Counterpoint: Year of the Tigercat
Why God Invented Photo Cropping

Guess Who

Is not napping today!


PS. It's fun! Stacking/nesting blocks never get old! Neither do pretend conversations on pretend telephones that rarely make it past "HAVOH?" before hanging up (with a vengeance, also known as "hurling phone at wall")! And unrolling all the toilet paper while Mama is not looking! Sure, it's cliche, but it's also a CLASSIC.

PPS. I offer up humble Mamapop and AlphaMom offerings instead. (Though I warn you the comments at this week's Bounce Back will leave a million leaky pinprick holes in your heart. Or at least your tear ducts.)





That Alphamom post makes me all teary-eyed. And so does the not napping because I relate. I really really do.


Napping! Who needs napping? (I would!)
He. Is. So. Cute.
Love Ceiba!


I love his shirt. Seems appropriate! :)


The pattern on the chair in the first photo is GORGEOUS. Where did you get it?


Ugh, that Ez is such a show off. I'm not napping either and you don't see anyone writing a blog post about me.

Holy Jebus I want a nap though.


Picking up the phone, shouting "HAVOH?" and throwing it against the wall - that is awesome. Oh, to be a primitive caveman toddler-person again.

Sprite's Keeper

I think I will answer my phone with "Havoh" just to get a reaction today. Thanks, Ezra!


target's fall line of long sleeve tees WAS awesome this season, no? we have that one.

better than the toilet paper trick is how A managed to open the lid of the clorox wipes and pull the entiiiiiire spool out, all still connected, through his brothers bedroom. you can be damn sure i stuffed them all back in b/c those puppies are gold.


very cute. And inexcusable! Know this: napping is mandatory children! No matter how cute you are, your job is to take naps so mama can dither about onthe interwebs. Get on it!

C @ Kid Things

I love his shirt. My daughter fought her nap today, too. I eventually won that battle, though. Well, if barely an hour is considered winning.


Mmmm, naps. God I could go for one right now. Why will the child nap at day care and not at home on the weekends? Why?


Ez is totally smooshable & all, but excuse me? Noah? Standing there like he's in the quad, waiting on his next class.
"Hey girl, sup? Oh this? Just a little light reading before my Advanced Analysis of Biophysics class. Catch ya later."


That just happens to be the Man Cubs most favorite "frog" shirt. He now has an opinion about things. 18 months was awesome, 19 months not so much. Stupid independent thinking.

In our house naps are NOT.OPTIONAL. you will sleep or you will be awake in your crib for the alloted time, so I suggest the sleeping.

Pinkie Bling

I love his shirt. So perfect!

Parsing Nonsense

Ah shoot kid, I wish you would've told me you were relinquishing your nap reservation for the day so I could snap it up.

Now we'll BOTH be cranky hours before bedtime tonight.

Karen Chatters

We've completely lost the morning nap here and it's killing me. Slowly. But then there's this miraculous afternoon nap that lasts for HOURS and I'm all blissful and serene. Or not, I sit and surf the web and read blogs and lose all kinds of time and the poor kid still has nothing to eat.

Oh the joys of motherhood. Don't these kids know we live for the nap. Or maybe that's why they don't nap. Evilness.


mine didn't nap today either...

makes ME want to throw phones.


Yes! Love the Target long sleeve shirts! I wanted Feed Me but they didn't have it in Snackbox's size, so we got "The World Revolves Around Me"... also true.

What, no Biggest Loser season premiere recap?!


He's so damned cute that I think I would forgive him for not napping.

Kate @ And Then I Was a Mom

I like "Havoh." It manages to be succint yet somehow international at the same time.

Jen L.

Is Ezra wearing slippers??? Awesome! Love his "feed me" shirt.
Ceiba is my hero, by the way. I like it when she says "I R."


I'm sure he'll nap like a champ when he's 17. Probably from 2AM until past noon the next day.

And, if you're like me, you'll still complain. When they don't sleep, we want them to. When they do sleep, we want them up. Damn kids.

But really, they're necessary, otherwise who would run to the fridge to get Mommy a beer. Ahem.


I had a no nap day today, too. Pass the wine.


And by "I" I meant my 9 month old.... and by "wine" I meant "vodka"


"HAVOH! Havoh! HAVOH!" all I could say all day long at work. Nobody had a clue in hell what I was cracking up about. It was pretty awesome, as was that story.

I really hope he naps for you, and soon. He's freaking adorable.


There must have been a memo that went out that yesterday was a no napping day! What is with these kids??!!

Heather Ben



well, you did warn me about the potential for tears when reading "Bounce Back."


Oh, dude. I feel you.

My two year old stopped napping. I try to lay him down and he says, "No Dank Doo" (No Thank You.)

F that noise. I NEED the nap.


Is it just me, or is he mocking the picture of you on your homepage? love his shirt.

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