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A Million Points of Light. Or Maybe Just Eight.

POINT THE FIRST: I have absolutely no idea what today's entry is going to be about. Topics are a luxury I cannot afford anymore. Instead, I'm taking the "toddler is at school baby is asleep grab laptop and GO GO GO" approach. Where I will just sit down and type whatever words occur to me at the time. Perhaps grammar will go next. Perhaps this blog will simply disintegrate into a Jabberwockian stream of nonsense apple tissue box bacon ham. POINT THE SECOND: We are out of coffee. I am drinking tea. I do not like tea. Well, I like... Read more →

Yes, the Baby HAS Mixed Up His Days & Nights Lately. Why Do You Ask?

Last night I woke up with a sore throat, a pounding headache and that crunchy fluid sound of a coming mucus blitzkrieg pulsing in my ears. I stumbled into the bathroom to blindly snort some Zicam and got back in bed, wishing that I could just cut my head off at the shoulders, and then weirdly found some relief by visualizing this -- no head, no throat, just whack off the source of all the misery and...ahh. That's nice. I fell asleep and dreamt that I was reviewing Mamapop posts on my laptop -- panicked because Catherine's Friday Eye Candy... Read more →

Lest Ye Blog Comes Back To Bite Ye In The Ass

I'll have you know that no less than two hours after posting yesterday's lovey-my-baby-is-perfect-and-life-is-a-beautiful-Hallmarkian-flower entry, I hysterically and uselessly ordered Ezra to "STOP CRYING!" And it worked about as well as you would expect it to. Then I hid in the bathroom for 10 minutes. /tackily ironic /totally gratuitous and unrelated to this post (Have a nice weekend, everybody.) Read more →

The Angel in the Details

I've found myself reading through my old archives a lot lately -- I have this compulsion to constantly compare Ezra's infancy to Noah's, both in photos and milestones, using Noah as a yardstick to know that I Haven't Fucked Up Yet -- and so I've also been cringing and laughing at myself a lot. I feel sorry for that poor girl in those entries about breastfeeding, the girl who was trying so hard to succeed at something neither she or her baby were particularly jazzed about, but who did not want to F-A-I-L but needed to W-I-N and it all... Read more →


I've been working on an entry on and off today, and it's now becoming clear that I am just not going to finish it. (Deep existential questions have been distracting me, like, which do I tackle first? soiled diaper or soiled bedclothes? kiss that bonked noggin or clean the spit-up out of my bra?) However, I'd like to move on from all the screechy rage, so here, please enjoy some goofy pictures of the mighty Ez and his chins. Okay, and one quick anecdote: I forgot I had a dentist appointment this morning, and since it was too late to... Read more →

Diagnosis: Idiot

(Apologies in advance for the screediness of this post. I slipped in my socks and fell flat on my ass while attempting to kick a foam soccer ball into a miniature goal in my living room this morning, so perhaps it's my wounded pride [and backside] lashing out at its inner child, or some such.) (For something more fluffy, feel free to visit the Luvs Momspeak site for my entry about Ghetto Fabulous Bargain Baby-Proofing.) I currently find myself irrationally angry at Denis Leary. Okay, let me back up. Denis Leary was on The Daily Show last week, where he... Read more →

A Bunch of Turkeys

(Photo-heavy post warning. Click below or skip it completely. It's like your very own Matrix blue pill/red pill conundrum!) We kept trying to call the stuffing "bread" and the cranberry sauce "jelly" and the cauliflower gratin "macaroni and cheese" and the turkey "the flesh of thine enemies" but Noah would have none of it. None of any of it. He did eat a slice of apple crumb pie. The next morning. For breakfast. You would think we have a lot of leftovers still in the fridge, but we actually don't. What can I say? I do good work, people. I... Read more →