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Four Years

It's funny, as he gets older, my determination to stay away from mushy, embarrassing sentiment wavers more and more. He's no longer a baby or a toddler but a KID, and yet when composing this entry in my head, my first impulse is to fill is chock full of pet names and flowery goopy declarations of love and pride. "Mo-oo-oom," I can already hear him saying...but when? Two more years? Longer than that? Less? We spent so much time this year focused on the future. Worrying about it, planning for it. Determined to prepare him for the next step, the... Read more →


So Noah fell off his scooter yesterday. Skinned both of his knees up. And you know, THE END. Unless you are his father. Remember the fruit sticker? This was way worse than the fruit sticker. Because not only was a fall off a scooter -- a three-inches-off-the-ground scooter -- the worst thing that could ever befall one's precious snowflake offspring, it was totally MY FAULT, YOU NEGLIGENT MONSTER. My fault, his version = holding precious snowflake #2 at top of a deceptively slopey hill, allowing precious snowflake #1 to fly past me on scooter, shouting at him to "turn into... Read more →

My Infestation, Let Me Show You It

A couple years ago, shortly before we moved from DC to the Stupid Suburbs, my recently-transplanted-from-California friend sent me a camera phone photo and a hysterical text message. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS FUCK YOU EAST COAST The picture was of the most hideous insect I had ever seen. Including the time I found a cockroach in my bathtub. (Although cockroach encounters are almost like a bizarre form of street cred for City People. It reaffirms that yes, I am so hardcore in my desire to Walk To Things (translation: Starbucks) that I am perfectly okay with spending half a... Read more →

An Ezra Interlude

And then, there's this guy. He's good. He's real, real good. Some people like to remind me that his first birthday is coming up soon, but I heard that those same people hate America and God and puppies who wear American flag bandanas as collars. In other words, I don't want to talk about. Also, die in a fire. So. Ezra. What are you up to these days? A new EP, perhaps? Drawing on your latest obsessions with Live at the Greek, That Singing Dog Thing and the theme from Blue's Clues? A little Vampire-Weekend-slash-Mozart-Magic-Cube fusion? Working on some new... Read more →

Yes He Can

The Out-of-Sync Child describes a child with dyspraxia as the "I Can't Do That" child. They sit on a bike but have to stare at their feet to get them to pedal...stare at their hands to make sure they are steering...and when they raise their head to see where they are going...the pedaling and steering stop, and the bike doesn't go anywhere. They climb stairs slower, they jump later, and the worst part is, they know it. Their friends can draw things that actually look like things with crayons, their peers skip happily around the playground, the toddler next door... Read more →

Ephemera Friday

And here we go again, with your weekly update to When You Marry. I'm skipping ahead to the "Where Babies Come From" chapter, mostly because the previous chapters (on marital strife and quarrels) were kind of normal and borderline helpful, especially if you need to know EXACTLY how to verbally abuse your wife over her bad cooking. (HINT: Tell her "Get a cookbook, sister, get a book and start studying. This is the last lousy meal I'm eating here, understand?") (No, seriously. That's totally marked as a productive approach to quarreling. And here I thought this class was gonna be... Read more →

Yesterday @ 1 P.M.

So...yeah, OBVIOUSLY it went way better than that. I mean, I knew it would, even while lying in bed at 4:07 A.M., all saucer-eyed and tense, like WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ABOUT, because I honestly had no idea I was that worked up over it. This is...what? Evaluation number five or six this year alone? The seventeen-dozenth since this all started over just about two years ago? Up until last night I hadn't even double-checked the appointment time, so I guess my subconscious decided to SURE SHOW ME how entirely NOT used to this shit I am after all.... Read more →

Today @ 1 P.M.

It starts off badly, right in the parking lot. It's crowded, very crowded. I see someone pulling out of a spot on the end and am halfway in before another car appears out of nowhere, honking and yelling. I protest meekly before backing out and taking another spot down the row, only to realize that it's too narrow and I cannot open the doors and get the boys out of their seats. I stand there, panicking. We are going to be late. Suddenly, three girls appear and offer to help. They know our names and I realize they know us... Read more →

In Which Wii Bowling Ruins My Life

Or, What Happens When You Let Your Wii Bowling Pro Status Go To Your Head Or, Not To Be Overly DRAMATIC, Or Anything Scene, Bowling Alley, Saturday Night Amy: Ew. Bowling shoes? Hasn't technology rendered community shoes obsolete yet? Jason: Wait, did you forget to wear socks? Amy: *pause* Amy: Yes. Jason. EW. Amy: Also, none of these balls have sparkly stars on them. Jason: And? Amy: So how will anybody know how awesome I am? That I am their better? They should put my face on a blimp, at least. Game One Amy: *bowls* Ball: *gutters* Amy: *bowls* Ball:... Read more →

Ephemera Not-Thursday

Okay, so I know it's 5 pm on a Friday and there's absolutely no point in posting at 5 pm on a Friday but I cannot stand leaving that pointless, neurotic post up all weekend and anyway I spent all afternoon scanning and it always takes so much longer than I think to produce four minutes' worth of entertainment but what I am trying to say is that I updated the When You Marry gallery with two more chapters. Newlyweds and Money Matters. New additions start here. Also, a reader found the original 1945 edition online for a DOLLAR, and... Read more →