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Easter. What? Too Late?

(UPDATE: SCHOOL BUS! SCHOOL BUS! Noah screamed with joy at the sight of it this morning and then tried to hug the doors. He also went to his afternoon program yesterday and had a terrific first day back, even though they MOVED FURNITURE AROUND and CHANGED CIRCLE TIME and MADE NEW PICTURE SCHEDULES for all the kids. If you've read along for any length of time you'll know it's a damned Easter Miracle that Noah didn't have a major conniption over these changes, but instead was all, "Eh, I'm just happy to be here, you guys.") 

(Also! I know! His shoes. He has big feet. I saved every pair of shoes from his babyhood and STILL don't have any proper hand-me-downs for Ezra yet because apparently Noah was still wearing soft-soled BABY BOOTIES when his feet were Ezra's size.)

Also also! Hey! Remember when Easter happened? No? Well, it did. And I took pictures. Then I forgot about them. Here they are. You are welcome.

Things I forgot to do: 1) Make the earth-friendly Easter basket grass stuff out of recyclable materials; used annoying and likely toxic silver glitter stuff left over from Christmas instead, and 2) Explain Easter to the children ahead of time; simply handed them a basket of Matchbox cars and a chocolate bunny all, "Surprise! Now go outside and find some plastic eggs for some reason that even I'm not entirely clear about." instead. 


Despite hiding the eggs in obvious, easy-to-find places, Ezra seemed convinced that we'd buried them, or at least that was his excuse for shoving his hands deep in the dirt every chance he got. His dapper Easter-y blue polo shirt did not make it until breakfast.


Noah, expressing his slightly-bewildered joy at finding something that he had no idea why he was looking for in the first place. 


Noah is very much an instant-gratification kid, as he was ready to call it a day after two or three eggs because he wanted the candy and didn't care that he would get MORE CANDY if he stayed on task and found the full dozen or so eggs hidden around the yard, full of rapidly-melting Kisses and peanut-butter eggs.


I probably got a little pushy, but I really wanted those peanut-butter eggs. 


Sneaking a peek in his hideout.


"Chocolate chips." His most favorite thing in the world that I never give him because I am mean and withholding and have no self-control around a bag of them.


Ezra makes a discovery.


Ezra gets his discovery totally ganked by his coworker. AS USUAL.


My preshusss.


It puts the preshusss in the basket...


Wait. Seriously. WTF.


Weirdly skeptical about his first Chocolate Chip. Well, it's not quite as tasty as that chunk of mulch you dug out of my mouth a few minutes ago, but it's okay I guess...


And that concludes our Easter of Vague Excitement and Profound Befuddlement. Later, we bribed Noah into eating some bites of a hamburger in exchange for Easter candy, just as the Lord intended, the end. 



God I love your kids - especially when mine has become possessed by satan himself. Your pictures calmed me and reminded me that yeah he can be that cute sometimes too. And I wish I'd bought that Snoopy shirt at Old Navy...


We had two 22 month olds doing the Easter egg hunt at our house, though I use the word "hunt" loosely. It was more on an Easter wander around, get distracted by a ball, find an egg, eat the Goldfish, wander around, etc.

Now my kid only wants to eat food out of the plastic eggs. Wondering if I can put some peas in there...


the narratives are the best part!


hallelujah for the school bus and all of that!

cute pictures - looks absolutely summery..? we were freezing in TX during our egg hunts!


I love the photo essays! Ya know, I'm not sure either why we hide the damn eggs and the kids are so 'HUNH?' about the whole thing. The 3 year olds did pretty good though it wasn't until much later (yesterday) that Noelle started in on the candy. And likely will be for a loooooong time since holy shitballs Batman we filled a lot of those stupid plastic eggs.

Also: am jealous of your container garden and now must try it myself.


Am SUPER jealous of your weather, and the things coming up in your container garden. Just snowed again this morning in CO, after 4 days of bitter wind... *sigh*

Sprite's Keeper

Never too late to enjoy photos!


Ezra? You are the cutest little boy since .. Well, since Noah. That pic where he's 'weirdly skeptical'. PRICELESS. Cannot get over the CUTENESS. ARGH. ;-)


oh lucky! an outdoor egg hunt just isn't possible here. mornings are still chilly and while i think the kids would happily go out in the yard to do it mommy and daddy are not so tough.

i always hide two eggs together in each spot to make sure the kids get the exact same amount. otherwise my daughter would find ALL of them and my son (who is actually older but not a great egg looker finder) would be standing around going wuhh?


Love the pics! Any chance you would do a post on your container garden? Would love to learn more about all the great things you've got growing in those pots/containers! Thanks!

Amy M.

Adorable photos! I'm also jealous of your weather - it was pouring & chilly here! Made for an Easter egg hunt in the living room - not as exciting, but far less mulch!

beta dad

Great pictures! Did you give Noah your old Crocs? Good call. They should only be worn by children.

Maybe next year, David Sedaris could help you explain the true meaning of Easter. Here's a link to him reading "Jesus Shaves."


Weather hot enough to melt chocolate? JEALOUS. Our Easter Egg hunt involved layers and raingear. I'm just saying.

lisa marie

Yay! For the passing on of strange rituals that involve candy! Also - did you count the eggs before hiding/after finding? When I was a kid, we would always find additional eggs...later in the summer. Usually the dyed kind. Blech.


"It puts the preshusss in the basket..."

I just snorted iced tea onto my laptop (as usually happens when I read your blog!)

Great pics, your boys are PRESHUSSS!!!! lol

Crabby Apple Seed

Totally hung up on the fact that Ez just had his first chocolate chip, whereas my child, who is two months younger, had M&Ms on Halloween.



The best quotes are from Silence of the Lambs. Classic!


ha! i totally didn't have an answer for 'why are we hunting for eggs?' i mumbled something about the goddess oestra sending a bunny to celebrate spring. 'but where does da bunny go now?' idk, kid, back to mount olympus?? isn't that where goddesses live??


Your garden looks good.


Also jealous of your garden and sunny weather, suffering through snow (AGAIN - WFT?!) here - but I do have a seedling (tomato? pepper? Why would I label them?) appearing in the little seed pots in my dining room. Woohoo!

Snackbox also prefers the taste of dirt and mulch to chocolate. Must be a toddler thing. Ooh -you could make dirt pudding and really mess with his head. =]


Did I miss it, or did you post about how Ezra got his booboo on his face?


We did the Easter candy bribery as well the other night w/the almost-5-yr-old, 2 teeny tiny bites of ground turkey got her the ears of the chocolate bunny. Clouds parted, angels sang, I did the Snoopy happy dance. Did it work the next night? Nooooooooooo, the cooked carrot illicited screetches about not liking the texture and gagging. No chocolate for you!


That be-mulletted child sure is cute. This might be my favorite photo essay.

Bachelor Girl

1. Earth-friendly Easter grass? What? Is this a euphemism for marijuana?

2. Hey, that silver stuff is actually really pretty in Noah's blue basket.

3. Can I have Ezra?

4. How about Ceiba?


My co-worker just said, "Oh, you must be reading that Amy or Ez or whatever-it-is blog again." Because, you know, of the alternating awwws and snorting laughter. You make my heart laugh, thanks.

Jess W

That was awesome and I'm delighted. Soooo cute! Thanks for sharing, as always.


I love Ezra's "sneaking up on the hidden booty" positioning in those pictures. I also love Bachelor Girl's analysis of the earth-friendly Easter grass. I actually snorted, and now am still smiling about it.


I love that you said "ganked." I haven't used that expression since 8th grade and almost forgot about it! So funny...

Chibi Jeebs

OMG the pointing! *dies from the cute*


Hey Leslie, Amy did write about her garden, here:


Don't beat yourself up about not making earth-friendly Easter basket grass stuff, what you did is also an R: REUSE! Good job!

Growing up, we were very religious and all up into Easter and I STILL don't know why we hide the eggs.

M. Bailey

"Just as the Lord intended". So hillarious you are!! Your boys are seriously adorable!


I choked when I read "It puts the preshusss in the basket..."

The boys look as handsome as ever and I love the look on Ezra's face while he's nomming his "chocolate chip!" Adorbs!


My nine year old daughter ask me when we dying eggs if Easter was for Jesus and his birthday.

So, basically for NINE years she thought we hunted eggs and got candy because of Jesus' birthday.

I wonder what she thinks Christmas is about...

die Frau

LOVE Noah's little madras shorts. My husband will be extremely happy to know that if we have a boy one day, they can be twins.

And you've got me all excited to start gardening...once it stops SNOWING HERE (yes, I live in Buffalo, NY. We're a stereotype).

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