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It's Like a Toy Store That My Children Haven't Visited Yet

17 Months

I went to war this weekend against our basement playroom, armed with little more than a new EXPEDIT bookcase and a half dozen BRANÄS baskets. Plus some thumbtacks and zero reservations about throwing my children's toys out while they slept. Sorry, kids! All your torn stuffed animals and deflated balls and Crappy Meal toys wandered out into the street and got hit by cars. You probably should have stayed awake to keep an eye on them. 

Pictures of that (thrilling) finished project to come. For today, this is the best my soupy brain can do:


He's 17 months old today. 


Miraculously, I have not completely chewed his face off yet.


Some days, though.




He still loves his stroller, and wanders around the house going "WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA" like that little mechanical lint roller robot from WALL*E. 

When he's thirsty, he drags his index finger from his mouth to his chin. When he's REALLY thirsty, he does the same sign, only he starts at his forehead.

When he does something naughty, he wags his finger at me and says "NO NO NO." Just so I know that he knows. He's not stopping, or anything, but he knows.

He likes to watch the mailman drive away and blow kisses after the truck. (Which he calls a Beep Beep, for the record.)

He loves to play hide-and-seek with Noah, though he always chooses the same hiding place: in a not-at-a-all concealed corner next to a kitchen cabinet, with his hands over his eyes. 


He's got a tremendously fiery little temper, switching from joy to tears in seconds, whenever he feels that his will has been thwarted. And it gets thwarted a lot, since he really has no idea that he is only 17 months old, and isn't allowed to do everything his big brother does or open the refrigerator to prepare his own scrambled eggs, and that there's a bit more to walking down the stairs than simply approaching the top step and hurling oneself off of it.


 Seriously. DRAMZ. ALL THE TIME.


He gets over it just as quickly, though. 


And immediately moves on to the next thing he's not supposed to do or touch or have or eat, maybe with a really big hug and slobbery kiss sandwiched in there somewhere. So wonderfully delicious, this boy. 



Congrats on not eating his face off. I'm not sure I would have the same control because that's a very painfully CUTE FACE! Even when he's mad.


God those cheeks. I wantz them. To kiss I mean. They would probably look out of place on my own face.


I think playing hide and seek with small children is one of the best things on earth, especially when they giggle as you walk by their in-plain-sight hiding spot and whisper that they'll never be found.


What a cutie! Do the boys really miss their crappy toys?


You do not get much more nom-able than that kid. Seriously. Those CHEEKS! NOM!!! xo


I love when you do these types of posts and omigod, I love that face. He's delicious.

Heather Ben

so cute!


Oh my GAWD. He get more adorable by the day. BY THE DAY, I tell you.

I don't know if your server can handle the ever-growing combined cuteness quotient of your children, Amy! Your server. It is screwed.


God damn, that is one tasty-looking child.

Alternatively, you could just squeeeeeeze his cheeks. Not like a zit, though. Stop before he explodes.


How does such an adorable baby face get on such a big boy! What a great age! Awwww....


nice. I just tackled our basement with the same philosophy, although our collection now requires 3 of the 2 high expedit shelves and a plethora of container store sweater boxes. If they don't play there now, I'm going to take the space for myself. It has a door. And a lock.


I don't know if I could have your restraint with the not eating the face off. He is yummy.


My goodness, that boy looks just like his mama. Holy moly.


YAY! Ezra!! So cute!

I don't know how I looked past the unbearable cuteness!! But I did ... and I love your floors. :)

Domesticated Gal

Aww - he's adorable, and such personality!


I swear he has the cutest face! The lips, the mouth, the cheeks? Absolutely adorable.

Beta Dad

Very cute! I didn't know what all the fuss was about baby cheeks until we had our twin girls 8 months ago. Mom often scolds me for abrading them with stubble. I guess it's better than gnawing.


I for one have no idea how that child still has a head, as he is so cute that I am pretty sure I would have swallowed it, or him whole.

Also, your last totally made me weepy. If anyone asks I'm blaming it on allergies, days and days of rain, be damned.


Oh my! Our little guys would be buddies. My munchkin is 20 months and his strong-willed fire is matched only by his loving little bear hugs and baby kisses. This kid feels every emotion on the spectrum - to the fullest.

Sounds like Ezra is a great kid - thanks for the udpate :)


Not that you probably care - but the robot's name is Mo. I know...because one of my nicknames is Mo. So there.

Congratulations on making it this far without leaving that child cheekless! And my second son (and last) is also prone to lightning fast mood changes. Good luck with that.

Mrs. Q.

nom nom-- delicious cheeks on that one.

By the way, this made me wonder: did you ever paint the kitchen? I remember getting all whipped up in the color discussion. If it makes you feel any better, I have paint chips scotch-taped ll over my dining room.


I. love. Ezra.

That second pic is precious. He's so adorbs when he sucks his bottom lip in so he looks like he's all cheeks! Ca-yoot!

Wendy Hill

Seriously! If you don't gobble up those cheeks soon, I just might!!


Picture #4 killed me. That is hysterical. It should be on his toddler driver's license.


Oh man. Those huge brown eyes...seriously? How do you ever say no?

Kate @ And Then I Was a Mom

Quick, come here next. Since we apparently go to McDonald's more than I ever planned pre-parenthood, we have every Hello Kitty watch and and Lego racecar and Nerf cheapo basketball known to man. It's as if we are intent on building the World's Largest Collection of Choking Hazards Ever, $2.99 at a time.


happy birthday little guy! glad I got to see you guys in the flesh this past Friday. hope you enjoyed the family dinner and that our paths will cross again someday! perhaps with more champagne cocktails and cheese plates and celebrity sightings, Austin-style...

cheers to you!


So damn cute. I would eat that little face too.


Looking forward to seeing the finished basement! We went a little expedit crazy a few months ago trying to upgrade a room from baby to boy:

Never commented before, but love the blog and can't believe Ezra is 17 mos.


He does look yummy and I know how hard it is to resist. I have two granddaughters who live with me. One is two and the other is 10 months. There are chubby cheeks to chew on


Um, do you know how to CLOSE that stroller? We have the same one, I threw away the directions and now I can't get the darn thing to close.

Oh, and I've been saving all the Happy Meal toys, etc. for Halloween. I steal them away unopened and put them in a box. Of course, my baby is only 15 months old so she has no say in it. Then I shall give them away to other kids on Halloween and let their parents throw them away!


Totally wanna go swimming in those eyes.


I love hearing updates on your boys. They are just both so gorgeous and endearing.


Sage always hides in the same place too - right under the table. And she's nearly three. You'd think there would be a milestone page in the baby books for "figures out new hiding place."

You make beautiful kids, Amy.


errrththmmmgmrrrrgnnnnnnmmmmmnn..... BRAIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNSS


He looks so much like you!


So you know how no one's kids are as cute as your own? Well that doesn't pertain to your kids. Ezra is so darn cute (and Noah too)!


omg- just popped by from another blog that linked to you and I have been buried in your archives for days. I live in the DC area too, have a quirky kid, have vacationed at Bluefields in Jamaica, spend half of my life driving to therapy sessions and have a son named Noah. Looking forward to following your blog.

btw- Mr. Ezra is mad cute!


That is one sweet face (even when all covered in tears and snot).

LOVE the hands over the eyes whilst hiding. Totally logical.


I'm one of those mom's who thinks their kid is the most adorable of all time....but yeah, i gotta say everytime I see pictures of Ezra...I go 'whoa he may rival the boy' - seriously - he's too much. Happy 17th dude!


He's a cutie!


Those nice sturdy Itso bins at Target fit perfectly in the Expedit shelves too if you ever need to replace the bins you bought at Ikea. FYI!

Lucy's mom

That second picture is the universal year-and a- half facial expression. I actually teared up and started laughing at the same time when I saw it.
And I love his hair. Shay had the same blonde, wispy locks at Ezra's age. His dad wanted to get it cut but I just couldn't do it. Eventually the day care provider took it upon herself to cut it and then freaked out when I started crying when I saw what she had done. It was a bad day for a working mom....

Lemon Gloria

Happy 17 months! He does have an incredibly NOMable face! Oh, the tender pink-cheeked sweetness! Until I had a baby I had no idea what people went on about with the deliciousness of babies. And now, I cannot get enough of baby cheeks.

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