That Thing You Do, Illustrated
Blah Blah Whine Cough Etc.


Funny. There's nothing like a sore throat to suddenly change you from one of those "swine flu = overblown media creation = everybody should just shut the fuck up about the swine flu" people into one of those "desperately Googling swine flu symptoms = oh my god I'm totally dying of swine flu" people.

In other news, I'm sick! Again. It's delightful. Just when I thought I was fresh out of moans.

I felt all fine and dandy all week and came in contact with all sorts of wonderful people (sorry for possibly giving you swine flu, wonderful people.), and even went out on Monday night with the DC Metro Moms to have dinner at Spike From Top Chef's Restaurant, which is actually called Good Stuff Eatery, but I can't stop calling it Spike From Top Chef's Restaurant. It was a lot of fun and I don't think I harassed a single reality show star AND I even remembered my camera. Though once I came home I realized I'd taken exactly two pictures: one really blurry picture of my french fries and one picture of a bobby pin on the ground at the Metro station (because I'd been texting Jodi while getting ready? complaining that I really needed a bobby pin for my hair? and even though I know I own a good million and four bobby pins I couldn't find one but then there was a bobby pin lying right there on the ground and oh...never mind).

Hmm...what else should I talk about? Talk talk talk. Typitty type. Man, my throat is sore. I need to shower. I think the baby is waking up. I think Noah is being observed at school by the district as we speak, but don't quote me on that because I tried to write a check today and dated it in April and then required actual convincing that no, it's not April anymore. I feel like there was something I was planning to talk about today but no longer remember a whole three paragraphs in. Yep, the baby is definitely waking up. Yep, I REALLY need to shower.

In summary, I like things and places and blogs but not being sick. Look, here is a picture of a baby. I think babies are nice. Now I shall sneak off before anybody notices that I just typed a string of sentences that don't actually say anything oh God why am I still typing just STOP, jackass okay I'm done.




I'm home with a sick child too (slight runny nose, sore throat). So far he's not oinking.
He came home sick midday yesterday. Normally I would have sent him back to school today, but with this hysteria I decided to keep him home.


I'd only worry if you've eaten pork lately!!! HA! So much drama and such a big let down.
I have had days like the one you are having, and they seem to come more and more frequently.


What a cute baby!!!!


If you die of swine flu, may I have Ceiba?


Seriously cute baby.


Is delirium a symptom of swine flu? Cuz you sure as heck have that! Feel better!!


Hope you feel better soon. (And I would have been sorely tempted by the bobby pin; I don't know what it is, but I can't bear to see perfectly useful things just tossed away. My husband then counters that he can't stand to see a house full of USELESS CRAP and throws things out when I'm not looking.) Ezra is adorable, and I hope things go well with the evaluation.

And I've been meaning to ask: When they hear his name, do people ever ask if Ezra is a boy or a girl? I get that about my 3-year-old all the time, people asking if "Ezra" is a boy or a girl. It never occurred to me that it was a gender-neutral name, and I wonder if you get it too, or if it's just the people I run into!

Sprite's Keeper

I'm the sick one today too. Hope you feel better and stay away from pork, flus, and the media.


If whining and naughtiness are symptoms of swine flu then my kids are TOTALLY infected. With double swine flu even.

Sucks you're sick. Hope you feel better soon!

Jo Anna Guerra

I TOTALLY (thought I) had swine flu, too, last week. Three days of 'oh my god, i'm dying, don't you people care that i'm dying, as i lysoled and scrubbed the whole house down every day for 8 hours a day just so that i wouldn't take anyone down with me.'

All better now, though. Hope you're better soon, too.


A cute baby always makes me feel better. Ezra seems to be sitting really well. My 6-month-old finally decided to roll over this week...I thought he would never do it. ( Oh yeah...hope you feel better soon.)


There is a lovely picture of Amalah from that night here-

Ignore the picture of me. It sucks.


I also was certain I had swine flu last week. So I even went to the doctor to be sure. Turns out it was strep throat! Which also needs medication, so I am glad I went to the doctor. If you have a fever, go to the doctor. Feel better! :D


I don't know about your neck of the woods...but strep throat is going around here in Indiana. I've known 6 people that have had it in the last week.

Hope you feel better soon.


I can't remember what season it is until I look outside. It's getting out of hand.


Holy hell you crack me up. I need to come up with a better way of telling you I think you're funny b/c I've posted 'you crack me up' 9438572345 times. This sounds like a post straight from my train of thought. :)


You could write the whole thing in a made-up language, but as long as you post a picture of Cheeks McChompalot, we'd be wholly pleased.


Ha! I just bought my baby the same Baby Einstein ball the other day. I vasolated (sp?) He kinda is over it.

die Frau

I got sick last week and it's still hanging on in that blow-my-nose-every-hour-but-nothing-happens, oh so special way. All my students and friends asked, "It's not swine flu, is it?" No, dummy, it's just the spring germs all racing to see who can be first in my head to set up camp for a few weeks. Hope you feel better soon!

Amy's right--you could write about how you hate all of us and name us personally, and as long as there's a kid pic at the end, all is forgiven.

Sarah @

G-d, what a delicious baby. THOSE CHEEKS!


For the love of God, take a vitamin! :)


I think I'd forgive any amount of random sentences as long as you close with a picture of that cutie! Maybe I should try that tactic on my blog...

Sue @ My Party of 6

I totally thought my kid had swine flu until right before that dinner. Her ped. said *probably not* which was good enough for me, because, hello? Adult conversation!

It was good to meet you even though we ended up at opposite ends of the table. Hope you come party with the DCMMs again.

Parsing Nonsense

At least you're making sense...? The bobby pin thing made sense to me, at least, though coming from me that doesn't mean much as I routinely watch Monty Python sketches and they make complete perfect sense to me.


Take two strips of bacon and call me in the morning.

(hope you feel better soon!)


If you start smelling like bacon that's a sure sign you have swine flu. If you EAT bacon you'll feel better about having swine flu.


aaawww, my little guy has that same outfit...I picked it up at Target a couple weeks ago and he has yet to wear it for more than 5 minutes because he keeps spitting up on it. Maybe he doesn't like it as much as I do...


Ezra has teeth? How did I not know that?

Wife and Mommy

We had such a good time at Spike From Top Chef's Restaurant! I wish I could've talked to you more, maybe next time?!


My five-month-old has the same pjs.

Hope you're btter soon.


Feel better!!!!!!!!
Glad you liked Good Stuff...I went there once and thought the place was really cool, although the burgers could have been bigger :)


That baby picture is seriously cute. It makes my ovaries twinge...even though we are done with our one child (who is now almost 3; wahhhh! Where did my baby go).

Cheryl S.

I've been home all week with a sick 4 y/o. She's just got a icky cough, but you should see the looks we get! Feel better!


YOU'RE the one who is passing out swine flu? It was great to (briefly :) ) see you the other night.

I know what you mean about the "this is happening at school as I write" because as I write this, my kindergartener is on a field trip to the zoo and I think the odds are about 20/80 that he won't make it home with his class. So I'm a little typitty type too.

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