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Diagnosis: Idiot

A Bunch of Turkeys

(Photo-heavy post warning. Click below or skip it completely. It's like your very own Matrix blue pill/red pill conundrum!)

We kept trying to call the stuffing "bread" and the cranberry sauce "jelly" and the cauliflower gratin "macaroni and cheese" and the turkey "the flesh of thine enemies" but Noah would have none of it. None of any of it.

He did eat a slice of apple crumb pie. The next morning. For breakfast.

You would think we have a lot of leftovers still in the fridge, but we actually don't. What can I say? I do good work, people.

I also know how to really capture the spirit and mood of the day in photographs. Clearly.

(Was only photographed in his swing because OH MY GOD, HE'S IN HIS SWING AND NOT SCREAMING. Jason suggested I hold him for the above photos, to which I responded: ARE YOU HIGH, HE'S IN HIS SWING AND NOT SCREAMING.)

(Was also very almost accidentally mistaken for some sausage and sauteed with butter and mixed into the stuffing.)

And now, the Seemingly Required Noah and Ezra Hugging As If They Liked Each Other Or Something Photo Of The Day:


And now, some bonus outtakes. Click to embiggen:




happy thanksgiving!

You all look healthy!


Looks delicious!!


Beautiful pictures :) Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving.


Your family is adorable!


Aw, Happy Thankgiving!

And I love how Ezra is smiling while Noah is hugging him. So CUTE! :) Oh, you and Jason make such ADORABLY NOM-able children!

Alicia Millis

wow! impressive spread!! looks delicious!! It sounds like you had a great thanksgiving!

ps your hair is looking awesome

Sensibly Sassy

WIth kids as cute as those feel free to have picture heavy posts


looks like you changed your mind about just eating butter out of the package.

You did a great job, both with the beautiful boys and a delicious looking dinner.

Sprite's Keeper

Where did you get those utensils? LOVE THEM!


Um, your house looks really clean for someone who just had a baby. (I should know, because I just had a baby 4 weeks ago.) Should I be expecting to really make great progress in housecleaning in the next 2 weeks? Or do you have some secret?


Looks like you are all feeling much better. Glad to see sickness did not interfere with the yumminess that is Thanksgiving. Feel free to mail any extra stffing my way. I could eat that stuff all day, everyday!


Love your dining room table... Specifically, the chairs. Everything looks pretty!


Everyone will undoubtedly tell you how cute your hair is (it IS!), how clean your house looks (it DOES!), how delicious the food looks (really GOOD!), and how your children look even more delicious (MMMM!), so I won't bore you with endless praise (but seriously- great stuff all around).

Instead- I would like to ask what the ghost type movement/reflection/goo on my contact lens is in the kitchen. Did you have a Thanksgiving poltergeist?
And also- I would like to commend you on the empty wine rack. You obviously have been busy.


But where were Max and Ceiba?!

Oh, yeah. You set a nice table, Amy!


Love it! Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you guys survived your "festivities"...


I especially love Ezra's expression on the top left of the outtakes. Friggin cute those kids.


Looks like you have your Christmas card photo there. Such cute boys!


Adorable photos of the boys.

How do you not have leftovers? I have a ton and only had two side dishes.


Oh, I second the poltergeist question.

Your kids are so darned cute. Makes me want to have another one. Love the matching sweaters!


I second the Christmas card suggestion and thus demand to be sent one!

Also, as per the movie reviews -- the three poopy diapers from Ezra? Love it. I watched Fred Claus and also give it three poopy diapers. Though they were thrown at the screen because that movie sucked.


Those boys, they are too adorable. It makes my ovaries pinch. Cuties, for sure!

Glad you had a happy, filling Thanksgiving! I gained a turkey, I swear.


THAT GRAVY BOAT IS DIVINE!!!!!!!!!! Where did you get it???


I see a wine rack back there and its fucking empty. Geez I starting to get worried man.

Glad you had an awesome Gobble Gobble


Okay. I've been lurking for a long time, but have to decided to de-lurk to say: What sweet lil' kiddos you have! Those cheeks are delightful. And I very much admire the color-coordination exemplified by these photos. Hope you had a lovely holiday. :)


Ok, the look on Noah's face in the first picture is KILLING me. He's all "Hell no."

And how did you get the tow to mimic each other's expressions? That's hilARious!


Wow....Can we come next year?!


OMG...they are so cute together! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Chibi Jeebs

Oh my holy hell are your boys adorable! Not that you didn't already know that.

I love how Ezra's expressions go from enjoying the love to uncertainty to "MOOOOOOOOOOOOM! HE'S TOUCHIN' MEEEEEEEEEE! MAKE HIM STOPPPPPPPP!"


Are your boys in matching sweaters? Really? Awesome. Did Jason get one too?


aw, percy and thomas were at our thanksgiving too. :-) love the pictures.

Maria A.

I always make sure that my table has biscuits or croissants on it because that is what my younger kids will eat. I stopped making a big deal about it a few years ago. If it makes you feel any better, my first two roll eating kids are now 11 and 9 and ate big plates of just about everything. I also want to say I love your outtakes. Have a great month!


I totally told mine the turkey was chicken. After he ate it and said he liked it, I told him this was a special chicken called turkey. That was the end of that.

Abra Leah

1. Bradley didn't eat anything either. Nada.
2. Where did you get the rockin' thomas silverware? That looks like a great bribe. Uh, I mean present.


One order of chubby Ezra cheeks, straight up! OMG, Nom. And Noah. Could he get any better looking? Looks like you guys had a great holiday!

Dawn B

Our (almost) 3 year old wouldn't touch any of my fantastic grub either. If it ain't mac and cheese James isn't interested.
Awesome photos. and mmmm..butter

I dig the Thomas silverware set. My nephews Christmas is in the BAG


All three of my kids ate food this year. Turkey food. Honest to God turkey. This has never happened before. Usually one or two of them only eats rolls. Hang in there.


My child also eats nothing. I am amazed she is standing. Wind pudding and fried ice. argh. I wish I could have been there to pick up the slack.


Fraulein N

The first one of the boys would be perfect on Christmas cards, if you do that sort of thing.


De-lurking because I can. And because your family is so cute and I love the fact that you had a color-coordinated Thanksgiving. And to tell you that my 12 year old cousin still only eats plain, smashed dinner rolls at every holiday meal, and sometimes uncooked pasta.


KayTar had one bite of mashed potatoes and then left the table and insisted that no one move her plate. Not that she was going to eat anymore, but dammit, the plate was staying there anyway!


The out-takes are just perfect. Especially the one where Noah is mashing Ezra's face in festive thanksgiving style.


Re: the empty wine rack. Fear not, we have like, three others that were all very well stocked.

"Were." BTW. "Were."


Oh! And the Thomas silverware. I am pretty sure we got them at Buy Buy Baby. They're great. I think one time Noah even used them to eat actual food!!


Your festive clothing did not go unnoticed! Happy holidays!

Wacky Mommy

Yeah, we get the holiday moments and the photo ops around here catch as catch can, too :)

Thank God for swings.

I am convinced that Noah and my kids will all eat like normal humans by the time they're grown. Please humor me.


Wait, you have a new baby and a toddler, and you are able to COOK? How? Mine is ten weeks old, and it takes me an hour and a half to make the simplest meal. Even with my husband helping. You need to write a how-to manual. PLEASE. Or maybe I'll just send this question to the Advice Smackdown.


Sweet! Also, your hair looks fabulous in these photos.


The outtakes are hilarious. We go through the same thing on a regular basis with our three year old and six month old. (They really do like each other now! But we think that will only last until the little one shows an interest in his brother's cars and/or trains. Right now the big brother enjoys smothering and dragging the little brother whenever he feels like it. Fun!)


First of all, I want to know how you manage to look so great when (a) you're sick, (b) your childen are sick and (c) you have no family there for help. Second, I want to know how you manage to set such a great table AND make such a fab Thanksgiving meal.
The boys look adorable. I will now go view my "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"-type pictures of my own Thanksgiving and try to be thankful....(lol)

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