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Sick Day

I appear to have, as Sundry put it, a touch of the Hamthrax. Or some kind of flu. I went to bed with the beginnings of what I assumed was a cold and woke up in the grips of some horrible, lung-hacking, breath-sucking, stomach-purging, body-aching, I'm-hot-no-I'm-cold-so-cold-oh-my-God-get-these-covers-OFF-ME type of illness.

It's awesome, let me tell you. I managed to drag my diseased ass out of bed and onto the landing where I begged Jason not to go to work and leeeeeeeave me with The Children, Oh God, Not The Children. Then I went back to bed and moaned piteously for awhile. I'm still doing that, actually. Here:


I know! I write just like I whine. It's a gift!

ANYWAY, so I had Other Plans for today's post -- another chapter of the When You Marry book, some discussion on what educational toys can be manipulated into saying profanity, maybe microwaving some Halloween candy just for the hell of it -- but alas. It's going to be another redirect day.

  • I kind of wish I'd chosen a more interesting topic at the Advice Smackdown today, like somebody's sex life problems or major parenting dramz, but no. At some point this week I decided to devote an entire column to laundry detergent. Hmm.
  • You could, alternately, read about all the really, really stupid stuff you do when you're newly postpartum and sleep-deprived over at Bounce Back. Unfortunately, I still haven't figured out a way to blame that time I got off the train at Newark instead of New York on my lousy children. I will keep trying, though.
  • My second entry for the Slideshare MS Office Parenting Toolbox I Don't Remember The Official Name So I'm Including Them All is also up.
  • Over at Mamapop, you know we're doing a little video roundtable thing? Where we all ramble about some pop culturery topic into our webcams and everybody else is so much funnier than me and I swear, I don't really wear as much eye makeup as it appears in these things. Past editions are here. I think the next one goes up on Monday. I hate my voice.
  • Also, a Project Runway recap that I wrote (last night, so it's only half-infected with swine flu, though you might not want to touch the photos, which I added this morning) will go up at 2 pm ET. I would link to the specific entry here, but I cannot. Because you cannot link to the future. Yet. Oh, man. That's a good idea. I should totally write that down in my dream journal under Brilliant Ideas I Had Under The Influence Of Theraflu. 
  • mmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaauuuuuuggggg, etc.



Hope that you're feeling better soon!


Am I the only one that is going to point out what exactly happened about a week after you thought you had the flu LAST TIME??????


Feel better fast! And don't breathe on anyone else! :-) The only thing worse than being sick is being sick and having to care for a sick child at the same time!


Good luck and feel better soon. Keep the kitty away--apparently swine flu now can be transmitted to felines :( Hope the kids are good for you and let you rest.


Swine flu is the WORST!



Sorry you're not well and I hope you're feeling better SOON!!

Sprite's Keeper

"Cannot link to the future" I LOVE it. Must find a way to use it in a sentence that has nothing to do with it. Maybe they'll think I'M sick and send me home early..

College At Thirty

OMG, I'm totally getting over the flu, and I totally sympathize with you. I never get the flu, so this just totally took my by surprise, and I didn't know what to do with myself, so I just slept for four days straight. I should have moaned a lot. You're too cool for me, Amy. I don't even think I could perfect a hybrid whine/moan, and yet, you managed to write yours phonetically. See? Already, you're rocking the swine better than anyone else. I bet you vampire better than Bella, too. Chin up and feel better soon.

Also, Tamiflu. Yes. You need it. Don't leave the pharmacy without it.


Feel better!


OMG THANK YOU. My husband thought that the term "Hamthrax" was his and his alone. Thanks to you, I'll be taking his smug self down a notch when he gets home tonight.
P.S. Hope you feel better!


Go get some Tamiflu...You need to take it within 72 hours of your first symptom, but go get it!

Heather B.

That video made me miss you. Hi! Do you remember me?

Oh, most importantly, your makeup looks awesome. I think you should be really proud of that.


Don't be so hard on yourself! Here, have some whiskey, it'll make you FEEL bettah.

I hope MS is paying you in gold coins. Your last post at the slideshare toolbox thingy made me do a monster to-do list which was much more fun and time consuming than actually completing any of the tasks on it. *sigh*


From what I've heard, Tamiflu will give you even better ideas than Theraflu... and here I was getting annoyed that you hadn't posted on Mamapop about Crazy Eyes FINALLY getting eliminated from the Biggest Loser.

Carry on with the whining and the moaning... and definitely do not let Jason leave you with The Children.


yeeshhh...feel better!

Plano Mom

In our house we call it the Gonkus. Just that "feel like shit but not bad enough to totally shut down my life" kinda sick.

Get rest. Drink fluids. Go see the doc. Point out to Jason that if he DOESN'T take care of the kids, you'll give it to them and then he'll HAVE to stay home with ALL THREE whiny butts.

bethany actually

I had that same horrible flu a few of weeks ago and I am still recovering from the last traces of it. May your immune system be more on the ball than mine! Get better fast!


Wow. You sure don't "wrtite sick."

I hope you feel better soon. It's so awful to be sick and have needy children.


Well, DANG. I seem to be "typing sick."
That was "write sick." I have a cat on my lap who won't let me edit.


Sounds like you have what I had about 3 weeks ago. I wasn't coughing or anything, but the whole "I'm hot, no, I'm cold - I'm hot - NO - where the hell is my blankettttt???" thing totally happened to me. Along with body aches - and I didn't get out of bed for 2 days. Good luck - and feel better. (PS: TheraFlu is kinda awesome).

Larri Jo

Heidi obviously has had a hate-on for Gordana from the git-go. I dunno why. Her clothing has been interesting and well-sewn. I can think of several nits still on the show who cannot say the same.

Uh... also, sorry you're not feeling well.


Oookay first of all your eye makeup looks FABULOUS. Quiddit.

Secondly, has anyone ever told you that you sound almost exactly like Alyson Hannigan??? You should totally watch an episode of "How I Met Your Mother".... It's uncanny!

So sorry you're feeling Blerrgh. :( I hope it clears up quickly for you!


"The Children, Oh God, Not the Children"---LOVE.


Feel better, and soon. Just so you know--and I learned this from my three-year-old's H1N1 experience--swollen eyes are part of the fun. If you work it right, you might be able to get a really good photo of yourself with what look like bedroom eyes. You know, for when you just absolutely have to have a head shot showcasing your bedroom eyes. (It's all about the H1N1 silver lining.)

Kristen Reitmeyer

I hope you feel better. You must have whiskey with lemon and honey immediately.

Web designer

Oh you poor thing hope you'll get better soon GOD BLESS YOU take care :)

Web designer

Oh you poor thing hope you'll get better soon GOD BLESS YOU take care :)

Web designer

Oh you poor thing hope you'll get better soon GOD BLESS YOU take care :)

Web designer

Oh you poor thing hope you'll get better soon GOD BLESS YOU take care :)

Web designer

Oh you poor thing hope you'll get better soon GOD BLESS YOU take care :)

Web designer

Oh you poor thing hope you'll get better soon GOD BLESS YOU take care :)

Web designer

Oh you poor thing hope you'll get better soon GOD BLESS YOU take care :)


You may think laundry is boring but I am holding one-week old and 18 month old has rash and we have always used cloth but no special detergent and I just said "Amalah recommended some kind of detergent" when oldest baby got rash and couldn't remember what it was. Not a sentence, but .. sleep deprived. ANYWAY thank you thank you. Just went to Amazon and ordered two.


My deepest darkest secret is that I read a mommy-blog. When someone asks me what my favorite writer is, I burst out "ZOMG AMALAH!" When the odd stares come, I clear my throat, claim I had something in my throat, and calmly state. "Amy, she's a highly talented blogger, who writes about the struggles women go through." Inwardly I'm all 'LOL EZRA WANT MORE PICTURES. ROLFCOPTER NOAH IS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE.'

Even when you write about mudane topics, I'm ALL ears. Hence my obsession with Charlie's now.

Full disclosure--I'm a teenager, and adore you. Feel better soon!


Oh, feel better - I had the flu last weekend - horrible!

Bachelor Girl

"Hamthrax." That kind of made my day.

Hope you're back to posting hilarious PDFs of 1950's cookbooks in no time!


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sorry you're sick, hope it's not the Hamthrax (ha!). Feel better soon!


feel better amy!! i hate being sick, it is the worst!


Ugh, I feel your pain, literally. I was all smug a couple of weeks back because I was getting sick after my son had H1N1 and I kicked it before it ever gave me a fever with homeopathics. Now I REALLY have it and it sucks. Having the kids home is sooo challenging - mine are at school and day care so I can work but I'm dreading when I have to go get them with all my yucky fluness. Must wear mask...
I recommend taking Oscilloccinum, a homeopathic that helps with the symptoms and duration and also use a neti pot twice a day and drink a LOT of hot liquids and/or gargle with salt water. The latter items keep the virus from proliferating and making you feel worse. FEEL GOOD SOON.


From one swine to another (that didn't come out quite right did it?), I wish you well. This flu sure sucks, doesn't it?


Holy crap, are you busy! I can't believe you get all that done. Feel better, and I'll work on a way to link to the future...

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