Four Years

The Life of Four

Oh my God, you guys. I have a FOUR-YEAR-OLD. And in less than two weeks I will have a ONE-YEAR-OLD. I should have planned things better, because this double whammy of birthdays is turning out to be hard on the liver.

At this rate I will have hardly any babies left at all. Damn you January and your mysteriously fertile properties!

PLUS I have to do a whole other stupid video montage every year, like, five minutes after I finish the first one. That's not QUITE so terrible, as I do really enjoy making you guys cry. Suckers!

Speaking of the upcoming Ezra edition, based on our gobs of footage and photos, it appears we have not actually taken that poor baby out of his high chair since he was about six months old. I'd say a good 75% of it involves him eating. Rolling over? First steps? First words? Eh, sorry Ez, I don't quite recall. But holy shit, check out this 20-minute clip of you eating corn on the cob. So glad we didn't miss THAT tremendous milestone.

So now Noah is four, fully four, and can officially start attending The Preschool this afternoon. Right now, the only thing I am stressing about it that no one told me the code for the front door, meaning I'm in for one mildly inconvenient and awkward moment of waiting for some to notice us and buzz us in. Oh noes! I think this is progress on the neurotic mess front, as I could easily be wigging out about the logistics of getting Noah off the school bus, into the house, eat lunch eat lunch eat lunch, pack his backpack a second time with a different set of classroom requests and requirements, get everyone in the car and drive up there and then drive back and still somehow keep Ezra's nap schedule intact so I can get work done before driving back up there to pick Noah up and also I haven't been away from him that long in years oh my God, STOP TALKING, SELF. YOU SHUT UP NOW.

Noah is excited about the second school, which we've dubbed "Camp School" around here (not to be confused with "School Bus School"). School Bus School is, of course, The One With The School Bus School Bus School Bus, while Camp School is the one with the motherfucking BALL PIT, motherfuckers. As far as Noah is concerned, that right there is a well-rounded education. 

Okay. So. I would love to KEEP TALKING, but I seem to have a window to take a shower here. First day of school: I shower. Second day of school: Not so much, or ever again after that. So today I will uphold that proud tradition. Clean hair! Makeup! Actual non-elastic-waisted-pants! I am simultaneously excited and utterly exhausted.

Here, Noah (WHO IS FOUR), with your feel-good up-with-people message of the day.

noah sings from amalah on Vimeo.

Make your own kind of music. No matter what. Even if nobody else sings anarrrrg. 

PS Hey, so Mamapop is up for an award, if you'd like to vote for us. We're up for Best Pop Culture Maryland. Can you really argue with that? I mean, FINE. TAKE PENNSYLVANIA. AND VIRGINIA. MARYLAND IS OURS.



My wife is already planning the second kid (hopefully) to be born around the same time of the year as our first was (just this past June). Seeing as how I'm the one in charge of the video montage type effort, it doesn't seem quite fair to me.

Being a teacher, I guess she loves her some summer babies.

Considering our baby girl is only three months old, I'm just trying to make it day to day and not thinking of three years from now. Preschool. Um, no. How about we make it a day without being spit up on first.


Now all I want to do is go watch Lost. Also? It took me 4 months to get that song out of my head the last time I heard it.
You suck.
(Though Noah's singing is, of course, awesome.)


Can I suggest two backpacks, one for each school? That way you won't have to do the mad dash of repacking every afternoon.


So glad I'm not the only one who likes Mama Cass at age 30 :)

Sprite's Keeper

Am I the only person who has a "first time eating corn on the cob" fill in in the baby books? Happy birthday, Noah! Four is huge!

Sarah @

The singing is so precious. What a cutie!

Have you tried two backpacks? Maybe it would cut down on the franticness?


Michael loves that song, ever since you picked it for mamapop radio and listened to it everyday for a week. Must be a 4 year old thing,


It's been, what, 45 minutes since I read this post? And I've had that song in my head on repeat. Thanks, Noah! And happy birthday, a day late.


Oh how I love his singing! Too cute! We did the 2 backpack thing for my son, and it was great.


I love that he's wearing his scooter helmet in the car! Safety first, bitches!!


I second the recommendation for two backpacks. We have two. The red Cars backpack goes to the public preK center. The blue Thomas backpack goes to the therapy center.

I used to pack and repack and one day the lightbulb went off and I bought a second backpack.


I second the recommendation for two backpacks. We have two. The red Cars backpack goes to the public preK center. The blue Thomas backpack goes to the therapy center.

I used to pack and repack and one day the lightbulb went off and I bought a second backpack.


I second the recommendation for two backpacks. We have two. The red Cars backpack goes to the public preK center. The blue Thomas backpack goes to the therapy center.

I used to pack and repack and one day the lightbulb went off and I bought a second backpack.


Happy Birthday to Noah.

And putting in a plug for the second backpack. Might help him with the transition as well.


and ballpit. well-rounded. hahahahahaha.

that IS funny. thanks for the smile this morning.


I love that Noah's sporting a helmet in the car. My Mom wanted me to wear one when I learned to drive.

Kathy W

I just have to ask...but um, from the angle of that video it looks like the driver is the one doing the videotaping. Which explains the look on Noah's face as he's looking just past the camera (somebody's got to watch the road) AND the helmet.

Go Noah! He's too cute.
And I'm glad he's getting a well rounded education. *snort*


first, happy belated to noah!
second, are you suuuure he's 4? it seems impossible.
you have such beautiful children and i can't wait to be as blessed as you are - 6 more weeks!


Happy Birthday Noah!!

Loving the video, and the stellar videography skills.

Was the helmet HIS idea? Or his father's? hee hee.


Kathy W - Ha, no. I was filming from the passenger seat.

As for the second backpack thing...gah. We HAVE two backpacks, but he now wants nothing to do with his old Thomas backpack and gets agitated at the sight of it. It's all Yellow Backpack, all the time now.

Today at the first dropoff (OMG, SOCIALLY AWKWARD CALAMITY OF THE YEAR, BTW, DETAILS TO FOLLOW) I noticed a lot of these kids don't even bother with backpacks -- just oversized lunch boxes for their snacks and (I guess?) other supplies. So perhaps we'll try that.

Amanda aka Superpucky

I am all squishy and happy because I just got to hear a four year old sing!
Thank you, good reminder that it is the little things like this that are rich and precious.


"this double whammy of birthdays is turning out to be hard on the liver."

You fucking crack me up.

Heather Ben

Love the helmet!!!


Love the helmet! Let me just say because of Lost that song has some kind of creepy, something bad is going to happen vibe now. However, Noah's singing is adorable.


Oh no! I missed the wear helmets in the car safety memo:) AHHHHH


Okay, I'm delurking for a brief moment... Oh Amy! Every year you make me cry! This was no exception! Happy birthday a day late to Noah. He's getting so big...I remember when he was the size of a pencil eraser, and we didn't even know him yet...okay, gonna go be all misty eyed. And his singing? Priceless...

LD's Mom

Is that a new law or something - 4 year olds must wear helmets when in the booster seat of a moving vehicle?


I came on here to suggest two backpacks and found that all great minds think alike and at least two others thought of it too.

And if you think a week or so between your kids' birthdays is bad - two days before my 21st birthday I gave birth to my first daughter. Eight years later to the day I gave birth to my third child and first son. It was not planned, because that would have been the crappiest planning ever. All that expense for birthdays in the month before school starts (with attendant expenses) and that was a huge problem once I was divorced and trying to support three kids on a secretary's pay. Plus, a 10 year old girl and a 2 year old boy do not have the same ideas about celebrating birthdays, nor do they want to share a cake. And last, and most pitiful and whiny, my birthday 2 days later was ignored for many years, and I think it's just wrong that I should be this old because surely I deserve some credit for all the uncelebrated birthdays!


Adorable. You have just made me look forward to my 18-month-old being 4. Gulp. Kind of?
Back to my point: adorable.


Um, no. Ezra cannot be turning 1 already, because that would mean that my preshus will also be turning 1 in two months, and that is NOT ALLOWED.

I'm with you on the multiple-birthdays-all-at-the-same-time - my husband's birthday is in November, Snackbox's is Dec. 5 and then there's GRANDMA'S HOLIDAY (you might refer to it as Christmas). I'm doing special exercises to help prepare my liver...

Loved the helmet in the car (my husband would suggest that we put one on the kid when I'm driving juuuuust in case).


I never thought I would be excited about any holiday involving presents in the first few years of Hank's life because I'm not really not into presents, getting or giving, and he'll be completely unaware of the ritual for I assume at least the first year or so if not years of his life.

Then he turned 6 months, which seemed like, I don't know, a real AGE or something, and it made me think of him being a year. And then I got all fucking pumped about the prospect of a birthday.

And THEN I was like--wait a minute, there's a CHRISTMAS between now and then! Awesome!

Maybe I'm excited because we already have tons and tons of potential presents in his closet, since his baby shower pretty much covered bday and xmas presents for the next 3 years.


That was so sweet. My YOUNGEST turns 4 in 3 weeks. Which is impossible because that would make me OLD and I? Am young and cute.

No matter what the mirror tells me.

Jessica (@It's my life...)

Uh, yeah, Amy... do we need to talk about your car safety record? Is there something Noah knows that we don't? Or was it that the big Scooter Incident was just that traumatizing?
Too cute that one.

As for the highchair shots? What are you going to do? It's better than shots of him crawling away, right? For my 2nd's first year all the shots are either in the highchair or her stuck under the couch... heh.


Love. It.


Man that is one cute kid!


I would totally sing anarg with Noah.


Adorable! And yesterday's video was so touching. what an amazing boy.


Maybe two identical backpacks would do the trick? Obviously not for you, but maybe you could put different-colored tags on the handles or something, so that Noah could still have YELLOW BACKPACK and you could still have SANITY.


When my 8yr old was 4, he always wore his bike helmet in the car too!! so adorable :)


New reader here (I know -- what rock have *I* been under?). Happy birthday to your over-adorable little one!

My youngest also had her fourth birthday yesterday. Her birthday post on my blog was umm...interesting.

I've had several laughs here; I'll surely be reading more.

Mariana Perri



First day of school requires non-elastic pants?

Its not the prom!


So precious of Noah singing. Happy Birthday big grown up special boy!

Heather Galloway-Miranda

Your boys are so adorable. Happy Birthday to Noah! I also have two little men, the oldest will be 4 in Jan. my baby is almost 3 months. anyways, as a new reader(!?) i want to thank you for alla da laughs recently. good to know i'm not the only one...


you are like my new crack. I stay up entirely too late reading your posts

Sincerely, Jenni

I gave you an award over on my blog today:


Hahahah love that he did this KNOWING he was being recorded. Also love that he is wearing a helmet. Please say it was Jason's idea.


Excellent! Enjoy that clean hair and makeup! Oh, and non-elastic pants. My son is now on the 3rd week of school so he is lucky if I drive him to school while wearing pants at all, as opposed to say, pajama bottoms or even my husband's boxers. Nine more months of this! Perfect.

Stacey @ uthostage

You should totally start prepping Noah for American Idol. Now. That way you can nip any possible camera fright in the bud.

I remember four. Four was a good year. Not MY age four, of course! I'm hittin forty soon. I can't freakin remember FOUR! LOL

Hope four is good for you too.


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Emily Krawczyk

Camp school? Love it. We call my son's other school (OT, PT, Speech) Buzz Lightyear camp. He loves Buzz and loves to swing and jump in the ball pits. Makes it fun for him and also some place he likes to go. Glad to hear all is going well. Great job Mommy!!


I am WAY too pregnant for these videos (and just found out it's a boy). Sobbing incoherently at work is really getting embarassing.

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