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If This Post Had a Topic, I Would Summarize It Wittily Here

Oh, hi. I spent the weekend stuck in the house with two feverish children. And my in-laws. And the two aforementioned feverish children, in case you missed that previous, uh, aforemention. That I mentioned. Afore.

That means you're in for a THRILLING post today. Seriously, buckle up, and try to keep up with all the different plot points I'm going to throw at you via The Only New Photos I Have To Post Where Nobody's Nose Is Running  And/Or A Seriously Pissed-Off Teething Baby Is Not Wailing At The Camera:


This is Ezra sitting up on his own. He rarely needs the crash pillow anymore. Not that he ever actually falls in the direction of the crash pillow. Usually he just aims for whatever pointy, unyielding object is nearby.


And OMG, it's a slightly different angle of photo, taken less than 30 seconds later!


I just don't want you guys to miss a THING that goes down around here, is all.




Whew. That was exciting. Almost as exciting as the new front door handle Jason installed this weekend. Because the other one broke! And then just like that, we had a new one! And it only required THREE trips to Home Depot! I mean, by Ikea standards, that's one damn successful undertaking.

In conclusion: teeth, fevers, in-laws, door handle. I am also a little hungover. Here is a photo of me looking terrible:


And that about brings you up to speed. The end.



But your dog! He seems very pleased.


We also have teeth happening at my house. O the teeth, they really, really blow.


In the top picture, Ezra seems to be saying "Not now Mom, I'm composing". I enjoy this.

Jen L.

Teeth suck it. My 16 month old still only has 5 1/2. He's angry a lot. I feel your pain. Hope everyone feels better. Have an Oreo from me.


But at least the cat looks comfy.

Sprite's Keeper

And a visual update on the animals! Alive and well! Nice!


That is the MOST precious picture of you, Ezra, and your 2 fur babies. AWWWWWWWW....


Amy --
Do you have a Boppy? When my little guy was starting to sit up we put the Boppy around/behind him, and if he fell over, he could right himself fairly easily.

Stephanie Parnell

Your cat, it is so large and lovely. I wish there was a request box for large and lovely cats at places like Petsmart, because I would totally request one.


Ain't NOTHIN' better than a sofa full of critters and a teething baby nursing.


That last photo of just Ez.... it is NOAH!! Holy Crow!~


oh, but look at your cute cute little dog!

Chicky Chicky Baby

Now, why the hell did I go out and buy a Boppy to help support my nursing babies when I could have just USED THE DAMN CAT? She's morbidly obese so it's not like she would have protested.

You = obviously brilliant.


I love how that dog looks like he's about to take flight. Adorable ears.


I love how the cat and dog take advantage of a nursing session to turn it into cuddling with Mama.


Cheri: Yes, I do have a Boppy, and we usually prop him up with that, although he likes to pitch forward most of the time. Because he is brilliant!

(The Boppy is currently in the wash after unspeakable things happened to it.)

(glares accusingly at DOG)


Look at Ezra, looking all Noah and stuff. Seriously, in the second picture, I thought, "oh look, she put up a pic of Noah as a baby for comparison...oh wait, no."

Parsing Nonsense

Feverish children always make me feel so sad, they seem so sad and uncomfy. At least you had your in-laws around to help...?


Oh, I love the last pic with all of you on the couch. I imagine it takes about 4.3 seconds for both animals to realize you are sitting down to nurse before they find their assigned spots next to/on you. Too cute!


No worries. I'm a total sucker for in by photos of cute babies and pets. Hope the hangovers and the fevers are better.


However, despite Weekend Crappiness, there IS a full set of Harry Potter behind your head. So there's that.

(am geeky.)


I love how the animals have to be in on the nursing session, too!


across the body was my favorite nursing hold ever....and being my baby was an exceptionally slow eater, it was like an hour long hug.

sheilah the last picture. All you need is Noah with his head on your knee and the caption, "Mom, the Best Little Couch Pillow in DC."


Just started reading you yesterday and now I have to go through the archives and read EVERYTHING because you are so great!. My daughter was born a couple of days before Ezra (10-13-08) and the latest photos I took of her look just the same, sitting up (precariously), keyboard on one side, books on the other. We also CD because OMG TEH CUTE! (oh and environment...blah...blah)


I think you might be missing Noah on your lap there in that last picture.


Ezra is tres cutie!


If it makes you feel better, I wouldn't have noticed you looking bad in the last picture because of the cute kid, cute cat, and cute dog. Any looking bad was made inconsequential due to the large amount of cuteness going on.


I never realized your dog was so tiny. Or is that an optical illusion?

Leslie Karr

Do the dog and cat always camp out with you when you are nursing because OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE HORRIBLY ABUSED AND MUST HAVE AS MUCH MOMMY TIME AS THE BABY? (that's pretty much what my dog and cat think when I'm trying to focus on something/someone other than them.)

Mama Bird

You look beautiful! It's apparent from the photo that everyone in your household takes comfort in you!

Just read that same book, "Bob the Builder" to my little one before bedtime tonight. One of her faves! Had to read it 3x as she turned the pages and tried to imitate everything I was saying. Practice makes perfect! "1, 2, Bob tightens the screws. 3, 4, Mommy hammers nails in her gourd!"gp


Snuggled on the couch,critters all sleeping around you and a nursing babe in your arms. Life gets no better I swear.


Hmmm... maybe my giant obese cat would stop peeing on everything (because mommy now loves another needy creature) if I let him lie on me when I'm nursing the baby... however my selfish cat would probably attempt to push the baby off my lap, so... well, it was a nice thought.

anyway - i love your posts about nothing, I really do! :-)

Cynical Nymph

Yay! Max and Ceiba! Hi, Max and Ceiba!

Awesome. Love them. Miss them.


Dogpile on Momma!


What a fantastic post. And the visuals are totally necessary for bringing us up to speed... well, speedily. :)


ugghhhhhhhhh, you DO look terrible, terribly dumb that is.


Sorry you had a hangover. Everyone else the the last photo looked contented. Too cute with the pets!

Jen W.

Ceiba is totally smiling with his eyes...Tyra would love him.

Jennifer txmomof3

I laughed really hard at that last picture because first of all I am also sort of hungover and feel just how you look in that picture. But more so because it is such a CLASSIC picture of moms who just never get left alone or have their own space or whatever describes the phenomena of sitting down and immediately having creatures of all kinds sitting on you, around you, and, you know, sucking your boobs. I know someday we'll miss it but sometimes the SWARMING of creatures around me all the time aaarrrrgggghhh. So! That is my way of saying I love the picture.


Ezra is so adorable. I think he gets cuter every picture you post.

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