It's Input, It's Input Time
Monday Open Caption, Non-Kitchen Edition For the Love of God FINALLY

Input Time, Expanded & Annotated

Never let it be said that the Internet doesn't take a request for advice seriously. Serious Internet iz serious! Serious Internet iz in ur kitchen, comparing ur paint chipz!

In fact, since you guys took the assignment so seriously, I must apologize for setting y'all up for COLOR FAIL with just that little picture of a little corner. I think the lack of full room perspective is why red ended up being such a popular suggestion.

Let's...back up from that angle a little bit.


See, I just can't get behind the idea of painting THAT MUCH wall red. Or any of it red, honestly, what with that wide expanse of reddish floor. As someone mentioned yesterday, I think it might feel like we "slaughtered a steer in a bordello."

We actually painted part of our bedroom dark red in our old DC condo -- way back in 2001, like a couple of paint-trend VISIONARIES -- and at first we loved it. How bold! How deep and lovely and different! And then six months later...hmm. Yeah. It looks kinda like a whorehouse up in here. Also, small. Very, very small.

We moved our bedroom to the (yellow!) upstairs loft and eventually had to paint over the red to create Noah's nursery. And people? I wanted to fucking. Kill. My. Self. And I was the pregnant one who was only BARELY KIND OF HELPING. Jason and his dad did most of the priming and the priming and the painting and oh, dammit, more priming and painting, and I think its pretty safe to say that Jason will never, ever let me paint anything red ever again.

(Next up on the recession-makeover-by-paint-alone list: the adjacent dining room, which is halfway red. Deep, dark red up to a white chair rail, another freaking shade of goddamn beige up to the ceiling. This WOULD work, except that the room has 1) no windows and 2) an unusually low ceiling. Thus, the red gives you the sensation that bottom half of the room is slowly closing in on you and about to eat your legs off.)

(After that, it's time for our bedroom. Holy paint nuggets, but you people are in for some hella boring entries.)

So...I'm sorry. I am. But no red. NO RED. Let's take a look at another angle.


These people LOVED their recessed blackhead-zit-lighting, obviously.

We've been wanting to paint the house ever since we moved in, really, but just...haven't. Our condo buyers* demanded an incredibly tight closing date (which they would subsequently forget to ask for the day off from work for, which was awesome of them) so we only barely got our crap from one place into the other in time. So there was no time to paint while the place was nice and empty, though you can see from the shoe rack that's leaning in a corner instead of being attached to the wall that we TOTALLY INTENDED TO PAINT. I mean, don't MOUNT the shoe rack; we'll just have to take it down when we paint! Which we're totally going to do soon! Along with window coverings! And stuff on the wall! AS SOON AS WE PAINT.

That shoe rack has been sitting there for...what? Two-and-a-half years now? Thank God we didn't waste any energy on THAT, then.

*We also had to accept a below-list offer because they wanted to paint over all the bold, gorgeous colors (terra cotta and yellow and green and faux-crumbling-brick murals climbing up the loft) we'd chosen. We've since seen through the windows that they painted the entire place...white.

That table is going to be replaced, as we NEVER USE IT (obviously, if you can see that we use it for sprouting seedlings for the vegetable garden), with one of those counter-height workstation things, with storage and stools and maybe some butcher block. This kitchen, blah as it might be aesthetically, at least DOES get put to good, extensive use. And since I'm prone to taking up all the counter space while cooking seventeen different batches of baby food and preschooler snacks with a side of Mama Brownies, I've been eyeballing that useless half of the room for awhile now. Usually while drooling. And eating.


Yes, the dishwasher is actually stainless. know, the fake stainless. The horrible GE dishwasher that was here when we moved in was recalled, and we used the provided rebate to replace it with a possibly MORE horrible GE dishwasher. Scratch that. This is definitely a more horrible dishwasher. Terrible. (It's basically the cheapest GE Profile model you can buy. WE RUE THE DAY.) Its days are numbered and I believe we're going to go back to white, since if we DO fall ass-backwards into some free money, it'll go towards the horrible counter and cabinets. The range and microwave are perfectly fine, and we were able to get the not-great-but-serviceable refrigerator repaired and save ourselves a couple grand. That we've already spent on Noah's OT summer camp. GOD.

Hmm. I am looking at that grey bin/basket we use for paper recyling there and thinking. THINKING OF THINGS. PAINT IDEA THINGS.


That bit up by the WTF is not a trick of the camera -- the wall is weirdly uneven there, thus complicating any ideas of using different colors on the two halves of the room. I think that one wall by the little table would make a nice accent -- I bought rows of little photo/artwork display things at Ikea awhile ago with this wall in mind, but of course never hung them up because WE ARE GOING TO PAINT.

(We did not have Guns n' Roses over. We did not actually have any guests over.)

So...we've been basically going back and forth about this room for ages. We absolutely cannot afford to *do* anything major to it right now. But I'm sick to death of not doing *anything.* I think that's why I finally seized upon the FUCK IT, WE'RE PAINTING IT WHITE AND THAT'S THE END OF IT thing.

(Well, that, and AB Chao's kitchen. I know y'all came down HARD on the all-white kitchen, but dude. Duuuuude. Hers is insanely gorgeous, though clearly not something we could replicate in a boring 70s suburban townhouse kitchen. But still. Waaaaannnnnt, duuuuuuuuuuuude.) Etc.

(Oh! And for the tough-to-clean paint complaints, I cannot believe that I, knower of exactly nothing, know a possible solution to that. My mother-in-law was a professional decorative painter [she did our old condo, but I have been unable to spark her interest in doing ANYTHING at the new house except for the boys' rooms] and after she would do any type of faux finish or mural, she'd slap a thin coat of polyurethane over it. Seals and protects completely so you can wipe ANYTHING off with a wet rag. HIGHLY recommended for any special painted details you might put around your baby boy's changing table. Just saying. From experience.)

Now that you have some added perspective on the space, what do you think? Warm grey? Avocado or olive or grass green? (Not big on sage, since our one bathroom is sage and our LAST bathroom was sage, so basically: sage makes me think I have to pee.) Tiffany or robin's egg blue? Canteloupe? Yellow but like, a different yellow? WHITE? Pink with little red hearts stenciled all over the place? Hunter green plaid and a ton of duck decoys?

(Oh, and the boring door pulls are as good as gone. As soon as I find something that I like. And, you know, ASSOONASWEPAINT.)



I think a nice crisp light green would look great with the floors, countertops, and cabinets...


I'm still on my grey kick (with pops of colour - apple green!), and I think black hardware could look great. The house we just moved into had horrible old brass cabinet pulls, but I didn't mind the shape of them. Out came the flat black Tremclad and they look like wrought iron now and the $6 Tremclad was a hell of a lot cheaper than the $100 (at least)it would have cost to buy new hardware.

And this might be a crazy-ass suggestion, but have you thought about maybe adding some sort of moulding to the cabinet doors? Moulding with mitred corners would make them look like recessed panel doors and might be a good "for now" fix. I honestly would have no idea how to go about it though, I'm just here for ideas not actual plans!

Good luck with whatever colour you choose!


We bought Glidden's Toasty Grey for one of our rooms that we had no idea what to do with. And it is beautiful. I almost wish we'd done the whole house with it. It's grey, but not cold; the "toasty" in there is quite accurate (unlike half the other names and paint cards we went through, like that beautiful and subtle Mediterranean blue that turned out to be SUPERMAN RECYCLE BIN HOLY CRAP BLUE or the beige that turned out to be a lavendery-pink, and yes, I'm bitter).

I think a green or a blue or accents of one or the other or both would also look great.


Your kitchen looks way different in these pictures than in yesterday's picture. I vote for a light blue or a light green (if you like this light blue I can get the color name for you - )

As for the can lights, if your complaint is the black in white look, its really easy to replace those lights, and they're about $8 a piece. You could even replace them over time (no one notices a ceiling enough for it to be a big deal).

I'll also throw in that when you do decide to replace the counter tops, granite is nowhere near as expensive as it used to be, and can be just as cheap or cheaper than quartz or corian when you pick out what you want. Plus, you can set a bomb off on the stuff and it still looks like new.


I'm also still pulling for grey or green. I wish we had a better picture of our new grey guestroom.

When we moved into our house, everything on the main floor was the same green-tinged yellow (think not-quite-ripe lemon): walls, ceiling, trim in living room, dining room, bathroom, and our bedroom. Sigh. We painted the kitchen and dining room a beautiful bright green.

Before and after pics are here:

I'd be happy to dig up the name of our green if you want.


We have similar counters and even less appealing cabinets but got great mileage from a paint-only renovation a few weeks ago. If you're open to blue (some people can't do a blue kitchen - I am not one of those people) test out some samples in the pale-but-rich-sort-of-smokey-blue family. Ours looks as great as it could be in just that sort of blue. Some to try are: Benjamin Moore "Blue Lace" could work, or Benj.Moore Aura "Christalline" or "Constellation".


Well if I'm being honest I don't really dislike the color that's on the walls now... but I know sometimes the color from a pic is different from the actual color. I am pretty much obsessed with yellow so I'm going to vote for yellow. We have reddish flooring and I think the yellow walls really make it look rich.

I also like your suggestion of Tiffany blue, but I don't think it would make the floors look as nice. But I still like it!


I love the idea of either grass green or Tiffany blue. IMO, either would work really well with the floors and the for-now counters.


We use the color "Beach House" (Behr or Sherwin Williams?) in our house and I really ove it - it is a nice light light brown that looks great with white. You can then use pops of red or apple green or a light soothing grey/blue. You could add some white curtains to break up the brown a bit and then you have a very sophisticated, calming kitchen. : )


Yeah, these photos don't really reflect the "real" shade of yellow on the walls -- much more muted/peachy here. I wouldn't call it a HIDEOUS yellow, but it just doesn't *do* anything for the room, you know? Just...blah.


I'm a big fan of the gray. It's subtle, but not boring beige...and certainly not white (blech). Something subtle, and it will go with whatever new countertops you get. And, you could still do an accent wall - in a dark blue or green.


Green. It'll pop with the white and the red-ish floor, be all springy, and hey, you have a LOT of big windows. I'm totally jealous. *sigh* Liiiiight.


Your counters are cool-colored. Floors are warm. Cabinets are cool. Furniture is warm. This opens the door for clashing.

Pick a good greige/stone color straight out of the countertops. Cool side is OK. The floor is warm enough for the rest of the room. It will tie the disparate elements together rather than setting them off, as the yellow does. Result: soothing and harmonious.

Get something more friendly-feeling for drawer-pulls and less Remodeled Doctor's Office. Maybe in a burnished bronze. Get some fabric curtains/window treatments. Hang up art. Get a clock. Once you do those things the paint color will start mattering a lot less, anyway.


Sorry - no time to go thru all comments so I don't know if someone's suggested this yet but I'd go soft grey (I think someone suggested apple green accents - love it) and I would do an "accent section" if not a whole wall with blackboard paint - something to keep boyz entertained while you cook and somewhere you can write a grocery list and/or "TAKE OUT THE TRASH HUSBAND" with arrows? Or... oh... is it just my husband who needs a yelly all caps reminder & a map written on the kitchen wall?


I would do the khaki green, warm gray or non-fleshy beige. It will make the room very neat and clean and then you can go nuts with accessories. How is the natural lighting in there? Photos can be deceiving?
Also - we replaced our can lights with all white and they look nice against the white ceiling.


Just browsing on really quickly I fell in love with a few colors for you - mystical sea (light green), promenade (little bit darker green), grass cloth (grassy/celery), pensive sky (light gray), sterling (another gray)... I guess my vote is for gray or light/bright green!

Dawn Diff

Grass green is just such a happy color, and I think it would be lovely. I also think that some beadboard painted crisp white would be fantastic at not too much expense.

Catherine S

Actually, I woulld suggest Tiffany Blue. We actually have it in one of our bedrooms with red as the accent color and it works surprisingly well. I thought maybe with the red floor it would work. It looks slightly vintage without looking like a "theme" room. And yes, I hate theme rooms.

Also, I highly suggest getting some sample colors to paint large splotches on the wall before you select the final color. This has kept me from making some major mistakes when it came to wall color. I know Sherwin Williams has them for around $5. That way you can see ehat the colors look like with your trim/floor/cabinets etc before making the time and money investment. You probably knnow this already and I am sure someone has suggested, but it is something worth repeating.

Oh, and I also like the warmish neutral greyish perfect color that has been mentioned, you know with accents of orange or green or blue. You know, HGTV style.


OH and that white kitchen did look kick-ass but seriously, I bet even THAT kitchen only looked that good for the photo shoot. I feel you on the love of white cuz it looks so CLEAN when it's CLEAN but I never CLEAN so I go for colours that hide that fact that my house isn't CLEAN. Crap... I should go clean something. Seriously.


I keep thinking that a pale apple green would be really pretty. That may be the same as your grass green but I think that would look awesome.


I think green now after seeing the whole kitchen. A nice, fresh, spring green will balance everything I think!

Catherine S

Also, yes, red would be bad. No offense to the red fans, but it has had its day and it really is time to move on. Red is now just dated and over. K? Thanks:)


So before I got all the way to the end I kept thinking "GREY! GREY!" and then last paragraph "HEY YES WOMAN STOP TALKING AND PAINT IT GREY!"

You could probably get away with a couple of shades, if you wanted to. But I think it'd open it up a lot more than white would. Just pick something that is a true grey and not beige-masquerading-as-grey.


So before I got all the way to the end I kept thinking "GREY! GREY!" and then last paragraph "HEY YES WOMAN STOP TALKING AND PAINT IT GREY!"

You could probably get away with a couple of shades, if you wanted to. But I think it'd open it up a lot more than white would. Just pick something that is a true grey and not beige-masquerading-as-grey.


OK, your floors are reddish-orange and opposite that on the color wheel is greenish-blue. I'm thinking something like seaglass. Keep it pale, and find a color with a little black in it - so it doesn't look like a nursery in there. The seaglass color will pop against the floors and vice-versa.

One more thing - I am SO over accent walls. But if you feel you must - pick one color darker on the paint chip than your wall color. Don't do anything crazy. You'll have to live with this shit for years. You know you aren't repainting anytime soon.


I like Dana's colour, white with a smidge of brown like beach sand. or white.

Don't mind me, I'm one of your Aussie lurkers :D


Oooh, try a light gray. I think that would give it a slightly more modern touch, but not make it dark or anything.


I was one of the people who suggested red, but yeah... with such a large area, I can see why that won't work.

I'm totally a fan of the new trend towards grey rooms. (I think it's a trend anyway.) So I'd go with a warm grey, but then use colorful accents, like orange and blue and lime green to brighten it up. (Not all at once, but in whatever color you like.) I'm partial to orange... if you a search for orange and grey, you can find lots of examples of that color combination.

Grey and orange is probably a very specific taste, though, so of your other choices, I think some shade of green might work well.


I vote for a 'natural' green, olive if you want to go dark or celery if you want to go light. Either I think would look great, but I wouldn't do anything unnaturally bright with the dark 'granite' counter. Someone yesterday suggested using chalkboard paint on one wall, which I think would be awesome! Although teaching the kiddos that yes they are allowed to draw on THIS wall and THIS wall ONLY might be a challenge...


I vote for a yellow that is actually yellow. To me, a kitchen should look warm, bright, and cheerful, and yellow would do that.


You need the complementary color of the floor, in a lighter value. Go to photoshop and use the eyedropper and get the floor color, then invert it. It'll probably be some shade of greenish blue or violet.

Another option is to paint the walls white, then paint the underside of the thresholds a more interesting color. Like if you lay down and looked upward, what would be a closer version of the ceiling? Don't paint the ceiling, though.

You have enough white to go with a real wall color, though.


Green -- light green with a white/off white ceiling. They also have new lights that screw into the recessed light fixtures and look like a drop down fixture. I've seen them used in a couple of homes and they aren't bad.


Well, other than get color samples and paint a patch first, the best advice I've ever gotten was from my friend. She said that most people get sick of very bold colors pretty soon, so the best way would be to get the color you like and mix it with white. So you just have a tinted white. Works great and you can have your own custom beige!!!!! Ok joke aside, I actually prefere wedgewood blue over tiffany, less turquoise and if you mix it with white you get this clean powdery blue, looks great in my bedroom. But I would also explore some burnt orange tints, since you seem to have quite a freakishly amount of big windows in your kitchen. I bet they were a selling factor too, ooooh, look how much natural light we have in the kitchen. I would love to have a bigger window, but then I would have to clean sticky handprints all day long, in addition to the living room. Good luck I know picking color can be painful


I'd go for a slate grey on most of the walls and do that inset wall (and maybe the backsplash area) by the little table a crisp apple green


Green. That's my vote. I painted our kitchen Behr's Boston Fern, and it is lovely & calming. We have all white cabinetry too, and it just works well to "mute" it a bit (all that white, that is).

Don't trust the colors online, though - the color on Behr's website looks grey, which it is decidedly not.

Good luck - we are still struggling to paint rooms in our house, which we've also lived in for two years. I feel your pain!


You should try to hookup with the duo at -- they do color and room consulting. Maybe they could give you pointers? Their style I think matches yours.


I'm feeeeeeeeling.... GREEN. Avacado or a nice, bright apple green. (And my vote's for apple - it's bright and cheefrul, modern looking, and goes with all the neutral stuff you've got.)

Please note, I've only suggested food-related colors. Very important for the kitchen.


I still vote for a shade of blue or blue grey.

Oh and seriously, a chandelier or other cool hanging light over your table area would ROCK. I mean you already have a can light above the table so you wouldn't have to run any wiring, its already there!


I am not sure what Tiffany blue looks like, but I'd vote for some form of a warm blue. Like a dusty aqua maybe? I think that would make the white pop, would look good with the floor, and wouldn't be too dark to make the space feel small. If you wanted to do an accent wall, you could go a couple shades darker there.

I second spraypainting door hardware. Takes like 5 minutes and can make a big difference. They even have paint that makes textures like hammered iron!


What about latte? Not the drink, the color? I think it is sherwin williams. (It's my house color by the way) My former house actually, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am thinking a slate blue with some black accents. Maybe picture frames, etc. I think it would look nice with the countertops and make the white appliances.


I was going to say blue yesterday but then I never comment so why the hell would I start then. But now, today I feel the utmost need for some unknown reason.

I think an antique blue (i don't know wtf I am talking about when I say antique) something with a grey undertone. Or a khaki color that is strong enough to contrast the white and black.

I have a red wall in my dining room which I am so quite over but it is 10 foot tall and angled all funky so I say, fuck it, next owner can paint that. We painted over the lavender office, they should be grateful.


Write in to HGTV and get their asses out to help out! No joke.

(Actually, in a desperate attempt to find someone to help us find a house finally, one we can afford that isn't falling to shit, I wrote Property Virgins, My First Place and the CEO's mom and basically begged for help. I don't expect an answer.)


I vote for pulling your color palette from the shore. pale blues, sand, seafoam, white accents. That's been rattling around in the back of my head for when I finally get up off my butt and paint. Seriously, we've been in our house over seven years and still haven't picked up a paint brush or bought paint or even experimented with paint chips. There's wallpaper all over my house of which I am dreading the removal. I even bought some shore themed wall accents and haven't hung them because PAINT FIRST! So yeah, I feel your pain.


oh, and also, I am in love w/ dishwasher. Kitchenaide. One thing I will miss from this stupid, horrible, g-d awful house. That and the paint color.


My blogs are now running in the same circles... I used to read all the time, and all the stories between her and AB Chao, and now you are referencing her too. Just don't let AB convince you that you ran over her pet fish. Look it up on Pamie's blog if you don't know what I am talking about- It makes laugh so hard I cry every time.


I'd have to say a light gray or blue-gray. We have white fixtures in our bathroom and the gray really makes them look bright and clean. We got our paint at Home Depot, I think it was called "Rainy day" or something like that.

die Frau

As I mentioned before, we painted our kitchen a nice blue-grey. Here's a picture:

Let me know if the link doesn't work (just post to my blog or something). It's from Valspar, I think, and it's "Colorado Gray".

I also like the idea of a nice, bright green with just a little yellow in it.


I see a lot of people saying grey, and I must agree. I painted my own kitchen a grey/clay color and it looks fabulous with white appliances and cabinets. Accent colors that I think I truly amazing are lavender or a dusty yellow.


as much as i love plaid, i can not consciously advise a hunting motif where you eat... maybe the bathroom could be plaid? and you could put up a deer head over the toilet and use it's antlers to hang toilet paper from!!! ooooh! i am genius!!! as for the kitchen, olive sounds wonderful.


Oh thank God I'm not the only one whose been in a house (almost) 3 years and still haven't hung things on the wall because I'mgonnapaintreallyIam.


What is with the gray, people? It's not really a color you know.

Anyway, I'm still right where I was yesterday - lilac. But, then I read your ending and I went Tiffany Blue? Kick ass!! Because, you know, you've already got a lot of white, which we know looks great with tiffany blue and the floors will really pop. I'm pretty much all about it.

Also, I'm not sure because I haven't stood in your kitchen, but I like the way that one wall is recessed and I think you should play it up. But I'm thinking like white. Bright white inside that recess and then lots of art. Or, you could go way dark and then lots of art and have sort of a museum look.


I wish you all the luck in the world. I suck at this stuff.

In our kitchen we did venetian plaster, with a polyurethane covering because the painter assured us everything would 'wipe right off'. Everything.

Well, let me tell you, oil splatters do not wipe right off. I have little oil drop stains all over the wall by the stove and no, I do not deep-fry anything. Just normal sauteeing etc. So, I have a feeling kitchen stain are different than little boy changing table incidents. Forewarned.


I still think green, but grey would also be nice. I put up pictures of the baby's room on my blog so you (and others) can see the grey we used. I don't have the name of it with me, but I can get that for you, too, if you want.


I'm going to suggest a light blue with gray in it.

But I'm also going to agree with the person (maybe people at this point) who suggest getting one of those test cans first. We thought we were picking out a gray/blue for our third bedroom, but it is really a silvery lavender. Still an improvement over the half-pink, half-purple theme from before. And it will eventually be a baby's room (if all goes as planned), but it is not really what we wanted for our office.


it would oh so pretty if you could do something with the cabinets. maybe doing spiffy painted squares although it sounds like way too much work ro maybe some decals? i do like the yellow paint though and suck for giving those sorts of comments.


Although I said red yesterday, I think Benjamin Moore Pale Avocado would look fresh and bright without screaming 1970's green Avocado..Or the Brookside Moss..I like them both. Also if you can't find hardware or don't want the added expense, you might try spray painting them. I love the Rust-Oleum Hammered enamel finished spray paints, but they have a lot of other finishes to choose from as well

misguided mommy



I just saw a kitchen renovation on HGTV-- they had white cabinets, darker counters and wood floors. I really liked the color they selected... it's kind of a green/putty grayish color. Take a look here--

Hope you find something you like!


What about using one of those online tools where you upload a pic and then change the colors?
I've never used it, so can't speak for how well it works, but I'd think there are probably other sites like this too.


We(or to be more accurate, He) recently painted my kitchen a great olive color. However my cabinets are a dark wood and the countertops are light and I have med/dark wood moldings and woodwork. I am not sure an olive would make things as crisp as they should be with all that white woodwork and and cabinets. I like the suggestions for an apple or grass green, and especially like the seaglass suggestion. Also I suggest the color of Pioneer Woman's Fire King Jadite china. (on the Home and Garden section - right hand sidebar)


I love love love a color, but I don't know how to describe it...kind of a nutmeg? Spice? If khaki and Cinnamon had a baby, that's what it would look like.


Another blog posted a "link party" for people's favorite paint color they've painted in their home. I thought you might like to use it for inspiration.


I am currently in love with Benjamin Moore's Smoked Oyster (#2109-40) and think it would look FAB in your kitchen. It's purpley-greyish-brownish, such a cool color. I am going to paint my bathroom that color next week or the one after, if you want me to send you pics. But I think you should definitely check it out! I think you would really like it! It is warmer, but a bit darker but not too dark, and updated but yet... yeah, it's just the perfect color!

Sarah Ross

I still say blue.

FYI, you van spray paint the baffles on the recessed lights with heat safe paint.


I vote for light blue, although I think your kitchen is pretty darn cute the way it is.

Love the First Wives Club reference!


Without an up-close-and-personal shot of the countertop, I can't say this for certain, but I'm opposed to the sage green. I know you don't have to be matchy matchy, but there's too much grey/beige/yellow in the countertops from what I can see. A green might just look like you tried, and then missed. Kind of like my cat did when leaping towards the sofa yesterday. A cat can play off a missed-sofa-landing like it never happened: it's hard to do that with a paint job, without doing another paintjob.

I'm leaning towards a warm gray (which sounds weird) with hints of beige and yellow. It's a great neutral, so you can put anything on the walls or the floors, and it will feel welcoming (by being warm'n'stuff). But it's not SO neutral that it's like, WHITE. White is too, I dunno, bleh.

That's all. Feel free to do whatever you want!


i am actually 100% behind a white kitchen. Get some large bright fun prints for your walls framed in white on white and it will all look super clean and modern. I won't worry about cleaning... just wipe it off and you can always do small touch up painting if needed.


I think that the Home Depot sells paint samples, so you could get a few of those and test actual colors on the wall. That might help more than a paint swatch, which is never exactly the color it turns out anyways...


Go with white! I actually think it is a bold color choice.

Get some large print prints for the large walls and frame them in white frames (paint the frames the same white as the walls). I think it will look tres chic.


White....just paint the walls white since you like the AB Chao kitchen. With your reddish floors, you'll still have color and it would work well with your counter tops too. I love the idea of a gray or violet gray...maybe something that could be found in your counter top colors, but white would be easier to live with if you messed up. Good luck!


I vote for a taupe with grey undertones. It would look good with the white cabinets and then you could accent with some red or maybe some black and white? I'd switch out the handles for nickel fixtures.

Can the recessed lighting be switched over for some pendants? I've seen some cool crackle glass colored pendants and that might look nice.

I do think that you'll have to stick with one color given the walls, etc. But the space does look good and plenty serviceable. New paint would be a real bonus.


I still think blue or green would be nice. You have plenty of light coming in, so there'd be less worry about it appearing too dark on cloudy days or something.

As far as the WTF part of the wall/cabinet area, you could hang this from the tiny bit of ceiling jutting out from the cabinet:

It would fill up the space and it would look intentional! I think nice clean drawer pulls would go nicely with this (you've hinted at it with the clean lines of the barstools):

Maybe in the satin finish?


I vote for a taupe with grey undertones. It would look good with the white cabinets and then you could accent with some red or maybe some black and white? I'd switch out the handles for nickel fixtures.

Can the recessed lighting be switched over for some pendants? I've seen some cool crackle glass colored pendants and that might look nice.

I do think that you'll have to stick with one color given the walls, etc. But the space does look good and plenty serviceable. New paint would be a real bonus.


I vote for a taupe with grey undertones. It would look good with the white cabinets and then you could accent with some red or maybe some black and white? I'd switch out the handles for nickel fixtures.

Can the recessed lighting be switched over for some pendants? I've seen some cool crackle glass colored pendants and that might look nice.

I do think that you'll have to stick with one color given the walls, etc. But the space does look good and plenty serviceable. New paint would be a real bonus.


i'm going with apple green...but i'm also a fan of yellow in a a butter yellow...i'd stay away from any oranges with a red tinted floor...i personally like a nice bright cheery kitchen, like the kitchen should say "hello! good morning!" when you walk in


Hi Amy! From the pictures it looks like your floor has an orange/red undertone. In order to compliment it and chill everything out, going with a light green or blue (more bluish) shade would probably work well. Opposties on the color wheel and all. I had a fire engine red rug in my bedroom as a kid with pink walls. When I moved back home after college (sob), I wanted to die. I felt like I was living inside someone's intestines. The answer from my fancy art school education? Celery green walls! Sounds ridiculous but calmed the RED RED RED OMG blinding RED of the rug and made me less homocidal. So, yeah. Greenish blue. Light colored. Will help. I promise.


I think you should take inspriation from the 3 framed photos in the first pic. and paint it blue; a light watery blue. Blue opens spaces and makes you think of the sky. You can even do a VERY light and it would almost be white, but not. It would look nice with the white cabs - very clean, very Tiffanys. It might make the formica countertops pop a bit, but not much you can do about that (unless you darked the whole room and do pick gray). I would do a slightly whiter/lighter blue on the ceiling to make it higher.
And you should save empty wine bottles when you're done w/ them to fill the wine rack - looks not so empty that way.
Put a blue glass vase on top of that cute white cabinet by the hall.
Hang the pic by the fruit basket - too cluttered on the counter. (You might want to put more stuff in your cabinets if you can spare the space.) That wall needs something on it anyway - a trio of blue inspired photos (blown up - everything looks better as an 8x10) would be nice on that wall. Light silver frames (if you're doing silver cab pulls).
Would your kitchen table fit short ways rather than long ways to align it better w/ the window?
Good luck.

Sprite's Keeper

"Rue the day? Who talks like that?" Best pull quote ever. (At least right now.)
While olive green makes me want to cook, I'm not sure how it would look against the grey countertops.
Robin's egg blue is pretty.
I can't wait to see the finished product, because you are obligated to do a reveal now. :-)


I will still push for Robin's Egg blue as it is pretty light and it will be kind with the counters and other white appliances. Though a grass green would be cool too.

With that alcove-ish area where the little tables are I can envision some high shelves being installed and you can put whatever there. More wine glasses for when you have Guns 'n Roses over. Or other attractive kitchen stuff. "Look people we have attractive plates" kind of shelf.


yup, that would be a lot of red. i vote for the green or blue now. i think with the green, you actually have a lot of options, so pick what you like, dark or light, whichever works with the size of the room. the blue.... i think needs to have a greenish tone to it so it doesn't just look like a vast expanse of sky.


LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Ohhhhhhh...Mrs. Storch. This entry had me at paint chip and ravished me with the Guns n Roses reference. Thanks - you gave me a full belly laugh to start off my day (lazy beyotch teacher just waking up in Colorado...lalalalala)


I would vote for an orangey-canteloupe becase I think it would bring out the color of your floors and mesh well... but then it would constantly look like Halloween because of the black stools.

Green is nice but growing up my parents had our kitchen a dark(er) green and it was nice and romantic-like at night but then during the day it was so blah and depressing feeling. Currently it is "celery" colored (my word, not there's). Gag-tastic.

My vote is for a shade of blue.

(But really pink with red hearts all over...duh)


Robin's egg blue....a lighter version. It'll look crisp and clean, compliment the white cupboards, and not remind anyone of any holidays next to the reddish floors.


I painted my kitchen a cool, steely blue color - ACE Moody Blue. I love it! In fact, if we ever get around to our kitchen remodel (lol) the paint will be the only thing that stays. The color goes quite lovely with my decor of scattered half empty wine bottles around the kitchen counter.


I painted my kitchen a cool, steely blue color - ACE Moody Blue. I love it! In fact, if we ever get around to our kitchen remodel (lol) the paint will be the only thing that stays. The color goes quite lovely with my decor of scattered half empty wine bottles around the kitchen counter.


I'm on board for an apple to seafoam green, or a pale sky-type blue. I think the blueish green of the seafoam might be a better bet because it will have enough blue to go with the gray in your countertops, but the green will look better with your flooring. Better yet, you won't hurl when you see it in that large of a space, and it will offset nicely the white cabinets and trim on the doors, etc. Maybe you can go to an online place, select a few that you like, and then let us vote & comment on our votes?


Go green! But more of a yellow-y green than that crappy sagey blue-green stuff.

This color would be mutha-effing bad-ass in your kitchen (Benjamin Moore Pear Green):


I stand by my initial suggestion of gray but Patrick and I painted our bedroom the most beautiful color of blue that would also look REALLY beautiful. It's by Behr (Home Depot) and it's called "Rocky Mountain Sky". It's a muted blue with a nit of gray that almost looks silver-y. That one would also look really fantastic I think!

LOVE your kitchen!


A couple of years ago I picked up a paint coordinator flyer at Home Depot that had a kitchen that was a bit more mango than your yellow, with lots of accent green. I know you want to paint, but what I see is a fairly biggish room without a lot of accent stuff. Lots of walls and counter space that could use punch. So, I vote for green accents. Not an accent wall, but more accessories that are green. Plates that are hung on the walls kind of stuff. The room needs more (not clutter!) but stuff to give it decorating depth. Or, paint a light green, and use mango as an accent. But I dunno, I kind of like the yellowish color. I have that book someplace - I will see if I can dig it out for more ideas.

Lisa Marie Byrd

Two words: Manhattan Mist.

Email me if you want pics of our GORGEOUS living room walls. (The furniture, etc - not so great, but the PAINT - OMG!!)

It's a lovely dove-grey/blue colour.


Green. Same color as your blog so not-sage-sage-ish. Or robin's egg blue. But trust me when I say that the blue? Almost as bad as red to recover.

Our kitchen is pretty much the same color yellow, but we added a high chair molding (does that make it shoulder molding?) and wainscoting underneath. It added a great texture to the walls. Cabinets were refinished in a dark brown stain because white cabinets and three kids don't mix.


Not red.

Mrs Soup

Grass Green! We have that color in our kitchen (I wish I had a photo) and it brightens up the closet sized kitchen beautifully. It makes it cozy and beautiful and crisp. I love it.


I'm all about green but if you're going to do blue, it would be pretty with a smoky, grey-ish one like benjamin moore's phillipsburg blue. which is actually on the paint chip with a couple greens, but its definitely blue. although if you wanted like a dusty, muted teal color (less tiffany blue and more like the needles on blue christmas trees) that might counteract your shiny orangey-red floors.

actaully, at least just look at benjamin moore's AZORES. its a GORGEOUS greeny-blue that would work with your countertops and floors nicely. it's bright and cheerful, but not so much that it would give you a headache (seriously my bedroom was tiffany blue and it made me want to shoot myself most days) and its still adult and sophisticated. please please please just take a look!


I can tell you're really wanting to do this white thing. Think about when a bride wears pearls and the pearls don't match the gown and both the gown and the pearls make the bride's teeth look dingy. Please, no! I vote for green today--like the one in Ashley's link.


I was going to be all, "SAGE! Light sage green with slightly gray undertones, just like the green part of your website renders on my monitor at work!" And then I read the last paragraph and remembered how computer monitor colors worked and died a little inside. The end.


Oooh, looking forward to watching the progress!! Bring on the paint chips...


Ok. I felt like annotating something for your viewing pleasure.

First, escort yourself here here to see it.

Then, escort yourself to and give whatever color you desire a whirl using your Very Own Delicious Kitchen Pictures.


I'm feeling all the grey suggestions, but I'd also consider a grey-green. Restoration Hardware used to sell (and possibly still does) the perfect shade of grey-green. It was called silver sage or something like that and it was gorgeously light without being pastel.

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