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Night at the Roxbury

All right, enough talk of near-smothered babies. It is once again time to DANCE!

Here is Ezra, possibly rocking out to the beats of the 30-Day Shred DVD menu.

Night at the Roxbury from amalah on Vimeo.

Hey, if we're going to believe in guardian angels and all that stuff, I don't think it's too far-fetched to believe in a 12-week-old who has already mastered the White Man's Overbite.

(PS: the break in the video isn't really a break in the action, but a sloppy attempt to edit out the part where I said, "You wanna get in shape, Noa-- uh, Ezra?")

(PPS: the 30-Day Shred is everything you've heard it to be. If you hate gyms, hate working out, have absolutely zero patience and demand instant gratification, this is the workout for you. It will kick your ass up and down the block, but by day three you're no longer panting and gasping quite so much, and you can at least scream back at the TV to shut the fuck up about more jumping jacks. Progress, baby!)



That's it. As soon as I'm cleared at my 6-week checkup for exercise (you know, so I don't bust through my incision and bleed to death on my living room floor), I'm getting this stupid DVD. THE INTERNETS CAN'T BE WRONG.

It's weird how Noah and Ezra both look like you, but also look so different from each other.


I'm just impressed you will shred in front of Jason. I work out at the gym, but I would never work out in front of Doug. I'm weird.


jodifur -- Actually, we do it together. This was filmed while I was impatiently waiting for him to get up off the couch and join me.


Mothers... lock your daughters up NOW. This guy is going to be a real heartbreaker!


I'm on day 3 of the 30 Day Shred (Tuesdays don't count, right?...can we pretend I started on Wednesday and not Monday?) and my arms are already showing more muscle! I freaking love that DVD!!!

But...can we talk about the girl, Natalie, I think her name is? She seems like a that just me? Plus, did you notice on Workout 1 she just STOPS working out at one point, when she thinks the camera is off her??? I digress...kind of.

Sprite's Keeper

Is it wrong that I only have one child and still take 2 or 3 attempts to get her name right?


30 day shred has kicked my butt! But I like it a lot!

That video? Cutest thing ever!!


i just started the 30-day shred on monday. you are so right....this morning was pretty much the first day i could climb stairs without expletives.


I am a loyal reader of your writing and have only posted to a few times but your kids are so cute, they make my ovaries ache for one more...not gonna happen but still. :o)

Read the near-smothered baby post and yep, guardian angel for sure. Happened to my hubby the night our son had his first episode of sleep apnea. It was the scariest thing in my life but I'm glad it happened.


He's got pretty good rhythm for a white boy!


He's got pretty good rhythm for a white boy!


I love Ezra dancing. That little head bob is so cute. Mine does it too.

On the name thing, we all do it. I have a friend with only one and she calls her daughter Davey on occasion, which is the cats name. I've come up with nicknames, thinks like chipmunk and sweetpea, which can work on any child at any given moment, when I can not remember their names.

And on the last post, since you closed comments...although I can see why...I've had it happen twice in different ways. All you can say is thank you and know he's protected.


Go Ezra, go Ezra, go Ezra... :)


Strange that a Book Of Mormon ad came into the rotation on my page as I was reading the last entry. Not that I'm mormon, or religious at all really. But, strange none-the-less...

I think he's most certainly rockin' out to the beat though!


He's obviously going to be a rockstar, and the more you accidentally call him Noah, the more angst he'll have to pour out in his songs later. SCORE.


That is adorable!


Oh, heck, I have three boys and I worry that they're going to think their names are "Ash-Jo-I mean Tobey" or variants thereof.

And regarding your last post, yes, I believe in angels, because i was saved from a very stupid, very bad decision on my part at least twice in my life thanks to an angel. Ezra's angel was working overtime that night, or was working alongside yours. something like that.


I actually got to the point where I *liked* the workout, but the 30 Day Shred had no outward affect on my body at all. Disheartening.

Alicia Millis

haha! he is a pretty good dancer!

one day I will try this 30 day shred you all speak of.


I ordered that DVD yesterday. I figure it's cheaper than a gym membership. Now I just have to find time to do it.


Great video! The editing is hardly noticeable. :D


That boy is smoove!


All that's missing is the gold chain . . .


That is some fantastic rocking out.


How about the part in the video where Jillian Michaels is all, "If you're think you're going to die, follow Anita!"

I'm all, "I HAVE been following Anita. Five more shoulder raises? F. U.!"

I nearly barfed the first time I did that video.


you shred!


Dude, that video just convinced me to have another baby.



Look at the little man groovin' to the music! I love it! I'm laughing out loud at work and now they will think I'm crazy. Wait, they already know that about me. Carry on.


If I had Ezra to watch when I did it, I would shred, too. But I don't have Ezra and I am possibly lazy. But you go girl!!


OMG - I just laughed so hard that I started coughing (damn cold) and then wet my pants (damn post-pardum bladder control!). Now I need clean underwear - but that video was totally worth it. Adorable!


So freakin' cute! Thank God for guardian angels!

BTW, seems like I'm in the minority but I didn't find The 30 Day Shred challenging enough. I'm an intermediate-to-advanced exerciser and I barely got my heart rate up even in level three (a total of 6 minutes of cardio? Are you kidding me?). If you can run a couple miles and take regular aerboics classes, it won't be enough of a workout. My sister loved it as does the Internets, apparently.

Didn't think I was all that fit. Am now congraluating myself for being wrong!


Okay, between Noah's perfect pitch and Ezra's impeccable rhythm, you've got the beginnings of a fabulous new boy band! The Storch Brothers! Yeah, baby!

But who's gonna play keyboards? Maybe you need to spawn a third brother. [ducks for cover]


I so love/hate Jillian. I have a feeling that she is now part of my family, like Rachel from signing time.


Been thinking about trying The couldn't hurt, right? And I already hate Jillian from watching Biggest Loser, so I got that going on. I like to blend my kids' names--Jarlie & Chamie. Oh, and they LOVE that.


And about that 30-day Shred, I would add that with all those jumping jacks and lunges it pays not to get cocky and think, "well, I'm doing this in my carpeted family room, so what do I need with shoes?" Just put those shock-absorbing exercise shoes on starting with day one. At least, if you would like to keep your knees until day two.


He is totally rocking it! OMG I could eat.him.up!

Jen L.

Ezra = awesome.


Oh that is hilarious!! At least he's got some rhythm. Way too cute!!


Bought the 30 Day Shred weeks ago but can't bring myself to take it out of the package. For some reason I feel like I need MUCH more sleep than my 8 week old affords me in order to be able to do it and want to stick to it. But then here YOU are, all exercising and stuff... maybe I'm wrong? Pretty sure you just took away all of my excuses. Th


That's so cute! I love reading about/seeing the things Ezra is doing, because I have a daughter who is 3 weeks younger so it gives me an idea of the cute stuff I can look forward to!
By the way, your post yesterday totally gave me the chills. So powerful.. and definitely made me pay extra attention to how I swaddled my baby before bed last night :)


The kid's got moves! I love it.

And I keep hearing about the shred, but I'm still so skeptical. I guess I should get with it, huh?


Om mah gah! How precious is he??? That is soo funny.


Seriously? Totally and unbelievably cute. I've been hearing about the 30 day shred from everywhere. I'm totally going to look it up now.


I don't know if it is still de-lurking week, but I just wanted to say I love ya! You're on my blogroll and I never miss a day without checking out your stuff. Thanks! :-)


I love the look on Ezra's face at the end of the video - kind of an, "oh, hi, I'm busy now" look!

I seem to be in the minority because I hate, hate, hate the 30-day shred. While Jillian is not my all time favorite person, the video just seems to suck the personality right out of her. My favorite workout right now is ChaLean Extreme. It's way pricier than the 30-day shred, but Chalene Johnson keeps me much more motivated than Jillian does.

Just my two cents worth. Keep the cute videos of the boys coming!


Growing up my mom used to accidentally call me by the dog's name— I now totally get that.


Ezra - he rocks the casbah!

Must try the 30 day shred thing.

Although, I'll need it for at least 30 weeks.


What a sweet little head bobbing dancing boy!
I have 6 kids and always get the right name last....these days I usually say " Hey! Jord...Isa....El...Dan...Soph...Seth...oh whatever YOUR name is! Who are you anyway?" by which time I forget what it was I wanted to say anyway.

bad penguin

Ezra is awfully cute.

I keep having grand plans where I'm going to get up and do 30 Day Shred before work, but then my alarm goes off and I go back to sleep. I can face jillian at night, but she's tough first thing in the morning.

Melissa from Pittsburgh

I just got this DVD - as per your recommandation.

I'm starting tonight. UGH!

Your babies are completely adorable.


Looks like you have another little dude with lots of musical talent!!! That video is SO adorable- and I totally don't think it was a coincidence because he would pause and then start back up, right with the beat!
And I think it's AWESOME that Jason works out with you. Go Jason!


That is SO cute. He's definitely feeling the rhythm!

The name thing-my husband's Grandma never got anyone's name right the first time, she'd end up running through the names of every child in the family. It became kind of a family joke, except now, Chris and I do it with our boys. "Ryan! Nathan! Whichever one you are!" It's universal.

Amy Jo

Delurking to say that that video is making my uterus ache. In a good way, I mean!


This video reminds me of the days when our little one was headbangin' in his carseat to the beat of AC/DC (think it was "Shook Me All Night Long," but I could be wrong).

Don't feel bad about getting Noah & Ezra's names mixed up. I confuse my son and my DOG. Which makes me feel awesome when I start yelling at the dog, using my son's name. *sigh*

Like Ivie, I'm doing ChaLean Extreme and LOVING it--but it is way pricier than 30 Day Shred. I just love Chalene Johnson, so as soon as she came out with something new, I had to have it. Glad that you & Jason are shredding together!


So cute!

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