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Hmm. I Mention the Word "Headband" a Lot, So. Yes. Let's Call This Entry "Headband."


Yeah, so. Shut up. We saw Rent AGAIN on Friday night. Again-again. Those tickets have been on my (non-working, asshole) refrigerator since CHRISTMAS, and I was excited. I got dressed up, complete with cleavage and a sparkly headband that I later decided looked more like a tiara. This was not a decision I was proud of. There was regret about the headband, is what I am saying. And as anyone who has experienced headband-related regret knows, you cannot just undo a headband once you've committed to a headband, because of the hair dent.

Dent rhymes with Rent! You know, sometimes I start writing stuff without any idea of where the topic is going to take me, without any real grasp on the entry's structure or conclusion, and sometimes it just works out anyway. Other


We took the boys to see Up on Saturday. I was a little worried about it, honestly, since I'd read some reviews that mentioned scary packs of dogs and we're STILL kind of dealing with the fallout from 101 Dalmations, which shattered Noah's innocence with the necessary truth that sometimes dogs bite, and that sometimes they bite your butt. Thank you, Disney, for that.

But Noah was super-excited to see the "Going Up" movie about the balloons and the house and the house going up with the balloons and we're Going Up! Balloons! Yaaaaay! We went to a super-early toddler-friendly showing, Ezra fell asleep 10 minutes in, Noah thought the scary packs of dogs were HILARIOUS, and the whole outing was a complete success, other than the little tiny part where Noah screamed bloody murder everytime the house was shown floating in the air. Which not to spoil the plot for you or anything, HAPPENED A LOT. IT WAS KIND OF THE WHOLE POINT.

The theater was mostly empty, but I still whisked him outside every time he started shrieking and tried to explain that it was okay, it was just pretend and goddamn WHIMSICAL and offered to take him home instead. Which then caused MORE crying, because he wanted to watch the movie. He just wanted the house to "not be going up anymore." And after, oh, the seventeenth or maybe the fourteenhundredth explanation of How Movies Work and Mommy's Limited Pull At Pixar, I finally told him he could eat all the chocolate-covered raisins he wanted for the rest of the movie if he would just stop crying about the stupid house, because so help me God, Mommy really wants to watch this movie so please don't call my bluff and make me take you home like a responsible parent. You sit down and be quiet and enjoy getting scarred for life! Have some candy!

Guess who hasn't stopped talking about Up ever since? Guess who thinks it's HILARIOUS to stop mid-sentence, turn to the left and shout "SQUIRREL!" over and over and over? Guess who wants to see it again?

(BESIDES ME, I mean. Obviously. Duh.)


Jesus, this entry is boring. I've checked my email 17 times in the past 15 minutes in hopes that someone sent me something more interesting to read. I have received -- no lie -- exactly 10 press release pitches since I sat down to type. Chick-fil-A has a new milkshake flavor, in case that's relevant to you and/or your life and/or your highly-savvy blog audience. Here's one with the subject line "Summer Drinks the Celebs are Sipping."

Summer is finally upon us, and while our favorite celebrities are sipping glamorous warm weather cocktails at the swankiest resorts, cafes, and rooftop bars, we regular people are still dragging that bucket of beer next to the kiddie pool in the backyard.

Oh god, not a bucket of beer! That's just Stupid recession, keeping us drinking the bathtub gin and moonshine while the celebrities sip glamorous cocktails and laugh at us, pelting us with martini olives from the rooftop bars! The email actually contains recipes for celebrity-inspired cocktails, which is not really what the subject line promised. I feel kind of lied to. There's a. jpg attached with photos of each celebrity and their hypothetical drink, and Paris Hilton is one of them. She is wearing a headband.



And. Here. Have a picture of a pretty baby. I've completely lost interest in this entry.

(runs away to drag bucket of beer out to the kiddie pool)




I took my 4 year-old to see "Up" on Friday. Ever since, he's started every other sentence with "Mom. Do you remember Up?" and he interrupts himself with "Squirrel!"
He's so silly.


Ezra is sooooo stinkin' cute! The end!


Stephanie @ Figments

I came across your blog in some total random way - Moomsy, of all places. Very funny!


I see we weren't the only ones to go see Up and worry about the freak outs. Cordy saw it this weekend at a "sensory-friendly" screening, which pretty much means they won't throw you out for being noisy or running up and down the aisles.

She did really well, aside from some shrieking at times.

And since when did a bucket of beer become a bad thing? Pass me one from your bucket, will ya?


My son (turned three in April) has also been yelling SQUIRREL!! since we saw Up on Friday night. He actually behaved during it, for the first time ever in a movie. Bonus.

I cried my head off though. And had to stay quiet so he wouldn't go MAMA ARE YOU CRYING ARE YOU SAD MAMA ARE YOU SAD ARE YOU SAD ARE YOU SAD?

Man the dogs were awesome.

I've seen Rent so many times. I adore it.


So, if you're THAT bored maybe you want to come visit my blog? I'm pretty boring usually but today was Not Me! Monday (organized by and I was a little naughty this week. I mean I totally WASN'T naughty. Nope. No ma'am, not me.

And if you decide to read down to my less amusing posts, Ezra is totally on my list of Babies I Should Not Exploitfully Post Pictures Of Even Though They Are Totally Delicious.

And yes I did read your whole post, I just happened to catch your tweet and yes, I just happen to read THAT FAST. I hate headbands, at least on me. I forgot about Up but now I want to see it. I may go check alphamom because I am totally avoiding doing work and maybe if you're bored you posted more over there that I can over-respond to. WOoooooooooooooo my life is soo exciting.


So again, I am SOO SOO jealous that you saw Rent again-again. I hope you molest Adam for me, b/c hello? Hott!!

Also your baby = Squee!! and also nom nom nom.

And we may require a photograph of the headband in question...


I was all kinds of excited because I thought that I was going to be the first one to comment! And then by the time I read the-SQUIRREL!-post about pretty headbands and babies and RENT and beer buckets, eleventy other people seem to have read it faster and commented first. Boo.

I laughed and then went 'Awww' because your babies are lovely.


I cracked up just at the point you claim this post is really boring, because I can see Lil'bug doing the same thing. (She loves the squirrel from Ice Age: The Meltdown.) She keeps asking for the squirrel movie.

Pinkie Bling

You don't think we're going to let you off that easily, do you?


Jen L.


I had headband remorse on my WEDDING DAY. Bad.

I'm dying to see UP. We may have to go tomorrow morning.

Momo Fali

When I meet you, I'm going to randomly yell, "Headband!" and see if you turn your head to the side.


And here I was hoping you would have something to say about the casting of the Real Housewives of DC. I am on the dreaded other side of the river (but can see monuments from my office - so there!), and not a housewife, so I guess I am unqualified. Oh, and the whole not rich thing...


Dude, your beer comes in a bucket? Mine comes in teeny-tiny 12 oz bottles that I have to keep opening and JEZUS I WANT BEER IN HANDY BUCKET SIZING. WHERE IS MAH BUCKET?


Haha. I LOVE Rent. I made my husband watch the movie with me. Afterward he was all,"wait! I thought this movie was supposed to be funny!"



So... what's the new Chick-Fil-A milkshake flavor? As far as fast food milkshakes go, their Cookies n Cream is hard to beat.


Headband? Not hairband? Just wanted to be sure. Hmm. Need pictures.

Thanks for the Up review. We were just wondering if it should be our 3-year-old's inaugural movie. (Attending a movie moms showing of Sex and the City with me last year doesn't count, right? He definitely didn't pay attention.)


PaintingChef: Peach, made with real peaches! For lots of peachy goodness. I'm generally not a fan of healthy shit getting in the way of my junk food though. If I'm going to drink a milkshake I'd prefer chocolate. Perhaps with a little booze.

Oh my God, I just had a brilliant idea. Blogger-inspired milkshakes. Somebody send out a press release.

Wide Lawns

But what is the new milkshake flavor at Chick-fil-A?? It IS relevent to my life. I NEED to know this. That's so mean. That's like telling someone you have a secret and then refusing to say what the secret is!! Chick-Fil-A milkshake flavors are pretty important and the Chick-Fil-A is pretty far away, so if I drive all the way there to find out the new flavor and then it's something gross like Banana Watermelon Praline Chip, I am definitely blaming you. Just so you know.


That was not boring. You movie dialogue is quite similar to ones I had when I took my kids to movies. "Just sit still and eat the chocolate raisins. Yes, all of them. Do you want some Sour Patch Kids, too? Here, take them. Now be quiet and sit still." Where was I? Oh yeah, well now I want to see UP more than I did before. Maybe once schools out...


Gawd, I wish I could figure out how to take my 7 month olds (twins) to the Mama/Stroller movies. It's like at 10 am, so RIGHT when they want to be eating and playing etc. So, I'm not sure I could handle them both. But I want to see Up, and it may be my only chance.


Your life is way more glamorous than mine....Bucket o' Beer and ALL! I haven't been to the theater since....oh....1995 to see Les Mis (and I would see it every stinkin weekend if I COULD!!)

I have a love/hate relationship with headbands. They hurt...don't work....but the CONCEPT! Awesome.

I took MY boys to see "Night at the Museum" because YOU had seen it, albeit with GROWNUPS. I wanted to see "Up" but worried the theater would be too crowded and me with the 7month old, 3 year old and 8 year old alone might annoy the patrons.
I think we still annoyed the patrons, but they were nice about it.


Now I want a milkshake, dammit!


Ooooh...a bucket of beer and a kiddie pool...sounds like my kind of party!


I was at that RENT performance too - so amazing to see Adam and Anthony in the roles!


Oh, hi Ez! Why did I have to read through the entire entry to find a new picture of you, hm?

Little Miss Kickboxer wants you to take her to the prom, some 16 years down the road.


Chick Fil A flavor PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This is essential knowledge to all pregnant women out there, you must share!!


i miss beer.


Glad it worked out! My "out of sync" child (7) also loves the movies but is super sensitive to sound so plugs his ears the whole time. I was glad for the 3D glasses to hide my tears from the sappy heartstring pulling. Did you cry?


I was going to take my three year old to Up this weekend but chickened out. She's never been to a movie theater before because she has an inability to keep her trap shut for more than oh, say, 5 or 6 seconds. I'm scared people will throw Milkduds at us.

We saw the Anthony/Adam Rent duo when they came to Minneapolis last March and I'm only kind of ashamed to admit it was my 5th or 6th time seeing it so, yeah, geeks unite and stuff.

Jackson's Mom

I took my 3.5 yr old to see UP this weekend too. We opted for the non-3D version b/c he is really sensitive to visual stimulus and well, to be honest, mostly because it was half the price. What? No judging! There's a recession going on people : ) On a more serious note, [SPOLIER ALERT] I was really shocked at the miscarriage scene. My husband and I are recovering from our own loss and it stung a bit to have to see such a sad topic in such an unexpected place. He squeezed my hand so I know he was feeling it a little as well. Overall, I think it was well done.


1) Up! was awesome. I saw it with an entire family that involved NO kids, and we loved it. The frog was great.

2) RENT is also awesome. Do not be ashamed of having seen it four times; instead, know that many of us are freakin' jealous of you. In fact, some of us have driven many hours to catch the show on tour... just once... because Adam and Anthony came back and HOW CAN YOU MISS THAT?


Ha ha ha ha! This entry made me laugh!! That is all.

Also, headband.

Sarah L

I just put on a headband just as I was reading this...coincidence??


You are tooooo funny!!!! Fell upon your site. But will be back.


I just wanted to say that the information about the new Chik-fil-a milkshake flavor IS relevant to me/my significant other/our lives! We eat there at least once a week and its delicious.


It was you I saw! :) (see comment on your previous post) I say, all bets are off when Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp are involved - there is no such thing as having been to Rent "too many times."

The headband wasn't as bad as you think. I mean, did you see the lady in the black sparkly floor length formal dress? She beat your headband by miles. [now hoping the lady in that dress doesn't read your blog...]


I tried to singlehandedly bring back headbands a couple of years ago but they never caught on. Possibly because of the mushroom hair when it rides up.

I don't know how Paris does it, but it kind of bugs me that she doesn't have mushroom hair. Maybe she has handlers who keep pulling it down.


Dude, I pretty much love you. In a platonic writerly sort of way, but still..


My husband and I almost went to that exact same showing of Rent because it was our anniversary. Being that we are "regular people" we ended up eating Mexican food and going to see Terminator Salvation instead. No headbands either. :)

Sprite's Keeper

I took Sprite to see her first movie and picked Up. While she liked it, my adventure was more about keeping her from wreaking havoc on the chair in front of us while enjoying the movie for myself, because honestly? She would have been happy with a repeat showing of Alice in Wonderland on the good ole free tv at home.
Your comment on limited pull with Pixar? Sold the entire post. It made my night!

Sensibly Sassy

So no pictures of the headband then?


Ooooohh we loved Up, baby, toddler and all. Everyone should go! Fun for the whole family! Of course I cried, I do that. And I did save M&Ms to give the toddler when she ran out of popcorn, 'cause I am awesome that way. I think you were nice to let anyone else have the chocolate raisins.


The new milkshake flavor is PEACH. Sadly, I am a fan of theirs on Facebook and they just put that update out.

I just saw Rent for the 4th time on Sunday in DC. It was my second time seeing Adam/Anthony but tragically the first time a damn post blocked a good chunk of the stage. This time was much better, but the best would be in ADAM'S LAP because he is so flipping hot. And I say this as a married mom of a toddler. :P Maybe now I should mention I got his autograph and accidentely-on-purpose brushed his fingers while handing him my Playbill???


Oops, am exhausted.. did not see that Amy already revealed the new flavor.


Hair dent, yes! I can totally relate.

We are going to see Up! tonight and I'm very excited. The sad part? We have no children.


I hid under the porch because I love you!

Katie Kat

Okay, I feel MUCH better about taking B to see "Up" last weekend! I saw that it was PG AFTER I bought the tickets and I freaked out that a 3 1/2 year old was just not ready for "some peril and action" the rating described. But, since YOU did it, well, then I'm off the hook!

And B loved it too, except for the scary doggie parts where she made me cover her eyes and ears. And then she said she had a headache and she had to go potty, which she didn't (just wanted to get out of the theatre). So, yeah - she just LOVED it... OKAY, I LOVED IT!


What is this about the pretty baby wearing a headband? What?


Love, Love, LOVED UP!! I so want to take my son to it but I'm just not sure he's ready for a movie theater at two and a half. And I think the whole squirrel thing is hysterical. Did you cry as much as I did during the movie?

Alias Mother

Oh god. Headbands. I have the kind of hair that theoretically should look great with headbands: thick, straight, etc. I look like I'm trying to do Lolita porn. And then the hair dent...ugh.

I am resisting the headbands! Do not be wooed by the headbands!


I love the random things kids pick out of movies to be afriad of - the dog biting the guy on the butt in dalmatians? perfect. nevermind that the whole film is about KILLING PUPPIES - and how did that ever seem kid appropriate anyway? I have also had headband remorse, although it typically never even gets out of the house because as soon as I put one on my daughter asks what's wrong with my hair. She's 3. Thanks, hon. I am more usually guilty of bangs remorse, and that is A LOT harder to get over.


haha! glad you enjoyed rent again! sooo good :)

can't wait to see Up too, looks so cute, glad it went kinda well for you guys!

Parsing Nonsense

I tried to wear a headband once. The look was so fundamentally at odds with who I am, though, that it popped little legs out of its seams and ran screaming down the aisle. Ostensibly to land on the head of Leighton Meester.


Forget the peach milkshake, can I have a frosty beer instead... with a squeeze of lime - if it must be fruity.
I'm still in awe that it is possible to take a 6-7mo old to the movies. I have an almost 5mo old and I'm a-scared. I figure he'd be terrified but you give me hope. Thx!


Yes, I have the short hair that can look totally great with headbands. It can also look like total crap, but at that point, the entire head of hair has been shoved into headband land, so you're pretty much stuck with it.

I've never seen Rent; apparently I'm the only one left in the world. I am, however, totally looking forward to Up, and the "squirrel!" line in the ads is what convinced me I would love it. (We have probably the world's dumbest dog, and if he could talk, I think that's all he would say.)

And when you quoted the bucket of beer and the kiddie pool, I just kept thinking about who they were for. If they're both for me, that sounds like a pretty good day to me, Paris Hilton be damned! (I tried a martini once; I didn't like it anyway.)

Jennifer A

Do what I do, make large shaker of favorite martini, pour in travel coffee mug, sit on chair outside, repeat until dad comes home or I give up and tell them its movie time since the outdoors is spinning.
I'm taking a 4 and 7 yr old to Up this weekend. Should be interesting.

white girl

What I would give for a bucket of beer. Little do those fancy celebrities know, the ordinary is EXTRAordinary. Keep your stinking olives, Paris, and pass me a straw for my bucket o' beer.


Good heavens, woman! You cannot say Headband that many times without AT LEAST posting a picture of it. Heh.


I'm so jealous of all of you who got to see Rent LIVE, with Adam and Anthony even! I've only seen it on DVD a few (okay, probably a dozen) times.

I want to see UP! I'll bring some Kleenex for the possible crying :P

And finally, Ezra! SO CUTE!

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