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Star Wheres

Despite Noah's initially-underwhelmed reaction to Star Wars, I must now report that we are in the grips of full-fledged mania over here. His obsession grew with a slow burn: When offered the choice between going to bed and staying up late to watch The Empire Strikes Back, he picked the obvious and obliged us with an occasional glance at the screen. But then he haggled with us repeatedly over the next few days for a similar Return of the Jedi deal. And it was at some point during this film that his inner geek was truly awakened, and we have been pretty much All Star Wars, All The Time ever since. 

I can't complain: I seem to distinctly remember talking about watching Star Wars with our unborn child no more than 10 minutes after peeing on the stick. It Is Kind Of My Thing, as long as we pretend that the three prequels didn't happen, because they make me unreasonably angry, as did the dumb "special edition" re-releases with extraneous CGI banthas and shit, I don't WANT extra CGI banthas, I want my childhood belief that three-inch models on string were totally giant ships in outer space and I want it on widescreen DVD without your stupid extra Jabba scene, LUCAS. 

Ahem. Point is, I'm a huge Star Wars nerd, although also a bit of purist. Noah has seen ONLY the three original theatrical versions. He is not aware of the Other Ones or the cartoons, although I could probably be talked into the 1978 Holiday Special, because HA HA HA HA HA OH MY GOD THAT SHIT IS AWESOME. 

(And yeah. We have a bootleg copy of it. Of course we do. I told you guys about this, right?)

I also can't complain because now everyday when I drop Noah off at his afternoon school, he and another little boy re-enact their favorite scenes: his classmate mimes Luke and his lightsaber; Noah pretends he's Darth Vader falling down the stairs at the end of Jedi. Then he does his best James Earl Jones impression* and says "Help me take this mask off" to his friend. The other boy obliges and Noah immediately jumps up and declares "I'm not a bad guy anymore! I'm a good guy! Yay!" 

Redemption! And. Scene.

*I am not making that up. My four-year-old has an honest-to-God James Fucking Earl Jones impression. I've been trying and trying to get it on video but every time I pick up the camera and start asking him about Star Wars, he immediately launches into his best Star Wars According to a 3 Year Old impression.**

**Which basically sounds like this: Welllll. Welllll. Okay. Mumble mumble something Shiny Guy mmmppffg mumble smmrgg unintelligible don't talk back to Darth Vader he'll getcha it's an exciting movie Mommy can I watch the little girl on your phone again? Huh? Please? 

I dug out our old CD box set (OF COURSE WE OWN THE BOX SET) and put the movie soundtracks on my iPod, and now he sings the music constantly. (The main theme song is red, for anyone following our adventures in synesthesia.) He's almost creepily tuned in to it -- a fairly generic track will play and he can pinpoint the exact moment that corresponds to everybody falling into the "trashy pool" or when Obi-Wan "missappears" after playing swords with Vader.

(He's watched each of the movies exactly twice. TWICE.) 

One thing he does have wrong -- kind of -- is the title. Since he has no idea what the word "war" means, he originally thought it was called "Star Worth." He's now semi-corrected himself and calls it Star Wheres

Jason spent several evenings online tracking down acceptable action figures for him. ("Acceptable" meaning anything "old-style" and manufactured before the Other Ones, which...damn, I didn't realize just how much collective anger and bitterness we harbor against those movies.) I felt kind of guilty when the $6.99 toys arrived from the various collectors, all mint in their original packaging and surrounded by 10 pounds of lovingly arranged packing peanuts, only to have Noah immediately rip them open in sticky-fingered glee and start re-enacting any scene that involved the character getting hurled from great heights and distances. R2D2's legs are already coming loose and C-3PO has some suspiciously small teeth marks on his leg, but after a decade and a half in their packaging, they are certainly not lacking in love. 

He asked for a lightsaber too, of course, and that we've been reluctant to get for him. Not just because we're liberal pussies who have problems with toy weapons (we totally are), but also because the whole preschooler-with-poor-impulse-control combined with the general eye-level whackability of Ezra's head seems like a bad idea. I also think he'd challenge the TV to a duel. But when I told him I wasn't sure about the lightsaber, he took it quite well and asked for the "Yellow Letters in Space" instead. When I told him I wasn't sure they sold the opening crawl as an action figure, he also took it quite well. 

"Santa will get me the Yellow Letters," he told me, quite confidently. 


Cheeseball but true: I kind of feel like we're all a bunch of kids again. Thanks, Star Wheres.



My 4 year old is in luuuurve with Star Wars. So much so that we are on a "break" from the movies for awhile since we have watched them all too many times. He was Luke for Halloween and the toy lightsaber is very tame!! Really fun to see their wonder and childlike innocence when they see the movies.


Star Wheres! Nothing but Star Wheres! Gimme those Star Wheres... don't let them end!


Star Wheres! Nothing but Star Wheres! Gimme those Star Wheres... don't let them end!


I love this story. A way around the light saber real deal is a foam noodles. If you google it you can create your own with a foam noodle from the dollar store and duct tape. What is nice both boys could have one because they need to be halved. Have fun with this one


My oldest son (who is Noah 11 years down the road) fell in love with the Star Wars franchise about this time, too. Since we're right-wing warmongers*, though, he had four (4!) lightsabers, all in different colors. They were collapsible, though. Very not stabby.

(*not really, but we don't have a problem with kids/play guns)

(don't hate me)

samantha jo campen


Theo is two and Bryan showed him Star Wars once while eating popcorn on the sofa and now that's their Thing. "Mo' Bacca mom? Mo Bacca?" He knows Vader is BAD and we'll hear him singing "Dun dun dun dundun dun dun" while flying things over his head and with his fork while eating dinner. Bryan went on ebay and found Vader's ship for like, $10 (old skool) and that's Theo's favorite thing ever.

Oh and check it, our Star Wars trilogy is on VHS. V! H! S! HOLLA!


Red, huh? And yes, I am always anxious to know about the colors!

I might get blasted for my non... whateveryness... for suggesting this, but the Star Wars thing I totally LOVE for kids are the Galactic Heroes lines.

Also, same disclaimer, but... BUT: have you seen the new cartoons? The CGI silly cute ones with anakin and the little togruda chick (ahsoka)? I mean have you really actually watched a couple of them?

If you are boycotting them simply because the live action movies were subpar, let me just beg you, BEG you to give them a try. They are adorable, with all the cute snippy dialogue and smirkyness of the originals, only with more, you know, CONTENT.

A recent winner was Voyage of Temptation - as far as the smirky smartassedness that entertained us a lot, not necessarily in high quality plot or whatever. Quote: "Senators, I presume you are acquainted with the collection of half-truths and hyperbole known as Obi-Wan Kenobi?" -- Duchess Satine


Pottery Barn sells a pillow with the phrase (in yellow) "In a galaxy, far, far away" (in case Santa doesn't come through)...

Also, show his the Lightsaber app on your iPhone..it's free and makes light saber noises (and is safer!)

Cheryl S.

The girlie version of this is my incredible glee when Jessica (who will be 5 in July) asked for Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, and Willy Wonka (I have my own anger issues over the Johnny Depp bastardization of that movie!)

May the force be with you and Noah!


We were at my grandmother's memorial mass a few years ago during the pre-communion stuff ("Stuff," um, obviously I don't go to church much) and some kid broke out singing the Imperial Death March. To this day, it is one of the top 5 funniest things I've ever heard.


We are in Star Wars land too. My 3yo has memorized pretty much the whole Star Wars Encyclopedia. "That's Nute Gunray - he's a Nemoidian! His trade blockade is perfectly legal!" I hear that kind of stuff all the time. It's awesome. He needs a backpack for preschool next year and I'm totally thinking of this one http://www.80stees.com/products/Yoda-Star-Wars-Back-Buddy.asp How cute would Noah be in that at school?


wow i didn't edit that before hitting post. I was busy reading quotes out of the episode recap. that "non whateveryness" would have morphed into "non-purist-fangirl status"

Also, i just love that show.

- "Where's Ahsoka?"
- "Following your teachings."
- "Is she winning?" -- Anakin and Obi-Wan on Felucia

"Guard duty? For how long?"
"Longer now." -- Ahsoka Tano and Mace Windu

"There there, child. Soon you will cry no more." -- Darth Sidious, the worst babysitter ever.

"Okay clankers, suck lasers!" -- Trooper Jek

[re yoda of course] "He'll be the small, shriveled green one... with a lightsaber!" -- Asajj Ventress


A third light saber substitute (that doesn't address the weapon issue): my brother and I used to just play with flashlights. It takes some imagination for where the saber part of it is, obviously.


Julie - HA. Jason and I were dueling with the iPhone Lightsaber app (OF COURSE WE WERE) just last week and Jason got too excited, whacked the SHIT out of my hand, leaving a huge bruise, right before his phone slipped out of his hand and flew three feet before landing on the floor. Luckily it still worked.

So..."safer" isn't really the same thing in our family of total freaking klutzes.

(Also, guys: I was mostly kidding about the lightsaber thing. I don't have Huge Issues with it, but I just don't think Noah is ready to play with it responsibly -- he just gets too excited and doesn't pay attention to who/what is in the way.)


Miss Grace

Gabriel has been hooked since before he turned 3 (he turned 4 in January).
I had nothing to do with it, because...why would I?
But his awareness expands to cartoons, the new ones, stop motion lego youtube videos, of course the legos themselves, ET CETERA.

What I wouldn't do to get my hands on that holiday special though. Well. I guess I wouldn't really be willing to pay a lot of money for it, so that's one thing. But still! I want it.


I'm afraid to tell you I've never seen star wars. Not the original. I saw the one with the ewoks. And then those later bad ones. I'm not sure I get it. Can we still be friends?


We found cloth light sabers on Etsy for Christmas for our two boys. We looove them. The handles are kind of scratchy cottony and the saber part is silky shiny (in case either of those are sensory triggers for N).


Thursday. 10:00. Food Network. Ace of Cakes. SKYWALKER RANCH!

C @ Kid Things

My 6 year old was OBSESSED with Star Wars for a good couple of years. All 6 of them (I'm sorry). We bought every single action figure we could find, anything that was even remotely Star Wars related. He's since grown out of it and my younger son just doesn't care. So we have a box of Star Wars crap that will probably never get touched again, as well as 5 light sabers that I'm not very fond of because my head! the flat screen! your sister's head! But they were good times while it lasted.


Dude. Santa can totally buy him the opening scene in space at Pottery Barn (hint, hint). And Hallmark has an awesome sound card with the same opening scene printed on the cover. I think it plays the theme song. :)


You knew it was only a matter of time.


DUDE! My kid has never even seen Star Wheres (is it weird that my kid calls it that, too?) and he is obsessed like a crazy person. He has 3 light sabers, but I also bought a ton of these for his birthday party: http://www.buycostumes.com/Star-Wars-Inflatable-Lightsaber/22918/ProductDetail.aspx. I don't wanna be all self-promotery & link to my blog here, but you can see what we did for my 4-year-old's Star Wars bday party here: http://partyperfectblog.blogspot.com/2010/01/may-4th-be-with-you.html


Thanks for this. I've been trying to decide if it's time for my 4 yo to see Star Wars. I think it is.

I'm not a huge fangirl, but it's a badge of honor to me that I saw the first movie (A New Hope) in the theatre in it's original run. I had the score on 8-track. I'm sooo oooollllddddd.


I am SO GLAD you are Star Wars purist. I, too, grew up on the Real Ones, and the New Ones make me stabbity. I think we have a copy of the Attack of the Clones thanks to my husband, but as I constantly tell my geek-son, "If you can pretend the Star Trek movies without McCoy do not exist, I can pretend the Star Wars movies with young Anakin don't exist, SO THERE."

My brother and I had a full collection of the original action figures. Yoda, Princess Leia, Greedo, even the square little robot that gets his feet burnt by the Jawas...we had them all. We played many, many games with them. We had the Landspeeder, we had an X Wing. I. Loved. Those. Toys. Even when I was a little "too old" to play with them I'd get them down and mess around with them a little.

And then one day i went to get the case out of the closet--the special carrying case had to house all those people--and it was gone. Mom had given them to a neighbor for a garage sale.

My mom's defense? "I never saw you play with them that much anymore."

Now my kids are Star Wars fans, and do i have that awesome collection of Star Wars action figures for them? NO I DO NOT. THANK YOU VERY LITTLE MOM.

Yeah, I'm bitter.


Soooo awesome. Beyond awesome. We are total geeks/purists also who could identify every second of added material instantly in the Lucas-hacked re-release of the originals. This makes me pre-nostalgic (is that a word?) for introducing it to my daughter in a couple more years.


The Yellow Letters!! I die. That is so fantastic. Now, to come up with a way to get him those letters...


Too friggin' funny. And yeah, keep on the original trilogy, not the new and enhanced money-grab version.

I can totally see Steve Carell's face in 'The 40-y.o. Virgin' as Noah ripped open the 'mint in box' action figures! Priceless!

Ya gotta indoctrinate them early. Good call mama.


Here's a possible solution for you guys for the light saber issue. It's a remote-control color changing night light that mounts on the wall.


My husband's friend who is a SW nut is planning to get one for his son's room when they are available. I think I want one for me! = )


My 13 month old loves to play with lightsabers, where "play" is "smack on the ground so they light up/make noise" and "use it to fish things out from beneath the radiators/couch." What I'm saying is, Ezra will probably be able to handle himself just fine, both playing directly with the lightsabers and dodging Noah.

We have the original trilogy on VHS, which means NO edits, NO cgi, nothing.

You might want to get Holst's "The Planets" and see if the music (especially "Mars, Bringer of War") resonates with Noah.


He asked for the yellow letters?!?! God, he's The Awesome. THE AWESOME!


Amalah, we (and our husbands) are kindred spirits. My first christmas gift from my husband (then boyfriend?): all six John Williams scores on CD. We also just bought the three REAL Star Wars movies on laser-disc. Why? To complete the collection, of course! Digitally un enhanced, pre-crazy Lucas!

We're expecting our first (a BOY!) in July, and have already purchased him two star wars onsies. Hells yes.


Ahahaha this is hilarious. You and your little Star Wars nerds family are so cute.

Sprite's Keeper

I am also a Star Wars purist and plan on showing my daughter the movies around the time she turns four. My hook will be the fact that Leia is a PRINCESS. Take that, Disney.


Just be careful. If you all of a sudden start having toilet problems, just remember that the toilet is a great staging place for a re-enactment of the falling into the sarlac pit (is that Noah's "trashy pool"?)

Because that's what my brother and I did. We didn't cop to it, but when my father saw the plumber pull out a nasty and mangled action figure of Bib Fortuna, well, he knew exactly what we had been up to.


The whole post made me chuckle. My kids love Star Wars too. My oldest saw one of the movies at a friends house when he was 4 (he talked Star Wars so much the Mom assumed he'd seen it already) and my husband was crushed. He wanted to be the one to watch it with our son for the first time.


Oh man, how exciting! I'm glad he came around and I totally can't wait until my 3mo old can enjoy them too!


Every year, one of my good friends throws a "Holiday Special party" to celebrate Life Day, and every year, we watch the movie. Horrible as it is (and there is much alcohol involved), it's now a holiday tradition we can't do without. Glad to know someone else out there has a copy too. :)


I found a link to make your own foam lightsabers, if the main issue is the whackability of Ezra's head. http://www.jedibroadsquad.net/FoamSaber.html

This is, of course, assuming that Noah will not pitch a fit if it doesn't actually light up. Which I totally would have at his age (and probably also now).

You could probably also figure a way to make the scrolling Yellow Letters out of a shoebox and some pencils.

Wait, you weren't asking for craft hour ideas?


My like-aged son is in the throes of a very similar obsession, to my secret delight. My favorite bit is that he calls Darth Vader "Dark Vader". ANYWAY, turns out there are some excellent early reader books that help fill kids in on the core details of Star Wars.


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves)

My 3.5 year-old son hasn't seen Star Wars yet but I'm pretty anxious for him to see it. Empire is still my favorite movie of all time. I even own the dreaded Star Wars Holiday special which is truly stink-tastic.

Noah isn't too much older than my son. Hmmm. I wonder how much longer I should wait before unveiling the awesomeness of Star Wars.


The downside of sending our child to school: he found out about the other Star Wars movies and the cartoon. So we have all six--plus Clone Wars. We also have the Lego Star Wars game for Wii and the lightsaber controller covers. Those don't work so well with the Wii controllers, but have been co-opted for general play. We have to direct him to stay away from the TV since he's come close to whacking it.


haven't read all the comments...but in regards to the lightsaber...you could "make" one out of a pool noodle. won't hurt no matter how hard it's wacked! we went to a Birthday party a couple of years ago and Star Wars was the theme...all the kids got their own "pool noodle" lightsabers! (the mom even used grey duct tape and black electrician tape - to make it more "authentic" looking!!!) They are awesome! My 4yr old still plays with it - and it's 2 years old!


There's just something about Star Wars that makes you feel like a kid! Personally, I can't wait to bust out the Ewok toys for my son...but that's just me!


How cool that you get to share a part of your childhood with your child :)


How cool that you get to share a part of your childhood with your child :)

Jessica V

Love it! And I think Party City has blow up light sabers (they light up too!), that might be better for Noah (and Ez)!


we have a full set (red/blue/green) of soft, short padded, stuffed animal like light sabers that make electronic noises. Google them they are teh awesome!

Jo G.

My son has speach issues. It sounds like Star Whores. We're working on it with his speach therapist. Until then, we giggle every time he says Star Whores.


I'm not sure if my 4yr old is quite ready for the star wars movies yet, but he will be...he will be.

Anyway, if you're feeling crafty try these guys http://lucyravenscar.blogspot.com/2010/02/star-wars-mini-amigurumi.html how awesome is that!

But the thing we covet the most for our son to have... the tauntaun sleeping bag. It started out as an April Fool's joke, but so many people wanted it that they made them! http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/plush/bb2e/ actually I think I learned about them on coolmompicks. lol

Miss Britt

We don't do toy weapons here, either. Never had a problem with it with my son.

My daughter? Now turns the toy purses and barbie dolls into guns she "shoots" at guests. *sigh*


(I just looked up the Pottery Barn stuff y'all were talking about. OH MY GOD. HIS HEAD WOULD EXPLODE. AS WOULD MINE.)

(I've been looking for an excuse to redo his room. Found it!)

anne nahm

Aww, misappears! My kid knew disappears, but would have said Obi Wan 'resappears' when he late comes back as a ghost. To this day it makes me giggle.


Eerily, I was just telling the hubby how I could make our son into Nien Nunb for Halloween this year. *grin* And I HATE the prequals and the CGI additives as well. So much that I only watched one and a half of the prequals. The half was me giving it a go..the full was my then boyfriend now hubby taking me on a date.


It's so great to share Star Wars with them, isn't it? I love that Noah wants the opening sequence!

Unfortunately, my 4-year-old got an Anakin Skywalker toy, and keeps asking when Anakin is going to appear in "Star Wars." Talk about an existential question: "Is Anakin in these movies, mom?"


I am sure you could find the opening crawl on a poster somewhere. Sure it would only have the beginning, but he WOULD have yellow letters!


That is awesome. I can only hope that Eli will one day love Star Wars as much as the other members of his household.

And I agree with you about the prequels (aka horrors of which we do not speak). They are an abomination. On a related note, Han shot first.

kim at allconsuming

So I have four boys. there's a 5 1/2 year gap between Boy 2 and Boy 3. By around the age of 1 Boy 3 (now at 4.5 known as the all singing all dancing jazz-hands Jasper) was humming some little tune to himself over and over. It took me about six weeks to realise that he was humming the Star Wars theme to himself.

Yeah, we're a Star Wars family.

And I too was a purist. And then some friend at school stained us. He had the prequels. And lo, it came to pass, the prequels came to our house. MY GOD I HATE THEM.

BUT I am not an 8 year old boy and apparently that is the target audience (as heard from the mouth of Liam Neeson - I believe on the Actors Studio, from recollection - saying what LUCAS told them).

My boys ADORE the closing scene of prequel 3 when Anakin becomes Darth. Oi.


my 3 year old niece says the line "luke I am your father" in the deepest, smoothest James Earl Jones she can...very cute when she't wearing her Princess Leah costume (cinnabun hair and all). She and her 5 year old brother have been watching "real" Star Wars for about a year.


There has got to be some talented person on Etsy that you can convince to make the opening crawl for him. There just has to be. That is too awesome.


As a fellow liberal pussy, I have to say it made my heart happy that Noah doesn't know the meaning of the word 'war'. Sigh...maybe one day no children will!


I LOVE that he asked for the yellow letters in space. That is awesome! I pretend the prequels don't exist either but then again, I remember acting out the scene as a child of Han Solo being frozen!


Love that Noah loves Star Wars! Too perfect.

Also - I just spent the last half hour reading the Many Loves of Amalah posts. Is there no part five? So what happened after that douchebag Josh transferred to your school and you broke up? Seriously, don't leave me hanging!

kristen mcd

My husband and 5 yo just watched ALL the movies - and yeah... lame... but absolutely worth it when your kid makes the Annakin/Darth Vader connection. Mine went ballistic. He and his buddies renenact scenes at recess too. And the Wii game? He has about worn that sucker out...

Springsteen fan

Wow, the Force is totally with you! I recommend that Star Wars Live in Concert thing that travels from town to town. We saw it in NJ last fall (son is 8; little sis is 5), and it might actually be something Noah could handle at this point. Very very cool symphony performance of the soundtrack w/video "greatest moments" and Anthony (C3PO actor guy) narrates. Plus a mini exhibit of props and costumes in the lobby, but that was kind of a clusterf***, so we didn't see much of that.

Springsteen fan

One more thing. Did you ever read Finslippy's post about her son and Star Wars and her husband? I think it was excerpted in Redbook, too. Really great stuff. I heart you and her so much.


"I wasn't sure they sold the opening crawl as an action figure" - I hope I have as quick reflexes when Snackbox starts to ask for impossible Christmas gifts (though redecorating his room with the PB line would be pretty awesome).

The first thing my husband said when I bought my Ergo and demonstrated the back carry was, "Oh, we are totally going as Yoda and Luke for Halloween!" Yep, he's all excited to put wrinkly ears on my preshus.


Yah, I'd advise against the lightsabers for now. My husband did the Christmas shopping this year and our 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter each got a lightsaber. They constantly play Luke and Leia. Although they don't like it when I remind them Leia never really used a lightsaber. Point is, most times it ends it tears from one or both getting whacked in the end. Not that it isn't fun and they don't want to do it again 5 minutes later, it's just not good for my stress level.

Also highly recommend the Lego Star Wars game. We have it for the DS and xbox and my 4 year old loves it. And it's the original trilogy so no worries there. He also rocks Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones, though he has no idea who he is. I've gotten a bit of flack about the games being "too violent" for him but really it's a bunch of legos falling apart, no blood and guts. Oh and there is totally Lego Harry Potter coming out soon. Which I'm way excited about, 4 year old not so much cause a little young for those books yet.


Oh! My sister whose etsy site is http://www.etsy.com/shop/mimiboo and who you are friends who on facebook is totally making and selling those mini Star Wars mini amigurumi. Let me tell you, tiny crocheted Darth Vader is adorable. I bet Noah would love them and since they are soft they could even be a cuddle item at night. I think she's selling them indiviually or the whole set. Too cute!


Oh Holy Hell. I am laughing my butt off over this holiday special on You Tube. You have no idea how hard it is to keep quiet as the Chewbacca family grunts and growls at each other right now...

It's killing me. Quite painfully...


One of my favorite kids I saw in speech therapy LOVED Star Wars. We have this Mr. Potato Head Darth Vader/Storm Trooper set (complete with mini R2D2) and he always wanted to play with "Dadatato Head" (Darth Potato Head). And he would make the "Dom Doopuhs" be "Yuke Diewakuh" and I would die from the cuteness as he reenacted all the scenes WAY better than I could have. My favorite part of the Potato Head set was that instead of a laser gun (probably not the real term! Don't be mad!), the Storm Trooper had a mini-potato masher. Hahaha! The kid never got the joke though :-)


Ok, just bought the Star Wars Holiday Special on Ebay.



star wars is a special kind of awesome. i can't wait to introduce my boys :-)

kari Weber

My oldest is a Star Wars fanatic! He is currently in possession of eleventy-billion Galactic Hero's men (I also tote their awesome-ness) with the Millennium Falcon, AT-AT, and much more. His MF's hyper drive even needs to be "fixed" from time to time by pressing a special button!
BUT- I think the funniest thing is that he also LOVES Indiana Jones. And it was with great pleasure one day that I watched him come to the slow realization that Han Solo and Indiana Jones were the SAME PERSON OMG!!!! Priceless.


My hubby couldn't wait to make a Star Wars nut out of our 4 yr old. My son won't see the Dragon movie because dragons are scary but he can watch all the dismemberment and Darth Vader, no problem. His grandpa gave him an R2D2 robot when he was 2. We put it away (honestly, who give this to a 2 yr old?) and what a treat it was for him to find it now.


Kids are good that way. They keep us young. Kinda. Except for the grey hairs of course.


I had to comment after my trip down memory lane! My beloved uncle was a shopping junkie and after he passed in '99 I had the task of sifting through his STUFF. I discovered 20 yr old STAR WARS toys, some in the original packaging, and the motherload inside a Darth Vader head carrying case with all the figurines and their weapons taped to their bodies. It was the best Christmas EVER. My son is 15 now, and he still has the motherload. And the Millinum Falcon. And the Snow Walker.


Yep. my 4 year old also is obsessed. He is Luke Skywalker, Dad is Han Solo, I am Princess Leia, and baby Brother is "R-do D2."

beta dad

I lived in Germany (the fairytale castles and lederhosen part) for 4 years when I was little, and when we moved back to the States, one of the first things we did was go to see this new "Star Wars" movie (the first one). I had never been to a mall before, much less stood in line for hours to get into a movie. It was all too much. I think that's why I've never gotten into any of the movies. Even so, the prequels make me angry too--mainly because I got roped into seeing one and it was so incredibly sucky.


This cracked me up because my 4 year old has also recently discovered Star Wars (although for him it's 'Sky Wars'). I'm also a fan of the old movies (and in particular Han Solo...) so it's never bothered me at all to have them on constant rotation. However, the less pleasant side effect for me is long-winded conversations starting with 'why'. Star Wars is a great multilayered moral fable but it gets damn complicated when your 4 year old wants to analyse the meaning of good and evil and the actions of each character! I am often stumped by him. On a more serious note, we didn't buy light sabres either but have found that Liam will turn anything at hand into one (toy rake, kitchen utensils, magic wand). My 18mth old son also picks up anthing remotely light sabre shaped and tries to fight with me so in that respect the movies haven't been great...

Oh, and don't ever be tempted by the prequels! I hadn't seen the first one since it came out and recently picked it up for 10c at a school fete (the price swayed me). Unfortunately my son loves it and I've been reminded of how dreadful it is. We've now 'lost' it and won't be finding it again!

Another suggestion if Noah is into computer games... There is a free Star Wars game on the Lego Star Wars site which my son has enjoyed. He'd never really played a game like this before (only ever preschool games) and I found it quite good for him. It's nice and easy to play and the only violence is some pretty benign light sabre duelling. It has entertained my son a lot and has defnintely improved his mouse and keyboard skills. However we also had a little 'addicted' stage with this so be careful to limit his time with it..


I have to add that we ALMOST named our son Luke just so my husband could use the 'Luke, I am your father' line on him. We shared many chuckles imagining how irritating he'd find that as the years rolled on...

Lady M

We also live the Star Wars obsession. I would trust my five year old with a lightsaber, but not his two year old brother. Thus, plush lightsabers! It's like having a pillow fight:



If you're not much for sewing, you can get those long skinny balloons (meant for making balloon animals, etc) and leave them in their straight form. The boys will whack to their heart's content without anyone losing an eye.


You can totally make a light saber out of 1) flashlight, 2) toilet paper roll, 3) duct tape and 4) one of those balloons that clowns use to make animal shapes. Saw the tutorial at filth wizardy blog. here's the link: http://www.filthwizardry.com/2010/01/balloon-and-torch-lightsabres.html


Gah, I say this every time, but I seriously can't look at Noah without seeing a blonde Jason.
Complete with being a Star Wars fan and all. :-)


When my son was about Noah's age he really got into the Star Wars movies too and had his own James Earl Jones/Darth Vader impression. His favorite scene was the "reveal" scene where Darth Vader reveals his true identity to Luke. Except my son still didn't speak all that clearly so what we got was "Luke, Imadafadder." Sort of like a Yiddish Darth Vader. We still crack up over that.


We love Star Wars here, too. My kid always wants to be the bad guy - sadly someone let him watch one of the new ones at gramma's house so he always wants to be the creepy sith. Gah.

Santa could probably get someone to make the Yellow Letters as a vinyl cling to go on the wall. Not exactly an action figure, but an awesome backdrop! Paul over at WilsonGraphics has been wonderful about putting together custom orders for me. I think he has a website, too, but I usually get him through his Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WilsonGraphics


I'm so glad everyone else here has four year olds in love with Star Wars - just this morning I got into one of those freezing-cold disagreements with another mother at preschool because Isaac mentioned lightsabers and she doesn't allow her son any weapons-related play.

(Which is fine, by the way, to each their own. But yeesh).

Anyway, yup, it's all Star Wars all the time up in here. We've got I don't know how many Star Wars lego kits, both SW Lego games, action figures, hubby's original Empire Strikes Back bedsheets (!)... you name it. I love the pool noodles as lightsabers idea and am totally going to do that as soon as the weather warms up and I can throw them outside.

Heather B.

You weren't sure they sold the opening crawl as an action figure! I'm dying!


The hubs and I love the light saber app. Our daughter hasn't seen any of the movies and doesn't quite get it (though she does appreciate that he created a character on the app using one of our dogs... Darth Violet is a formidable enemy, even in basset hound form.


OK ~ AWESOME! And my 3 year old guy got into it by virtue of his 6 year old sister? And it ain't LIGHT SABER lady, it's LIGHT SAVER. Sha


Since you're such a purist - is today's Shirt.Woot funny or an act of war?

It sold out before 9am this morning, so I don't feel like I'm spamming.


Heather Ben

Dude you have to get him the pillow from pottery barn with the yellow letters.


Sadly, my middle kiddo likes the new trilogy better than the originals...oh the horror! I console myself with the knowledge that he has been sucked in by the pretty, flashy special effects.


We too are completely immersed in allStarWars-all-the-time mania. Funny, we only let my 5yr old watch 3,4 & 5 and he's way more interested in the clones and Annakin, even though he's never seen those movies. Also, we bought a retractable light saber and my 2yr old is smacked with it. Constantly. Maybe hold off on that for awhile..


When my little guy first got into "Star Wheres"...we were a little worried about the whole whacking somebody over the head with a light saber thing too...and then my mother in law found the coolest SW toys for little ones! Stuffed light sabers!! They even make the whoosing noise! I don't know where she got them...but I'm sure with a couple of good Google searches you could find them. =) We have a green one and a red one and now my not-so-little guy and his baby sitter battle it out. =)


Cannot wait for my 15-month-old to get his first taste of Star Wars. His Dad, not a huge fan. Me, HUGE fan, so his induction is totally up to me. (For the record, I still want to end JarJar Binks. If you read of him meeting an untimely demise, it was me.)


I don't know if anyone else mentioned this or how well Noah would handle it, but I guess there is a thing called "Star Wars in Concert" and they'll be playing in DC at 2pm and 7pm on July 17th...http://www.starwarsinconcert.com/

You probably already knew all that, but just in case...and I'm with you - only the original 3 Star Wars movies for me too!


What about this light saber flashlight?


Also, when my 22 yo daughter needed a sword for a costume, she bought a spongy one at the dollar store. After decorating it with gold spray paint and sparkly craft glue, it was quite impressive.


Our son Jude is 4 - just two months younger than Noah - and we introduced him to Star Wars last week! He absolutely loves it and wants to watch all the time. Loves "Dark" Vader the best "because he is mean." (Um - okay?) We have a box set of the originals and I didn't realize it was the crappy add-on versions with the CGI Banthas you mentioned, etc. What was most devastating was at the end of Return of the Jedi when the precious Ewok song from my childhood was replaced with hideous, new age, pan-flute crap. So hurt! So - we're holding out for the Blue Ray editions - hopefully they will include the untouched originals. Also the mispronunciations so far are hilarious - such as his referral to Chewbacca as "Moochakka." Laughed til I cried over that one. Thanks so much for this post!


Has anyone clued you in to Star Wars: The Musical yet? I know, I know, it has all the makings of TRAVESTY, but it's actually kind of awesome. The stuff they do with the music is pretty genius and the whole thing is just...well, you have to hear it. http://www.infauxmedia.com/


I have an excellent solution to the light saber problem, shared here by another great parent blogger who I adore:

You can't hurt anyone with these! And they're sciency and cool!

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