUNTRY, in China, studying herbs or some such crap, for a week, yes, the week I was due. Who would I like instead, A or B??? I just stared at her, went home and cried and then called her and let her have it. It wasn't like I could just show up at a hospital at that point...I almost killed her. I did have my baby when she was gone with a very nice back up midwife but I have never forgiven her and yes you can believe I let the general public know! sorry for the length.


I went for a very humiliating and physically uncomfortable visit to the urologist about a year ago. He literally did not even meet me until I was on a table in stirrups pointed right at the door into the hall with a camera poked into my bladder, then walked in to introduce himself and shake my hand. He recommended surgery, we talked pros and cons and recovery time etc., and as I checked out I gave my name to a lady who was going to set things up with the hospital and call me with a date. It's now been I think 10 months and they haven't called, lol - needless to say I had second thoughts about the procedure at first, and then about the office when they never called. I'll still have it done someday, but not by him.


I would just like to point out that I was NOTHING but polite and calm and POLITE in person -- not sure why I am getting accused of overreacting because I wrote an angry post on a BLOG, a post that really didn't include anecdotes of me cursing out the office staff or tearing up magazines in the waiting room or anything. They did screw up, it was very irritating and could have ended very differently (I mean, THEY were the ones telling me that the hospital was likely booked and my doctor wouldn't be able to do the surgery, even though that proved to be untrue), a simple "hey, sorry about all this, we'll do our best to make it right" would have been nice.

Like most bloggers, I use this space to work through stuff with words when I'm upset about something. It's also my pregnancy diary, and 38 weeks pregnant ain't always pretty or rational. But...uh, again, I was very polite to everyone involved and did not run anyone over with my car.

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