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So I think I've officially lost my sense of humor about this whole House of Doom and Germs and Fluids Leaking From Everybody's Headholes thing. Perhaps I left it at the pediatrician's office this morning. Perhaps I'll call and see if anyone has noticed the smell of death coming from their Lost & Found. Today's photo, if I chose to illustrate our plight, which I won't, because it's fucking disgusting, would feature the red oozing eyes of both Noah AND HIS MOTHER, who are sporting matching cases of pinkeye. Noah is also covered in a horrible itchy rash, which I... Read more →


Presenting the most pathetic little being on Earth: Red, swollen, watery eyes, a runny nose and the teensiest little sneeze you've ever heard. Yep, that's a three-week-old with a cold, right there. He put up a good fight all last week, when the first wave of preschool germs took the rest of us down, but THIS COLD, THE NEW ONE, well. Even an exclusively breastfed infant* can't withstand two full weeks of his mother sneezing directly on his head without eventually succumbing to the Ick. I really wanted to update yesterday -- what a day for radio silence, a day... Read more →

Housekeeping Not Involving My House

Honestly, I could do an entire photo essay about nothing more than the various large, gaping holes in my walls and ceilings at this point. There are at least seven of them, and I am getting better at ignoring them every day. It's like hands-free breastfeeding. It just takes practice. Anyway. Website housekeeping! Exactly the kind of post everybody hates, but please. I just had a baby. I bought clothes and diapers for a linebacker and gave birth to a peanut. I thought the two Miracle Blankets we received as gifts (thank you Michael and Amy!!) would be enough but... Read more →

Not Ezra's Birth Story

I've officially started working on Ezra's birth story. So that's...coming up. And all. Just FYI. So, fine, technically all I've done so far is write "Ezra's Birth Story" in the title box and saved it as a draft. What? I didn't say it was coming up in like, the next five minutes or anything. In the meantime, HERE! HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS! BECAUSE I NEVER JUST FUCKING POST ENOUGH PHOTOS! The Storch is strong with this one. I'm not entirely sure my genes were even in the room this time. Family members agree that he looks a lot like his... Read more →