Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Funny how...

...all the big boy haircuts and independent streaks are no match against a little case of the sniffles.

Funny how...


Amy M.

Aww. Momma trumps all!

Megan (Best of Fates)


I still feel that way sometimes!

Shannnon @nwaMotherlode

I'm having one of those days today! Wish my mom lived closer. I might just go up to her and say "Hold me". Or, at the very least, "Make me some comfort food. Please." :)

Bachelor Girl

P.S. Thirty years from now, Ezra's reaction to a case of the sniffles will be exactly the same.

For proof, I refer you to my boyfriend (a.k.a., The Guy), age 32, who looks exactly like that when afflicted with any malady whatsoever, including, but not limited to, a hangnail.


Aw, poor little man. Hope it isn't strep as that has been going around. And: it hurts like hell.

Feel better Zah!


Poor babe- nice for you though, especially when they are less likely to cuddle.

We were driving to daycare this morning and isn't it fun when your almost 2 year old gets sick , in the car seat (WHY! WHY!?) on Connecticut Ave. In rush hour.


Awww...then he just wants his momma. Best part of parenting, EVER!


Poor guy. I hope he feels better soon.

Love the haircut, btw, but I can't believe how big your baby boy is! I didn't start reading this blog until after Ezra was born, so I didn't see Noah's transition from baby to toddler to little boy in real time but it seems like Ezra is growing so fast it's almost superhero-y.


Ok, this one made me cry a little. Thank you for reminding me that my little guys still need their mommy.


Haha @ BachelorGirl. It's too true. My husband is 28, he's been sick for the past couple days, and by God, you'd think this was the first time he was sick, ever. Our conversation from the other day, verbatim:
him: "Ugggh I feel so horrible"
me: "Well did you take some cold medicine?"
him: " you think I should?"
me: "Friggin DUH!"

okay, I didn't quite respond in that manner. I was tender and kind and ran my 38-weeks-pregnant-ass out to the store to buy him some cough drops. Because I need him to not be sick while I am all contracty and whiny and end-of-pregnancy-y.

Plano Mom

Men are wimps. Women LOVE it.


I'd say the same thing about my husband -- the big boy hair cuts don't help one iota when it comes to big boy sniffles either. Cute pic.

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