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That Thing You Do, Illustrated

"What are you DOING to him?" Jason asked.


"What?" I asked innocently, while adjusting the zoom on the camera. "I just wanted some pictures of those faces he makes when he does that thing -- when he cries the minute I walk away and stops once I walk back and..."




"Okay. Yeah. Maybe this isn't the type of parenting moment I really want documented."


"Eh, look, now he's fine! Hi, happy baby!"

"That was still kind of mean."

"I think that's the kind of call only the Internet can objectively make."



It's not mean if you do it to record how All Powerful you are in his world - and if it ends in an adorable face like that!!!

die Frau

Not mean, a little heartbreaking, but mostly funny. It's not as if you're doing "Little Albert" experiments on the kid (1950s psychological experiment on how kids learn fear--don't ever watch it because it IS mean). Plus, as others wrote, he is pretty preshus.

One of our favorite family pics, as I'm sure I've mentioned, is my sister at age 1 screaming-crying her head off, terrified by the Santa who's holding her. It's classic.


not mean! those pictures were 100% needed. Adorable!


Not mean at all. And good for the ego!


He is so beyond adorable. I almost broke my fingers smashing them again the screen trying to smoosh those little cheeks.


Hi Amy! I am a long-time reader, infrequent commenter - but I had to break my silence upon reading this post, because good Lord, that child is cute! How do you get anything done?


Not mean. Totally cute and funny!


I've been forced to de-lurk because I can't seem to stop myself from bringing up this post over and over again today. It just brings a smile to my face seeing that cute little face scrunch up at the idea of his momma walking away. I think my biological clock starting skipping beats...look out hubby.


I think this kind of "torture" is perfectly acceptable! I have a picture of my then-toddler brother pouting in a corner that I plan to have blown up for his high school graduation party this summer.

I wish our Mom had taken as many pictures as you!

Justice Jonesie

Okay, this is so funny and so not mean!! love it!


When my oldest was 18 months old, for his first Halloween, he chose--I repeat, HE chose--a Winnie the Pooh costume that had a head and legs and arms and everything. It encased him. He was thrilled to dress up as "Pooh!".

Until it came time to actually WEAR the dang thing. He cried. And cried. And whimpered. He didn't like the head part, he didn't like the tummy. I bribed him with candy to get ONE picture of him not frowning, and then I took a sad picture of him.

And then I scrapbooked it. I called the page "Boo Hoo Pooh." I still snicker when I see that page in his baby book. Mean mommy.

Laurel McCarthy

How adorable! I think that sort of thing is hilarious and so will he someday. One of my favorite pics of my son Jack is of him being grumpy over breakfast. If looks could kill...

Jessica V.

I have to admit that I just clicked on the pics to get a better close-up of the pouty goodness. NOMNOMNOM! Adorable (and not mean!).


Objectively, I think the second pictures is ADORABLE.


haha, that's great. you'll need these to show his future spouse anyway.


He is SO CUTE!
As a boy- mom - I love that boys are so tough- until it comes to Mommy :)

Good to meet you last night!

Mary@Holy Mackerel

You're a good mommy. I'd have taken those shots too, just because.

And my daughter was exactly the same...I couldn't leave her side for the first 18 months...


Ez is so freakin' cute!


once, at the dentist office, my daughter was startled to the point of crying by a cow popping out of a fisher price barn and mooing at her, for months afterwards my husband and I would moo at her just to see the reaction, hilarious!




So was the onesie staged? B/c I find it ironic in the context of his utter devotion.


Maybe ironic is not the right word...fitting?


Not mean, and he is so cute it hurts! Someone in another comment mentioned documenting "pooping grimaces" and I did the same with my daughter. I called it the "poo face". Weird? Yes. But, that face was just so funny I had to. I stalked her for weeks and finally got it. This kind of makes me want to capture a crying moment too. The expressions they have at this age go straight to the heart. You'll want to remember them clearly!


Oh dear god, the pouty lip. Is it weird that I want to eat it?

Wife and Mommy

Oh, he is so cute! I photograph my children all the time...sad faces and all!

It was sooooo nice to meet you Monday night! I hope to run into you again soon.


He is so stinkin' cute! I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a more lovable little face.


what a cutie!

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