Off To a Good Start, Part Two: In Which We Replace "Good" With "OMG"
Ezra 3:16

I Can't Believe I Didn't Think of This Before

I have just solved SO MANY PROBLEMS.




Next up I shall tackle the pressing issues of health care reform, cancer, where I left my sunglasses.



Iz on your interwebz, steelin ur ideaz.



I once saw a child wearing a helmet right at the height of my, "OMG the baby is hitting her head on everything and will inevitably incur some brain damage" phase. I inquired where she got the cute little helmet and was informed it was medically necessary because he was missing part of his skull. I couldn't dig myself in any deeper, what with my foot so deeply lodged in my mouth. Then I curled up and died.


You are the most intelligent person I know. For reals.


Next, try to find a baby version of those fake sumo wrestler suits. Or just wrap him in bubble wrap.

Sure, he'll hate you later for sacrificing Any Semblance of a Dress Sense for air-filled plastic, but at least it'll mean fewer trips to the ER.

Babies are so damn breakable, after all.


Jessie - OMFG. And...yes. Totally something I would do. And that is why I drink.


I love you guys. Jessie, at least you called it cute instead of commiserating on coffee table spills? (My youngest is totally at the attempting-to-kill-himself phase.)


My love for you knows no end. This is a great idea!! My little girl is 1 week younger than Ezra and we are so close to this stage.

Sprite's Keeper

First find the sunglasses. So you can take on that "bitch in control" look when you take on health care reform and cancer cures.
Needed this kind of cuteness in my morning. Thank you.

Momo Fali

Also, can you find my keys?


LOL! That's too damn cute! Smart move :)


i always find my sunglasses under my butt, broken. Look there first.


He's such a cutie! He's going to go from bed head to helmet head. It's a genius idea though, I think I need to get one of those. (For me, maybe...)

LD's Mom

Is that Noah's helmet? If so, I love how well it fits on Ezra's head. Okay, even if it isn't Noah's helmet, I still love it!

LD's Mom

Is that Noah's helmet? If so, I love how well it fits on Ezra's head. Okay, even if it isn't Noah's helmet, I still love it!


You are SUCH a ninja! Hey, after you fix health care, cure cancer, and find your sunglasses and Momo Fali's keys, you wanna grade about 90 Freshman Comp essays for me? Or lend me the helmet so I can grade the essays without letting my toddler get too many bumps on the head?


LD's Mom - yeah, it's Noah's, hence Ezra's enthusiasm for wearing it instead of ripping it right the fuck off. And double yeah, it fits his ginormous noggin shockingly well.


The second picture makes my ovaries hurt. That will be all.


Brilliant! ;)


Oh, my word!! I just want to kiss him!!


Why didn't I think of that about four years ago. Before my son took a flying leap off the couch and hit the coffee table forehead first? Oh, and my cell phone has been missing for about a month now. Could you get right on that? You know, after you find a cure for cancer.


Too cute.


I always said when my kids were little they should wear a helmet. Now that they are 2, 3 and 4 they need full body armour.


You are a GENIUS! Since my little Monkey has just discovered the stairs and I am going to win mother of the year around here since I don't have a gate up yet, I best be getting a helmet.

Parsing Nonsense

You're fortunate he'll tolerate having a helmet on his head! My brother used to kick up such a fuss when my mom tried to put a helmet on him!


Very impressed with Ez's ability to spell and write at such an early age. Is that House that he has written there? Impressive. ;)


I am impressed with how well Ezra seems to be able to write the word "house". Maybe the helmet allows for extra concentration. ;)


You missed it by just a minute... I was in the doc's office this morning checking out Parenting (for school aged kids) and in the back was a cute pic for no BS.. hats with ears to make them look "cute"... good for 7mos to 2 years... the next step in adding to the therapy industry.. right after the child leash!




too cute! sidebar: think my head might be the nearly the same size as Ezra's, as I was just fitted for a youth sized helmet for my motor scooter. is that bad?


Just a little advice...get one for yourself too.


My 22 month has made a fine career out of hitting his head on every possible surface, in any given room, at any given time. I know boys are just like this and am pretty laid back about it but I still occasionally check to see if any of his brains are coming out of his ears, because I know it's bound to happen one of these times.


My two-year-old got a tricycle for his birthday last month. The next day as we were taking it out to ride he asked for a helmet. One of his daycare teachers rides a bike and has a helmet. So, obviously, he needs one. I had to go to Target the next day to get him one.

Maybe you'll find your sunglasses where I found mine. In my purse. (I mean, yours will be in your purse. I don't think they're in mine.)


yes, it is that easy sometimes, isn't it?!? love that little ez face, for real!

also, i nominated you for an award on my blog because i'm a true fan who admires your writing very much. thanks for sharing your stories (and pics) with us!



His birthday is in 1 WEEK. That is so hard to believe!


My necessary 30 lb. weight loss--Get on it, please. Plus? Ezra is adorable!


They actually make a helmet with ears for kids called (I shit you not) the "Thudguard." It's hilarious and terribly, terribly depressing, all at the same time.


While you're on the cancer, health care, sunglasses, keys, and weight loss issues, I'd like to add: Please find out why I keep FLUNKING my accounting quizzes! (Seriously. I don't get this. I've been gettng 100% on my homework, WTF!)

Also? Ezra is totally nommable in the helmet! Too cute!


Too brother, right from the time my firstborn (now 14 years old!)started walking, swore that she should wear a helmet everywhere, all the time! The only words she ever really heard him say, until she was around 5, were "Be careful, Maddy!" The only reason she stopped hearing them as often was because he moved away!


um, don't you have to click it closed?

But his is BRILLIANT! And would have worked well when the 10 month old crawled THUNK.


Amira @

You know, I kind of feel babies should be born like this, with a helmet like device on their head. And then it magically absorb into their bodies when they're no longer hazardous to themselves.

Then we mothers wouldn't have to be geniuses or get blamed when the baby falls off the bed or sofa...or down the stairs...


We have a baby's first headgear helmet for Elanor because she had stroke at a week of age and now as she's learning to walk, she's at an increased risk of a repeat stroke with head trauma (ie falling over and smacking her head).

The stupid helmet is supposed to fit 7-18 month olds...but my 0 percentile 15 lbs 11 month old? NOPE. So we are disobeying the doctor currently...I feel the helmet is MORE dangerous than not wearing it as it obscures her vision.

Auntie G

My son wore a helmet for about 3 months to reshape his slightly wonky head (reflux = tummy time next to impossible), and it was PERFECT timing for all the falling over and down and general clutziness. We all kind of miss it now, because, yo, now it HURTS when he wipes out! :) Plus, now we must actually childproof house, rather than childproofing the child.


I had about the opposite situation from Jessie. (Jessie, you have my sympathies! Totally understand.)

I got my toddler a Thomas-themed helmet to wear while using his trike. Except he didn't ever want to take it off. So, we'd go to the playground wearing the Thomas bike helmet, and people would think he needed it for a medical reason. Oh, and you're not supposed to wear bike helmets on the playground equipment in case they get caught on the equipment, so I worried about that. I got looks for all kinds of reasons.

He wore that helmet all over the place.


I SO want to squeeze the bejeezus out of your baby.


Hank has had a black eye, sometimes two, for 2 months going. Often accompanied by even more suspicious-looking cheek bone bruises. And scrapes. And he's only 7 months.

But I had double leg casts at 6 months. Nobody could take me ANYWHERE without getting dirty looks.


Mother of the year award! It's official!


Momo Fali - I just found my keys (after 6 months! I know!) and they were in the glove compartment. So... check there!


Perfect. Do they make theses for dogs as well? Also, and very important, if you snap their fatty little necks in the clasp the first time it makes it infinitely harder each time after that. A lesson we've not soon forgotten.


This was really cute, Amy! :)


Oh, you make me laugh, and that baby is delicious!!! Have you read Lamentations of the Father? Your post reminds me of his writing. I love it!!


Oh, you make me laugh, and that baby is delicious!!! Have you read Lamentations of the Father? Your post reminds me of his writing. I love it!!

MuslimWife (UmmK)

My son wears a cranial helmet for his plagiocephaly (ie, flat head) and it has kept him sage from SO many bad spills and beating from his older sister. After 6 months of wearing it 23h/day, I'm worried he'll have a concussion the first minute out of it since he doesn't really understand the true effects of running head first into a dining table without a helmet :\

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