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The Angel in the Details


I've been working on an entry on and off today, and it's now becoming clear that I am just not going to finish it. (Deep existential questions have been distracting me, like, which do I tackle first? soiled diaper or soiled bedclothes? kiss that bonked noggin or clean the spit-up out of my bra?) However, I'd like to move on from all the screechy rage, so here, please enjoy some goofy pictures of the mighty Ez and his chins.


Okay, and one quick anecdote: I forgot I had a dentist appointment this morning, and since it was too late to reschedule, I had no choice but to take Ezra with me. (Honestly, I cannot be expected to remember an appointment I arranged six months ago. I mean, I bought a couple of new nursing bras this weekend but I have already forgotten where I put them.) (If you see them lying around, please let me know.)


I was bracing myself for a disaster -- especially since he quietly slept in his carseat in the waiting room for 20 terribly wasted minutes -- because OH YEAH. If there's anything better than the cacophony of hideous drills and electric plaque removers and Lite Jazz radio that is the dentist's office, it's all that PLUS a screaming infant.


And instead, he slept the entire time. Completely ruined my hope for an easy blog post, too. Other than the dentist scolding me about not flossing enough and then bizarrely trying over and over to diagnose my peacefully sleeping baby with reflux (DUDE, SERIOUSLY. HE DOESN'T HAVE REFLUX. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT. YOU NEED TO LET THIS GO.), the appointment was completely unremarkable and boring and...wait. I've completely forgotten why I brought it up in the first place.



Huh. Okay, let's try this again: This morning Ezra smiled at Noah -- an actual, purposeful hey-I-like-you smile -- for the first time, while they cuddled together on the couch.  I sometimes suspect Noah likes holding Ezra more for the attention it brings HIM, rather than actually liking him, or understanding him, and I also suspect he is really, REALLY dying to know what Ezra's eyeballs feel like, snd whether they smush like Play-Doh.


But this morning, when Ez cracked that crooked, gummy smile, Noah was thrilled. He laughed and shrieked, which made Ezra smile even more, and...wait. Jesus. Why can't I seem to tell an anecdote with a point today? Well. You weren't there to see it and I didn't get any pictures and minutes later Noah decided his train set was way more interesting, but right when it happened? It was real cute.

So I guess I'm writing it down so I don't forget. Dear Self: December 3rd. Ezra smiled at his big brother, and it was real cute.

(P.S. Seriously, Self, where the hell did you put those bras?)



No, the eyeballs will smush like grapes.
Great post. Love you to BITS.


oh my lord. I can actually feel my ovaries crying out for a wee baby double chin to gobble. My best bet for your nursing bras, the place you put all your extra target purchased toilet paper.

Ashley Fitting

Wow - look at those YUMMY little scrumptious chins :-) He's a total sweetie pie... and apparently is trying to trick you into believing that you can now take him everywhere and he will sleep through anything... MUUHAHAHAHAH... Sneaky :-)


Oh my gosh, am I going crazy or is Ezra starting to resemble your dad a bit? He's so handsome, Ezra is. I love how their features emerge after the first month, out of the newly-born-slightly squished-puffiness.


What is it with people trying to diagnose babies? I can't tell you how many times I've been told that I don't make enough milk, so I should stop nursing. Forget that all of my babies were deliciously chubby and peed and pooped so much that we should have our own private landfill. And OMG he/she cries at night, it must be colic/acid reflux/the bubonic plague!

I'm glad your dental visit went well!

Sprite's Keeper

Yeah, didn't read a word of it. Too busy staring at cheeks, chins, babiliciousness, why the HELL can't they package this stuff?! I would totally buy it!

exile on mom street

You will be very glad that wrote down the smile thing. Seriously.

19 years from now when they're both in college (aack!) it'll make you all weepy.

meleah rebeccah

"it's all that PLUS a screaming infant."


Ezra is super adorable.


He is so adorable. I am in love with the chins and cheeks.

I can't wait for the first smiles around here. Her big brother is already to the moon about having a baby around, I can't imagine what will happen when she actually interacts with him.

Chibi Jeebs

19 years? Try another 1.5 when Ezra tries to *play* with that train set... ;)

Gorgeous bebe!


He is SO cute and looks a lot like Noah. His eyes are so dark!


ACK. The chins. The cheeks. The hair fuzz. I just baby talked to your photos. "Awww...wook at wittle Ez. Wittle sweet bay-bee. OM NOM NOM."

I know. I'm terrible. It's just the chins! The chins!!!


That first picture is just:
A. Adorable
B. Unbelievably Cute
D. All of the above

Definitely D. Going with D.


The sheer nomnomnom-ness of those chins is enough to make anyone not be able to post, or remember dental appointments, or find bras.



I look at his pictures and think, World Peace, right here, people.

So precious!!!


OH! He is so seriously, smooshably ADORABLE! Just precious!!


OH dear those pictures give me baby fever like you wouldn't believe and I definitely cannot get pregnant for at least 2 more years.....Grrrr.....I may have to swear off Amalah for a while if you keep doing this (which is to say, please more baby pics pleeeeeeease).

Alicia Millis

awe he is such a good little boy already! and how cute smiling at Noah!

Did you check the fridge for the bras?


Love this age!

It's when they morph from tiny newborn to puff-a-lump chub.

At six weeks, my son instantly turned into Jabba the Baby.


He is just so delicious!!

Now, my 3-month-old DOES have reflux. Bad. He's on an antacid, but I'm still curious. Did your dentist give you any non-needed but nonetheless interesting tips?


Absolutely adorable, and I love the fact that Noah is excited to get smiled at. Baby smiles = instant happiness. Try and disprove it! (Can't be done.) :)


How do you get anything done with that chunky monkey around? I would be smooching on him ALL day!


Oh my word, those pictures really make me miss when I had a baby to snuggle and chomp. Though my 6 year old is still good for a snuggle and chomp occasionally.


Its amazing how much he looks like Noah in those pictures. But I feel like when I've seen him, he hasn't looked that much like Noah.


Its amazing how much he looks like Noah in those pictures. But I feel like when I've seen him, he hasn't looked that much like Noah.


sorry for the double comment. My computer freaked out a little bit there. Must be the baby pictures.


Ezra is SO cute!! Oh, and I bought 2 sports bras a couple weeks ago and now cannot find them anywhere...but I don't have any children so I have no excuse--just plain losin' my mind!! Let me know if you find them with your nursing bras... ;)


That child is so very chompable. Almost makes me want to start bugging my kids for a grandkid. But then I'd have to watch it. The dog is easier.

Soo cool about Ezra's smile - I thought that in one of the earlier photos he had a happy half smile, held by big brother. And Noah's reaction is totally typical big brother - Yeah, that was cool, he's a nice little guy, but it's not like he's a train set. Mom won't let me push him along the carpet and make train noises, so trains still rule.

Check the hamper or laundry room for the bras. These are the days when all clothing is presumed dirty and scooped up on sight.

Nancy R

I always told my kids, "When the baby smiles at you that means she loves you."

It didn't take long, and I was hearing, "MOM! She smiled at me! That means she loves me!"

Too damn cute.

So, Ezra smiled at Noah because he loves him.


During all of that reflux talk, I think I would have been a little more like, "hey, doc, adorable spawn is fine. But look over here in my mouth! Make sure you watch what you're doing!" Although, I've been avoiding the dentist for a good 5 years so, on second thought, distraction would be a great tactic. Can I borrow your baby in six months? Just make sure you send me one of those reminder cards.


1. My ovaries explode every time I come to your site.

2. Noah looks like you, and Ezra looks like Jason... but Ezra also looks just like Noah. Needless to say, you have the cutest family around.


love the chub. LOVE IT. sounds like a good day. you'll be glad later that you made a note of it :-)


Ezra and his chin are both so CUTE bwahhhhh nom nom!


Love the pics of the little monster.

As for your bras that you bought...I've been known to hang nursng bras in trees...thinking that they were swings for the kids. Maybe check outside.

In newborn-land...we all have our moments....or weeks, of not having our s...stuff together.


Seriously Amy, you crack me up. Daily. I look forward to reading your blog the most these days because they just make me smile. Those are the cutest pictures of little Might Ez!


OMG. What are you feeding that scrumptious baby?


And it totally gets better! My 5.5 year old son and my 7.5 month old daughter crack each other up daily. Seriously, it's really weird to watch this amazing relationship develop that has nothing to do with me.


Oh, he is just yummy. I want to kiss and smoosh those cheeks.


absolutely perfect! brothers checking each other out. oh, and if you'd gotten a picture, you wouldn't have been there in the moment, enjoying your perfect boys. and that ezra is nommy.



Jen L.

Nom, nom, squishy baby boy nom nom NOM!


Oooohhhhhh...He is absolutely adorable! The third pic is my favorite!! Did you do any Christmas shopping around the same time you bought your bras? They might be hidden away in your closet...sounds like something I might do...


OMG so much cuteness. Babies completely kill any intelligent commentary I might have. All those double chins... I think I want another baby. Sure okay it took three hours to put my toddler to bed but whatever I want another little adorable ham.



The bras are under the couch. :-)


That last shot is SO the making of a politician.


Brown eyes? Do I see brown eyes? That's one good lookin' baby. Smoooshalicious.


Yeah, my second did that to me at a doctors appt and I kept APOLOGIZING for it. Like, "hahaha, you know normally she would be screaming her head off by now," and "gosh I am stunned that she is actually sleeping through this." By the time I left, the nurses were eyeing me funny.

Also re the bras, if you recently folded laundry and put it away (as opposed to leaving it in stacks on dressers like I do) check the drawers you put it in. Betcha the bras are at the bottom of one pile or another.


There is just something about that Ezra -- I don't even LIKE babies his age, but find myself mesmerized by every one of your pictures of that Perfect Round Face.

Have you checked you purse or diaper bag for the bras? That's where everything I'm ever looking for is found (tho only after I've searched that purse 5 times already)


The bras are at the last possible place that you will look. So look there first.


The infant flesh is almost too much to bear, the chins, oh god the chins. Now I'm hungry

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