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That Thing You Do, Illustrated

My Boys

Noah hands me his sippy cup. Strawberry seeds have stopped up the straw. "It's clobbed," he says.


Ezra sits on our bed, propped up by a pillow. He falls backwards and fights his way back up, officially sitting unassisted for the first time. He looks at me and beams widely, clearly impressed with himself, before flopping over sideways.


Noah throws his arms around me and squeezes hard. "I wuv you," he sighs.


Ezra sits on my lap while I amuse him with funny faces. He lets out a tremendous burp. After a second or two of surprise, he cracks up laughing.


Noah and I march around the house, room by room. We tiptoe through the living room, dance through the dining room, skip through the kitchen and creep up to the coat closet in the foyer. I open the door. "IT'S A BEAR!" he screams. We run through the kitchen and dining room and living room and jump onto the couch and under a blanket. "And the bear. Goes back. To his cave." Noah says. "The end."

"One more time, Mommy." he begs, for the seventh time in a row. When I don't answer, he does. "Ohhhkay. One more time, Noah."

So far, Ezra eats sweet potatoes, butternut squash, asparagus, leeks, zucchini, potatoes, prunes, peaches, apples, pears, plums, banana, blueberries, avocado, oatmeal, polenta, risotto, lamb, fish, pancakes, broccoli florets, pizza crust, and pasta.

I tell Noah that I'm sorry, we're out of frozen waffles. He puts his hands on his face and drops his chin to his chest. "Poor little thing!" he wails.


Ezra sits on the couch, smiling happily. I get up and walk to the kitchen, and with each step his little face melts and pouts and finally scrunches up into a wail. I jump back a few steps, into his line of sight, and the smile and coos immediately return. I take another step away, and it happens all over again.


Noah emerges from his room post-nap. He squints in the light of the hallway, his face still marked by wrinkled sheets, his hair an impossible mop of bedhead, several inches of round belly exposed between his shirt and underwear. He blearily spots me down the hall in my room. "Oh!" he says. "Hi there!"


Ezra sits up, wobbily, peering into his baby mirror. He leans back, then forward, back, forward. He's delighted. He's playing peekaboo with his reflection.


Noah and Ezra are over there, laughing hysterically. The laughter dies down momentarily, only to start up again whenever they look at each other. Noah collapses on the floor in a fit of giggles, Ezra laughs so hard he gets the hiccups. I am not in on the joke, but I feel priviledged to be there anyway.




Love this.

(I have these same brand of boys at home, too.)


its the moments we remember.


priceless. you couldn't make any of these gems up.
i'm going to start using: "poor little thing!", although i'm sure i won't get much sympathy...


This post fills me with all kinds of happy... I can only imagine how you must feel. You are a lucky mom and those are two lucky boys.


Oh, Amy. This was just absolute perfection! I love it!


There is something incredibly special about being the mother of boys. It's like you get to be part of a club you don't actually qualify for. Enjoy every minute! Oh, and get used to the burps, those will be fodder for endless laughter for years.


Very, very nice post :)




Tug. Tug.


This post is like a burst of sunshine in my day. Thank you from the bottom of my about-to-give-birth-to-baby-#2 heart.


Well ^^^THAT^^^ looks ridiculous. I meant to say you tugged on my heart strings. THAT just looks weird and kind of creepy.


this post made me cry in an "i get it now that i'm a mom" kind of way. i am so glad that you wrote the moment.

Crystal D

Oh what a sweet post! What a couple of cute little boys you have running around your house. Lucky lucky momma.


Sounds like a wonderful life :)


Boys rule, girls drool!
What fun you are having.
You will really enjoy re-reading your post in 20 years.

Natasha A.

That is absolutely beautiful!


Wow they look exactly alike, and exactly like you!

Anna Marie

Sweet, sweet boys. =)

Ashley Fitting

This makes me SO excited that I'm having a boy in September...


I remember these days. My boys are 11 and 14 now, but still best buds.

Life is good.

Sprite's Keeper

I would trade in a million paychecks for a day like this. Makes me miss my daughter so much!


And we feel privileged that you share them with us.


Jamie AZ

The most perfect moments!


You make me appreciate motherhood so much more.


I love the love that you have for those two. And I envy the time you share with them each day. My two are 12 and 9, and all grown up in comparison. It takes a lot more than peekaboo to make them crack up. *Sigh*


I loved this. Thank you for sharing it.

Also? Ezra eats better than I do!


Having 2 boys was the best thing I ever did. Having a girl after that? Icing on the cake. BUTTERMILK icing.

Wait, butterCREAM icing. Buttermilk would be nasty.


I'm so glad you took the time to absorb amazing moments like these. And I'm glad you took a few moments to share them.
You make my arms ache to hold my little guy...2 more hours. *sigh*


That was awesome. Got a little tear in my eye. and now I miss mine terribly.


Lovely. Siblings are the best. Either one would be divine on their own, but it's surely hard to imagine one without the other.


Brothers don't shake hands....brothers gotta huuuuug!!!



How lucky there are that you're documenting this for them (and for you).


Thank you.

Seriously, the Boy has been driving me crazy today and I needed a reminder of how wonderful little boys are. I'm going to go nap with mine.


These moments are as important to record as their faces in photographs ....
thanks for sharing


There is an ebb and flow to this entry that makes it poetic. Beutiful!


So beautiful! "It's clobbed"! I still miss the days when my now-5-year-old used to get excited when he saw a helicopter and announced, "A hopper copper!"

It goes so fast, and they're so lucky to have one another.


I think my heart just melted into a little puddle.


My one year old eat asparagus too. But we limit her intake a bit because we cloth diaper and the smell of asparagus pee hitting your nostrils is OH MY GOD! MY EYES!.


Loved this post. LOVED.


Delurking to say "Wow, I really want to be a mommy!"

Has anyone seen my ovaries? I think they just flung themselves at my boyfriend.


One of my favorite sounds is my children making each other laugh.


Beautiful memories. That last one made me tear up.


Such a gift you have Amy. You write so beautifully about every topic. I'm a long time reader and some time commenter but I just love how you can paint such a vivid picture with only your words. And your post about Noah's evaluations and your feelings....so right on! You're a great mom!




I want to be your friend. Too bad we don't live in the same city.


This post absolutely made my day!


Some days you just feel torn and pulled and pushed all over the place and some days are made up of so many simple but sweet moments like these you can't believe how lucky you are.
Loved this, thanks for posting.




i'm getting married this year, so it's still gonna be a few years before kids, but posts like this make me want one. NOW!

tiffany's comment had me cracking up - ovaries flinging themselves around. mine tend to do that sometimes when i see a super cute baby, too.


Gah, this totally gets me. I can entirely imagine you taking one step away and one back - this is just awesome.


Aw, your boys are precious. I totally can just hear the giggles and I totally want to hug them. Wait, does that make me creepy?

parenting BY dummies

You are a good mommy.


Truly beautiful. What an amazing family you have!

die Frau

Ohhh....So sweet and just nothing you can make up...nothing you'd remember specifically years from now...yet something you will be so very glad to be able to read in twenty years, as one poster wrote.

Now if only I could get some job security so I could start making some of my own little kidlets.... Sigh.


This is making me excited...only 6 more weeks until I am due!

I love this post - it is so sweet that the boys are so close so young.


beautiful! This is why I want to have children.


Sounds like the perfect day.


Cute cute cute cute cute!!

And it looks like Ezra's throwing up a "Fight the power" fist in that last picture. What a rebel!



What happiness.



Thrift Store Mama

These are the greatest moments, aren't they?


Oh yeah, THAT'S why I'm so excited about having one of those things one day.


Well done. I didn't like leeks until I was 35.


I'm pretty sure Ezra is _about_ to flip us off in that picture. Just as they are sitting up unassisted, I hear it's the same time they learn how to tell you to fuck right off.


You make boys sound so cute and easy to raise.


Stop making me want to give Jack a little brother! He's only 4 months old! These stories kill me. Tell Us More!


This made my day




Great post Amy!


I hate you so AMY. Why would you post such utter cuteness on the weekend making me VERY tempted to miss some birth control pills so that I too can engage in the utter awesome that is being a mommy of two great boys!!

Grace Guinevere

My favorite post ever




What an incredibly beautiful post. Thank you.


Have you and Noah played Bear Hunt yet. It is fun.




She Likes Purple

Man, in that picture Noah looks so much like Jason and Ezra so much like you.

(And what a beautiful, beautiful post.)


thank god you have a blog so that you will always have this type of stuff recorded. i can't wait for my little star to arrive in november...

Keri G

This makes me miss my nephews that much more.



Magic, Amy. Really--magic. Thank you.


Can't explain it...but for some reason, I totally needed that.



Oh my goodness! Your children! Trade me please!


Noah's "OH! Hi there!" and Ez's hiccups? Totally killed me. I am slaughtered from The Cute. (Oh maaaaan, I want a baby now.)

(Teensy, tiny, itty bitty side note: your archives that I was going through religiously I can no longer see. However I can access your tags. Is this a (hopefully temporary) site thing with the archives? or do I have to hurl my stupidly crappy computer out the window and buy another so I can have my Amalah fix noooooooooooow?)


I love this. Moments like these banish all the hair-pulling ones... well, not quite, but mostly... at least with my two boys.


Thanks for making me feel like I'm there, too.


perfect post!


They're beautiful boys, Amy! You'll be so glad to have written down these little moments some day. It's so crazy when they're little that it feels like it will last forever, but they grow up so quickly. Sniff, sniff. (My oldest started jr. high this year, and I'm Not Coping Well).


That's the most wonderful collection of anecdotes I've read in a long time. What lovable kids you have.


I have read your blog for years, but I am not sure I've ever commented. I wanted to let you know that, you? Your writing about your boys? It is one of the reasons I have decided to maybe have kids. And I'm almost 40. This is a BIG DEAL. So. Thank you.


Wonderful! I love reading your blog ... sigh...:o)


And, that's why we do it again and again despite the sleepless nights and the moments that make us pull our hair out.


I Love It! Thank you!


RE: your last post
If I was Noah, I would want you for my mother. You are doing a great job. Keep it up.


I don't see my post on this entry, but I Loved It.
Thank you so much.


<----- big joyful tears coming down face. Loves this, so much....


Amy, this is one of my favorite entries ever. You have 2 amazing boys and it's awesome that you see that!


Your boys are adorable. Truly. You're doing a fabulous job.


Very, very sweet.

Katie Kat

Utterly and impossibly beautiful. Like a ray of sunshine to my own soul. Thank you so much Amy... :)


Damn. I am 31 and had no biological clock that I was aware of. Until just now when I read this post. Good thing I'm seeing my nieces today. Should help the ovaries to calm the hell down for a bit.


Best. Post. EVAR.


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