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Yes He Can

The Out-of-Sync Child describes a child with dyspraxia as the "I Can't Do That" child. They sit on a bike but have to stare at their feet to get them to pedal...stare at their hands to make sure they are steering...and when they raise their head to see where they are going...the pedaling and steering stop, and the bike doesn't go anywhere. They climb stairs slower, they jump later, and the worst part is, they know it. Their friends can draw things that actually look like things with crayons, their peers skip happily around the playground, the toddler next door races around on his tricycle, and they know it. They remember the frustration, the falls, the failure.

So they look at the bike and say, "I can't do that."

And the parent of a child with dyspraxia shrugs, and says okay. He can't do that. Or he won't do that. Is that the same thing? Are we expecting too much or too little?

We ask the teachers and the therapists and get different answers. He can't process who/what/when/where/how questions. He can't pedal a tricycle. Eh, that's pretty common. I wouldn't worry about it. Here, practice some writing some letters with him this weekend.

Conversely: Letters?! Handwriting?! He's not ready for that. We need to focus on the gross motor skills first, the pragmatic speech, his receptive language processing.


Last week he met a little boy his age at the park. The little boy had a scooter. He chased Noah around and around on the scooter. He didn't speak English, so they didn't talk. They just chased and chased and chased and laughed and on the way home Noah announced that he wanted a scooter.

I said something non-committal about his birthday -- yeah, I would just LOVE to go out an spend money on another damn toy that he won't actually get on or go near in real life, like the big wheel and the tricycle  -- but Jason, ever the optimist and big giant SUCKER when it comes to that boy, went out and bought him a scooter.

And he loved it. He was cautious at first, and kept his foot on the ground more often than not. He would only go in a straight line, and then jump off in a panic right before it collided with the sofa. He was adamant that he only wanted to ride it inside, not outside.

But a neighbor's little boy rode past our house one morning. He had the same little scooter. Noah saw him out the window and shrieked in delight and he needed his scooter he needed his SCOOTER. We all dashed outside and holy crap, look at him riding his scooter. He can do it.

"He needs a helmet," Jason fretted, and I groaned again. Art-project visors are one thing, but a helmet? He'll never wear one.

He accidentally crashed into the back of our neighbor's legs and fell down. He was fine. And he got back on the scooter.


We refinanced our mortgage this weekend. A better interest rate, lower payment, all around a good thing. We'd originally talked about the possibility of getting some cash back to renovate the kitchen, but now it's going towards the first installment of Noah's tuition. We couldn't find anyone to watch the boys during the closing, so I'd brought some toys and puzzles and hoped it would go quickly before they started getting too antsy.

Sure enough, Noah finished the little puzzle I'd brought in no time, and was not interested in anything else. The closing agent offered him a legal pad and a pen and he made some halfhearted scribbles. In desperation, I drew a capital L...the letter his teacher had told us to practice. Noah immediately shifted his grip of the pen and copied my lines.

"Dowwwwn, and across," he said. "And that's how you make an L!"

He then covered the paper with L's of various sizes, dowwwwwn and across.

When the closing was over, the guy collected his pad and pen. I asked if I could keep Noah's doodling page. I pressed it between the stacks of loan documents because I didn't want it to get crumpled.


Later, a stranger fitted him for a brand-new helmet and he did not protest. He just wanted to get back on his scooter. Until, that is, he spotted someone else's brand-new bike by the cash register. A big-kid two-wheeler, with training wheels attached. He climbed on it and slowly, surely, steadily...began to pedal towards the door. Jason and I just stood there stupidly, too shocked to actually do anything. A salesman intervened before we managed to snap to attention.

"I can ride a bike!" Noah shouted. I have to admit, he sounded a little surprised.


He spent the rest of the weekend on that scooter. Down hills, around corners, laughing as other little boys chased after him. He puts his leg out acrobatically and glides, trying out figure eights and perfect circles and wanting to go a little further from home each time, finally having fun like any other kid, because he is, and he can.






Awesome write up, Amy. I'm so glad to see Noah doing well and I love the photos. He has the cutest little boy smile.


Look at that smile on his face! I'm so happy for you all.

Audrey at Barking Mad

Awesome! Absolutely awesome!


WooHoo! & Sniffle.


We got the exact same scooter for our younger daughter the year our older one got her Razor. She is now a speed demon on it!


Everything about this post is magical.

RAGE against the MINIVAN

That is awesome. I have a son with similar issues - and a new toy that is actually played with . . . huge.


Yaaaay for Noah!



This is wonderful and such a big moment for all of you.

I'm so happy.

Go Noah!


Wonderful. Just completely wonderful.


Heart breaking wide open! I was hoping that no-post-on-Monday meant you had something great to share. This is pretty great, no?

Mrs. Flinger

OH god, Amy. I'm so thrilled to see his progress. I'm teary just knowing he's coming in to his own.

We knew he would. But oh, the joy of this little man. I have chills rejoicing with you.


This post has left me snark-free. I love it.

Mary Jo

Wow. What an awesome story Amy!! He is making strides for sure. Awesome!


Thank you for making me cry into my 3rd cup of coffee! I kind of needed that today. So proud and excited for Noah. What an awesome kid he is.


Sniff. Sob. Blurble.

Just a little soundtrack to me reading this post.


yay yay yay. hoorays and sniffles


This just made me cry. I love it!

My son's an Aspie with sensory issues and he was happily telling me yesterday about playing cops and robbers on the playground with his classmates. Made my day!


Thank you. My son has similar issues, and I just cried reading this post. We are ALWAYS looking for just that "right" thing that he will be able to do, and enjoy so that he can be like "everyone else." Noah is truly a gift from God, and so are you a gift for all of us in sharing your journey.


Amy, this is such an amazing post. My boy has developmental delays, and after a year of evals, a new school, therapy, etc., we still feel like we aren't sure exactly what is going on, or whether we are doing the right thing to address whatever it is. I know how much moments like the scooter ride and the helmet fitting mean, and I am so happy for all of you, especially Noah. Good for you. And most of all, thank you for sharing this. It means more than you know.


And now I'm crying. Yay Noah!


Oh my goodness. I was near tears through the whole entry, but the last picture, with the rainbow, pushed me over the edge. So happy for you all that he has reached this milestone.

shriek house

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. What an amazing boy.


Holy crap, I just got all teary eyed at work. Go Noah! That is absolutely freaking fantastic!


Amy, this is wonderful. Obviously, you and Jason made some good decisions about Noah!


Darn it, you made my eyes tear up. That boy is awesome.

Michele {moxygen}

He can! Noah, you rock.

You rock too, Amy. For all of those times when you stopped and advocated for your child. For all of those times you looked to the sky and said "WTF, really?" and instead of throwing your hands up in the air you drew a letter L on a piece of paper. You are one rockin' awesome mom with a kiddo who can scoot on this scooter(!) and ride a bike(!!).

He's gonna need knee pads ... elbow pads ... and possibly a bubble. ;)


You have me awkwardly tearing up at work... again. Go Noah!


I think that alot of parents worry about their kids not following the 'normal development schedule' (I know I worry about my daughter but it is completely unecessary) and to see a child that is completely and utterly special who proves that just because he didn't want to do (or thinks he couldn't do it) it yesterday, doesn't mean he won't do it tomorrow. Kinda makes you put things into prespective. This post has made my day and quite possibly my week. I am so glad that I have descovered your blog. P.S.: I love that you kept the paper he was drawing "L's" on!

Cheryl S.

Hooray Noah!!! A scooter now and a BIKE for his birthday! Hooray!


Whoa. Is that little rainbow-y prism thing on the bottom photo a fluke? If it is- It's perfect!


i wish u had a like button like facebook..... :)


Goosebumps and tears over here.

GO Noah GO!


Dude, I was seriously SERIOUSLY impressed by his scooter skills. And now a bike? While wearing a HELMET?

I love those moments when they just surprise you with something you never expected. (Well, except when it's poop in the bathtub.) Congrats to you, Noah. You're certainly a charmer.


Go Noah! That is all kinds of awesome.


Go Noah Go! So happy he's able to exceed the expectations set before him! He can do it!


This makes me smile the biggest brightest smile, and I haven't had much to smile about lately. Thanks, Noah!! You're awesome, little man!!


This just made me smile the biggest, brightest smile and I haven't had a lot to smile about lately. Thanks, Noah! You're awesome, little man!

Beyond Alice

This is just 100% awesome. Way to go, Noah!!!


Well done, Noah. Well done.


Go Noah!

My toddler daughter has a little bike wtih no pedals and LOVES LOVES LOVES it. In case you're looking for a way to blow another hundred bucks or so:)


I find it significant that there is a rainbow shining on the last picture. :)

Would I be off base if I guessed that Santa may be bringing a big boy bike with training wheels to your house this year?


Go get 'em, Noah!


LOVE the tiny rainbow in the last picture. Very inspiring and touching all around.

xoxox to you all!


Tears are running down my face and dripping off my chin. Bittersweet, this parenting business. What a wonder and a joy you are, Noah!


That's just wonderful! I know how much you just want him to be a carefree kid and to feel like he can do anything!


Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. So happy for you and espeically Noah. My son Carson has a bike that he wont ride but begged for us to get him one. He prefers his scooter too and is really good at it. His OTs think the scooter is great for his coordination and sensory input. Congrats!!! I love reading your blog. I love cheering and welling up at hearing Noah write the letter "L". It is so nice to read a blog that I can relate to. Keep up the good work. It is all worth it!!


Of course he can! He's awesome!!! Duh.


WOW!!! I am so happy for you and Noah. Since my son was diagnosed with autism, every new word that comes out of his mouth is like a first word for me. I can only imagine how much joy each small accomplishment brings to your heart. Be blessed and congrats again.


Yay, happy tears!!!


Awwww. That's just...awesome. Geez, I hope no one comes by my cube and asks why I'm crying about a little boy I've never met. I'm so happy for Noah and for you and your hubby!

Snarky Mommy

That. Is. So. Awesome!!!!!


I missed you this weekend but this post was worth it. I'm so happy for you I am tearing up. and I don't know you. this internet thing is AMAZING! as is Noah!


Noah, you are all kinds of awesome...WTG!


Go Noah!!! Scoot!!! Scoot!!


Goosebumps! I am so happy for all of you!


Oh my God, that is a lovely post. Go, Noah! I can't believe he just started riding someone's bike in a store. That's hilarious, and so wonderful.


Maybe we should go the scooter route. I've tried ride-on toys, plasma car, and a bike but my son will touch none of them. Most of the time, my husband carries the bike home.


Darn you. I'm tearing up a little bit *at work* right now. That is a beautiful entry. Go Noah!


That is seriously the best thing I have read in the last week. That is really wonderful!

Sprite's Keeper

How wonderful! My own toddler is very intimidated by new situations and prefers to watch another kid master something before she decides she can do it too. She couldn't take on the big slide at our local playground for months until we had a playdate there. Her friend slid down with no worries and she forgot her own and chased right after her.


Ah - the refinance, yes - it is one way we "found" money to pay for what our children needed.

Congratulations to Noah! It is amazing to watch him grow and learn and fight for "normal" in his own way.


The story about the scooter is awesome. I think that as Noah builds his confidence and starts succeeding in things that he tries, he will be willing to try more and more things.


I totally just burst into tears when I scrolled down and saw that first picture. His little leg pushed back, his little hands gripping the handles, and that smile. That GRIN. That made my heart happy.


sweet sweet boy.


Amazing entry about an amazing little boy.


Fabulous. Great to see these happy developments! You must be so proud and relieved.

ms martyr

The cuteness! So, so happy to read this story of Noah's triumph. Love the rainbow in the last pic.


OMG! Happy, happy day!!


(I'm a long-time, child-free, lurker who has friends with autistic children. I've read your blog for awhile now. You've really given me some insight into my friends and their childrens lives.)

Yeah Noah!


Go Noah!!!! I hope this is a continuing trend. :)
Good thing Jason is a sucker.


Now we all want to run out and buy scooters ... for the kids of course. Can you tell us what brand? Thanks.


Beautiful post today, Amy. I am so proud of Noah, and of you and Jason for remaining his constant cheerleaders. YES HE CAN!


Doggone it.

I was gonna say "Stop making me cry!" but for this I'm overjoyed to cry all day!

Hugs all around!


It is very obvious that your hard work and your decision to send Noah to The Preschool is paying off wonderfully!

Also, I kinda love Jason in this post.


This makes me so happy for all of you! :)


Dear Noah,
You are super awesome. Now go make your dad buy you a big boy bike so you can show 'em how it's done.

Some random internet lady


Amy, I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face because Noah gives me so much, so much hope. Our 14 month old daughter just qualified for MoCo's Infants & Toddlers program and has some of the same challenges that Noah faces, and whenever I read one of your posts about him, I just feel better, stronger. I just want to thank you for being so open and honest about him and your own feelings, because God it's helped me. More than you will ever know.


Yay Noah! Hooray for scooters! And bikes! And helmets! (This comment brought to you by the letter L!)


Man. This is what the Internet is about, and when it's at its best. Thanks for sharing Noah. Thanks for sharing his difficulties AND his successes, because holy shit, I am so inordinately proud of that little boy. In a way, as you said, we're all his aunts and uncles, and watching him succeed is the best thing in the world.


All kinds of awesomeness in this post! Love Noah - he's such a terrific kid! Way to go :)

Parsing Nonsense

Maybe it's the pregnancy, but that made me tear up a bit. Especially that last shot with the little rainbow. SO GLAD that scooter's been such a source of joy for him, what a wonderful day.


Wow, this made me sniffly -- and I don't know you, and I don't have kids, and...

Go, Noah! And go, YOU!


Tears of joy! I am so glad you've had so many "moments" to witness and be proud of lately. It certainly means you are doing the right things. Best of all, his confidence is growing and that is something that brings me to tears with my own little guy. It isn't something you can do overnight...but with these achievements takeing place be sure to sit back and enjoy!


JUST. FREAKING. AWESOME. Go Noah and Go Mom and Dad!! Kudos to you all.


This made me so happy!


Can you have 84 AWESOMES?? Yes you can!!

Great for you all!




Ooh, I love those sweet pictures! Good job Noah! It seems as though he's making so much progress right now. Starting with the visor? Somebody's doing something right. You, of course... and also this new preschool?


Awesome! Yea Noah!

Lisa Marie

The second you said scooter I thought "she has to get a Mini Micro for Noah!". And there it is. A perfect scooter for your perfect boy. Wonderful moments you share with us. Thanks.


I can't stop crying after reading this. You're such a good mother. This made my day.


LOVE this post. I am so happy for Noah.


More than any other post, this one made me cry. Tears of joy!


How great to see such a happy, active little boy!


Oh Amy - that's wonderful! Don't ever doubt you made the right choice for Noah.


A beautiful story, and beautifully written!


That rainbow in the last picture is perfect, because it sure seems like you guys have found the pot of gold. :)


I cried. I just cried. For him, for you and Jason...so many tears of happiness. This is just great.


this made my day and i am on vacation in disneyworld

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