Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before


Noah farm 1

Me: Noah, what did you see on your field trip?

Noah: Sheep! And a horse and a pig. Some baby chickens that I put into their house so they could be warm and I was gentle and did a very good job.

Me: Wow, that sounds like a lot of fu-


Me: You saw a barn?

Noah: But it was not a big red barn. It was green and white.

Noah: *throws his hands up in the air, because what's up with that?*

Me: I'm...sorry? Not all barns are red, sometimes...

Noah: I just wanted to see a big red barn. That is all I wanted ever in my whole life!

Noah: *sighs, puts head down on the table, sighs again*

Me: Okay, um, did you see any other cool things?

Noah: *immediately brightens

Noah: Yeah! Somebody threw up on the bus! 


samantha jo campen

That's seriously the best story I've ever heard in my life.

Sprite's Keeper

That does add another colorful stanza to "The Wheels On the Bus", doesn't it?

Big Gay sam

Simple pleasures. :P

It doesn't take much to amuse a child.


The kids who throws up on the bus is always the best part of any field trip. At least if you're a little boy.


I can honestly remember being a small child and seeing a barn for a first time. And it was not red. And I was FURIOUS.

So basically, I think Noah is brilliant and completely justified in his reaction. Because, dude. BARNS ARE RED.

the bee

The vomit save is always the best.
I believe he probably will remember the kid that threw up all his life.


I love discussions like that, though mine usually end up with " I sawr a bug and killt it...for real!"

Mrs Pop

That story? Is AWESOME!


If there was some kind of chain reaction throw up, I would think that's awesome too Noah.

Megan (Best of Fates)

Oh, kid, we all had that dream once upon a time. But one day you realize there are no red barns.

And life's just a little bit sadder.


I'm so glad Noah had fun! But yeah, what's up with the green and white barn? We built a barn-shaped shed for our yard, and it HAD to have "Barn Red" paint and white trim, of course! :)


No! Not a GREEN barn! Who would do such a thing? I mean, really...No, really, I'm really serious...why wouldn't you just paint the darn barn red?


seriously though, barns should be red. enough with the whole MY BARN, MY STYLE nonsense. barn=red, that's it. kid is not wrong on this one.


and wagons. wagons should be red.


He's right tho--barns should be red.

Plano Mom

Such a very cool story. And next week, green and white will be the new red for barns.

Bachelor Girl

Clearly, Noah is a "barf-bucket-half-full" sort of a child.







The comments all totally make this. It's amazing how many people were disillusioned by non-red barns. We should start a movement. With teeshirts and much waving of signs!


Thanks for the laugh! I needed it.
So adorable.


He could come to our house to see a red barn. The paint is all faded, but that just makes it more real. Is totally red. With a red chicken house, and red granary. And right now, there are baby lambs. Just born.


Well, I just don't know what to think about a green barn. Who ever heard of such a thing? Ridiculous?


Shoulda been a period at the end of that, not a question mark. The very idea of a green barn has me too rattled to type correctly.

Kate @ And Then I Was a Mom

A green barn instead of a red one? Sigh. And so begin Noah's first steps along the pathway to The Great Disappointment That is Life as an Adult. (Keep him home from now on. Seriously.)

Life of a Doctor's Wife

There's really nothing like vomit to brighten one's day!

The Mommy



DUDE. SERIOUSLY. What's up with the lack of Big Red Barns in this world? It's a travesty. A TRAVESTY, I TELL YOU!


awwww, I'm so sorry Noah didn't get to see a red barn--thank god for the vomit or the day might have been a total loss :-) Speaking of barns not being red, my Grandpa was a farmer--he and Grandma lived on a real live farm with a barn and everything. Since that was pretty much the only farm I'd seen I figured his barn was normal. This was until I brought a friend with me to Grandpa's farm and found out that SILVER QUONSET HUTS are not typical for barns. Yes, our barn looked a heck of a lot like this: My friend's disappointment with probably close to what Noah experienced with a little more WTF mixed in.


Noah's head and little hands in the sheep? A-freaking-dorable.

Melissa Shea


 Grandma Marion

Thank you for sharing your boys I love 4 year old views of life!


There's a red barn at the Old Maryland Farm at Watkins Park (Rte 214/Central Ave out East from the District -- about 4 miles outside the beltway; there's also a mini electric train and an AWESOME carousel after Memorial Day). I'm pretty sure the barn at the NPS Farm in Oxon Hill (maryland side of the Woodrow Wilson bridge) is also red. If you go on the right days, they let you brush and milk the cows.


when Sam was in kindergarten, his class took a farm trip that included a hay ride. the highlight of the trip? while on hayride, the farm dog led them to a dead goat. that is all.


This story is so fantastic. I love the DRAMA! The Hand Gestures! The Head on the Table! The Sighing!

I also think Noah might really enjoy geeking out about American barn styles, including--and I quote here from the product description blurb on Amazon--the "...traditional Gambrel-roofed red barns in the Midwest." Check it out:


Oh! And! Plus--that book I linked to above isn't even *close* to the only such book on barns. I think I want them all.

From Belgium

Oh, don't come to Belgium, we don't have red barns. I know, I know, we are one weird nation.


Oh my lord! That made me laugh out loud!


Is it weird that I hear Eddie Izzard in my head saying "is it red? no? then it's not a barn, is it?" You know, like his bit about the English conquering India by saying "do you have a flag? no?" etc.

I'm weird.


"That is all I wanted ever in my whole life!" A bit of a drama queen you got yourself..but so cute! I don't know how you keep from just cracking up...(or maybe you don't).


1. Have you been in my house lately? Because that so sounds like Alison. Things should be a certain way-like ALL BARNS SHOULD BE RED-forget about your stinking freedom of choice! And woe unto the world if Ali finds something that is not the way it should be.

2. I love Noah. Am just plain crazy about that guy. That's all.

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