What's That Buzzing? Do You Hear That Buzzing? It's Really Annoying.
Choices We're Lucky To Have (But Still Don't Want To Make)

I, EEEEPPP, Round Two

Today is Noah's IEP meeting, to determine educational goals and his placement for next year. We plan to ask for the immersion program, a new speech evaluation, and to argue against a recommendation of reducing occupational therapy to every other week.

 IEP records 

I'm going prepared, yet white-knuckled and throat-clenched and stressed-out beyond belief. So. You know. Business as usual

(Wish us luck.)



Good luck! Remember to take deep breaths and smile through the rage.


Fingers crossed, prayers said! Good luck!


Just delurking to say "Good Luck!" (and kick butt!) I have my son's IEP mtg today, too. Luckily they've already admitted he needs more, not less, so I guess it'll just be an hour or so of me shooting evil-eye daggers at the powers-that-be for not listening to me for the past 3 years! (why, yes- I *AM* quite mature thankyouverymuch!)


May you exude confidence that will have them giving you what you want without question or struggle.

Good luck.

Olga @ MangoTomato

Good luck! Be firm in what you believe.




Oy. Best of luck to ya! Tough day--hope it goes your way!

Sprite's Keeper

Good luck!


Lots of luck!


luck! you'll do great.


As a teacher I've always been on the other side of the table. Thank you so much for sharing this post and your previous one. It is so important for me (and other teachers) to hear the parents' perspective.


good luck!

Heather Ben

Good luck!

BTW - I saw this on our local news and thought it would be great for you to make sure other SN parents know about it - it's an amusment park for special needs kids so they can participate in the "World’s First Ultra Accessible Family Fun Park designed specifically for children and adults with special needs, their family members, caregivers".



Good lucky Amy, Jason and especially the adorable, wonderful Noah. Thinking of you today.


Good luck to you! Not that I think you need it, because you clearly know your son well, and have the guts to fight for what he needs. Noah couldn't ask for better parents!


Good luck!

I used to hate IEP meetings for our son until we FINALLY managed to convince the Special Ed consulting teacher for our district to look at his Birth Parents' medical background disclosures. Which - surprise, surprise - showed heavy drug and alcohol use before and during part of pregnancy. Now we are having conversations about "social cues" and "sensory modulation" and "poor planing capacity" and "impulsiveness" and "frontal lobe injury" - finally, we are planning how we can help our kid succeed in 1st grade in spite of having part of the deck stacked against him.

I hope you can have a productive conversation today!


I don't know if this helps, but, when I was a Special Educator, I loved parents like you. Even though I always knew a child needed more services, my school system frowned upon my making of suggestions for services due to budgetary issues. So, the only way kids got what they really needed was by having parents who were good advocates. I hope the same is true for your system!
Go get 'em!


Good luck! Stick to your guns, you know what is best for Noah. I am crossing all fingers and toes that you get what he needs. You and Jason have been such tremendous advocates for Noah, go get 'em!


Good luck!


Good Luck Amy. Hope it goes better than you expect!!


Good luck!


Good luck!! Sending you good strong vibes for saying what you need to say, and getting what you know is best for noaN!


Sending you happy thoughts.


Good luck!


Wishing you luck!

Sugared Harpy

Good luck!!

I'm so happy you even have an IEP to work with, we never got one with our son at all. So, the homeschooling trip began!


sending you lots and lost and lots of good IEP thoughts. You will do great.


Ugh, I'll be thinking of you. I HATE these. My little girl hasn't had an IEP yet (too young), but we've had lots of similar evaluation meetings and it's really gut wrenching hearing other people judge your child. Her impatient and irritating new Speech Therapist gave me a list of things to be concerned about, about my little girls development. Thanks "lady who went to college for 2 years" for the diagnoses of my girls future. I don't think "they" realize the stress, worry and torture that careless words stir up. I'm still seething from our last session. Ugh...sorry for the rant, my blood boils at how liberal some therapists are with label slinging after spending an hour with your kid.

Missy Carvin

Good luck!! Sending many, many positive thoughts your way!!


You don't need a good luck, I'm sure you guys will do Awesome.
Have faith in yourself and nature!
Best of Luck!


You don't need a good luck, I'm sure you guys will do Awesome.
Have faith in yourself and nature!
Best of Luck!


Good luck and I really hope it goes the right way (ie your way and Noahs way). Fingers crossed!


Good luck!!!

Lemon Gloria

Good luck! I'm wishing for the best for all of you!


GOOD LUCK! Here's hoping it all works out!

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