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Not Ezra's Birth Story

I've officially started working on Ezra's birth story. So that's...coming up. And all. Just FYI.

So, fine, technically all I've done so far is write "Ezra's Birth Story" in the title box and saved it as a draft. What? I didn't say it was coming up in like, the next five minutes or anything.



The Storch is strong with this one. I'm not entirely sure my genes were even in the room this time. Family members agree that he looks a lot like his Great-Great-Uncle Morty. Who looked exactly like what you would imagine a Great-Great-Uncle Morty looked like.


When I was a little girl, I used to pretend that I was a mommy to identical quintuplet girls. Their names were Priscilla, Penelope, Tiffany, Princessia and Rosepetal. I'm thinking that real life turned out much better.


Noah's also been much better. When he acts up (and it's nothing major, like hitting or running out in the street or drag racing down at the old culvert for pinks), we ignore him. Turn our backs, leave the room, refuse to acknowledge the Fit of Brat. When he does anything vaguely nice or lovely, we make a huge deal out of it.  Turns out that it's totally our attention that he wants! And he'll do whatever seems to get our attention! Good or bad! This is parenting rocket science here, folks. Don't be intimidated by my advanced discoveries or anything.


He's really, really enchanted by Baby Brother.


(I have about 5764635258 photos like this, by the way. And I will most likely force you to look at most of them.)


Occasionally I make it into the photos too. This is also a pretty common pose, minus the bed ever being made.



The pictures of them together kill me.

Also - at first I thought you were curled up on the floor in the last picture.


I love that last picture! You know at first I thought he looked just like Noah but now not so much! My 3rd did that to me also. Came out and looked like my 1st. We went home and a couple weeks later she looked like a completely different mix of us. I'm glad Noah is doing better. That makes life much sweeter when you like the little people ;)


I love those pictures with a passed out mommy and a baby cradled in there somewhere. The pets add a little spice!

ccr in MA

Oh, that last photo of the two boys kills with the teh cute. Also, I love how the animals are determined to find a place in that last photo. We WILL snuggle!


I'm pretty sure you sealed your fate as the mother of only boys when you chose those girl names!! Also, brilliant realization re: Noah's behavior. And not one drip of sacrasm--I think I would have kept giving him attention when bad then it would have just gotten worse. You're so smart!


This reminds me of when I came home with my second....and my first was 2.5 years old.

It's like you go to hospital with one baby..and you return home with one baby and one big kid.

The first baby doen't know how to adjust from being the baby to big kid.

You're doing a great job.


two things:
1 - your boys, all of them, are beautiful, you're a lucky lady.

2 - you look so watrm and snuggly in that last pic - would it be weird if i said I wanted to join you (soley for the cozy napping thing it looks like you've got going on, I SWEAR)

Katie Bug

I only rarely make it into the pictures too. I have to ASK to be in *some* of the pictures. And one of my cats is definitely with Ethan and I in some assemblance of the same pose as your last picture, except that she is more than likely back-to-back with the baby. Very Sweet :)


All you need is Noah curled up in the small of your back and Jason on the other side of the bed. Hail, hail, the fambly's all here!

Isn't it funny what we were gonna name our kids when we were younger. Guess that's part of the reason 4 year old girls can't give birth!


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! how sweet is that last picture. so snuggly..


So Sweet! Glad that things are calming down with Noah.


Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So cute.

Keep posting! I feel like all this cute will put me in labor.


That last photo is priceless. You are clearly nice to snuggle with.


Lovely photos, lovely fadalees (Alison's word for family).


You just can't get enough of eensy babykins photos.


I can't imagine being any more snuggly than that.


You're doing it again! Stop making my eggs drop. I don't want another baby yet. I don't want another baby yet. Must keep repeating to remind myself...


Oh. So gorgeous. I don't mind the pictures, Amy - keep 'em coming!

I love the baby & animals all gathered up around you in the last one. So sweet.


awe look at you all snuggled in bed! so cozy.

I am so glad to hear Noah is doing better, yay parenting techniques!

Also can't wait for the birth story, getting excited for it!


Delurking just to tell you that I have the same bedspread. LOVE it. Oh yeah, and the boys are cute too ;)


So darn cute! I'm glad things are improving with Noah. And "who looked exactly like what you would imagine a Great-Great-Uncle Morty looked like"? BWAHAHA! (Okay, that may be the sleep dep talking, but I thought it was pretty darn funny.)

Jen L.

Fantastic pictures! Don't feel bad, Dean will be ten months old in a couple of days and I STILL haven't posted his birth story. I've been waiting for NaBloPoMo. Yeah, that's it...
SO glad to hear Noah is getting better!

Sprite's Keeper

They are all gorgeous pictures!


I'm really glad you have the tantrummy business figured out. Makes total sense but I didn't think of it til you said it. Which is why YOU are the rocket scientist.

And thanks for the pictures. I really just can't get enough of the family.


That looks like a yummy nap, and look at you all dressed and boobs covered up and no poo or projectile fluids in sight! You make it look so glamorous =)


I'll just have to join in with the 'awwwwwwwww!'



i like the photo where you can see three hands touching, dad's, boy's, baby's. you could crop it and blow it up a bit...


I love how serious newborns look. Ezra will be a deep thinker. You can see he's already working on solving the world's hunger issue.

Why Mom Drinks Rum

OK, can I please have your cat? I had a cat JUST LIKE that growing up...Piewackit....loved him!

Siamese are the best.

Cutie kids as well! I miss that lump stage. They're all, talking and opinionated, and "Mom I don't want to wear a ballerina costume" now. Pfffa.

Enjoy it!


Apparently it is just me, but I really do think Ezra looks quite a bit like you. Whoever those boys look like, they sure are cute.


Killing me with the cuteness!! The boys are so handsome! You guys did great.


OMG, those pictures are killing me softly. And making me want a second baby even more than ever.


The last photo makes me want to take a nap.

Your boys are beautiful.


Love the pictures!!! And I agree, Ezra does appear to look more like Jason than Noah does. Precious either way. :)


That sound you hear is my heart squinching.


You're kidding about Ezra looking like a Storch, right? That kid is a DEAD RINGER for you! He looks exactly like that picture of you in the upper left corner of this site. His nose especially is yours.


Whatever, he totally has your nose.


You have the best pets ever, look how nicely they nap with you and the baby. So sweet.


That last photo is definitely my favorite.


How many photo's did you say?? Oh goody! Can't wait to see them all.


oh, i think he looks SO much like you! the nose, especially! love the pics, keep em coming :-)


More Pictures = Awesome!


My first is six months old. I will now STOP READING Amalah's website, so I do NOT embark on kid #2 now, because (as previously stated) my first kid is six months old. Dood, I'm still waiting for the linea nigra to fade.

Struggling with Noah and all, you make this shizz look easy. And wonderful. A beautiful pair of boys.

Suzy Q

Ezra's got your nose, so you're in there somewhere. That last picture is too cute.


please post all 5764635258 pictures posthaste. Especially if they include adorable pets.


The dog, the cat the baby, you, it is all cute to the maximum power.


God, you don't even look like you just had a baby. I hate you.


I am on the Ezra looks like you boat! I used to pretend I had twelve boys! Now I have 3, but I always wanted boys for some reason!


I love the last picture. It looks like my life, except there are two cats --- no purse dogs. :)

Beautiful family!


I can't stop aw-ing over that last photo. You all look so blissful!


That last picture is perfect and lovely and will probably rot my teeth. In the best possible way though. :)


Re: "When he acts up (and it's nothing major, like hitting or running out in the street or drag racing down at the old culvert for pinks), we ignore him."
Delurking because you've managed to capture both my life (my son is in a hitting phase, and a name calling phase... though he doesn't know many bad words, so sometimes calls me "BAD WORD HEAD!") AND my favorite movie of all time in a single sentence. Brilliant!


Looks like my house.

Border collie usually spooning the back of my legs or next to me in front with her head on my shoulder sleeping (or staring at me breathing into my nose to see if I'll get up and feed her).

Siamese on top of legs/hips because it's all about mom.

Older dog under the bed in case of intruders so she can scare the shit out of them by bitting off their achilles heel

Older cat giving two shits if I live or die. I'm in her way and she'll be damned if she's moving so she steps on my hair.

Now tell me, where the hell is Aidan going to fit in that scene?

Yep. This is why baby sleeping in the bed probably won't happen.


That last picture is totally me if my boyfriend and I brought home a new baby. More often than not I sleep with my legs awkwardly curled around one animal or another.


Very cute kids and pets. Lovely photo at the end. But the birth story thing... I thought you had a scheduled c-section and went into surgery at the appointed time and had the baby. Is there some drama?


noah's hand next to ezra's head? it's like the land of the giants. and don't you wish you could look at someone's hand the way noah is looking at ezra's? like it's the most amazing thing you have ever seen?

OK, scratch that, that's exactly what you have been doing since he was born. Forgot.


Love the picture with you and Ezra snuggled up with your your original babies. They seem to be warming up to having a new baby around just fine!


That was supposed to say "with you and your original babies".


So smart! My doctor told me that about my son - ignore all bad behavior and praise the HELL out of good behavior. I'm glad things are going better.


I think he looks like Jason, and that that pic of the three of your boys is priceless! And that bottom pic of you, Ezra, and fluffy pets looks so cozy, it makes me want to go take a nap too! Awesome pics. And I'm glad to hear that Noah is not acting out anymore. :)


Great photos, those newborns evolve so quickly.

I also had imaginary future daughters, but in two sets. The triplets were Faith, Hope, and Charity, and then the twins Melissa (Missy) and Melinda (Mindy). My reality is also much preferred.


What a beautiful family (pets included)!!! Congrats!


The great thing about being the person that every small thing in the house wants to sleep next to is that you don't have to worry about ever being cold.


Rosepetal??? all those girlie names were perfect but I liked Rosepetal the best!

I also love how Ceiba & Max snuggle up with you guys during naptime. :)


The pictures are awesome, so glad to hear that you've figured out Noah's needs and just looking at you in that last picture makes me want to take a nap.


"or drag racing down at the old culvert for pinks"

you can always make me laugh. omg omg. hilarious.

and your whole family is just precious. amy, that last picture is adorable. look at his face! so peaceful. congratulations again. i'm thrilled for you.


I LOVE the last photo. And the second-to-last photo. And...

Okay, they are all pretty great (but I REALLY love the last one...).


He is an absolute doll!


okay nofair you don't look like a postpartum lady, (except for the tiny sleeping human), you are wearing actual pants and shirt, shirt doesn't look like shapeless nursey shirt, either!! pants are not shapeless yoga pants, and you have skinny legs and butt. nofair.
you have a beautiful family, which is fair cuz so do I. (sept I have four daughters, and I always envisioned being a 'boy' mom. Now i couldn't imagine it any other way)

M.A. Smith

That last picture is making me dream of having my own little person to cuddle up with.

My heart, it longs.

But, Noah and Ezra together make me want to swoon with the love shown.


I definitely think he has the same nose as you and Noah.


I love that last picture! So snugly!


Ezra's outfit totally matches the bedspread in that first photo! I love all these photos, Noah touching Ezra's hands is so sweet, and that last photo, awww! I remember how sweet that was, falling asleep with a swaddled newborn pressed in close like that. And my cat sleeps in the same place as Max is in your photo, but my dog sleeps on my feet. Glad you are all doing so well!


OMG that last picture makes my heart hurt. Look at all the cute little creatures that love you!


God, you have some BEAUTIFUL boys!


So glad for you that Noah is doing better! :)

Also- thanks for sharing all those photos! No, I mean it! It's lovely to see your little family like that.
I have to admit, a favorite is definitely the inclusive-species napping going on in that last one :)

Wacky Mommy

The stories and advice are nice and all, but you know I really come here for the pix.

(Kidding -- I love your writing, too.)


oh my goodness that last photo is killing me with cute!


best sleeping position ever ;-)


god, that last pic is fantastic. i know you ended up in that position fully clothed without even getting under the covers only out of complete and utter exhaustion, but it's still fantastic.


Love all the pics but that last one is my favorite. You and Ezra all curled up with the pets is just too cute.


They are both adorable. I have no problem with seeing pictures....I do the exact same thing. Here's a new post; see photos of my baby. I think we all do it.

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