The Angel in the Details
Yes, the Baby HAS Mixed Up His Days & Nights Lately. Why Do You Ask?

Lest Ye Blog Comes Back To Bite Ye In The Ass

I'll have you know that no less than two hours after posting yesterday's lovey-my-baby-is-perfect-and-life-is-a-beautiful-Hallmarkian-flower entry, I hysterically and uselessly ordered Ezra to "STOP CRYING!"

And it worked about as well as you would expect it to. Then I hid in the bathroom for 10 minutes.

Photo 96

/tackily ironic


/totally gratuitous and unrelated to this post

(Have a nice weekend, everybody.)



Aw! What a sweetie!

Don't feel too bad about begging him to stop crying. Every mom's been there!!!


I want me a little baby sooooo bad. Damn recession!


Hate those moments.

But the Wonder Woman pic cracked me up... perfectly worded, no? :)

Have a great weekend.

Mommy Attorney

They never seem to listen to "stop crying" do they?

Great pictures.

Have a great weekend!


He's just too beautiful for words.

Have a lovely weekend.


I usually just lurk, but I had to comment on this one....I have a newborn around Ezra's age (my baby was born on 10/9)and *EVERY TIME* I comment on, brag,mention, or thank God that he had a good night and allowed me to sleep the kid switches the game on me and keeps me up until I am at my wits end and caffeine no longer works. So, now I refuse to talk about his good sleeping habits. So, I feel ya on this one.
P.S. I think you are Hi-larious.


Crap, I had this happen to me the other day too when I wrote a whole 4 month blog about the wonders of the sleeping peaceful lovely baby and then bang she was not. Karma's such a bitch eh?!


This post is pretty awesome, not gonna lie.


I don't believe you for one minute. A baby with that happy of a smile would never cry. At least your blog didn't come back to bite you in the boob. That would have really hurt!!


Ah, life with a newborn. Isn't it awesome? I say that semi-sarcastically, as my 9 week old sleeps beside me in his papasan.


Oh, man. I have had this happen to me more than once. "My baby is a wonderful sleeper! Straight through the night!" NOooooooo.


I love Ez's expression, like he's saying, "Did ya see me with the crying? Wasn't that funny?"

Maxine Dangerous

Turtle baby! :)

Jen L.

Totally cute! What a sweet face.


As a Wonder Woman fan, I have to say I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!

As a mom of 5 and 3 year olds, I have to tell you that don't worry -- this day will soon blend into the next and the next and the next.

It doesn't help at the moment, but it might bring you some comfort to know the days of endless crying won't last forever!

Sprite's Keeper

He looks like a satisfied snacker to me..

Shannon M.

Even the *real* Wonder Woman would need a closet to hide in every now and then if she had a baby. Or a toddler. Or a preschooler. Or a mouthy 6-year-old like mine.


Or a nineteen-year old!
Happy weekend!


Such a beautiful smile. I love the green stripes!


I wish I'd looked that slim and cute when I was nursing (no chins on you!)--wearing a regular t-shirt like that was not gonna happen. Oh, and your baby is a doll! Glad the b-feeding is going so well!


you are wonderwoman :-) creating and then sustaining life? seriously, now. what more could they want from us?


You are a wonder woman. Feel free to bitch and whine about how bad your kids are if you think the blog karma might work both ways and turn them into angels.

Backpacking Dad

Hey. My eyes are up here, okay?


We all have those moments and I love the tee shirt!

kim at allconsuming

Dude, I'm saying this with all the love and care I can feel for someone I've never met and who's life I only know through the mighty InterWeb's series of connected tubes.

You're sounding an awful lot like I sound when I'm not in a very good way. As in depressed. Or suffering panic attacks.

You.need.some.sleep. AND you need some time out. Just for you. On your own. Like, in a darkened movie theatre or getting a facial, or a massage or SOMETHING. Just you. Not dinner out, not alcohol. Just you pottering around shops or doing something for you that you enjoy.

I am very worried the little, very normal, cracks of being a mum to two littlies, one being still a newborn, are becoming crevices and you need to shore them up before you fall into the abyss.


I feel like that every day. I say something and than whammo am I sorry, or worse when you blog it cause it's staring at you in black and white.


That's a heck of lot better than when I told my son (who was colicky and I'm not just sayin it, cried about 6-8 hours a day in total until 6 months, for serious) to "shut the F up." Yes, I said it. My life then was spent bouncing on a ball with him in a sling nonstop, and when we went to visit my inlaws (after a 4.5 hour plane ride) when he was 3 months and I put him in his sling and got out the ball to bounce him down to sleep, my MIL asked me, well, how do you get him out when he's asleep, and I was all, wha?? You don't! You just keep bouncing on the ball and be happy that he's sleeping in the sling! (She had many unspoken comments about that which I somehow managed to understand.) So yes. I have cursed at my now 20-month-old who is literally the light of my life. You are doing just great and as long as you don't break into bad words, you're still ahead of me.


And...Kim seems very genuine, but please rest assured that you don't sound like you're falling into any kinds of abysses to MY random observer's eyes.


Best. Post. Ever.


Well, it's not every day you see a breastfeeding shot, let alone a humorous one.


Hi Amy, You are a wonderful Mom. We all have moments we wouldn't want to remember, but there they are, preserved for eternity in our brains....oh, well. Remember that you end up doing the Right Thing most of the time, and 'the proof is in the pudding'. As long as Noah doesn't mind being called pudding :) Beyond the unbearable cuteness of your children, I wanted to pass on a site that might help you feel better about using disposable diapers. I was able to use cloth for both my boys but used Tushies at night after a while so I could actually sleep the whole night because they did, too. AND, Tushies delivers to your house. Love your blog, both of them, actually. Thanks!


Oh, thank the good lord for your authenticity, Amy. Your writing is such a great reflection of mothering, with lots of both salty and sweet. Like salty caramel sauce.

And I second Anne that to me, the ups and downs sound pretty normal. Not that there's anything wrong with getting help (who couldn't use more HALP) but it doesn't sound to me like you're teetering.


Do you ever put Ezra in that sleeper and then put Noah in his Steve costume? That would be awesome.

Catherine S

This is to Anne: thank you for confessinng to that one first. I also told my then six week old child to "shut the F up" only I yelled it... multiple times. What can I say, a baby crying from 8 pm to 6 am will do that to you. After that, I solved the problem with wine and earplugs... at 6:00 in the morning:) Thank you ladies, I will now accept the mother of the year award.

Thank god we are over that hump and doing much better after figuring out how to get him to sleep and getting me a prescription for Lexapro;)


Insert gratuitous comment here about how much Bossy still loves you.

Jerri Ann

Girl, quit comparing those babies. I have a 4 and 5 year old. The 5 year old weighs over 60 pounds and looks as if he were picked out of his daddy's butt with a knitting needle.

The other one is barely 30 pounds and blonde.

We not only have NO BLONDES ON EITHER SIDE OF OUR FAMILY anywhere.....we have no really tall people. I mean, hubby is barely 6 foot, my dad was 5'7".....

Now, while I'm here, I rarely comment because you have so many comments, I want to hang my head in shame and ask you and your readers to come to my websites and play in my contests.

*Peeping out to see if you are throwing things at me*


Oh, look at him! When did he get all grown thinking he can just smile away at everyone?? ;)


oh,THANK YOU. I felt so terrible Friday night because I was yelling/hissing at my 8 wk old to GOTOSLEEPNOWDAMNYOU.

How do these moms BF w/only one hand? I can't do it! I swear I would get so much more done (more reading done anyway!) if I had a free hand. At least I wouldn't be dying of dehydration if I could just


We have that little green striped sleeper! Don't you wish they made those in grown up sizes :-)

Hope he finally stopped crying. Those damn babies have a way of making liars out of us at every turn. Good thing they're so cute!

Wacky Mommy

heh heh heh

love the t-shirt.


I keep clicking "remember me because I'm special" and apparently I'm not so special.

Anyhoo, I hate you a little right now for oh, so many reasons. First on the list, your breast size. I so miss those...


If I got 10 minutes of hiding every time I yelled "shut up" at one of my kids, people would think I have an incontinence issue and would probably send me in for GI issues.

It happens. You're awesome. Sometimes awesomeness is overwhelming.

andrea frazer

I don't know what it is about that little Ezra, but he just touches my heart. And truthfully, other kids don't always do it for me. I like kids, but hey, mine rock! I don't gush over others as much. But that little dude - I want to squeeze him and take him home. Ahhhh.. too sweet.


Dude, EVERY nursing mother needs a Wonder Woman shirt!

And you are SO BUSTED for getting my family snotty sick. I knew your blog was trouble.


Thank you for this. After two hours of my son screaming, several putting-him-down-and-walking-aways and daddy finally taking over I found myself on the couch with my head buried in the cushion wondering why we had a second one. Moment of weakness. Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone (again).


Funny, that command doesn't work on me either. Hope you had a good weekend!


Awww! What a cute widdly baby smile!
Uh, sorry. The second pic of Ez smiling just converted my brain to helpless mush.

A LLL friend told me of a Tshirt slogan yesterday:
"I make milk. What's your superpower?" (hehe) Wish we could calm the crying babies and misbehaving cats with a look. Sha-zam! I want that superpower. Good thing I'm cleaning out a closet to hide in!


Where did you get that shirt? I so want one!

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