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Presenting the most pathetic little being on Earth:


Red, swollen, watery eyes, a runny nose and the teensiest little sneeze you've ever heard. Yep, that's a three-week-old with a cold, right there. He put up a good fight all last week, when the first wave of preschool germs took the rest of us down, but THIS COLD, THE NEW ONE, well. Even an exclusively breastfed infant* can't withstand two full weeks of his mother sneezing directly on his head without eventually succumbing to the Ick.

I really wanted to update yesterday -- what a day for radio silence, a day when I finally could write about something other than my children or my boobs or the giant chunk of wall the plumber took out in my living room**, especially with my ultra-conservative in-laws visiting and thus forcing me to scale back my gleeful victory dance back to a small silent one, using only my index fingers*** -- but found myself capable of little more than whiiiiiiiiinnnnning about how siiiiiiiiiiick I was, falling victim to the famed blogger compulsion to go on and on about the miiiiiiisery of our cold symptoms, giving the world more metaphors for post-nasal drip than the whole of Western literature, and probably giving a race of alien beings who are intercepting our Internets the perception that our planet would make for an easy invasion, because goddamn, what a bunch of pussies.

*God, I know, right? That's so obnoxious sounding, the way I just slip that in there, all FYI style, like hooray! My boobs WIN. Where's my MEDAL. Pass the damn INFANT NOSEBULB SUCKERTHING.

**A hole that was only required to repair the leak that he caused three days earlier, which we discovered via the water pouring into the basement. Dear Alien Overlords, please take out the plumbers first.

***And to think, it used to blow my mind that my boys would grow up never knowing what life was like before you could pause live television. And now this!



That might be the most pathetic, adorable little guy I've ever seen! Hoping you all feel better soon!

Maxine Dangerous

Aww! Feel better, little guy! :)

Donna P

Oh, poor baby. Just look at those eyes. I feel for him - and all of you. Hope you feel better soon.


Awwwww, poor wittle Ez. Hope you all feel better soon!!!


Oh my goodness break mah lil heart!


Poor little punkinhead. And poor Ezra, too.


Oooh. He's so cute and miserable. Poor thing.

Her Bad Mother

The boobs always win. ALWAYS. Never forget that.

(Also: AAWWWW.)


He's working the "I feel like crap" look.

Feel better soon. Personally, I think not being able to celebrate the victory is worse that being sick.

Shall we call you Dharma?

Sprite's Keeper

Oh, the poor baby! I remember having a horrible cold 3 weeks into motherhood and hacking up a lung over my infant while she nursed simultaneously praying she wouldn't bite me accidentally and kind of hating her since she did NOT get sick.


Poor, precious baby! Hope he feels better soon! (And y'all, of course, too!)


Aw, bless his heart. It is so hard to see babies sick, especially the teeny tiny ones like Ezra.

And YOU GO on the breastfeeding.


Good thing you are breastfeeding and not feeding him that awful formula, he would probably need to be a PICU recovering, but thankfully the antibodies are working. Smell something?


He's still the most adorable thing ever!

Get better soon.


awww - poor little baby! He looks just like I feel when I have a cold.

I commiserate with the silent victory dance. In my case it's my normally DH, who is a rabid and somewhat obnoxious McCain fan. No way he could be gracious about his guy not winning. Better all around for me to keep my thoughts about it all to myself. Thank goodness for the many wonderful bloggers who've given/give me an outlet for the glee, and hope for the future, I have.


Oh, the poor little peanut! Hugs to Ezra.

And ROCK ON with the boobs!! I am so damn happy for you.


boo on sickness! hope you are all feeling better soon :)


Poor little guy. That picture is enough to know what is wrong with him.

So little to be sick, but at least maybe he won't realize how miserable he feels.

Hope all of you are better soon.


Joe the Plumber exacting his revenge? That's ok you still win!


That certainly is a pathetic picture. You have my sympathies for the silence yesterday. I just want to be shouting off the rooftops and no one in my daily life would appreciate that very much. Except my hubby--he's getting the brunt of it. woohoo!


Dear Amalah,
I must bequeath you with the proper name for the INFANT NOSEBULB SUCKERTHING.
In our house, it will forever be known as:


Ha! When I found out we will next have PRESIDENT OBAMA (!!!) I was at work, and I had to confine my crazy happiness to some squealing and dancing around in the back office. Once I got in my car I then proceeded to scream in happiness. YEESSS!


Oh my. That baby's face breaks my heart. Look at those eyes!!


Poor precious baby! I just want to squeeeeeze him. Hope you all feel better soon.


Poor Ezra! I hope you are both on the mend soon.


You need to buy this today:

It will change your life. They should pay me because I've demonstrated how awesome it sucks snot and sold about 15 of them.

twins x cold + bulb sucker = misery

twins x cold + nosefrida = quick snot removal.

Totally worth $15.


Not to disenfranchise you or anything, but both of my girls were exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of their lives (after which, we introduced solids, but not formula, so plenty of breastfeeding was still going on) and they got EVERY cold that came down the pike. My first also got a cold when she was 2 weeks old or 4 weeks old, I can't remember which. Yes, it sucked. But you know that. I'm only chirping in here to tell you that - despite what the literature says - breastfed babies still get colds. Since Noah is in daycare, I suspect that you might have a pretty rough winter of colds ahead of you... Sorry....


Not to disenfranchise you or anything, but both of my girls were exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of their lives (after which, we introduced solids, but not formula, so plenty of breastfeeding was still going on) and they got EVERY cold that came down the pike. My first also got a cold when she was 2 weeks old or 4 weeks old, I can't remember which. Yes, it sucked. But you know that. I'm only chirping in here to tell you that - despite what the literature says - breastfed babies still get colds. Since Noah is in daycare, I suspect that you might have a pretty rough winter of colds ahead of you... Sorry....


FYI, everybody. I was being VERY tongue-in-cheek about the breastfeeding thing. I'm thrilled that it's working out so well for us this time, but I know very well that it's not a magical cure-all suit-of-armor against illnesses. The preschool petrie dish of germs is unstoppable, so whattaya gonna do about it except bitch to the Internet?


Get well soon.

Ever since a couple days ago when you posted the 5 girls names you used to like, I have not been able to get hilarious Princessia and Rosepetal out of my mind. Those seem like names that my 6 year old self would also have loved.


Poor little munchkin. Hope y'all feel better soon.


Awww, poor kid.

As for the other thing ... hope you get some real celebration time soon. I feel as though I've awoken from an eight-year nightmare.


I too wanted to do way more celebrating than I could (I was at a function with some very conservative church friends, who were all quite gloomy for the bulk of the results coming in). When I got home victory was pretty clear. When they announced it and McCain and Obama gave their speeches, I WOKE my kids up to sit with my husband and me to watch so that we could share our joy with someone! They were thrilled.


oh, that is truly a delicious, scruptious, yummy little sick bebe. kiss that sweet head. i hope you're all feeling better soon.


Aw, poor little guy. He is SO precious, Amy.

Sadly, Progeny #2 always gets more illness than Progeny #1. In fact, Anjali and Arun both got their first ear infections at the SAME time, he was just over 2 and she 5 months old. Sigh. Still with the breastfeeding, it does seem like she kicks all the bugs more quickly than we do - she always gets a "lighter" version of whatever we are suffering from.


Awww. We have a day away from being a 4 week old baby in our house that has a cold. So does this mama. It sucks. Ours had nothing to do with preschool but an aunt that was sick but refused to admit that she might be contagious.

I'm probably still bitter. Ugh.


Bless! Feel better soon little baby Ezra!


And yet he is sporting such a sweet little plaid and corduroy outfit. What a trouper.


I am so glad to have found a blog written by someone who is also going through the whole recent second kid (mine is 7 weeks), leaky boobs,lack of sleep (not to mention irritating conservative in-laws) thing. Rant on.


If you need a little laugh to pick you up check out today's post at Sundry Mourning. HAHAHAHA you will probably be able to relate.

Jen L.

Aw, poor sweet baby! That is a pitiful face. I hope you all feel better soon!


My daughter was 2 weeks with her first cold, I was thoroughly p.o.ed I want a refund on the boobs. She's just gotten over the second one at 5 months, a REALLY vicious cough and cold. It's misery, but only to be expected since she's number 2 and her big brother can't stop kissing, hugging, and playing with her, also putting her toys in his mouth!

Jim @ IPR

Poor thing. I hope he's better soon. I always hated using the snot sucker.


I know! I got all teary eyed, realizing that the first president that our babies will remember is president Obama. I am so proud of this country!

Sarah Ross

We're so there! My Sadie got it @ 5 weeks and has just finally broken free. She was sneezed & coughed on repeatedly by her ever-so-loving and full-of-preschool-germs brother. Lots of saline, the humidifier, and the evil bulb syringe. None helped much...mostly just waiting it out...


Our 10-week-old son bravely fought off a cold with just a few sneezes and some congestion. My wife wanted to take him to the doctor. I, of course, only wanted to pick the gigantic boogers out of his nose.


Yeah for your boobs! Hope you all feel better soon. (Also, be careful if you are taking any decongestants, they can seriously dry up your milk supply.)


awwww poor baby. Hope you all are feeling better soon


(1) Go boobs! And proud we are of both of them. (2) Ezra totally wins as the most pathetic little adorable creature on earth right now. (3) Go Pres. OBAMA! I'm still in happy shock, and, like you, LOVE the fact that my daughter (due in 2 weeks) will see a black president as business as usual.


My first response upon seeing that picture: Awwwwwwwwww! Poor widdle ting!

Momma Trish

He may be pathetic. But he's really cute! I hope you all feel better soon.

Momma Trish

My comment disappeared!! If it shows up more than once, please forgive me.

Anyway ...

He may be pathetic, but he sure is cute too! I hope you all feel better soon.


So cute even in sickness!


I'm sorry to hear the little one is sick! These freakin' colds are going around. I've caught 3 in two little germ-child gives me everything he gets.

mojavi at Simple Things

Hey... Kena and I came home from the hospital with a horrible cold! I ordered one of the European nose aspirators.. a.k.a. booger sucker outer.. and lets just say it rocks. SOOOO much more efficient than the American bulb from hell. Also go buy some Simply saline and spray it up his nose before you use the bulb. It loosens all the gunk and is good for drying it out. Plus pediatrician recommended.


Oh that poor baby! Look at him! He's so sad, but so so sweet at the same time!

I hate it when home repairs go wrong and you wind up with holes in your walls.


If that's his sick face NOW, imagine when he's 14 and just wants to skip school for the day. He'll make a sucker out of you in no time haha


If that's his sick face NOW, imagine when he's 14 and fakes it to get out of school. He'll make a sucker out of you in no time, hahaha!


OH slightly different double post. LAME.


Oh no- poor little Ezra! What a face! I hope he (and the rest of you too!) feels better soon.
Ah, he is just TOO cute, sick or healthy!

Also, re: the election: WOOOOHOOO! :)


Sorry about your colds. Poor Ezra...I think we may be coming down with something similar around here.

Now......EEEEEEE!!!! I am so excited about Tuesday's results. I can't imagine growing up in a world where an African American president is, like, no big deal -- "Duh, mom this isn't, like, the 1900s anymore".

I thought about explaining to my three year old how exciting and historical the moment was and then I realized that he doesn't even know the difference between black and white. I decided to keep it that way.


My daughter got a cold at one week old. I think it was the cold blowing air vents at the hospital blowing on my bed!! brrr.... newborn colds suck


I've been reading your blog for a while, and this picture finally made me comment. That is the cutest, most precious pitiful looking baby I have seen. I hope you all feel better soon.


I need to second the nosefrida recommendation above - it is life changing.

Alternate title for this post: Flemington (or Phlegmington, I guess.) We drive through that town on the way to my inlaws and my husband and I compete to see who can say it in the most appropriate tone.


He looks a little like Noah there, actually.


Oh my god the poor baby. He looks so...resigned to his cold. Hope you all are feeling much better soon!

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