The Life of Four

Four Years

It's funny, as he gets older, my determination to stay away from mushy, embarrassing sentiment wavers more and more. He's no longer a baby or a toddler but a KID, and yet when composing this entry in my head, my first impulse is to fill is chock full of pet names and flowery goopy declarations of love and pride. "Mo-oo-oom," I can already hear him saying...but when? Two more years? Longer than that? Less?

We spent so much time this year focused on the future. Worrying about it, planning for it. Determined to prepare him for the next step, the next year, the next experience. We became Mama and Papa Bear, growling at anyone who dared question the potential of our cub, demanding that the forest clear a safer path for him...while also tearing our fur out because holy crap, this is hard.

And yet, oh, this boy. He is still my heart. He is still so smart and adorable and funny. He is such a kind, loving big brother and a kind, loving person. He surprises me every day, every hour, sometimes, with the things he says and thinks and can suddenly DO, just like that, and I am awed to be tasked with a child with this much potential.

"Are you happy?" he asks, whenever I look upset or worried. "Are you happy, Mommy?"

Yes, Noah, my love. Yes, I am. I am so happy.

Noah's Fourth Birthday from amalah on Vimeo, music: M79 by Vampire Weekend

Happy birthday, baby.



Happy birthday, Noah!

My ovaries just exploded a little.


Damn, I did pretty good up until the photo of you walking with him to the school bus. Where does the time go?

Happy birthday Noah!


thank you that was amazing and made me cry and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Big guy


Happy happy day, Mr. Awesomeness!


Happy birthday, darling boy.
What a nice video, and great song!


Happy Birthday, Sweet One. How lucky are you to have the most incredibly mom ever? Incredibly.
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness:)


Oh my god. Look how BIG he got this year! LOOK AT HIM BEING ALL A BIG BOY AND STUFF! Wtf!

Ohhhh, Noah. What a sweet, awesome boy you are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIG GUY!


Wonderful video! I have been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Noah, and I can't believe how big he is getting. I hope he is enjoying his special day!!


Made it all the way to the picture of Noah with the visor on without crying. Saw that and instant tears. I am so proud of him! Happy Birthday sweet Noah-here's to MANY more years of wonderful you!


I've been following your blog for...oh, five years now, and I have delighted in watching him grow up. Thank you for sharing him with us. And happy birthday, Noah!


I'm all verklempt now. Thank you, Amy, for that little slice of beauty today. Happy Birthday, Noah!


Happy Birthday Noah!
Oh...I am crying and laughing at the same time. You do that to me!
Thank you for sharing your family with us.
Happy Anniversary of being Mama.

samantha jo campen

I'm sobbing so much I can't even explain to my husband why I'm crying because I can't even TALK.


Happy Birthday Noah. You don't know me but my heart is bursting with pride at what an amazing kid you are.


Four years already? You're already a pro, Amy. Hope the day was fabulous for everyone -- especially Noah. Being four is super special. Enjoy it!


Amy, You make me want to be a better mom.


Viewing your video just made me so happy. You have a beautiful family - and love the pics from the fireworks - so cute!!!


Awesome scooter ending!

(Oh, if I could only have caught on film the baby-dropping-like things my partner has done)


Happy 4th Birthday Noah! I hope you have a wonderful year!!!


That was so sweet - Noah has the most awesome giggle and is obviously full of love, especially for Ezra :). Beautiful job, Momma!
~ Michele in Staten Island, NY


Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH! Duh for me forgetting to write that above...
~ Michele again


Oh, so sweet. I don't even know you and want to weep and sob and send you an Edible Arrangement! So sad when he accidentally makes baby brother cry and puts hands in mouth. He is such a good big brother! You make awesome videos Amy-music goes along so well!


Happy Birthday Noah! What a beautiful video. Being one of the jillions who has watched him grow up on this site, I am sure I wasn't the only one crying and laughing and doing commentary. "The back pack! Look at him in the back pack!" Etc., etc.


I'm glad I'm not the only one with tears in my eyes. Amy, you are loving them so beautifully; I know I am not the only one who feels fortunate to be virtually sharing these moments with you. This video is a gift for all of us, for Noah's birthday...and Noah? You're beautiful and perfect. Happy birthday, little one.


Thanks for sharing that... and Happy Birthday Noah!



And Amy, I absolutely love your blog, even when it makes me cry (like while watching this video - with the small exception of Scott dropping Ezra - solid gold!)


Big huge tears... at my desk... at work... less than a minute in. Nicely done.


That was wonderful. Thank you for sharing him with us.


WOW! Just loved it! Beautiful! All of it! Happy Birthday!


He is so awesomely cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the video of him loving on Ezra in the hospital. So cute!! Happy Birthday!!


Oh my goodness . . . tears, really. It has been ages since I've commented, but I read and drink up your wonderful babies regularly.

Noah--he has come so far--with language, and senses and development and happiness and connecting, and it all shines through so beautifully in this video. He is amazing, and you all are clearly doing an amazing job. Enjoy Four, Lord knows I'm in the midst of three hell, and anything (hell itself?) has got to be better than this.


My son turned 4 this weekend, too, but all he got on my blog was a picture of him wearing his jeans backwards at his birthday dinner, accomanied with a good heap of ridicule. Your kids are so lucky!


I had totally forgotten about the dancing at Christmas. Add me to the teary ones. Happy Birthday, Noah!!!!


Beautiful, Just Beautiful! I am choking on my tears, these babies are just growing too dang fast.

Happy Birthday, Noah!!!


Amazing and adoarable! Happy Birthday Noah!


I don't even know your family, but this video made me feel like I do know them. What a sweet thing to do - for those following your blog, and for your own family to have a a video scrapbook.

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