Two Roads Diverged in a Suburban Parking Lot
The Frantic "Wait! Don't Go! I Have Thoughts!" Friday Round-Up


Oh, so hey. Remember when we went on that awesome vacation? Way over a month ago? Yes, that. I finally went through our photos and uploaded 100 or so of my favorites to Flickr. We took 700 photos, by the way. Each frolic on the beach or dip in the pool necessitated at least 150 near-identical shots of the children, apparently. It's like we planned to create an Our Vacation Flip Book when we got back, lest we forget a single precious arm movement.

Anyway, you can view the set here. Don't everybody rush over at once.


Also, if you're thinking about taking a trip to Bluefields, here's the deal: 15% rate reduction with $100 spa credit for new full-week reservations with rental dates between now and November 1, 2010. Code is AMALAH. Go to their reservations page, or call (202) 232-4010 or Yay!