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On the Road Again

I'm loading up the boys and the suitcases and the crappy laptop and the car and trying to remember how to dismantle the damn Jumperoo lest I drive up to Philadelphia with it strapped merrily to the roof of my car, blaring Old MacDonald Had a Farm all the way up I-95. I'll be spending the week with my parents, and...gah. I don't know what to say about it anymore. It's...really, really bad, you guys. I would say more than that, but my mom reads and I don't think it will help anything to have it all spelled out here in black and white, and I'm guessing y'all can get the general idea of what's going on without me saying any more than that.

Anyway, my mom mostly comes here to look at baby photos because they cheer her up.



Sitting! Sort of.


Suspicious! Very.


Ridiculous rattlely socks! Chompy.


Sweet potatoes! Joyous.


Two teeth nubs! Juicy.


Big brother! Ignoring me.


Rocket ship! Blast off!  And other long-winded details re: plots of recent Little Einsteins episodes.

Handsome! And oh, but I am doomed.

I hope that helped, Mom, a little. I'll be there soon. We'll eat some brownies and have lasagna for dessert.



I'm so very very sorry. Have a safe trip - we'll all be crossing our fingers for you and your family.


So sorry. Hugs.

Damn, you've got some cute kids!


I'm very sorry to hear things are not looking good. Drive safe, and I will be thinking good thoughts for you.

Delicious baby and big boy cuteness!! That makes everything better! :-)

Tracy D

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Give your mom big hugs from everyone in the blogosphere! Take good care of yourself....


I'm so very sorry. Here's to being strong.


Thinking of you, and wishing you many sweet potato moments.


I usually lurk - but coming out to say I'm thinking of you and your parents.

And yes on the handsome. You are in big trouble with those two.


May God give you and your family strength and hope.


I'm sorry Amy. I'm thinking of you and your family.

Those are great photos. As much as Noah usually looks like a mini version of you, I can totally see Jason in that last photo.


Yes, we know what you are saying, and we are so sorry. Your dad and whole family will definitely be in my prayers.


Godspeed and safe driving and warm thoughts and get well soons and all of that from all of us are going with you ...


So sorry to hear about your dad. Be safe.


Wishing you all the best. Your family is in my thoughts.


I'm so sorry.

I'm thinking of you and your Mom. Take care.


Oh, Amy. We're sending much mojo for health and strength for you all.


I'll be thinking of you and your family. Safe travel.


Beautiful, beautiful children! Sending love nd prayers to you and your mama <3

Sprite's Keeper

Sending lots of good vibes up to help the drive and I hope all goes well with your family.


Hugs. And wine. And more of both.


Thinking of you and your family. I hope you have an easy drive with the kids. Great pics of the kids!


OMG, but in that last picture I can just picture Noah in about 15 years. You are in for a hell of a ride, mama.

I am so sorry about your dad. Hugs.


Sending you guys all prayers and strength and wine. Lots of each.


Hugs and prayers to your family.

Amy Jo

Have a safe trip. Your family will be in my thoughts. Gah, I hate writing things like that, but still. We're in Philly, so if you need a distraction we'd be glad to meet you at a playground.


Thank you for these pictures. My family is facing a week of uncertainty and "should I come home now? or is there still more time?" and pictures of cute kids definitely eases that terror. Thanks.

Hope your trip and time with your family is good for you and them and the kids all.


I'm so sorry. That sucks. Pictures of your fellas cheer me up too, so feel free to continue to post them!

Little Dutch Girl

I will be thinking of you. All the best.

Sarah @

Oh, I am so sorry. I don't really know what to say, something there are no words, so instead here's a *hug*


My heart goes out to you and your family. Enjoy dinner with your mom but take it easy on the Lasagna. That shit will go straight to your hips.


We'll be thinking about your family. Drive safe and take care of yourself.
All the best to your dad.


drive extra safe. serious. hugs.


I am very sorry for what you are going through. I hope you find comfort in the thoughts and prayers coming to you. You have a beautiful and loving family-- may you find strength in one another right now.

Don't forget to take care of yourself too.


I'm really sorry to hear things are not going well. You and your family are in my prayers.


Doing my every-once-in-a-while delurk thing to say that I'm sorry things are not good with your dad and that I wish for all of you the strength and support to get through whatever happens next.

GORGEOUS boys, by the way.


Peace on you!

Parsing Nonsense

Well, I'm not sure about you but those pictures perked me right up. Noah is turning into a seriously handsome little person, you may be doomed to swarms of squealing tween girls later. I hope everything goes well with your family.


Safe travels to y'all. And sending good thoughts your way.


sending a whole lot of love and strength your way.

your boys are perfect. you capture them so well :)


Amy, I am so sorry. I don't know what to say. I'll be praying for your dad, your mom and you.


Your boys are wonderfully handsome.

I'm so sorry for you and your family. I'm hoping the best for you all.


Huge hugs and good wishes coming your way. And any time you need someone way down south to eat, I mean, babysit your delicious, I mean wonderful children...




Beautiful, beautiful children. I know you know that, but it never hurts to hear it.

I am so sorry, for you and your entire family. All my best thoughts are with you, for whatever it may be worth.


Beautiful, beautiful children. I know you know that, but it never hurts to hear it.

I am so sorry, for you and your entire family. All my best thoughts are with you, for whatever it may be worth.


wishing your family God's comfort, grace & peace in this difficult time - know that you are never alone


Sending you off with virtual hugs, real prayers and a few tears.

Your baybees just keep getting cuter by the day.


I will say some prayers for you and your family. The boys look adorable.


You and your family are in my prayers. I wish you strength at this difficult time and hope that whatever the outcome, your family finds peace and comfort.


Just know that you have tremendous amounts of support here, should you need it. Large amounts of prayers and positive thoughts and all of that. Drive safely.

Alicia Millis


I am so sorry sweetie. Your family is in my prayers.


Well crap. I'll be thinking of all of you.


I can't say anything that hasn't already been said, but add my hugs to the pile. All the best to you and your family.


thinking pf you and ignoring the jealous eye twitch i developed after realizing that your grass is both not covered in snow AND recently mowed.


Love and peace to you and the fam. Be safe.


Hang in there Amalah. Have a safe, quiet trip.

Patti B.

Thinking of you safely. Big Hugs.

living with lindsay

Well, clearly those pictures HAD to help, right? I mean, for sure.

Anyway, I'm thinking of all of you. Be careful on your drive and I hope things suddenly turn for the better.


just a hug. Also, i just finished my first time on level 3 of the 30 min shred, and effing jillian told me I should have six pack by now. Huh?


Sorry about your dad.

But that last picture of Noah. It looks as if he already knows how to work the ladies. What a little man!


Saying a prayer for you and your family... safe travels...


Thinking of you and your family ~


you are in my thoughts.
and your boys are beautiful. noah looks like a BIG boy in that last photo!

Mrs. Flinger

Gah. I'm sorry. Your kiddos cheer me up, too. I'm pretty sure that's why everyone comes here.

Much love!


Such beautiful boys! :)

Alison C

Thinking of you at this time!

bethany actually

Oh, Amy. I'm so sorry. I'm saying a prayer for you and your family right now. Safe travels.


May your journey be full of desserts and sitting on the porch and "do you remember when" and sitting back and admiring how fun and cute your kids are.

May there be strength, peace and joy among everything else that happens.


so very sorry, what joy your spirited sons must bring your parents though. safe travels.


So sorry Amy, am praying for you and your family.


Oh, Amy & Amy's Mom, I'm so sorry you're going through this. Hang in there and let those beautiful boys life your spirits.


LIFT your spirits, I meant, of course.


Oh, gosh. Thinking tons of good thoughts and sending them your way.

And the boys... super precious as always....


I, too, am usually a lurker, but wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about the bad news. Giving you all the strength I possibly can...


I don't even know you but every time I read something about your Dad I cry. So sorry.

Soooo, safe trip and I know those sweet faces will cheer your Mom right up. That's what Grandchildren are for!!!


My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.

Katie Kat

I only have one thing to say... Okay, wait - make that two...

One: {{{{HUGS}}}} (to you and your whole family),


Two: NOM NOM NOM those boys.

Take care sweetie.


I'm thinking of you and your family, Amy. Also, your boys are totally adorable.


I'm very sorry. Safe travels.


Saying a prayer for you and your family.


Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Jen L.

GAH, with the beautiful boys.
Ezra = nom nom nom
Noah = so sweet and handsome

Praying for your family. Travel safely.


I'm so sorry, Amy. Big hugs for you and your family.

If you're anything like me, you took approximately 117 photos of Ezra with the sweet potatoes on his face because babies with food on their face=ADORABLE.

And oh man, that last photo of Noah. He's got a devilishly handsome little twinkle in his eye!


I'm so sorry Amy. Hugs.

Your babies are so beautiful. I hope they bring some much-needed joy to your parents.


When my dad was very, very ill, my daughter knew what would cheer me up. She brought my little grandson home for me to hold. You and she are very good daughters.


Your photos cheered me up, too. Good luck, and I'm sending good thoughts.


I'm sending you big hugs -- this must be a very difficult time.

Also sending a hug and hair ruffling to the very handsome Noah, and some cheek chomps to the ever-chompable Ezra!


May God bless you and your family!


Best wishes, Amy. I really hope everything turns out well.


I don't know about your mom, but those cheered me up! Have a safe trip and know a lot of folks out here are sending you good thoughts.


Oh hon...know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


I am so sorry, Amy. I know your mom will derive alot of comfort by having you and your delicious children with her.

The last pic of Noah? Looks for an ad for Ralph Lauren Kids. What a heartbreaker-in-training.

Ez is, as always, so completely nummiful.


sending all good thoughts and best wishes and I'm here if you need to talk. Hugs.


I'm sorry, Amy. I'll be thinking of you.

And thanks for all the sweet kid pictures. ;)


So sorry to hear of your troubles. Give your babies a big squeeze.


I'm so sorry for this. Best of luck and joy.


Good god, your eldest is going to be a ladykiller.

And Ez will just be a pimp.


Big hug to you, your mom and dad. I hope you Dad can hang on. My aunt is in her 8th month in the hospital. She won't give up, and she's worth every day and every penny spent. She's getting better, just very slowly. She hasn't had any real setbacks in the last month or so. Today she is supposed to be up and walking for the first time since Labor Day. There is a 9:00 pm daily prayer time set for my aunt. I'll add your dad to my prayers.


All the best thoughts I have are sent your family's way today.


Ugh, you've really had a bad run. I hope you have a good visit and things turn out so much better than you expect.


Such cuteness should definitely make your mom smile for a little while.

So sorry. This sucks for sure. Hang in there, Amy's family.


Thinking of you.

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