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Poor Little Tough Guy


Allow me to say, in my own defense, that I'm NOT the one who's being 700 kinds of stubborn and foot-draggy about getting Ezra's hair cut. I'm not looking forward to it, that mind-melting moment when the baby-shag drops off and leaves a indisputable, total BOY CHILD in its wake, but I'm not opposed to it. I see it. I know it. We've entered full-on mullet territory now, though I guess technically that's my fault too, because if it were up to SOMEONE COUGH JASON COUGH, we wouldn't even be trimming Ezra's bangs. I trim them myself, all surreptitiously-like, when Jason's not around, because I cannot seem to explain to him the simple PHYSICS of our boys' hair, which grows hedge-like and straight-down over their eyes: And Barrettes Are Not An Option.


Anyway. That's not at all what I intended to write about today: I just wanted to let you know that I am aware of the situation, but it's not entirely just my call: Jason wakes up early every Saturday morning so I can sleep in.  And then he makes pancakes. What does that have to do with Ezra's hair? Nothing. Everything. I don't know. I can't disrespect his deeply-felt hairstyling wishes, because then I might not get more pancakes. I DON'T ROCK THE BOAT, IS ALL.


Yesterday was, indeed, a better day, mostly because I cut myself some slack over my limited patience for re-enacting the same play scenarios over and over and over again (the punchline of "Elmo & Big Bird Make A Snack & OH NO A LEMON IS NOT A GOOD SNACK, BIG BIRD!" gets waaaaaaayyyyyy less funny the 300th go-round). By late afternoon we had a Thomas DVD on and I'm not apologizing for that. 

Well, except to Ezra, because it scared him. EZRA. Who fears NOTHING. Who has zero regard for his own personal safety and is currently in the running for America's Next Top Jackass. Lost his shit over a train getting doused in maple syrup. (Or...something sticky and syrup-like. I don't really follow the plots of these things. Where are my pancakes?) He's gotten crazy sensitive about people or things getting hurt on the television and will burst into panicked tears if someone falls down or anything vaguely slapstick-y happens. You wouldn't think this would be much of a problem, since Noah is still blissfully unaware that there's anything on the TV besides the commercial-free preschooler channels (and the occasional Space Movie, but Ezra's in bed by the time we put those on). There's not a whole lot of VIOLENCE going on in Blue's Clues or Sesame Street. But I had to turn the Thomas DVD off because Ezra was absolutely inconsolable over the poor, sticky, sad-faced train.

Which made NOAH cry, which made EZRA attempt to console him: he toddled over to Noah's collapsed, woeful form and gently patted his back a few times before giving him a hug and kissing his head. Then he turned to me and pointed to his nose before signing "sad." 

Nose = Noah. OMG.

And THAT'S the story I actually meant to write today, because you guys. That crazy maniac is turning into the sweetest little person. 


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oh my god that is cute. I would like Ezra to sympathise over my actual nose, as it is sad and crying snot all over ms.upper lip.


My sister's baby daddy took scissors to my nephew's hair days before Christmas. My sister wasn't around and it was his first haircut. It looked horrible and definitely propelled him out of babyhood. So sad. And more reason to hate POS.


Ez is the cutest little mullet-wearing Heck's Angels biker dude evah. And the injuries give him playroom cred.


So. Freakin'. Cute.


Hi Amy! I'm a regular reader, from Fredericksburg, VA but don't always comment. This post caught me, because OMG, my husband is the SAME EXACT WAY with our 18 month old's hair. We JUST had his bangs trimmed for the FIRST time on Monday! And this was only after I threatened clips and headbands (We have a son!). And the worst thing, my husband's MOM is a hairdresser! So, I totally feel you on the mullet growing issue. According to the husband, 2 is the magic number for an actual haircut. Also, love the shirt! We got the same one at Christmad and the message fits him to perfection!

beta dad


For the record, I think you should stick with the mullet for a while.

This is a little off topic, but does anybody not let their kids watch TV? We don't have a TV, our twins are 9 months old and I wonder if they will be social misfits and/or impossible to live with if we never get one.


My dad once trimmed my bangs on a very steep and obvious angle. My mom had to choose between cutting it to an even one inch strip or let it grow out all lopsided. There are a whole mess of pictures of me at 3 looking like I'm sloooowly tipping over. Or possibly on a boat.

Nose is possibly one of the cutest nicknames I've ever heard. How is it possible that those boys just keep getting MORE adorable?


That is the cutest thing seeing a toddler comfort another child. My son did the same thing at about Ezra's age (comfort another crying child) and thinking about it still makes me melt.


Sweet brother! Also, it made me laugh because my 17-month-old was hysterically crying over my husband trimming a bush in our backyard. So much so we had to come inside.


My son (now 4 1/2) is exactly the same way. Hated Thomas. Despises Dora (actually, Boots) with a burning passion. Anything slapstick-y or the slightest bit "mean" and he is in tears. He's cried over episodes of Sesame Street. Recently. But the same child asked us to build him a ramp for his Micro scooter at 2 1/2.
No fear of the physical, but he's a HUGE softy. And he hasn't changed. And I wouldn't change him.


I figure "nose" actually equals "Noah is.." and he's mastered the contraction.
To answer the commenter about no TV--I took a very hard line with my children about violence as I perceived it, allowing pretty much only Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street. One day my son, in kindergarten, begged to be allowed to watch "Transformers " (yes, it was a long time ago) because he was unable to play with anyone at recess because he didn't know what they were talking about. I lightened up considerably.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Nose = Noah?!?! That is the cutest thing I've ever heard.


Treacle. It was treacle that doused the poor train.

And it made my then 2-year-old cry also.

Lisa V

Honey he rocks that kindermullet.

DeAnn G.

Okay it must be a father thing. My son will be 2 in may and I damn near had to get it written in blood that he will let me cut our sons hair FOR THE FIRST time on his 2nd birthday.
It's gotten this far because my husband keeps saying that once we cut off his curls he'll never grow them back again. Which dude, part of me does cry a little on the inside, I mean come on, curls gone= MY BA-BAY IS GROWING UP. (Sniff)


Oh my... way to make me cry! I love it. I love the hair. I agree with your hubby (sorry!) don't cut it!


I think Ezra's hair is spectacular! It kind of resembles Donald Trump's windblown look.

And, he is such a sweet baby. Such a good brother!


That soft wispy hair is adorable,kids get a pass on the whole mullet thing anyway.


First, let me say, I love Ezra's hair.

Second, cutest...story...ever.


I held out on cutting my son's hair for the first time for the LOOOOOONGEST time because he had the most perfect beautiful super pale blonde ringlets imagineable. BUT he kept getting called a girl. Even in clothes that screamed BOY. So I gave in. And it still breaks my heart whenever I have to cut his curls off. He doesn't get the ringlets anymore, but his bangs get enough of a curl to satisfy me that they'll keep coming back.
And the crappy thing is, I KNOW that if/when we have any girls they will have the stick straightyest hair the world has ever seen.

Mrs. Q.

Your kids make beautiful hair. Sell it.

About the TV thing, I'm guessing they haven't seen the Elmo vs. Ricky Gervais bit? My friend's daughter is still afraid to watch Sesame Street because that mean guy scares Elmo:


We're getting that too--using the same sign for things that SOUND the same. So smart, these boys, in an...approximate sort of way!


when my 4 year old was 2, we were watching thomas and there was a part where a train crashes through a wall, into a building? or something? anyway, it TERRIFIED him. he STILL asks every night before bed, "mom, are trains gonna come through my walls?"


My daughter's favorite friend in daycare (she's 2) is a boy with really long hair. I thought he was a girl who dressed butch for the longest time. I admit - I've judged. Without ever actually seeing his parents, I've assumed they are weird, hippy freaks. Now I'm reconsidering that judgement.


You see? Every day with kids you get another chance. Take advantage of it because there aren't too many places where this is true, and kids grow up.


There was a woman at playgroup when my daughter was small who put barrettes in her son's hair--and, you know, whatever, who cares, really? But she once marveled--aloud!--that so many people stopped her to tell her cute her little girl is...

Rock that kinder-mullet, Zah!

andrea soos

so sweet!!

i have to tell you that my youngest looks a LOT like a LOT.... same straight forward growing hair and everything....

they could be brothers...for real....


Yeah. It's moments like that which give me hope that maybe Max will NOT turn out to be an impossible little monster after all. God knows, we keep trying to teach him empathy and sympathy. But he's 3. What are you gonna do?


Melt melt melt melt melt..... awwwwww.....


Aw, so sweet! He is such a good brother to comfort Noah like that. And so incredibly smart to make the nose = Noah connection! You should be very proud. And afraid....

My 3 year old used to run and hide at certain Backyardigans and Dora episodes that scared her. But would keep asking for them. I still don't get it.

Keep the baby hair as long as you can! Nothing wrong with rocking the mullet! Though I agree with the trimming of the bangs. It does help to be able to see....


You'uns jest need to bring that boy down here to western NC and he'll fit in real nice - you won't never have to cut his hair. If he's lucky, when he's all growed up, he kin find hisself a nice lady with a matchin' haircut.


Regarding the slapstick-related sudden fearfulness - might it be a little PTSD from the escalator incident? Perhaps every time someone falls, trips, etc., Ez relives the tragedy? Has flashbacks? I'm actually only half joking. I do wonder if there might be some connection.

Parsing Nonsense

Awww, he sounds like such a love!


hahah. he looks cuter than most of the little girl-children i know. better keep him in the gender-affirming clothes until those luscious locks come off!


My little guy *loves* Thomas, but whenever he anticipates an accident, he will hide around the corner to peer around to watch it.


Me = puddle.


Hi Amy - been reading since Noah was oh....18 months old or so. I have a 4 year old daughter (my youngest of 3 kids) so I can relate.

Anyway...I'm no psychologist but I suspect Ezra's reaction to Thomas MAY have something to do with that fateful day when boy met escalator. He probably has bit of post-traumatic-stress related to the event!! Not to worry....sounds like for Ezra it was inevitable. My second boy only learned things the hard way too!! Still does.


So what happened to the poor little guy's face? Or did I just miss that post?!


What an adorable little mullet! :) I don't think I'd risk losing out on pancakes either.

My 2-year-old daughter runs into another room any time a dragon appears on the TV, regardless of context. "Come on, Mommy! It's going to be scary!"

Mrs. Flinger

I know I KNOW. My son has a 1991 BOWL CUT because I can not handle getting it trimmed all like for real 'n stuff.

It's awesome to watch the kiddos interact. Mine are taking care of each other and it NEARLY makes me want to try again because LOOK! WE MAKE CUTE BABIES.

Also, pancakes. Yum.


That is the sweetest thing ever. My hard-headed 2-year-old has started giving spontaneous "tisses," and unsolicited affection from someone that small means more than the nicest gesture from a jaded adult. So wonderful!

Heidi Marsden

I have a toddler myself and although she is very cute, she can be really demanding. Happy motherhood!!! =]


My little boy bursts into inconsolable tears during Toy Story when Buzz realises he's just a toy.We have to skip it now. He is just a softy.

I am the same about the hair cut he will be two in june and apart from a ickle trim of the mullet i haven't cut it. He's my baby!!! Not ready for the boy to come home from the hairdresser!


My son did the same thing during that Thomas episode. Screaming & crying. Now, he doesn't want to even watch Thomas. I think it was jam that poured on the tank engine, or something. And the jam is a red color,...I think they could have planned that a little better.

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