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Back-to-School Spirit

This morning I woke Noah up with shrieks of SCHOOL BUS! SCHOOL BUS! He quickly joined in -- spring break was over! Finally! No sense in hiding our mutual joy! Quick! Get up, get dressed! You can wear shorts! What, no socks? SURE WHY NOT, Mommy's feeling all sorts of permissive and giddy today! The SCHOOL BUS is a'coming! 

We ate breakfast and assumed our spots by the window and waited. And waited. I tweeted a couple times, because clearly, this was some riveting action. You guys ever wondered what it's like to wait for a school bus? Follow me for a truly gritty, realistic experience. I'm like the Michael Bay of Twitter.

SPOILER ALERT: The bus was late. Creeping into "not coming" territory. This wouldn't be the first time that's happened -- it's a preschool-dedicated route and the driver has gotten confused around half-days and holidays before. But unlike those times, when I generally shrugged and let Noah enjoy an impromptu morning off, I was NOT GOING TO TAKE IT. NO. Come hell or high water, I was going to somehow find a way to get Noah to school, even if it meant putting them in the car and driving SEVEN WHOLE MINUTES (eight if I hit that one red light!) to school MYSELF.

Ezra and I were still in pajamas, but no matter! Noah's education is more important than my vanity. Also: OH MY GOD, WE ARE ALL SO BORED. I got the boys out to the car and buckled them in before I realized I'd left my cell phone behind. I figured I better get it in case the school called to wonder why Noah was late. 

I dashed back in and found it underneath a pile of papers I'd pulled out of Noah's backpack earlier. The paper on top was an extra copy of the school calendar. 


Humorous trumpet of dumbassity: WAH WAH WAH WAAAAAH.

The thing is, this calendar is no different than the one I have tacked up on our fridge. The one I've checked a good 40 times over the past week or so. There is absolutely no excuse other than MAYBE me getting Noah's two schools mixed up, but really: I just didn't know what day it was. My brain works off a more vague calendar, where it's perpetually April Something, Probably Earlyish In The Month, I Think, Or Maybe Middish, Wait, Did I Have My Period Yet? 

So I went back out to the car and proceeded to rip Noah's heart out of his chest with my bare hands. 

"STOP MAKING ME MAD!" he wailed. "I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU RIGHT NOW." Then he threw himself on the couch for awhile in heartbroken defeat.


I told him we could go to his other school after lunch but I don't think he believes me.   



Oh heartbreaking school bus not coming no good rotten day ...


Aww. I saw the tweets this morning - poor kid. (At least he obviously loves going to school?)


Such a disappointment. As an aside--good LORD his shoes are big. He's like a real kid!


My son asked me about a thousand times yesterday. "Are you sure there is school tomorrow." He never believed me until I found a copy of the calendar in his backpack this morning as I got it loaded up before he left for the bus.

In our case happiness ensued as, yes, today is a school day. YIPPEE!!


Well, at least it's not just me. I got both my girls up this morning and headed out to school. And found..... no traffic, no parents, no cars, and not even one car in the teachers' parking lot.


Why on earth didn't they include April 6 in the date range? April 6 is in a separate row? Bad chart construction - totally not your fault! :)


Oh the angst! heh. Hope he has fun this afternoon :)


Bummer. But at least you didn't show up at the school in your PJs and then have to pull him off the tarmac when he melted with despair in the parking lot.

I guess that's an upside. Hey, double check the other school to be sure eh? ;-)


Oh shit -- I did this once myself. Thank you, thank you for joining my humiliating little club.

Sprite's Keeper

That picture of dejection just kills me! Poor guy!

Patti B.

Um....oops? and wow Noah's getting big!


I totally blame the school. Why didn't it just say No School from March 29 - April 6? Putting it in another row is just sneaky and mean!!

Missy Carvin

Oh no - "Stop making me mad!" That would rip my heart out!


His shoes are huge!


I can go with "Stop making me mad!" because my daughter used to scream "Stop hurting me!!", as if I were beating her with a broomstick.


his shoes look enormous! That's irrelevant, I know this.


I'm so glad he loves school so much. Also, a bit envious. My 4 year old HATES school days. *sigh*


My husband tried to drop our daughter off at school yesterday. There was no school. We totally screwed up.


See, that is just funny! I know the feeling because once parents realize the pure joy of school, they want for it to never end. Summer is just the worst, too. Not trying to ruin your day but I want you to be prepared for Spring Break times 12. For me summer is a perpetual back-to-school countdown and is also why that Staples commercial is my absolute favorite of all time. Ever. Because it's just so true.


Goodness- his boxers are alreading hanging out??!? If I didn't know better I would think he was a teenage boy, sleeping on a couch!


We have so been there. It's so hard when we build up their expectations and the powers that be dash them. We showed up at a museum once on a day it was closed, ditto a toy store. It is definitely better to realize it at home because peeling him off the pavement would have been much worse. Hope the Afternoon School heals the pain.


I blame the calendar as well.

March 25-April 5: Spring Break
April 6: No school for...

LAME!! That should have had many asterisks or been highlighted or SOMETHING!!

Sorry Amy! That totally sucks!

I'm a teacher and this week is my spring break, so I'm loving it!


This cracked me up. Is it bad that today I was thinking.... only five more days? :)


Well, this is the first year that there was a professional day after break, it did make for a really looooong spring break. Glad to be going back tomorrow - there's only so much cleaning to be done and the Easter candy is long gone.


Heh. I've had TWO school-agers home for 11 days now. SO glad that they go back tomorrow. Not sure why our county never took back some of these days due to all the snow days this winter.


Oh, poor pigeon! On days like that, I say, "Hey, let's go to the MALL! And ride the CAROUSEL! And have lunch at BURGER KING!" And under my breath I add, "And start drinking at TWO P.M.!"


You big meanie! Getting his hopes up like that.

Bachelor Girl

I don't have kids, but dude, I do shit like this ALL. THE TIME. Thank GOD somebody else does too. Specifically, someone who society views as being generally more responsible than me, i.e., a parent. Score!

Seriously, how awesome is it that your kid likes school that much?!


Yes! This! Except, my husband and I had tickets to Opening Day -- and fortunately a neighbor who knows we are morons and asked us last week if we knew Monday was a holiday, so we had time to Fail in Finding a Babysitter and ultimately have to buy a third ticket -- for about what we would have paid for for 8 hours of babysitting.

Jenny White

I do stuff like this all the time. What about picture day? does Noah always have ratty t-shirts on for school pics? My 10-year old always has some ugly old shirt on, because we NEVER remember it's PICTURE DAY!


Poor guy! I'm glad he likes his school so much, though. And that was a very eloquent response, "Stop making me mad." I hope everyone is feeling better!

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