Stop Me If You've Heard This One



When Noah hears a song on the radio -- even one he's never heard before -- he still hums along, in near perfect pitch. And not the melody, either. He hums the harmony, complete with key changes and everything.

At night, though, he keeps things simple, and hums Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to himself -- the first lullaby I ever sang to him, because it was the only one I knew all the words to, and later because it was one of the only songs Noah would allow me and my amateurish voice to inflict on him. He sings it over and over again until he drops off to sleep.

Every night for a good two weeks now, I've heard his door open in the middle of the night, his padded pajama feet creeping down the hall as he silently crawls into our bed, spooning up next to Jason the way he's realized Ezra spoons with me, and then quietly -- oh so quietly, like he's afraid we'll send him back to his room if we hear him -- hums himself back to sleep.

Jason sighs, I groan and inch closer to the edge of the bed, we roll our eyes and mime complaints about sore necks and cramped legs -- we sleep in a double, for crissakes -- and mutter promises to get both of them in their own beds as soon as possible.

And then we wrap our arms around our babies and fall asleep to the sound of Noah's sweet and lovely voice.



De in D.C.

Your boys are so beautiful; Noah is the perfect mix of you and Jason.

Twinkle Twinkle is the only song my 8yo son will let me sing to him anymore, and he still requests it every single night. While visiting relatives in TX last week, he still insisted I sing, but I had to do so quietly so his aunt and uncle wouldn't hear.

exile on mom street

I have never co-slept, and don't intend to start. Personal space and all that. almost make me want to!

What a sweet little guy that Noah is.


Gah! He looks so grown up. and a bit vampire-ish. So cute, I just want to nibble those dimples.


Okay that was over-the-top. Total baby-love. Is overwhelming.


Yeah, I'm not sure how'd you kick him out of bed. He's too cute.


Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!


Okay that was over-the-top. Total baby-love. Is overwhelming. Sounds absolutely awesome.


Wait, didn't you hear? Posting your comments multiple times is like totally the new polite. Bleh.


I think you need a bigger bed.


Ahww! My baby boy will never do that. He'd kick us out the bed first.

Dammit your post just about made me melt (and not in a Wicked Witch of the East/West kinda way either).


Is Noah available for rent?


I so want to hear him sing. It sounds so very sweet.


I think you need a bigger bed. Who could resist that little sweetie?


That is so heart-breakingly sweet.

Alicia Millis

awe! cutest post ever. that is so sweet!!!


So sweet, but the investment of a bigger bed is totally worth it... I take that back- in the end the kids take up the additional space leaving you with about the same you've always had!



Older son is constantly humming something, while younger one is creating songs. Someday, I'm sure you will have both boys making music-and making you smile with it.

I agree, we need a recording of Noah.

Sprite's Keeper

Worth every ache and pain, isn't it?


Aw! That's so sweet. I thought you were going to say that he sneaks into Ezra's room and sings it to him and I was goin to be like "OMG! My older boy sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to the baby when he's fussing or crying or generally unhappy, too." But then your story took a left turn, and it's still cute and all, but in a different way :-)


That's adorable - could Noah hum me to sleep some time, I have a hard time getting to sleep most nights.


Wow! Being able to hum yourself (and others) to sleep is a real super-power!

One hook wonder

Humming himself to sleep...oh my goodness how adorable!!

We just kicked our 10 y/o old of our room last year - she liked to make a pallet on the floor. We still have the 3 y/o in bed with us and the 10 month old at the foot of the bed. :)

Bri W

Absolutely perfect!!!!


i've read a lot of your posts. that might be one of the best you've ever written. our 3rd and last bed sharer doesn't come in as much and oh my it makes me sad.


Talk to me when he can sing Rocky Raccoon, ok lady?

Lovely story.


This may make you want to shoot me, but I WISH my daughter cuddled. She's 20 months and the kid gives kiss-and-runs.

I love that he hums himself to sleep...cute...


Such a lovely detail- thanks for sharing with us.


A bigger bed definitely helps, but they still end up right next to you (and isn't that secretly where we want them, anyway?) Noah is a beautiful kid...and really, with the near-perfect pitch?? I'm impressed, and a little jealous :)


Ok. So there goes the resolution to not cry at work.



I can' think of a better way to fall asleep.


Oh! So sweet. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your little boys while they are just that. :)


Jesus, a double?! How is that possible?

We have a king and when we've slept 2 + 1 + 1 in a queen I feel squished. If it's smaller than a queen somebody's sleeping on the floor.


Get a king size bed!


What a beautiful post, and so lovely that Noah has such an appreciation of music. And that he knows how to comfort himself - that's a useful skill to have! Happy New Year to you and your family xx


There is nothing better than early morning kid cuddling. Even though we all complain about it.


What a beautiful boy and what a beautiful story.

bethany actually

That is an incredibly sweet story. Thank you for sharing it!

When our daughter was born, her bedtime music was always Suzuki Piano Book 1, which starts with four variations on "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Around the time Annalie was 3mos, I realized that I could sing the same song in the car or wherever when she was fussy and it would lull her to sleep every single time.

sensibly sassy

I love these sweet little stories. I smiled while reading it.

Amy in StL

That's so cute. Have you thought about getting singing lessons or music lessons for him? It seems like he may have a great musical kind of talent. Oh and I used to hum myself to sleep. Apparently, when I play piano I often hum along when I'm really into it. It's one of the reasons I don't play in front of people. It's embarassing for a 38 year old woman - without perfect pitch - to hum along to classical music.


awww! cute post :) that's the sweetest thing ever.


I am coming out of lurkdom to say "Buy a bigger bed!!" I have read you for a couple of years now, and for some reason this post, out of all of your beautiful, moving, funny posts, has inspired me to comment. What a sweet, adorable little guy Noah is. Totally snackable.


HAHA! Get a king-size, sucka!
(And I mean that in the sweetest of ways. I have my baby in a sidecarred crib and the snuggeling is so awesome...)
(I also mean that tongue-in-cheek as I totally get that it's important to get them used to sleeping on their own.)


Could that be any sweeter?


This was a great sweet!!! Remember this the next time a teacher tries to tell you Noah isn't perfect. There's a great metaphor out there called "islands of competence" - we can't all be great at all things, so what we really need to do is build up the islands of competence each child has. It sounds like you've found Noah's island. :-)


You sleep in a DOUBLE? Get a king size bed ASAP. Or if you're hard up for cash, get another double and push them up against each other. Now THAT's a bed!

Seriously, two adults should not sleep in a double, and certainly not two adults and one or two baby people.


Ours has been doing that for the last two weeks too. Between a three year old and two very obese cats we are quite uncomfortable at night!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and best wishes for a Happy & HEALTHY new year!


That is so sweet! :)


That's just sweetness.

Except for the part about a double-bed. ?! I can barely manage sharing a king-sized! You crazy.


this is the sweetest post i've ever read. my 6 month old has been sleeping with my husband & i for a month or so now. i hurt all over in the morning from accommodating his little body, but when i look at that sweet smile of his laying next to me i just don't care. someday he'll be back in his crib. someday ...


Oh, I'm tearing up!! And when did Noah get so grown up looking?? That's a great pic of him, he has a precious face!


My Uterus it aches!
That is so sweet!


A DOUBLE? They still make those!? I'm not even sure I know what that means, but anything smaller than a queen is completely outrageous for 2 people (or 4 as the case may be).

I agree with the others - a new bed is in order!


I don't want to be hated here, but this post reminded me of why I never want to have children. You guys all say it's sweet, but maybe that comes with actually having a baby? bed? Seriously?


I vote that you just get a bigger bed. :)


My almost three-year-old is still in a crib, and I secretly can't wait for him to move to a real bed so we can snuggle.


As mother of a six year old I can say with certainty, you will miss it oneday with a passion. My three year old still sleeps with me son, but only rarely. They are groing up. Up up up. Alex keeps saying, "I'm six you know."


I'd upgrade to a queen or king. Hubby and I were just talking about the fact that our son never joins us in bed anymore. I miss it. A lot. Make room for them now. They won't always be crawling into bed with you.


I don't know what this says about a 23 year old, but I hum myself to sleep too...and your son is adorable.

judy haley (coffeejitters)

awwwww... that is just the sweetest thing ever


Amy, this post made me all teary! So sweet. I hope you and your awesome family have a Happy New Year!


What a great thing for Noah, to have a good sense for pitch. It's one of those gifts that I never really thought about until I fell in love with someone who struggles with it. Music class will be really fun for him!

Mrs Butter B

Unwanted advice for the day (but you might like it)

Did you know that high-functioning autistic kids (aspergers) often have gifts in the areas of music? Something to do with the same nerves that are highly tuned that cause Sensory Integration Disorder and that potential relate to the limits of speech development, also link to highly developed nerves that hear and recreate pitch.

Useless info given BECAUSE: say there's this lovely 3 yr old apraxic kid, diagnosed Sensory Integration Disorder, possibly autistic, who has alll kinds of odd behaviors (but mostly only when tired or sick) started taking Suzuki Violin lessons (yes, at 2 1/2), suddenly went from less than 30 words at 30% understandability to over 150 words with 75% understandibility in less than 3 months?

Just saying. Lessons are fairly cheap. Google Suzuki Association and your area. We were absolutely amazed. What OT, Speech T, and everything else couldn't do, was accomplishsed through 2 things- gymnastics lessons and Suzuki violin lessons. (The violin mimics the human voice range. Its believed that it somehow helps kids with these issues to focus and recreate the sounds, I don't know, but it works)


Well if that isn't the sweetest thing I've heard all day. Please tell me you've recorded that to cherish for the future. (The him singing himself to sleep at bedtime, that is. The part with all 4 of you in bed might be a little tricky. ;) )

Mrs Butter B

Oh forgot to say: After 6 months with violin lessons, don't be surprised if they discontinue your services because you DON'T need them (and oddly enough, it was obvious even to me) and if the neurologist says he's going to remove the Autism label if the child continues to make that kind of progress for a full year. Just saying.


Sounds just like our house. The pictures of him are too cute,

Jana (the poser formerly known as Jezer)

Ahhh, I *know.*

Alex still sleeps with us. When he was tiny, we joked that we'd just have to buy a bigger bed if he didn't eventually sleep in his own. We bought a king bed a few months ago.


That is so sweet.


Sounds like you're going to have a kick ass musician there. He's so adorable!


Every morning I wake up with a backache and crick in my neck and swear off cosleeping. But everynight as I cuddle up against my 14 month old, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. That feeling is better than any drug. (Not that I do drugs.) (Anymore.)


Laying. across. my. desk. WEEPING...such a beautiful boy.


Have you ever thought of music lessons for Noah? He may be a little Mozart! I have a major in music and you sometime hear about kids that have perfect pitch and perfect "ear". I would suggest piano!

little dutch girl

That is such a sweet post! Singing little toddlers are absolutely adorable.


He's sooo sweet. I love that he sings himself to sleep. That's adorable.

Papa Bradstein

That's beautiful.


As a music teacher who works with a lot of preschoolers that is one sweet story.


"Then the traveler in the dark /
Thanks you for your tiny spark"


You are so blessed! I miss those sweet co-sleeping days!


my heart! broken by the sweetness. i love when my baby is extra snuggly.


That is just beautiful.

Tara@Sticky Fingers

Uh, utterly adorable.
My 3 year old daughter loves Red Hot Chilli Peppers so there would be no gentle humming for us in the middle of the night!


So beautiful. And I don't think it matters what size bed you have, we have a huge king and our 4 month old somehow manages to rule the entire thing with us squished on the sides. Gotta love it though... sometimes.


That is the sweetest story I've heard in a long long time. Thank you for sharing it and starting my day perfectly.


My nephew only allows my sister to sing one or two (if any) songs because of her less than stellar voice. She'll start to sing Little Einsteins and he shoots her a death stare.


If the schools required singing on key, The Offspring would be in trouble. Still love to hear his voice.


Okay, that is one of the sweetest things I've ever read. These are the things that we'll miss when the babies grow up and want nothing to do with Mom & Dad!


Such a sweet sentiment. Thanks for sharing this.

And you seriously need a bigger bed. Wow.


oh how sweet.


De-lurking to tell you what you already know. You have a wonderful child. Please know that his natural gifts can be useful in his education to encourage development in other areas. Tell Noah to keep on singing!


a double!?!? how did you survive two pregnancies in a double?!


that's beautiful. and you totally need a bigger bed. though kids eat up any space they find (have you seen our ever-growing toy area?!?), even with a XL-king, you'd get neck cramps and cramped legs. but the boys could stretch out... =D


So glad you let him sleep with you. It's a short time that they want to cuddle with us in bed. And then we're chasing after them for hugs...


That is SO precious!


oh my lord, that was the sweetest thing EVER.


I'm about 6 weeks away from giving birth to my first. A boy. This made me all hormone-y and emotional (not that it's hard to do at this point)! That is just way too sweet. I hope I have a singer like yours! Just beautiful.


Beautiful post. Trust me, they grow up, sleep in their own bed and no longer are small enough to snuggle with. Enjoy it while it lasts.


You have made me cry. Granted, I am pregnant and hormonal, but hell, that was sweet.

mrs. q.

Stop torturing yourself and get a king bed! You can sleep (and do other stuff) in any direction! Those little boys will soon be too big and cool to snuggle with you so enjoy the family bed while you can. At least now they smell good.

Plano Mom

Ours snuck in our bed until he was 4. He's 10 now, and still crawls into bed with me every now and then. I am going to be so despondent when that ends.


We had just broken Maggie of the "sleep-in-Mommy's-Bed-phase" when Will was born. Now he does it. We wouldn't mind so much if he didn't sleep sideways.


A double? I'd be headed to the couch.

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